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POSTED: Thu Oct 29, 2015 2:49 pm

WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

It's October 30th, also known as Devil's Night! Why not unwind and try to let loose a little bit with your fellow clanmates? Dressing up in costumes is nice, but not necessary. ;D Side threads are also encouraged!

Despite the war, Kennedy was looking forward to Devil’s Night.

Conrad had told him about it in passing many weeks ago, back before everything went to shit. He told him about the bonfire, the drinking, the dressing up, and the all around tomfoolery of it all.

In mid-October, as his festering neck wound was healing and sending throbbing pains with each heartbeat, he decided he wanted nothing more than to get slap drunk and to just drink away all the craziness that happened in the clan in the last couple of months.

He thought that maybe everyone needed this, actually. The clan still had a tension in the air, as if they all held their breath for something else bad to happen. Vesper had made herself Aquila and their Bellator had been exiled, and it seemed that these things only added to the strain on Inferni.

The apprehension made him uncomfortable and a little annoyed—they deserved to let go and to just get back to normal, or however much normal they could get.

If that meant getting wasted in front of a bonfire, then Kenndy Fisher was up for it.

He, Mags, Conrad, and even the two ravens spent the entire day piling sticks into a giant heap behind the mansion in the fire pit.

Wiress had a grand time sprinkling leaves she gathered into the pile, though she almost died of fright when she accidentally dropped her red ribbon into the swath of wood. But she was eventually calmed down after Conrad dug his way through the pile for it.

The interaction made Kennedy quietly happy; even if the bird had gave him a small cut when they first met, they seemed to be on good terms now.

The Fisher decided not to dress up. It was mostly because he was not creative enough to think of a good costume and there wasn’t enough time between war and healing to craft something decent. He did find a black cloak in the storage, as dusty as it was, and decided it was better than wearing his usual outfit, even if he wore it underneath the cloak.

He spent the next hour before twilight arranging the supplies—the alcohol scavenged with Nex, grilled fish and meat, even some sugared berries that Mags whipped up a few days prior.

When Conrad lit the fire and as the flame began to kindle, night was gathering, and Kennedy yapped loudly for the clan to gather. Their activity wouldn’t have gone unnoticed, but the gathering was ready to begin.

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yaay, a party~ (+279)

She'd only heard whispers of Devil's Night, in passing. The name was a curious thing. She was unaware the Devil had a night, let alone that it called for a celebration. Abigaël was certain it wasn't in worship, however. At least, she hoped it wasn't.

Her path to the firepit was taken slowly, her wounds still fresh. She had seen Kennedy and his party of other coyotes gathering wood, and a peek into where they were taking them to gave her answers.

Quietly, she had asked, "What is this?"

"Devil's Night, Devil's Night!" a raven crowed.

A look of confusion prompted Conrad to briefly explain.

She left with a wordless nod, heading back to her grazing wards. It was not until twilight that she decided to join in on the "festivities". The sheep did not need her that night, with the ever-watchful Farai hanging over them. The burro even seemed encouraging, in the way only a burro could be. She saw it in his eyes, briefly. Maybe, he knew she was hurting, and not in a way that bandages could fix.

She confused by everything. The war, the treachery, the loss, and the shame pulled at her. Abigaël needed the fun, even if she was reluctant to admit it aloud.

She returned to the firepit soon after, the red sash usually tied at her waist now hanging around her neck. The air chilled her in her weakened state, and her gut—where her most grievous wound had been—needed to be relieved of the pressure.

"Hey," she said calmly, greeting Kennedy, and to extent, those who had helped him prepare.

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Who's ready to partaaayyy!? If anyone knows how to party, it's Kara! THIS is her general look minus the color and detail on the mask. [+3]

Devil's Night. This was her escape.

The Lykoi dragon was trying to be positive, but it was difficult. There was so much going on in her head and in the pack, that the thought of fun was just a distant memory. She didn't want it to be. Even in the midst of recovery and mourning, fun could be had. Hal dragging her to the beach in the middle of a war was proof of that. She was an entertainer after all. Tonight, she would be someone else and escape the stresses of her life.

She took the last few days to plan this night. If there was one thing she loved, it was intricacy. Her dancing outfits were proof of that, but nobody in the pack had seen them. They were in for a surprise. She wore a midnight blue cloak to conceal the detailed outfit underneath until the time was right. She got into the Inferni spirit and painted a deer skull to wear over her face, antlers still in tact. Vibrant red paint stood out against the pale ivory with swirl and striped designs which created a whimsical look. She had all the makings of a good evening in her bag including alcohol, fire breathing supplies, and dried meat for her pack mates. She even had various treats for the ravens too as they were a big part of the pack and added a certain touch to the evening.

The moment Kára heard Kennedy's call, she gathered her supplies and headed for the party.

Once there, she set her bag down away from the fire pit and took out the alcohol and food. She placed the food with the rest and brought the bottle over to her pack mates, hiding it in her cloak. Omen rested on her shoulder for added zest to her costume. She stood there for a moment, looking silently from face to face but smiling beneath the mask. Greetings. How is everyone on this very special, Devil's Night? Her voice held a spooky air, purposely deep and slow. This wasn't the kind of entertainment she usually provided, but she was having fun nevertheless.

After she gave everyone a moment to wonder who they were speaking to, although they probably smelt her already, she lifted the mask grinning toothily at each of them. Who's ready for some fun? I have something planned for later. Her brow lifted and then she revealed the bottle of alcohol. But first, here. Nobody is leaving here without a few sips of this. She demanded trying her best to set the mood. The recent happenings still weighed heavily in the back of her mind, but tonight she wasn't going to let them get to her.

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(300+) in-text links to costumes! :D

Devil’s Night seemed to be an ongoing tradition in Inferni, and only this once did Belial make an effort to disguise his face from everyone else. The last time, if he remembered correctly, he sat in a corner and drank. However, this year, being here longer and knowing more of his clan mates, he planned to make a greater impression. Donning his ram skull and a black cape, Belial walked into the backyard of the mansion and dipped his skulled face to Kennedy, then Kara as he found a place among the seating. Kennedy would have to have been the only coyote he had recently conversed with, but from passed experience, he might’ve shared small talk with her at some point.

The only Coyote at the gathering so far was the gray-colored female whose name he could not recall. Orange eyes darkened by the holes in his skull watched her as they peered out at her curiously. For a moment, he was distracted while his brother made his own entrance.

Despite discussing that it was a bad idea beforehand, Izual did show up in a wolf’s pelt cape. The wolf’s fur was a mahogany brown with hints of darkness and lightness throughout. The wolf’s fur was very pretty, despite its evident end. Izual adjusted his cloak, the wolf’s pelt sewn into the fabric as a whole piece. The Massacre walked in and felt as if he were a god walking among his disciples.

Catching eyes with a rather brutish female, Izual dipped his maw in greeting to Kennedy, and then to Abigael and Kara if they met eyes with him as well. Then he settled at a seat a few feet away from Belial, adjusting his cape before he lowered his behind to sit. Izual admired the women who seemed to bustle about, together in the dead of night, illuminated by the fire.

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-- Feel free to skip to the fifth paragraph. :>

See galleries for credit.

So is this a coyote thing? Clover asked, peering out one of the mansion's grimy windows. Or just... a thing?

Jehan glanced at her, smiling; sometimes he had to remind himself that she was young -- that this would have been her first autumn, after her very first long summer. He reached for her fur and ruffled it about her shoulders, and she smiled up at him.

Coyotes, I think. There are some rituals and celebrations Jairus and I picked up this time of year -- honoring the dead, putting on scary masks to frighten demons and ghosts -- but I've never heard of Devil's Night. His eyes brightened. But, by God, they have a bonfire and booze and I'm going.

I'm going to sleep, Clover sniffed, and wandered to her little bed of pelts. Don't bother coming back if you're going to be drunk, I fucking hate that, she added in warning, and he shrugged at her.

Jehan headed downstairs with every good luck amulet he had on his person; he practically jangled with each step, his keys bumping against his gris-gris, the crucifix necklace in hand. A creature of dingy gold, he emerged into the light of the bonfire and glinted, tossing some salt about his person and winking at the nearest Infernians he passed before sniffing and zeroing in on the scent of alcohol.

You guys look freaky as hell, Jehan said, grinning at the skull-wearers, and grabbed at the offered bottle for a swig. It burned down his gullet -- perfect. So is this an annual tradition, or?

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Always late, but crazy Daeva is here~ P: [ 364 ]

The desert dragon was in no mood for celebration, and the whispers of Devil's Night fluttering from one maw to another did not help at all to entice her. All she wanted was for things to go back to normal and for the world to stop being insane, or maybe it was just her world going insane, she wasn't quite sure, but she didn't want to see anyone, talk to anyone, or do anything other than patrol, hunt, eat, and sleep.

The cycle continued unbroken until the actual Devil's Night had arrived and on her way back from another circuit of the pack's periphery she had seen the small party gathering wood and piling it high, but even then she was not the least bit curious, not the least bit interested, not the least bit concerned. She simply got a bite to eat and then slunk off into her room to sleep the rest of the day and night away, to put that day behind her and start again the next, continue the cycle, try to stay sane, but it wasn't working.

It wasn't until the revelry actually began that she finally decided to say fuck it and join in, if only to just drown away her worries with something strong and finally get some damn sleep. Even so, she took a moment to brush her fingers through her hair and fix it up a little, tie on her hip scarf, and rub the weariness from her eyes before she made her way out into the yard and put on a mischievous smile for all to see.

Scattered among the familiar faces were ones she'd only briefly seen in passing, still someone new to her even though they had already settled themselves within the pack. To them a brief nod of greeting was offered as she made her way through the crowd until she spotted, or more accurately scented the familiar Belial beneath his ghastly costume of cloak and bone. For the strangest of reasons she felt drawn to him that night and had not one ounce of hesitation as she strode forward to take a seat at his side.

"Happy Devil's Night stranger."

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Nex get's sweary when he's drunk~

Nex wasn't a massive drinker. But given the events of the past month, he, like many other of his packmates, wanted nothing more than to drink and forget himself. His wounds still pained him, but with enough booze he'd be largely numb to them. And in addition to what he'd found with Kennedy, he'd also managed to wrangle another few bottles, which he'd brought along gladly. He would have cooked up some food too, but his stocks of game meat were empty and he was pretty sure that someone would object to cannabalism.

It was already dark when he arrived, but he'd had a bottle of weak booze before he'd made his way down to the party and his timekeeping wasn't important anyway. The boy was pretty well decked out, a thick pelt of wolf skin hanging on his shoulders, secured by a well carved bone toggle. He'd affixed a skull upon his head too, decorated in the most frightful way. Exaggerated teeth and bulging eyes were painted loving onto it. And perhaps deliberately, a large scar to little one of the green rimmed eyes.

'Guess who the fuck I am?! Who's ready to get fucked up?' he shouted as he made his entrance.

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