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Thorns’ journeys to Halifax often bore fruit in the form of small amounts of supplies, experiences and exercise. The latter was the one that the elder needed to keep up; he was worried that if he stopped moving and exercising he would never do it again. The long journey was one he often traveled and as such he had camps here and there that he had made to keep up his spirits when the weather turned sour. There was a time when his ancestors didn’t make these camps, when they protected themselves from the elements with only their fur and their wits. Thorn had been that way for a very short time before he embraced this Luperci lifestyle (as that’s what it was, really, a lifestyle). This lifestyle had given him his piercings, his tattoos, his knowledge of fire and cooking and his beloved green smoke and alcohol. It had also given him, along with his trip to Halifax months back, many squeaky yellow rubber ducks. Covered in dust and debris, Thorn had brought them back and cleaned them up and after weeding out the one or two that had holes he still had 9 left and he planned to give them to as many puppies as possible.

Chatory’a had left early in the morning to go hunting and Thorn was filled with visions of rabbit stew and quail goulash perhaps even venison if the younger Russo was very, very lucky. Thorn had made a point of introducing Chat to the scout dogs that lived within Vinatta and he off-handedly wondered if the orange Russo could benefit from their help. The thought idled within his brain as he walked from their home, winding along the snow-covered paths towards his beloved brewery. It wasn’t really his but he felt the pride of ownership every time he walked inside and saw the equipment he had mended, salvaged and reused for a new purpose. He had put a lot of effort into getting the building back into shape even if he hadn’t physically fixed the broken door or holes in the walls from the hurricane.

Messenger bag full of squeaky toys he brushed the snow from a makeshift bench near the entrance and sat gently marking down words in native tongue on a scroll of parchment he had saved from a nearly dead book. The tales was a simple one, of a young pirate who set out for the New World with his brother and a merry band of others plus a stowaway, it was the stuff of fiction and yet it was a true story.
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This was part of growing up, she had assured him. He had coped with the soreness, chewing on the teething cloth made from his dam's silk material until his gums felt better. His technique was far from flawless but the chewing motion often provided some form of relief - or at least it had until today. Much to his surprise, Lund had lost a tooth earlier that morning. Alerted by the boy's distressed whimper, Lilin had reassured him with just the right amount of folklore. Together, they had gone to the Sacred Grove and buried it deep beneath the snow - offering it to the old Gods in hopes of replacing what was now missing with a sharp, adult tooth. ''When I get all of 'em, I will protect you- always.'' he had vowed. His brave statement had coaxed a smile from his dam, right before he'd been rewarded with her comforting touch. ''One day you will, Lund,'' she acquiesced simply as she led his first-born son back to Jordheim. The Stormbringer child was bigger than his siblings - pudgier, but gifted with a future warrior's square build and an insatiable desire to please his family. His loyalty would never falter.

Lilin left him at the edge of the Grove when Axle and Grit beckoned her away from him- she strongly suggested that he return to Jordheim and find one of his playmates. Games would keep his mind off the pain, she had said. He'd watched her leave first, her silhouette fading to nothingness before he'd turned to face the hilly village with a huff. He didn't want to play. He wanted to patrol the borders just like the grown-ups often did. Scanning his surroundings with a quick glance, clearly scouting the area for any signs of the a tattletale, Lund set out in the direction his mother had taken. While Saul had taught his children a thing or two about using their noses to find one another, actually applying the technique wasn't as easy as the Virding had made it seem during their lessons. His little nose led him not to his mother, but to an older male sitting on a bench. Lund halted momentarily, his ears pricked and alert. He had stopped several feet away, watching, waiting. He knew this man and yet, he couldn't remember his name. Lund normally would've greeted him or at the very least, made his presence known vocally, but his sore gums and the excess of drool in his mouth only granted this elder a silent, unintentional scowl.

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It had been a long, long time since Thorn had been a pup and experienced the mental and physical pains that it brought. From teething to growing pains, Thorn had whined through it all and when he had finally been of age he went through his first piercing without alcohol or any numbing agents. His family had been proud of him then and it was in that state of mind, knowing the love of his family when they were proud of him that he got his tattoo and pledged a small part of him to the Goddess. Now as he scribbled down notes and wondered how many more pages of parchment he would need he couldn’t help but reflect on the lack of childhood that Chat probably had without him and his own childhood.

His story began when they left Russia and he had just reached their arrival at the shore when a scent and a feeling of being watched washed over the elder Russo. It smelled young and that was unsurprising given the massive amount of puppies that had arrived all at once. He couldn’t remember such a thing happening back home but perhaps that was because the litters were smaller or they were more evenly spaced apart. Setting down his parchment paper and pencil he looked up, eager to see which of the young ones had decided to visit the brewery. Glancing around the male completely missed Lund on the first pass and was taken aback when he saw him the second time around. The little scowling thing seemed completely unimpressed with what he had stumbled upon, and to be honest Thorn would have been the same way if he had intended to find something fun and instead found boring old Thorn.

There was something off about the youngster. Seemed like the pup was drugged or something and Thorn stood, brushing off the snow on his tail. Concern etched on his features his ears testing the wind; Thorn took a few steps before he called out to the pup. “You okay Lund? Mouth hurting maybe or did you eat something you shouldn’t have?” His first instinct said teething given the age and he remembered his own father giving them whisky soaked cloths to chomp on. The white Russian wondered if the leaders would mind their oldest member giving alcohol to their children. He didn’t have to think hard to know the answer to that question.
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It took some time but eventually, his presence was acknowledged with the elder's cursory glance at his surroundings. There was a moment of uncertainty, when Lund thought he might've been overlooked, but the Hollr's gaze returned to him - lingering, a look of surprised etched on his face. Lund's bothered expression did not falter right away. Would Lilin be made aware of her son's forbidden lone wanderings through this unexpected encounter with this alabaster male? With his mouth agape, excess saliva slowly dropping onto the frozen ground, Lund waited until his pack mate spoke first. There was concern written all over Thorn's face and it did not go unnoticed. His inquiries were spot on, and the puppy's taupe receivers lowered in defeat at the mention of his mouth hurting. Lund whined, his lament turning into a senseless gurgle.

''I eat right, only good food mamma gives,'' he said at first, leaving the one true culprit as the remaining option. ''I losted one tooth this morning and now I wait for new,'' he clarified finally, shaking his head and sighing gravely. This growing up business was not all fun, apparently. ''Hurts.'' He had yet to admit how painful this all was to his dam, not wanting to disappoint her as she often referred to him as her little warrior - and warriors weren't supposed to let their pain show. Perhaps, just perhaps, Thorn would allow him to stay until he felt better. It could be their little secret. He didn't want to go home and play with the other puppies. He wanted to stay here, where it was peaceful and quiet.

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