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Vesper Active Wiki Gallery Archive OPEN
  1. Her son has gone alee and that's where he will stay
  2. Dynasty of broken arrows
  3. a message that I never want to send
  4. Regrets Collect Like Old Friends
  5. Could I look upon that face?
  6. so solve the mystic sun
  7. Meeting an Inferno
  8. He shudders his coat as if to throw off flies
Loki Helsi Active Wiki Gallery Archive OPEN
  1. The blossom's sweetness fades, when your tongue is tired
  2. I never seem to find a reason
  3. it is wont to crackle when it burns
  4. Yellow house along the river
  5. but ornaments are of gold
  6. the ghost of you, it keeps me awake
  7. sun, scars, scepter
Vicira Tears Active Wiki Gallery Archive OPEN
  1. We raise our children to the beat of its comforting pounding
  2. Small nostrils are breathing
  3. Veil after veil of thin dusky gauze is lifted
  4. See America Right
  5. fate leads the willing and drags along the reluctant
  6. To productively procrastinate
  7. I'll just lick my wounds till morning comes
  8. Like ripples in a pond
  9. Not even looking for trouble
  10. Your children grow from you apart, afar and still afar
Skoll Haskel Active Wiki Gallery Archive OPEN
  1. in the room of errors
  2. I cannot carry forests on my back
  3. hard to quit the dreams which haunt the unsuspicious soul
  4. two-way boxcars
  5. What an acrimonious afterthought
  6. Summer skies are changing to gray
  7. If I'm under water, will you find me?
  8. History lessons
  9. Shackled by smiles so empty
Galilee Haskel Active Wiki Gallery Archive OPEN
  1. What do you know?
  2. but even charcoal ignites again
  3. show and tell
  4. And here by thee will hum the bee
  5. Think I'll dust 'em off, put 'em back up on the shelf
  6. a lock of her shining hair betwixt the spear shaft
  7. If I'm under water, will you find me?
Goliath Harland Active Wiki Gallery Archive OPEN
  1. something with an eye but left without a head
  2. I need not one thing more
  3. there in the highest blaze my solitude lengthens and flames
  4. Do you give the horse its strength?
  5. They devour hostile nations and break their bones in pieces
  6. Whose arrows are sharp, and all their bows bent
  7. Hath thou clothed his neck with thunder?
  8. What's an Arrow to a Bullet?
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