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This is totally non-mandatory! Expect to see sign-ups for the big fight soon! ;D

He sat atop the red horse and watched them go.

They went together, likely meaning not to be seen. He half-guessed the reason, and thought that it seemed fitting – for responsibility was something that people liked to run away from. Marlowe understood the impulse for sedition, as Vesper had so keenly pointed out to him.

The coyote received word from the south not long after.

When this came he thought the matter over, and reflected on their choice of location. A church and graveyard of all places, as if their enemies meant to impose the thought of death upon them. Being personally unfamiliar with Halifax, this meant he was at a disadvantage. There weren't many coyotes that scavenged in the city, at least that he was aware of. Feral dogs and hungry-eyed wolves roamed those parts, and it was a dangerous place.

It didn't matter. They would be able to handle themselves, he thought.

He rode Tobias back to the mansion. There, still atop the thick-limbed horse, he let out a yapping cry to summon the clan. As bodies emerged from the nearby building and others arrived in tandem, the Bellator thought over what to say. This was the path that had been chosen for them, he supposed – for the war was coming to a head.

Everyone, listen up! He called, quieting the crowd. There's been a lot goin' on between us an' the wolves. We've already lost one of our people, and that's one too many.

Marlowe paused here, and sought out Antioch and Versace in the crowd.

Now I know not all of y'all are fighters – an' to try and avoid more incidents before the Courtiers' decide to do somethin' stupid, we been tryin' to talk with 'em. So, he sat up, and Tobias snorted noisily beneath him. They've agreed to meet us, warriors to warriors, and try and settle this. I'll be takin' anyone who wants to fight. We ain't gonna involve no one that don't wanna be involved, the Bellator did not look for specific faces, though they came to mind. War made it easy to see where people stood.

Whoever wants to come, start preparing y'selves. We'll be goin' to that city south of here; we're meetin' 'em at dawn.

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The one who had called for the pack meeting was the Bellator instead of the Centurion.

Kennedy only found this slightly curious—with times like these, their lead-warrior would be a frequent face to be seen. Except for the fact that the Sciens himself had only seen the Bellator moons ago when the King had approached the borders, and had not met him since.

But he did not think hard about this; he was only just beginning to become more social with the clan, and with the war heavy on his mind, it did not allow room for pondering thoughts.

He and Conrad had been training together in the yard, the Bellum giving him pointers more than anything else, when Marlowe's yap called for the clan. He gave the coyote an inquisitive glance, but the mottled man gave a shrug of his shoulders.

Conrad had a penchant of knowing things others, in most cases, did not want him knowing, but he had no insight to offer as to why the de le Poer was calling them together.

The pair walked together to where their clanmates were beginning to gather, and the Bellator sat high above them on a horse. The men shared another glance, neither the wiser of what the meeting would about, and sat among familiar faces before Marlowe.

He called for silence, and he spoke about the Court. He mentioned the loss of Ferret, and Kennedy's face wrinkled. It was a pretty way of saying it—he didn't go into the details of what Antioch told him, how the boy was tortured and burned. But the Fisher understood the need for brevity, and kept his mind focused on the conversation at hand.

The Bellator spoke of a battle. Kennedy felt Conrad tense beside him. The coymutt knew both the man's quiet hatred of wolves and the eager streak within him that yearned to prove his worth. It was something both the men shared, and Ken himself felt a sudden restlessness take over him, but he kept himself still as Marlowe explained the specifics.

They would be meeting at dawn in Halifax. The time and place was cliché, and Kennedy silently wondered if the location was the Court's idea; it sounded like something someone pretentious would come up with.

Conrad moved, and the Fisher glanced at him as the mottled coyote stood as if showing he would be among those would be joining the battle. Following suit, the Sciens straightened onto his paws to stand beside the Bellum.

"We're goin' back to the trainin' yard after this," Conrad murmured quietly to his friend, and Kennedy nodded gravely. They would need to make the final preparations.

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Excitement! Wooooo, gear up folks! (+000)

She had barely been sleeping. There was too much at stake for her to be worried about something so trivial as getting a full night's sleep. Since the Courtier's infiltration, she had been spending nearly all her time at the borders. She wasn't alone. There were many who patrolled alongside her assuring that all angles of the pack were covered. The wolves were not going to catch them off guard and they were not going to defeat Inferni.

Thunderous hooves stomped imprints in the ground as Chimera walked, carrying the Lykoi dragon atop him. Kára held an austere expression. She rode slow letting large coyote ears swivel freely atop her head to catch even the slightest sound. Her nose sniffed left and right for anything off kilter. When they cry pierced the skies, a deep growl erupted from the pit of her stomach. She yanked the stallion's mane and he set off like a bullet towards the source of the cry. Hackles raised. There was no way the Courtiers could enter the pack with so many watchful eyes. But, the fear still tugged heavily on her mind as she stormed through the pack faster than she could on her own four legs.

As she got close, she realized there was only the smell of Inferni and once reaching the source of the yap there were only coyotes surrounding the area. Her hackles settled and she ushered Chimera to a halt. Once Marlowe started speaking it was clear what was happening. This was it. This was their chance to end this once and for all. Her breath was heavy with focus and determination, her blood boiling with anger for the opposing pack. Chimera could feel her energy, his hooves stomping loudly as he stood still. His snorts were loud and abrupt. A hand moved to slide down his neck to calm him, but whatever she felt so did he. She continued to stroke him softly to ease his anxieties and took a deep breath herself to calm her rush.

She needed to prepare her things, gather her weapons, and make any other final preparations. Kára was ready for this. She'd been busting her ass preparing for this moment and nothing would stop Inferni from reaching their desideratum. End the war.

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Word Count → 331 :: Time for bodies to hit the floor? :D

It was all he could do to stay still. For days, weeks, he'd been crippled enough that he hadn't even been able to change over into the form that fit him best. Now that he could, he was beyond ready to get back into the thrall of things that needed to be done. Today offered precious chance at that. He'd been there, when Marlowe came in upon his horse. He carried the air of someone important and that was all Basilio really needed in that moment, in that instant to turn his attention in the man's direction. By now, he knew that his surroundings were key, especially since it had been such a thing that had gotten him injured in the first place. While he still needed some support through his limping, he was well enough off that he could fight and he would indeed.

As the others gathered, he was quick to move forward, letting his armored shoulders shift before rolling. He'd probably need to gather his gear, his horse, to make things right even though he knew he could die any day now. Fighting on an actual field, coming close to death or even dying for his brethren was something he couldn't quite place but he knew he would.

These people were his loved ones, his friends.

He'd fight regardless of whether he wanted. He was a warrior, whether peace was in question or the final battle that would decide which clan walked over the other. As far as he was concerned, he owed those conniving wolves for the death of one of their own. He'd fight them with all he had and he'd make sure they paid for blood with blood. Basilio shifted under the weight of his bad leg, wine splashed eyes crossing over Marlowe's horse before he turned them back toward the Bellator, a small grin cross his lips. "Expect me to be up bright and early and ready to go. I've been waiting for this."

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She was in the storage room when she heard the cry.

The shepherd had arrived a quarter before, having heard about the pack's supply of various items. She commonly lost arrows during hunting—broken heads and splintered shafts were left strewn about the Forest of Nod. They needed to be replaced if she were to continue with her contributions. Luckily, most Infernians were permitted the luxury of access to the stores, and Abigaël held only the slightest bit of hesitation at the idea of using that luxury.

She froze, arrows in hand, when she heard the noise. It was a knee-jerk reaction, she knew, remnants from her past days guarding her previous herd. Her attention had to be drawn easily to protect them from predators, especially so at night. But the realization that this cry was not a threat dawned on her, hearing the shuffling of other Luperci exiting the mansion on the other side of the storage room's door.

When the Fera followed suit, she was confused at the sight of the Bellator. It was the first time she had seen him, and wondered if he usually called pack meetings. She figured the Centurion, in her status, would have been the one to call such an event. Abigaël's thoughts came to a halt as he spoke, quieting the crowd.

Their loss of a member was mentioned again, and she frowned at it. Her lack of grief still lingered in her mind, as well as the guilt it created. She glanced subtly around, viewing those who obviously grieved. Another loss was something she wanted to avoid.

And then, came the call to arms. It would be a last hurrah for the two packs.

She failed to see what a fight could solve. There were better ways to handle this, she thought silently. Abigaël was no diplomat, but she knew that there had to be better ways. Fights were destructive, and lives could be loss, which was exactly what Inferni seemed to want to avoid. Still, she understood the need for pride, for dominance, and for the desperate need to see this war end.

The Fera understood why her pack-mates so calmly accepted this, and why some even agreed to participate. It was loyalty. Some of those who agreed were visibly injured, or she had seen previously that they were. Yet, they agreed to this battle, seemingly eager for it. Inferni was their home and family, and they would not let themselves be trampled on. She realized this, and came to a decision.

She would join them at dawn.

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Dragons were reserved creatures despite their tossing of fire. They took to the air in their homes. They breathed fire only at a certain distance. Even the number of beasts in the nest had not exploded yet into the buzz of a great hive. Hal was the man who would spend his alone time training and allowing his mind rest from all this pain. They were the throwers of fire. He was purveyor of ice and all things of a soothing nature. They had pushed the boundaries to the point where had to use his weapons.

His body was marked with their hate filled marks. The marks he earned through protecting other clansmen that struck the Court. In these moments the platinum man had his faithful rodent sitting beside him. He was staring at the sky above. He felt his body quiver. He was out in his chilled element yet he felt the heat of the nest, now what he could assume the hive. All the dragons blowing their flames upwards in a declaration.

He stroked the small beast speaking softly. "Stay here I must attend to the crowd." He needed to hear this first hand and not through Kara's heated words. When he arrived to the bustling of coyotes, it felt different. This was a call to the end. A call for those willing to take up their weapons. A call for the nest to attack.

Hal would debate on this but seeing the fire in all those around him made him feel the drive. He would train and prepare. He would do what he could.

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He couldn't shake the thought.

It kept coming back, sometimes in whispers, sometimes in quiet moments. Unsure of who to talk to (and uncomfortable around the foreign healer-woman) he had kept to himself. A lot of his time had been spent near the gravesite, mourning, but mostly thinking.

By the time he heard the call for war, his fighting spirit had become plagued with doubt.

Yet he came and he listened, stone-faced and silent, to the man atop the red horse.

Marlowe had fresh cuts on his face. He looked strange in the sunlight, like a mirage. When he spoke it was a call to arms, the very thing as to which he had been waiting for, and now...

The shadow of something evil had passed over him. This was what Antioch believed.

Under the bindings of the faith to which he subscribed, this left him vulnerable. He was not afraid of death, but the fate of his immortal soul.

He left with the departing crowd quickly, but turned and slipped inside the Mansion.

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(300+) LATE. NPCs: Izual Massacre

A meeting had been called, and many Infernians gathered outside the mansion. Marlowe spoke out to the crowd, and Belial craned his neck looking for Vesper - only, there was no Vesper. It was only Marlowe and he spoke of times of war and retaliation. It seemed as though there was some finality in his voice too, and as he got further into his speech, Belial understood why.

A war had been planned in Halifax. Inferni and the Courians have arranged to meet and fight, sword-to-sword, tooth-to-claw, weapon-to-weapon, tomorrow morning. Halifax. Belial should have been happy. It was in a place where he had knowledge of. He had one up on most of these coyotes, and hopefully on the mutts of Cour des Miracles too. However, the only thing that worried him was his inability to wield a weapon. Belial had all the ferociousness a coyote could, but he worried that most of the Courians would have weapons to use against the Infernians. He knew his teeth and claws would not work out well against a sword or even a dagger.

Izual, his brother, stood at his side and a malicious little grin formed on his lips. Izual was capable with a sword. He would be fine. He’d love to have Courian blood sprayed all over his coat. He’d love to hear the screams of war - injuries, fear, and anger. He fed off it all.

Belial looked around at the other faces. Marlowe did say it was optional - but he was a Regulus, and he was required to go.

”Teach me what you know about swords,” Belial muttered to Izual.


”Teach me what you know about wielding a sword so I don’t go out there with nothing,” Belial growled faintly.

”You’re better off staying back here and letting the big boys handle the war,” Izual said with a smirk.

”Will you help me or not?”

”Only if you say ‘please’.”

Belial turned away from him, looking out to the crowd, watching for their reactions to the news. He tried to spot any of his friends and he wondered what they were going to do. Would they hang back or would they go out, brave it, and try to fight?

”I’ll meet you at the grounds in 10 minutes,” he said, nudging Izual and disappearing into the mansion without another word.

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Also way late... >.< [ 384 ]

The wild huntress wasn't far when the call rang out and when she arrived those molten gold depths instinctively sought out the one-eared Centurion, only to find the Bellator astride a great steed parting maw to address the gathering crowd. Her eyes narrowed curiously, though suspiciously, as oversize ears pitched forward to give heed, her sleek and slender frame coming to a stop upon the periphery of the gathering though well within sight and sound.

It was no secret that war had broken out between the coyotes and the Courtiers, and even less so that the war had most recently come to a climax. What were little skirmishes here and there had eventually become battles as more and more individuals got involved. The attack on each respective border was even more proof that the worst was yet to come and with the death of Ferret still weighing heavily upon everyone's minds, she knew now more than ever that this all had to stop, and it had to stop now.

A glance was spared in the direction of Basilio as his voice rose over the collective din of murmuring, another toward the ever silent and ever thinking Antioch as he turned away to leave before her attention found its way to Belial, who squabbled with his strange brother before storming off as well. Without much to contribute to the meeting the Sciens stood in silence a moment longer to eye the various reactions as they crossed the many faces in the crowd before she too slipped away into the mansion.

Walking slowly to her room, she needed time to mull this all over. She was no fighter. Her skill was in ranged combat, in letting her bow do her killing for her. In a battle of tooth and claw she was not useless, but she was not very helpful either, and with so many bodies clashing before her she doubted if her bow would be of much use in the long run. She'd rather keep watch at home, keep Inferni safe, than end up accidentally hitting the wrong target out on the battlefield. It was a hard decision, and one she hated to make, but the desert dragon was better off a strong watch at the border than a possible liability out in the field.

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