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POSTED: Fri Nov 20, 2015 12:15 pm

Reina and Cortez del Sol joining ~

Each step was accompanied by a curse, a growl of displeasure or some indication of the misery the Moineau currently found himself surrounded by. An hour into his patrol around the borders, the weather had taken a turn for the worse; light rain had quickly morphed into a heavy shower, the winds harsh and screaming as they wove through the trees of Gaspesia. Hard soil had turned into slippery mush, latching onto the Sagax and dragging him down into the dirt more than once, leaving him soaked thought and covered in mud.

With each day passing, the colours of Gaspesia had bled away, many of the once vibrant foliage that filled the terrain had died off, hiding away until better weather returned. Of course, there were the more robust trees and plants that still sported an array of green, yet the place seemed just as depressing as he felt being out in the rain.

More than once he'd contemplated returning to the Estate, where they were waterproof roofs (for the part), warm fires and clean clothes. Right then he would kill to be warm, clean and comfortable in his bed, but just as he'd caved and was in motion to head back, a call had resounded through the pack lands. Unfamiliar and distorted by the winds that blocked out much of his hearing, it was possible that he'd simply misheard something and that he was torturing himself by continuing forward, only for nothing and no one to be waiting.

Heading north for some time, he had began winding his way west along the borders, seeing and scenting no one, rain falling all the more harder with each step, testing his resolve and mocking him for being fool enough to respond to a non-existent call. Frustrated beyond belief, he turned about sharply, ready to sulk back to his home when he spotted them; the pair were rather hard to miss now that he knew they were there.

Two hulking figures, dressed in vibrant tones of red, gold and blue, evidently of some dog heritage, given their features resembled that of wolves, coyotes or jackals, but was not a type of dog he was all that familiar with. The structures and builds were strange, more broader than the usually dainty little dogs he crossed paths with. The closest comparison he could come up with was Spike and his brother, yet their facial features again were nothing alike.

Cocking his head, he smiled in greeting, blue eyes wide with curiosity at the unknown factor the pair inherently had about them. Padding his way across the small expanse that separated him, he noted that they too were soaked through, the male, darker pelted of the pair, was curled into himself, looking thoroughly displeased and seemed to be shivering from the cold.

“I'm Nivosus, Sagax; that is, leader, of Sapient here. You called? What can I do to help you?” of the pair, the grey female stepped forward, hand outstretched to which he took and shook lightly. Her grip was firm, almost painful, which was not all that surprising given the sheer muscle on her arms.

“I am Reina del Sol. This here is my brother, Cortez. We hear word of your pack and seek both a shelter and home” each word was heavily punctuated by a Spanish accent, something he was rather familiar with, given the origin of several pack members. Cortez lifted dark eyes, nodding briefly at him and waving a hand with a small smile, before curling into himself once more and resuming his shivering.

“Well, since it is absolutely chucking it down, I'll cut to the chase and make this short. Skills you can offer me and mine?” the female, Reina, blinked in open surprise. Sure, his methodology for accepting joiners probably wasn't the norm; but their visuals were more than enough to incline him to accept. That and he wanted out of this damn rain as soon as possible. Ok, maybe the rain was a key motivator here.

“Uhm. I can... Reina, cuál es la palabra Inglés para la jardinería y albañilería?” Cortez turned to his sister, speaking softly in a foreign tongue, lookinf confused and unsure of himself.

“Cortez is skilled in masonary primarily, gardening secondary. I'm an artist myself and adapt at making my own art supplied” a subtle, almost ironic grin flashed across the females maw, indicating he had clearly missed some sort of joke there.

“Well, sounds good to me. Welcome to Sapient. Lets get out of this blasted rain and i can fill you in along the way and once we get to the estate”

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