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Pack Meeting - MANDATORY

POSTED: Fri Nov 13, 2015 2:28 pm

The Great Hall would be a surprise for many an unsuspecting Cavalier, including the newly appointed Lune. Alistair was tired of sulking, of brooding over past tragedies and lost love. The Syndicate conflict was months over now and Anathema had been quiet. His meeting with his knights and Mani had gone well, all agreed that a Spy Master was a sorely needed authority and would help solve the peninsula's problems before they had a chance to start. Things were beginning to look up for the pack and yet morale still dwindled, but no more.

He'd been planning for days and told but few; Morty, Clara, Isaac, and Jonas all worked their various skills to their advantage. Clara had been in charge of decorating the Great Hall, while Isaac hunted and butchered meat and his brother cooked. Morty scavenged alcohol between hunting trips with Isaac and by afternoon all was prepared. With help from the four Alistair saw to the finishing touches. They carried and placed tables, chairs, lit braziers, torches, and laid furs. Then came plate after plate of roasted meat and freshly baked bread and lastly they stacked cups and bowls before bottles of wines and spirits. By the time they were finished the Great Hall had been transformed from a large empty space to a symphony of sights and smells. The air was warm and inviting, full of the aromas of venison, fowl, and fish while great tongues of flame from both braziers and torches played upon the high marble walls. Satisfied by what they had accomplished Alistair took a moment to take it all in and did so greedily. His mouth watered at the stacks of cooked venison and his eyes stole sideways glances at the bottles of wines and spirits. It was with some reluctance that he left the hall and headed home, instructing Jonas to keep the pack away until called.

The Sole prepared himself alone in his shop- donning his black shirt and put on clean trousers. He pushed his mane back and even worked a bone-handled comb through his brown hair until it was free of tangles. He brushed the pelt of his purple cloak and put it on last, leaving his house to return swiftly to the Great Hall.

"Any problems?" He asked a scowling Jonas.

The baker's arms were folded tight to his chest, "some people are curious to just what you're up to-- but they didn't press their luck. Weren't getting anythin' out of me, that's for damn sure. "

"Good man," Alistair grinned. He clapped the baker's shoulder, much to Jonas's distaste, and swept past him to a table at the front. There, he lifted his dark muzzle and called for his pack to join him.

They filed in quickly, no doubt the sights and smells had lured them in. The mood was excited and once everyone had arrived Alistair lifted his hands for silence. "I'm sure you're all wondering what this is all about." He gestured vaguely to the hall around them, "I mean, it's not every day we announce a new leader, is it." His grin was cheeky. Alistair was tempted to let his words linger, to draw out the suspense until his pack clamored to hear more, but thought against it. His own excitement was eating away at him and soon he was calling Luca to the front. "Luca, mind stepping up here?" He waited for the tawny wolfdog to join him, "Luca's been working hard lately to repair the damage between our pack and Sapient-- something of an uphill battle, believe me. To me, that shows initiative, character. He's done a fine job as our head of labor and a couple months ago became a father." He smiled warmly at the Lune then looked out to his pack. "Tonight, I'd like us to honor his hard work, his dedication and congratulate him on becoming our new Lune."

Alistair clapped Luca on the back and paused for the pack to calm down before he continued on to the next big announcement. "When Jazper left us this past summer, it was a heavy blow. We couldn't have asked for a better Sole, a better leader-- and I was loath to replace him. But, he's happier now, he's settled into a life with his loving mate Skye, and it's time for us to move on." His brows knit out of reverence for Jazper and he made a solemn promise, "I can't replace Jazper, but I promise that as your Sole I will do everything in my power to lead you with wisdom and kindness. To protect you and be strong so that we can continue to prosper and grow. I will see my oath fulfilled. Thank you." His words were heartfelt and he took in a breath, feeling suddenly overcome. But he quickly pushed through the feeling and the easy smile returned to his muzzle, "with that said, let's eat!"

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A mix of emotions had plagued Luca’s mind ever since Alistair had asked him to meet him in the War Room and presented him with the bear fur cloak the night before. At the time Luca had been to tongue tied to even thank the ex-Lune, now Sole, for the promotion and his ability to produce words had not gotten better into the next day. Lyris of course had caught on to what had happened when her mate returned into their home with the ranked cloak but her encouragement did nothing to ground the golden male.

The Knight obviously held an important family name within the pack, and had looked up to his grandfather with eager eyes and a curious spirit since he was a newborn puppy. Throughout his puphood Jazper had told him stories of the foundation of Casa, the Aniwayian war that had led him to leave Crimson Dreams and create a land of equals who fought side by side for the rights of all to freedom and happiness. Now, to even be considered for leadership seemed like such a massive responsibility, and the young male hardly thought he was the right choice, but he wanted to make Alistair and his grandfather proud.

With some encouraging banter from his mate, the new Lune tidied himself up for the announcement he knew would be coming shortly. In the living room he brought a bucket of water, warmed by a fire. Gently he brushed out and washed his matted fur, dirty from his work in the gardens the day before. His daughters fussed around him from time to time, wondering what their father was doing priming himself up – but he hardly got out more than a disbelieving ‘you’ll see’.

When the call came Luca and his family was prepared. Somehow the young parents had managed to clean their daughters between tugs on ears and tails and Luca was dressed up in his full formal outfit - beige pants and a red top, with his freshly polished chest plate. Before the little family left the house he swung the bear fur cloak over his shoulders, feeling the weight of his responsibilities a little more literally.

When they entered the Courthouse the sailor could hardly believe his eyes or nose. When Alistair had told him the news he had neglected to mention food and drinks into the equation, and Luca was certain he had neglected the information on purpose. Fighting the urge to run and hide he pushed forward, steering his family to stand at the back of the gathered crowd and ignoring some looks by Cavaliers that recognized the bear fur lined cloak’s meaning.

As Alistair began to speak the new Guida hardly breathed. He wanted to do well; he wanted to uphold his oath. Logically he knew how hard he had worked to move up the ranks. Luca had trained, he had earned a co-rank and an ambassadorship, he had helped organize a diplomacy initiative and traveled to Sapient to smooth over the rough relations left behind from their ball. Surely he had earned the title of Lune, but it would be weeks, if not months, before Luca accepted this.

Then he we called to the front. Feet moved, though he wasn’t sure how, until he had weaved through the Cavaliers to the front, and stood beside Alistair. Thankfully the now Sole did not ask him to speak, saving him face, instead he chose to continue on to the announcement of his own rank name change. If Luca was nervous to step into Alistair’s shoes, then he could only imagine how it felt to step into his grandfather’s giant paws. When the Sole called for the celebration to begin, Luca hustled to grab a glass of wine and raise it into the air. “To the Sole!” He called, a small offering of thanks to Alistair, who could have so easily given up on him long ago.

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There was something odd in the air and Grynn just hadn't been able to put her finger on what it was. She wondered if there was going to be an attack made but none of that was ever cause for food. She felt like an odd woman out as she looked to the Lune. She had been one of the first to arrive as she never missed a meeting.

Soon though Alistair began to speak and Grynn found herself mouth agape. closing it quickly she looked to him. Sole Alistair must have found himself at odds. No one could fill the paw prints left behind but honestly Alistair would create his own legacy for Casa the man was a leader worth respect. She looked to Luca though as he moved to the front. He had really come along way and the sister couldn't help but feel pride.

As soon as Luca spoke Grynn found herself stepping forward. "To the Sole and Lune!" She called. She cared little for what others thought today was a day of celebration. Luca was the best choice for the position he had worked so hard and now he was their Lune. She looked to her brother and Alistair as she gave a deep curtsy. She would sereve her Sole and Lune to her last breath her oath never changed. She smiled to her brother, "Lune congrats". She stepped back though knowing theire were so many others that would want to speak with him.

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I rambled, sorries (+600)

The moment Luca had stepped into their home late that night, a bear-fur cloak weighing heavy in his arms, Lyris' eyes immediately went to the golden of her mate, and she could not find the steady confidence they usually held. She was taken back to the first and second times they had met, recalling moments of childish naivety and pride. She compared these moments- this once-upon-a-time boy- to the man in front of her. Luca had, once, been nowhere near the rank of leadership. He had been young not so long ago, and had made his fair share of mistakes. But while he wasn't so sure he had grown or learned enough, it was ever so clear to Lyris that he had, and despite her attempts at comforting words and affectionate advances, she could not put that anchor in his heart. That, she realized, would have to come with time.

The following day was a flurry of activity. While Luca helped, the majority of the time he ended up slipping back into his thoughts of disbelief and fear, and so Lyris gave the final shove. While the soon-to-be-Lune bathed and groomed, the female was charged with herding her daughters and attempting to clean them as well as herself. She did not usually primp for any time of ceremony, but this one was special and tied specifically to her, and so she relented to the warm water and daunting task of catching and dunking Teagan and Indi. They protested many times, but eventually there was success, and the entire family of Knight-Stryders was glowing tall and proud. After wrapping her leather band and dagger around her arm, Lyris donned her own cloak lined with fur of the fox. After a silent moment of assessment, Lyris couldn't help but notice the power evident in both Luca and her own step, and the confidence their trailing daughters held their heads with. With billowing cloaks of rank and scars of battle, their young family was one that emanated strength and generations to come. As much as Luca may believe it, he was not lost. None of them were.

Lyris had given Indi and Teagan a firm talking-to before leaving for the ceremony, but she couldn't help but repeat some of her words as they approached the meeting. They were not to wander off or speak out; this was a very special day, and their best behavior was expected. Otherwise, there would be punishment. Lyris was certain they would obey, because she was not exactly the kind of mother one would dare to cross. Still, as they entered the grand hall, decked in flavors of both colors and smells and packmates, she glanced back, assuring herself that her daughters were sticking to her heels.

As they walked, Lyris hooked her arm firmly around Luca's, lending him support as she saw the muddled expressions pass through his eyes. This was a lot to take in, but she was his anchor if it was ever needed. Once they sat, Teagan and Indi on either side of Lyris, Alistair's speech began. After a brief introduction and a mention of Jazper's large shoes to fill, Luca was called forward. The Stryder watched with silence as her mate rose and was at last recognized as Lune by the rest of their pack, the faintest of smiles glancing across her face. "To my king, and my love." Raising her own glass, she joined the toast, and took only the smallest of sips. Making a face in result to the bitter taste of the cup, she returned it to the table and subtly scooted it away, instead choosing to turn her attention back to her daughters. She would let others congratulate Luca now, because he already knew where she stood. "Alistair and Luca are now Sole and Lune, leaders of Casa. I guess that makes you princesses." Lyris mused, hiding a smile as she watched the Cavaliers crowd the new Lune.

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The curious eye of Tristan's had been following the activity all day. It was hardly his fault, seeing Isaac bringing back an impressive haul into his shop. Then watching the stinky butcher, his brother and a few others go back and forth from the Great Hall, Tristan watching them with interest from afar, whilst pretending to practise his swordsmanship in one of the training rings. By the time Tristan saw his father leaving, making a bee-line for the shop, the boy had a good idea what was going on. Well, he didn't know the specifics, but it must be some sort of meeting. Tristan tested his luck at getting a look inside, met by the large form of Jonas. The Baker's intentions were clearly state on his scowling face, so Tristan gave up his itch of curiosity and decided to wander around the Court house. He went round the back, hovering around the gardens whilst he tried to predict what was going on. It was much like Tristan to dedicate his every thought into figuring out some secret he didn't know.

Then his ears tuned in to the howl, a summoning from Alistair to gather the pack. Tristan grinned to his father's call, before taking a few moments to formalise his outfit. All Tristan did was button up his white shirt, and tuck the edges into his trousers. He gave his hair a ruffle, checking it out in the reflection of one of the Court house's windows, before returning to the front of the large building. He met Jonas again, giving the baker a new smirk. "Jonas." Tristan muttered, chuckling only for a moment before the sight he wasn't allowed to see was finally met. Impressive works of fabric and food made the room shine like new, and it gave it new life. Whistling to himself in awe of the look, Tristan looked over to the front of the table, nodding to his father and resisting the urge to wave for his attention. Tristan was learning how to behave during these kind of events, not so as he'd done as a pup, but one could blame his young immaturity for those antics. Now he was an adult, and looked forward to getting a closer look at the feast on display and the wine up for grabs. Tristan took a seat amongst a few empty ones, hoping they'd be filled by his maman or sister, before distracting himself with a glass he filled with wine. He'd taken a few sips to soften the wait for the hall to fill, and once it had, Tristan's eyes set on watching his father and listening to the announcement. Tristan's hazel gaze moved from father to Luca, brow raised impressively when he noticed the new fur adorning the ex-Labour head's cloak, and the big news Alistair then announced. It caught on quick, before his father even confirmed it, that if Luca was the Lune, it meant Tristan's father was the Sole now. Tristan couldn't help but feel like the position fitted his father comfortably, putting their family connection aside, and just seeing Alistair as the pack leader for a moment. When the announcements ended, Tristan clapped his hands, expressing his faith to his father's statement and to his and Luca's new role. It was exciting news indeed, and nothing like the many possible ideas Tristan had thought up earlier for the reason a meeting was to be held. Luca raised a glass, and Tristan followed like all other members. It felt like a bond passed around the room then, connected together by the glasses they held, demonstrating everyone's faith and loyalty to the new leaders of Casa. "To the Sole and Lune." Tristan agreed along with the others, joining the toast. His glass lowered to his lips afterwards, Tristan taking a good sip of his wine before looking around the room at all the others. His urge to chow down would wait, until someone else went first, and Tristan wouldn't feel as though he was rushing into feasting. In a comical fashion, Tristan glanced towards his father, giving the man a subtle thumbs-up and wide grin, since Tristan couldn't keep his childish image hidden for long.
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Something truly drastic or otherwise important would have had to happen for anyone within Casa to not to have taken note of all the activity in which were occuring within and around the Great Hall, if it were to have just been this that had gotten Kira actually noticing that something were up it would have only been up until recently that he would have paid any attention to it all. Instead the earliest knowledge - or more like an assumption - that something were occuring was when the Coblentz brothers had sought him out for some extra herbs that he were admittedily surprised that they had asked for. Mostly on account of the fact they had not the usual ones in which he would normally have taken to them, this detail alone had been enough to cause some suspicion for the Raine male, to the point where he had considered and been about to try to find out jsut what were happening.

Just a shame that even when he had allowed his paws to take him towards the Hall he had observed that such actions were near pointless, well - Kira had other things to do anyway and whatever it were that was happening he would no doubt find out later on.

It had been this that had forced such thoguhts from his mind for a time, at least up until the howl that rang through the air summoning all to the hall gained his attention. Just a shame that he had been forced to go clean the dirt that were almost near permantly embedded within his pelt - damn his pale fur for occasions such as these - but then again he would have had to do it at some point anyway so rather it were done now than later. It had been for this reason that had caused Kira to be a little later to the gathering compared to others as he moved in amongst those who had alreayd arrived and did his best to take note of all that were being said.

To say that such things didn't come as some form of surprise would have been a lie, but then again there were a significant part of him that felt glad that not only Alistair had some help in the form Luca becoming co-leader but also just who had been chosen for such a task - the exlabour head would no doubt live up to the role in which he had now been placed within. Only when the Sole had finished his speech did Kira find himself seeking out a cup of wine and echoing the words of everyone else. "To the Sole and Lune."
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Sorry for the giant ramble! >___< And, Alex, let me know if anything needs to be changed! (+973)

The day had been an odd one for the young Stryder. The air was thick with a strange…sensation, buzz, tension. She wasn’t sure what the feeling was, but, whatever it may be, it made her feel funny. She felt excited, but she didn’t know what for. She felt restless, but why? Her bones tingled and her muscles itched, but she didn’t know what to do to make the feeling go away. Was it a good thing or a bad one? She thought to ask her parents, but they were acting weird.

It had been like that since the family’s patriarch had returned the night before. Teagan had instantly descended upon the fur-lined item that Luca had brought home around his shoulders, vigorously sniffing the pelt and going so far as to even attack it…before her mother corrected her. It was “special” and was not to be played with. The value behind the piece of clothing meant little to the child at that moment, but, in time, she would see that the funny smelling cloak was a symbol of great honor.

The following day, Teagan had had her work cut out for her. Play time was cut short and adventuring was put on hold for more important matters. The youth had made a gallant effort to avoid her mother when she had made it clear that the two Knight-Stryder children were to be bathed and groomed. Teagan had giggled and protested all the while, but, alas, her mother was too sharp, and, in the end, caught the mischievous Poco before she could escape from the necessary and fateful cleansing.

Prim and proper, Lyris had made it clear to Teagan and Indi to “be good” when they had left the house. No running off, not getting dirty, no playing around, no bickering or complaining, and no speaking out of turn. Rules rules rules. She would have stuck out her tongue at all the bans that were placed upon the pair…had the words not come from her mother’s mouth. The young Stryder dared not to disobey Lyris for fear of some unholy wrath. So, she had grudgingly went along with it—even if her parents were acting strangely. What would she “see” that required that they get all cleaned and dressed up?

When it was finally time for the family to go, Teagan obediently trailed after her parental figures as they proudly strode towards the big building in the middle of the village—the Courthouse or some other. Unconsciously, she fed off of her parents’ energies, and the cream-coated pup trotted along with her chin up and little tail held high. Her feelings of—well, she wasn’t sure what they were, the regal air about her was quickly swept away though as she saw the vast amount of strangers that were gathered.

Her charcoal ears flattened and her tail fell as she drew into a sort of sneaking stance. Before she knew it, her course had veered, and she accidentally bumped into her sister. She snapped to attention at the contact. Her pale eyes searched her sister, offering a faint and apologetic smile. “Sorry, Indi,” she whispered. She was dying to ask what was going on, to engage in conversation with her koi-colored sibling, to find a distraction from the many new faces, but, their parents had moved on, and, so, the young Stryder hurried to catch up after making sure her sister was sure to follow suit.

They were seated on either side of their mother—likely to keep them from being tempted to cause trouble. The Poco glanced about with shy, curious eyes. As long as they were by Lyris, she felt a bit safer to observe without consequence. There were many she didn’t recognize, but, there were a few that she did. The leader guy, Alistar! And then there was her Aunt Grynn, and the funny guy, Tristan, too! Alistar spoke, and the room drew to an immediate silence. He gave a valiant speech, but it lost the Stryder pup’s interest when it moved to big words and off the topic of her father.

Instead, she busied herself with eagerly sniffing the tasty food that was spread out along the table and sneaking glances at both stranger and familiar alike. She quickly lowered her gaze to any that made eye contact with her. At one point—when the din of the gathered crowd had risen—Teagan found herself glaring thoughtfully at the plated food in front of her. She played with the thought of taking a sample of its salivating goodness, so much so that she even put her paws up onto the table so that she could get a better view of her soon-to-be prey. A glance at her mother though, and Teagan reluctantly placed her head pitifully on the table instead. Had she been the type, she might have whined at being confined to be on her best behavior.

Before she knew it though, the adults were picking up cups, drinking, and cheering to whoever Sole and Lune were. Teagan wordlessly looked at her mother for an explanation, and stifled a giggle as she saw Lyris make an unpleasant face in reaction to her drink. It wasn’t long before the fair woman provided an explanation to Teagan’s unspoken question. Oh, so they were all cheering for her dad and Alistar? The Stryder pup gave a small smile and wagged her tail slowly. “Yay, Daddy and Mister Alistar!” She cheered, her voice small though, as if it were just a conversation between her, Lyris, and Indi. After a moment and a pause, she inquired, tilting her head as she quietly asked, “What’s a princess?” And was it something she wanted to be?

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Ooc whoo for Luca! XD

There was a certain zing in the air that got her attention around the Fort. Damon had told her about the recent activity going in and out of the Courthouse so she sent the big male to try and investigate into what was being prepped for. He returned sheepishly a few minutes later, soundly chided by Jonas the baker. So instead of poking any more noses into the business of the Courthouse, she focused instead on the cleanliness of her family.

Isobel went first, then Veri, and finally Damon. The black male took a little longer to soak down his thick fur, but he didn't scrub quite as thoroughly as she had all over since the shade of his coat was darker. The Secanti woman helped dry him off, smoothing his mane down with the towel until it was mostly dry. Now the task of dressing herself and her son. She simply slipped into her leather pants and halter top. For Damon, however, she ran to Rurik's room and asked him if she could borrow a dress white shirt.

Alistair's howl rand around the Fort as she dashed back to her house and threw the material at her son. He wriggled into it, tucking the ends into the black jeans he'd gotten on while she'd been out. Her rank cloak was thrown around her shoulders, and the Medico grabbed her other traveling cloak, not as nice as her new one but still presentable for a meeting, and tossed it at the male. Sword belt strapped onto both of them, Isobel in Damon's arms, They all walked out the door and headed for the Courthouse.

There was already several canines within the Great Hall but nothing was being said yet, so the Famiglia woman took the time to gaze around the room in awe at the setup. Isobel was entranced as well and remained still in her brother's arms, her ears pricked forward alertly as her tail wagged against Damon's side. It wasn't until Veri's mixed blue eyes found Luca, and the tell tale bear cloak on his shoulders made her grin widely. Her assumption was confirmed when Alistair called the young male up beside him and preceded to speak about both of their positions. Her smile only grew as the words hit her ears.

Both her hands hurried to grab a glass for herself and Damon. She raised hers in a cheer for their leaders. "For our Sole and Lune." she cried and raised the cup to her lips. Her muzzle wrinkled slightly, and she laughed at the look on Damon's face as he copied her. "Stay here and watch Isobel, I'll gather some food for all three of us." she told her son. The boy nodded as she turned with a little swirl of her cloak toward the table.
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OOC: To think this was the same wolf who was such a flirt a year or so ago! Go Luca go. XD)

She was certain that much of the pack was aware that something was definitely going on within the fort that day, but did wonder with the rest of them just what that something was. The Lune had something planned, but was being terribly quiet about it. Which, really, only made her more curious as to what he was up to. She could smell the food, and had noticed movement, but under the gaze of the grouchy baker Jonas, flitted away, choosing instead to occupy herself with being outside the fort for the time being, distract herself from her growing curiosity and desire to know. . .

Of course, it was just as she finally had allowed herself to wander a bit from the fort and into the territory that she heard the Lune's call at last. With a bit of a huff at her own timing, she hurried back to the fort as fast as she could, nippy air stinging at her throat. She took enough time to stop at her house first and gather her cloak, fix her hair, before she followed her pack mates into the courthouse and Great Hall. All the meat and wine, the decorations. Stuff she'd caught glimpses of, scents of, but still amazed her nonetheless, yet also peaked her curiosity. It was certainly something that looked to be a celebration, but just what were they celebrating?

When it was made clear by the once-Lune, now Sole of the pack just what was going on, the announcing of a leader, Nadia couldn't help but stand there, a bit surprised, and admittedly, a bit excited. In a way, it was a long-time coming, but that didn't really make much difference now. She wasn't surprised by the name that was announced to come join the leader, though. Luca had truly made an impact on the pack as an advisor, and even well before that, over the past several months. It was only fitting that he would be the one named Lune. Seeing him stand before the pack, the familiar bear cloak around his shoulders only further confirmed this. He certainly deserved it. So it was that she joined her voice with her pack's cheers and toasts with her own cry of "To the Sole and the Lune!" with exuberance. This certainly was a new chapter for Casa.
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ooc: Lorenzo arrives with Sylvie, Ghita, Xavier and Natina

It was lucky that Al had caught them as they were all together as a family should be. Breaking the news to their 'children' of their upcoming mateship. Ghita was over the moon, already considering Sylvie the mother than she'd never had from a young age. Natina too was thrilled, the young Lynx female happy that her adoptive father had found someone to make him happy. Xavier was.. different. Ever since the bear incident the male had been less surly and sour towards Lorenzo, even appearing respectful at times, even if it was begrudging. He seemed more willing to travel about with Lorenzo now and learn some of the things he needed to be a part of the pack.

Five heads turned as Alistair's howl requested the coming together of the pack. Well that was lucky at least, they could all arrive together. There was already a gathering as they arrived, Lorenzo took Sylvie's hand in his and the youngsters disappeared into the crowd to seek our friends or other relatives. Ghita found Jonas and attached herself to the older male. Xavier found a quiet corner to stand in. Only Natina stayed with Lorenzo and Sylvie.

Even half blind Lorenzo caught the bear fur cape that Luca wore and a crooked grin split his maw. He leaned into Sylvie and pointed it out quietly to her. She laughed softly, though pride glimmered in her eyes for the boy she had mentored. Now he was grown and with children and a mate of his own, and too a leader. He cheered and raised his glass with the rest, his deep voice booming about the room, "Tah the Sole ahn Lune."

When the celebrations were completed and everyone had settled down to eat Lorenzo and Sylvie made their way over to Alistair and the War Lord whispered their good news to the Sole and newly appointed Lune, the couple smiling happily.

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