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Northern Borders | Joining!

POSTED: Mon Nov 09, 2015 12:55 pm

Species Percentages: 100% Coyote (Texas Plains Coyote)
Desired Immune Rank: Civilis
NPCs: Swiftfoot, black and white pony

Her cart jostled as it ran over a bump. She could hear a jar smash inside the ragged cart. The piebald pony kept on going, and Killian let her, not wanting to stop for something as simple as a broken jar. The sun was beginning to tip beneath the horizon and she had to make it to the borders of the clan she'd heard of at the Outpost before nightfall.

Killian adjusted the fastening of her cloak slightly, toying with a strand of hair for a moment before hastening her pace, the scent of coyote touching her nose.

She looked to the pony, excitement obvious on the trader’s face. ”Come on, Swiftfoot, we’re nearly there!” The pony did not speed up, however. They had been traveling for so long, he was likely in need of a rest. Killian signed and turned her attention back to the road.

The coyote had not been paying attention to the path before her and stopped abruptly, amber eyes widening at the sight she beheld. A skull on a stick! She had heard about what types of decorations the clan used from another canine, but had only expected it to be an exaggeration -- yet, here they were, a wolf skull on a stake, and she could see a few others to her left and right. The border was now obvious and she became more cautious, not wanting to cross it.

”I guess this means we’re here,” she proclaimed, turning to Swiftfoot and his cart to speak before lifting her muzzle and releasing a call for one of the leaders to come. Hopefully the things she had heard about the pack were true. If not, there were plenty of others for her to inquire about later.

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Heya Kite, welcome back~ :3 [ 232 ]

The realm was serene as a short sunny day slipped into the early evening and the late day songbirds began to warble softly in the trees, the soft autumn breeze pleasant for now but a chilly harbinger of an oncoming cold. Winter was just around the corner and while she would soldier on through it as she always did, it didn't mean she had to like it, and the more she thought about it, the more a sour grimace spread upon her features.

Oversize ears gave an evident twitch to the noise of a jangling and jarring cart making its way down the western road, the sound distant for the time being, but steadily approaching. Curious, the desert dragon deviated from her patrol path and wandered further out toward the periphery of the coyotes' claim, her pace unhurried. It wasn't long before she found a comfortable spot and awaited the cacophonous traveler, who sent up the yowly howl of a coyote.

Moving swiftly now it was only moments before she materialized beyond the row of skulls, bow in hand, but no arrow notched just yet. Molten gold moved from horse, to cart, to stranger, a smooth smile easing to her sharp coyjack maw as her gaze settled upon the other's face. "Hey." The greeting was curt and to the point, its abrasiveness starkly incongruent with her otherwise friendly appearance. "What d'you want?"

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thanks! and thank you for replying, your writing is so great!!

The bushes rustled. Seeming to appear out of thin air, another (presumably coyote) canine approached. She jumped, surprised by the sudden appearance. Yet, she quickly quieted herself and offered a smile in response to the stern words. She craned her head upwards, looking at the larger individual with ears turned towards her, tail lowered slightly to indicate submission.

"To join." A straight-forward and simple response, spoken with the friendliness she approached everyone with. She was slightly taken aback by the voice of the Infernian who greeted her. Killian supposed that it was to be expected — she was a stranger at their borders, after all. "Are you a leader?" she asked, as she had no idea what the leaders of the coyote clan looked like. Thus, she felt it right to assume that this might be one of them.

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Searing eyes moved from the stranger to her cart, nostrils flaring as she tried to draw in a few scents, curious as to what the other had come all this way with. Her own mother was a trader from far across the ocean and she had traveled with a vast array of goods from exotic pelts and spices to foreign fabrics and clothes, even small weapons, carvings, knick-knacks, food, almost anything and everything she could think of. What scents the desert dragon could pick up she didn't recognize as anything of particular interest, at least not to her specifically, but she imagined the younger looking femme had at the very least something of value tucked away in her cart.

"Straight to the point, huh? Good. I like that." Her voice seemed to soften even if her words did not, her smile unwavering as she raised her arms to hang her bow at her back. "Means I'm not wasting my time." She added, her arms moving to rest crossed against her stomach, her posture relaxing somewhat though the suspicion did not drain from her fiery gaze. "But let's start off with a name. You owe me that much." Her gaze found its way back to the other's face, watching her features for any signs that would suggest she was lying to her, or under any sort of duress that would allude to her being a trap.

Oversize ears pitched forward attentively to her next words and she couldn't help the small laugh as it bubbled up from her throat when the stranger asked if she was the leader, her head shaken a little as her amusement slowly subsided. "No, I don't have that honor. Not yet anyways." She spoke the words so easily it was hard to tell if she was joking or not. "I'm just a scout. Here to see if you're even worth calling a leader to accept you."

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She bounced forwards slightly on her feet, a dish-like ear flicking as the Infernian responded to her words. A smile spread across her muzzle, far more friendly than the words of the one who had greeted her. "Killian Hynes," she introduced, noting that this canine was not a leader of the pack. Her tail twitched and she remained quiet for the duration of the rest of the individual's words. Killian thought, wondering how to prove that she was worthy of being welcomed into the pack.

"Well, as ya can see, I have quite a few wares — I could gift some to the pack, if ya want any of 'em — and I'm a good trader," Killian rambled, not sure what the scout expected her to say. She wasn't the best at talking herself up.

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