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She waited until the blue roan galloped away and until she had stopped shaking, and walked to the mansion.

Vesper had returned from Halifax with Silvano's agreement the night before. She was exhausted from a lack of sleep, and for this reason (and the tenderness of her hip) she did not bother to shift down from her Secui form. Looking like the half-breed she was, she padded into the yard and felt eyes drawn to her even before she leaped up onto the biggest stone seat and threw her head back, howling.

Cold-eyed, she watched the clan gather. Several limped. Others looked apphrensive, including Covenant and Vicira, whose eyes Vesper couldn't meet. She focused on controlling her breathing, meditating, until the last coyote gathered.

As always, Vesper did not raise her voice louder than she had to. It was certain, clear, and detached from emotion.

I met with Silvano, and we have agreed to an armistice. There are still reparations and other problems we need to discuss, but there will not be fighting. As I've said before, we've lost too much in this war. She glanced at the most injured, then her lip curled to show a yellow fang.

Marlowe de le Poer, she said, has been exiled from Inferni. She saw Covenant and Vicira exchange a glance. He is a traitor to kin, to clan, and to the Legatus; if you see him, treat him as such. She licked the scratches on her mouth. But be careful. The man is a snake, and he's dangerous like one.

She fell silent then, and it was long enough that she saw bodies shift uncertainly. Conrad looked ready to be dismissed, his face blank, while Maddox crossed her arms, a wooden spoon still in hand. Vicira stared at the grass at her feet, a hand on her belly, while Covenant whispered something to her, face curled in a protective, fangy smile, and made a vague punching gesture.


All of a sudden, Vesper drew herself up, standing on the stone seat with ears raised. Thick-scruffed and in her halfling form, she looked larger than she ever had.

We have been discussing it, and Myrika has decided to step down.

Covenant shut her mouth and stared at Vicira as she quickly looked up, but the gray woman only stared at her scarred mother, looking betrayed.

I am taking over as Inferni's Aquila, Vesper said, and her voice was quick and hard now, her tail raised. Her eyes looked a little paler, thinly edged with white. She didn't let herself wince as Vici suddenly pinned her ears and stormed off. She fixed her gaze, almost predatory, on another child instead. And I'm naming Cartier as my Centurion.

She did not wait for his response, only jumped down from the throne, her ears lifted and her tail lashing once behind her. Her scarred face betrayed nothing.

This meeting is concluded.

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*London Bridges voice* Oh sh*t,

Kennedy was not surprised when Vesper called for a meeting. Conrad and the Centurion had returned the night before, and while he did not press the dusky coyote for what happened, it seemed that things had been settled, at least as much as it could be.

With their return in mind, the coymutt had been hanging around the mansion with Mags as he awaited the expected meeting. It was hard to move too much without pain jabbing at him—his whole neck was swathed with bandage to protect the large gash from infection, and it felt like it was stifling him.

So they arrived early, and when Vesper howled for them to gather, Kennedy rose and lumbered forward slowly to the meeting place, Mags close to his side with a hand resting on his head.

The announcements began with the mention of the armistice. It made him think of Ferret—how his life was lost just for the war to end on neutral terms. His casualty was one the Court could never redeem, no matter what repayments they made for their stupidity.

His death was a mystery to the coymutt still. His nose wrinkled as he thought about how Antioch told him they had burned him. He felt hot underneath his fur, and he wanted justice for the lost of a young life.

But there would be no more fighting. The last thing Kennedy wanted was more death and bloodshed.

Then came the topic of their Bellator, or who would be their former one. The coymutt remained stoic as Vesper made clear that he was not welcomed to the clan anymore, unmoved and unsurprised. It was because of him they almost had more deaths—his included. Once impressed by the man’s boldness, he saw it as nothing but a telltale sign of his treachery against Inferni. He spat at the ground.

After the topic of Marlowe was out the way, Kennedy began to prepare himself to stand up; he had to mentally convince himself to move whenever he had to for the last few days. There was nothing else to discuss, he thought. They would be dismissed.


Kennedy froze, surprise coloring his face for the first time in this meeting. What else was there for an also to be interjected?

Myrika was stepping down, and their Centurion was to be their Aquila.

Kennedy’s wide eyes swept around those who had gathered to assess what his clanmates thought of this—he did not know Myrika well, but shock seemed to appear with varying degrees at this announcement. Vicira even left, and Kennedy felt his ears pin against his head at the sight of the pregnant woman walking away from the meeting.

His attention was back on Vesper as she continued to say that Cartier would be her Centurion, and she jumped down from the stone, her motion and words concluding the meeting.

Mags, as if disturbed by the sudden shift of mood, began to pet the coymutt’s head, a nervous tic. Kennedy’s face remained openly astounded, and he only could wonder where the clan was going to go from here. The future, even then, seemed uncertain.

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Abigaël had never been so comforted by the feel of her worn, green coat.

Her exhaustion showed on her face when she returned, bleeding not only from the gash on her side, but from those on her forearm and calf as well. Quickly, wounds were cleaned, treated, and bandaged as much as possible. She headed to Great Village afterwards, and gathered up Junior from the herd. His excited bleating was a welcomed noise when she lifted the lamb into her arms. The Fera was glad he was unaware of what had transpired in her absence. He didn't need to know.

She carried him back to the Mansion, knowing there would be a meeting called soon. The confusion still weighed heavy on her mind. She needed answers.

They were not what she wanted to hear.

The Bellator, branded a traitor, was exiled. Their fight had been for nothing. They had been maimed for nothing. Anger burned in her belly, though her face showed only resignation.

Her Centurion became Aquila, and their Magister succeeded her. This was unexpected. But, maybe, she was not truly surprised. A scan of the crowd showed her pack-mates thought differently, however. Did they disapprove?

The fate of her new home was unclear, but she knew this was not the end of their struggle.

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Omgeee. D: [000]

Eyes didn't even open as the Centurion called for a meeting. Vesper was back, probably with more news. But, Kára was exhausted, physically and mentally. She didn't want to deal with any of this anymore. All the fighting, loss, frustration, no longer served a purpose. The sting of betrayal stoked the fire in her gut. It wasn't the same fire she went to war with, one of passion and drive to fight for Inferni. Now, it just burned and smoked creating a haze of uncertainty. She didn't want to hear of their loss again. Her gut told her to forget it, run as fast as she could to escape it. Her heart told her that was foolish and cowardly, but she could barely hear the muffled shouts over the searing flames.

With a frustrated growl, the Lykoi dragon rolled onto her knees from her spot in the shade. She slowly rose and made her way to the meeting place in no hurry. Once she was there, she stood in the back with an exasperated look on her face. A truce was called. For once, Kára was grateful for it. She was defeated. She had no intention of continuing the fight. She didn't know what she felt about this anymore, she just knew it was foolish. She looked like nothing more than a tailless clown now that the truth was out.

Her muzzle may have wrinkled at the traitor's mention, but she followed him willingly and gladly into battle. She had a purpose when he lead them to Halifax. She understood he betrayed them, but it wasn't because he made them fight that she hated him. She hated him because he went behind Vesper's back to make it happen. That battle was never meant to be, as much as she wanted it to. She was never mean to lose her tail or her purpose. If she ever ran into Marlowe, even though he was once family, she would show him no mercy.

Crimson orbs searched the crowd for reactions. Most seemed to agree with this as well. Kára couldn't imagine anyone would speak for Marlowe now. That must have been all the news. With a huff, the ginger woman turned to leave but was halted by the continuation of Vesper's speech. Large ears swiveled to meet her voice before the rest of her caught up.

Her maw opened in astonishment and eyes widened. What? Why? There was no mention of this beforehand and the news hit heavy. Kara didn't know what to think, say, or do. This was a huge change. Myrika had been Aquila since she drew her first breath. She couldn't imagine why she'd be stepping down.

Kara's eyes narrowed on the new Aquila. She didn't quite like Vesper's demeanor. Something about it just seemed so, wolf. With a huff, Kara raised her head and tried her best to shake away the look on her face. What would happen now? Everything was changing, and fast. In this moment, Inferni didn't quite feel like Inferni anymore and the reason why she'd come back didn't mean so much.

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ooc here! [+3]

Basilio wasn't doing so good. In the days that passed after the big battle, he found that walking was a chore in its own right. While the blood loss had almost been a worrisome problem, he could barely get around without a walking stick. His title of Bellum, of gladiator, brute, boxer.. all these were challenged from where he stood. He'd always wanted to be a warrior of Inferni, from the time he was a young pup and he watched the others spar, from the moment that Loki had shown an interest in the very same things that ended with a dead body on the outside of Inferni's lands.

It was not at all surprising that he'd been caught up in the war or in the lies that the viper Marlowe had offered the pack. What he did not prize was the idea that he'd been tricked so easily into following an order from a higher up that had misused his position of Bellator in order to amass the armies of Inferni to go to war with an enemy who no longer was. Everything in him waged war with the idea that he wanted to go after the traitor, that he wanted to murder him whether he was asleep or awake. Whether he was injured or simply ruined.

When Vesper had come back, he'd known things were different. She... seemed different. Things all around were different and growing in the same direction every day.

When he first heard the trumpet of Vesper's voice, the first thing he thought was that he was going to be scolded, that they were all going to be scolded. But the words that tumbled from her mouth left his ears pinned against the side of his head, his tail bristling unseen behind him as he came to settle himself against a tree. Vesper? Aquila? The thought was so very different to him. Myrika had always been aquila to him. He'd always thought of Vesper as the Centurion and thinking about her in any different way was beyond hard for him.

Thinking of Cartier in much the same way, he couldn't help but glance in his direction. What was going on? The loss of a Bellator had also reigned in the loss of a Magister? Disbelief sort of ran clear in his eyes for a few moments before he gave a nod of his head. The new Aquila was at least someone he trusted. The new Centurion was someone he knew by his own convictions. He could be happy... if things didn't change too much.

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510 Words

Cartier had quickly grown tired of all these meetings. He was fed up with the war as well. He just wanted it to all be over with now that he had experienced just what it was all like, had experienced just what war was all about. The first hand experience had gone about changing the way that he viewed being a warrior. For as long as he could remember that was all that he had ever wanted to be and now he'd rather there be no need for warriors at all.

Still, as being of high rank he had to drag himself down to attend the meeting even though he was tired of the news that was presented at these things. He wasn't all that concerned when others had arrived before him. He really didn't want to be at the front of the group but had rather tucked himself away in the middle instead. He wasn't looking to stand out but just to blend in.

He was glad when it was announced that the war was over and the relief visibly washed over him. It made him glad that he had decided to attend the meeting after all. This was certainly the best news that he had heard in quite awhile. It even cause his tail to wag happily. He couldn't wait to celebrate. It didn't matter that it as a truce and not a win but only that it was all over with.

He was confused at the mention of Marlowe though. The man had been their top warrior. Marlowe was the best. The joy quickly faded from his whole being and was replaced with weariness once again. Vesper hadn't been acting like herself lately so was this just something else that she had misjudged? Was he next to be cast out?

And confusion slipped into shock. Was Myrika leaving as well? What was going on? Everything was changing all around him. Even though the war was now ended it had served to break apart his home anyways. Jehan had just been accepted so was he about to be sent away?

Whatever was happening with Myrka Vesper was taking her place. So maybe Inferni wasn't going anywhere after all. Maybe he would still have a home. Still, it was quite a shock to hear that Myrika wasn't going to be leading them any longer. She had been around as long as he knew. It was odd to think that she had given up. Maybe the war had wore on her as well.

Cartier was even more surprised to hear his name called out and himself being named Centurion. Vesper. Wait. I... He didn't know what to say but just shook his head in utter disbelief. He was quick to look around at those gathered about him in a panic. It was obvious that he had been told nothing of this sudden advancement of his beforehand. He was learning it at the same time that everyone else was.

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someone save you


Snapdragon wasn't even sure how she managed to stumble her way over to the gathering. She was in a haze, heady and heavy and the world around her was swirling. But she wasn't in pain, she didn't feel anything particularly as she huddled near the edge of the congregation wrapped tightly around by deer hide. Blearily, she watched Vesper up at the front with a mixture of respect and vague awe. It wasn't like her to grovel or even think reverently of others but something about her caught Snapdragons attention. She just had an aura about her.

She just looked... magnificent. Like an animal, truly feral unlike so many that inhabited the clan now. Snapdragon could respect her and follow her into anything she wanted. Though, right now, it felt as though she could hardly move let alone charge into any kind of battle. Perhaps if Vesper required any... less taxing services, Snapdragon would only be do ready to comply.

Her dull heath eyes watched around the gathering and there were plenty announcements happening but she had trouble focusing on any of them but watched Vesper with rapt attention. Marlowe deserved what he received and a punishment worse probably wouldn't have been adequate. Snapdragon blamed him for every inkling of pain she experienced. Though, the revelation of Myrika stepping down the scarred coyote taking her place as Aquiia. Snapdragon would have applauded had she not been cowed by the silence of the surrounding crowd. She was too weak for merriment or reaction at all, she just watched.

The Cartier boy would take up the place of Centurion and Snapdragon looked amused at the boy's rather weak humbleness. It would be an honor to stand by Vesper as a second in command, so she would have to wait her turn and for her body to heal. This one would do her no good. Everything happened in its own time and her eyes shifted down to her feet.



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It was not surprising that yet another meeting had been called forth, though, thankfully this one was close to home. He only had to walk down the steps and out to the back in order to reach the coyotes that gathered there. Vesper had perched herself up on a platform and began addressing the gathering of coyotes. Belial came out to the group, standing off to the side in his Secui form. He lowered his haunches to the ground to listen.

Marlowe had been exiled and Myrika chose to step down. This news was both surprising, yet expected. It had not been a secret that Vesper had stepped up to address many things in these recently passed weeks, days. Vesper had proven herself a true leader, while Myrika had hidden in the shadows.

While there was nothing wrong with hiding in the shadows, it wasn’t where a leader should be all the time.

He felt it right for Vesper to claim her rightful place as their true leader, and for Cartier to join her as well. Vesper was abrupt in the news that she delivered, and once it was delivered, she stepped off the platform and began walking away. Cartier called out to the scarred woman, but a reply was not given right away.

”Congratulations Cartier,” Belial said loudly, feeling that it was his place to do so. As the new Aquila, she chose someone who would aid her well. Belial knew Cartier was a well-versed Coyote with many feats, skills and talents under his belt. He would be a good attribution to their leadership posse.

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The young loyalist stood faithfully as his aunt came forward to speak; he canted his ears forward to listen to what she had to say. Kallistos felt a flicker of relief that the war would end, because he didn't want to see any more loss. There was much that could still be taken from Inferni and although he knew they would fight til the bitter end to keep it, in the end there were many wolves gathered in the area who might come to the Court's aid if push came to shove. Though his Clan also had allies and those upon whom they might call, he was glad that it wouldn't come to that. That they could end it here and without anymore death.

He flinched when he heard Marlowe had been exiled and was a traitor, a bit surprised by this, as he had always though the de le Poer (if a bit wild) to be a loyal member of the pack. Kalli took it to heart, though, and would remember to treat the exile accordingly if they ever met again. Something told him that Marlowe could find a different place where he could wage war, though, far from here.

There was no surprise when she took up the helm of Aquila; he had always seen Aunt Vesper as the leader that mattered, even when Myrika was technically in that position. Though maybe that was because Myrika had always been doing higher level things that did not relate to him, they related to Clan maintenance. It did surprise him a bit to hear Cartier would take up as Centurion and his gaze flickered to the other Infernian with interest. The other male seemed as surprised if not more than the majority of the Clan were.

The meeting was ended, though, and Vesper began to walk away without room for questions or statements. Kallistos twitched his ears and shook his head slightly, a bit dazed by all of the sudden changes. Then he walked back toward his home to rest. There was time for other things later, but he was bone tired and needed to sleep.
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Late again~ but a novel to make up for it. P: [ 520 ]

For once the desert dragon was not out prowling the borders, bow in hand, ready to strike down any stranger that dared even glance the wrong way. She had been patrolling so much, so often, and so tirelessly that in the end she didn't have a choice but to stop at least once for some food and rest before she was no longer effective enough to do what she needed to do. With everyone else focusing on eliminating the enemy she was not about to let the coyote's claim go challenged, by the damned Courtiers or anyone else looking for easy pickings.

Her part in the war may have been small but it was still important in her eyes, which snapped open the moment the sound of the Centurion's yowly howl rose into the air, summoning her from the depths of her fitful slumber and out to the meeting grounds where she awaited the clan. As usual the desert dragon was not the first nor the last to arrive, trickling in among the masses and taking her place near the back where she could easily hear but far enough away that she didn’t feel closed in by the rest of the pack. Rubbing the sleep from one molten gold eye she blinked a few times and surveyed the crowd before all attention shifted to focus upon their leader.

So the war had come to an end, a peaceful one it seemed, and while the hatred she had for the Courtiers had long since drained away she still did not trust them. Now more than ever she was feeling like the only individuals she could trust were the coyotes gathered around her at that moment, and everyone else, everyone outside of the pack, were to be met with wariness before friendliness. This was a habit she was just beginning to lose, she was slowly coming out of her closed off shell and opening up to those around her, and while she felt the war had brought her closer to her pack, consequently it had hardened her to outsiders.

Naming Marlowe as a traitor did not faze her, nor did the mention of Myrika stepping down, or Cartier rising up – they were coyotes she knew only a little, and only in passing, briefly seeing them around the pack, only shortly interacting with them, and nothing more. When Vesper mentioned she would be taking the lead as Inferni's Aquila though, she smiled a contented smile, her sharp coyjack maw dipping affirmatively. What she knew of Vesper and their brief interactions had painted a positive picture, and so far she couldn't find a reason not to like the changes, only a sudden swell of curiosity, wondering about what would come next.

When the new Aquila took her leave she did as well, turning away from the group and wandering off back to the mansion, to her room, to her bed. Her sleek and slender optime slid right back into its place where it had been lying before, the thick pelts there still warm, inviting, and it wasn't long before she slipped back into slumber.

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