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POSTED: Sat Dec 05, 2015 10:23 am

This was it, today was the day Luca performed his first task as Lune and Fenris seemed to have a sense of humour about it – a mateship ceremony for his uncle and mentor. Not only was it ironic that the male who had spent much of his young adult life hopping from female to female before finally settling down was the one to lead a mateship ceremony now, but Luca was also concerned that he would feel like a child standing beside Sylvie and his Uncle Enzo. Although he himself was certainly not a pup at over 3 years of age, he had barley lived half as long as those he was suppose to lead.

The work in setting up the ceremony kept his mind busy, holding his anxieties at bay. The Golden Lune had seen his fair share of the ceremonies before so it only took Alistair a few moments to explain the tasks he would have to complete. Fortunantly, his unofficial mentor and his uncle had chosen a place where many ceremonies had been held in the past – including his own. Weeping Lake was always a beautiful place for such ceremonies and since it had been used so often it was not difficult to find the fallen logs that had been used for seating in the past.

As he looked around him Luca was satisfied with the work that had been done. Willows framed the lake view where the new couple would say their vows, and the ground around the seating logs had a fresh and thin layer of snow, which still fluttered down lightly from the sky. Raising his muzzle into the air Luca called out in his tenor singing voice, inviting the pack to join him at the lake. As his call echoed through the territory he reached up to fix his bear fur cloak, feeling its weight upon his shoulders.

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POSTED: Thu Dec 10, 2015 3:43 pm

It wasn't mandatory, but Marius was the sort that participated whenever he could. So when the call came, he moved toward it. The new Lune, Luca, was the one who had called. His fullblooded uncle. Not that it mattered, because they barely knew each other whether they were blood-related or not. It was just something he had begun to try and keep together. Who was related to him and how. In his pack, it was half of the pack itself that was related to him in some way or another. Though there was one in particular he was sort of glad wasn't related to him, he hadn't really begun to explore that feeling at all.

Love was certainly in the air as he approached the location on his four paws, though. He could have shifted into Optime but hadn't really cared to do so. Instead, he had stayed in his preferred Lupus and settled down next to one of the benches that were set up. Marius nodded in greeting to his uncle, then waited for the ceremony to begin and the special couple to arrive.

POSTED: Mon Dec 21, 2015 10:39 pm

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It was finally the day. Sylvie remembered a previous mateship ceremony that she attended, where she hoped that someday it would be her who would be taking a mate. Now it was, and she was nervous at being up in front of the pack again. At least this time, she would not be alone. Getting ready for the ceremony was much more involved than Sylvie had expected, but luckily she had Lola's help. Sylvie had never been dressed up in such a fancy way, but Lorenzo had made sure she had a nice dress for the occasion, and over it, she currently wore her Brotherhood cloak. Her hair was not in its usual braid; instead it fell over her shoulders had small flowers cut from white fabric pinned in various places.

The snow was still lightly falling, and it made Sylvie happy as she walked with Ghita to where the ceremony was to take place. Julien and Xavier were supposed to be joining them there, and Sylvie was surprised to see them both waiting partway there. Xavier did not look as sullen as usual, and Julien looked nervous. When she neared them, they fell into step next to her with Ghita walking ahead. Sylvie came upon the pack gathering and took a deep breath. Julien reached over and took her arm and when they reached the back of the crowd, Xavier stopped there. Julien continued walking with her and then stopped near the front, allowing Sylvie to continue on her own the rest of the way to Lorenzo and Luca.

Here, Sylvie spared a nervous glance and smile for her packmates before turning her attention back to Lorenzo. She reached for his hands and waited for the ceremony to begin.
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POSTED: Thu Dec 31, 2015 3:40 am


The mirror showed back his reflection to him, and Lorenzo studied himself in it as he had often done throughout his life. Once a young boy had stood before it, barely a two years old. His desires and wants had changed greatly since then, gone was the jovial joker of the family. When he looked in the mirror now Lorenzo could see his father staring back at him, down to the sun tattoo and the scar that covered up a useless eye. Against his chest the two Brotherhood fluorite stones sat, one etched with that of a rose and the other of the same tattoo that adorned his chest. Although the two necklaces weighed little, the burden of them upon his shoulders was a heavy one, that he carried with intense pride.

He tugged at the lapels of his suit, Clara had worked non stop to create this wonder of stitching and cloth. His brotherhood cloak settled atop of it, clasped at his throat. Lorenzo was a tall intimidating figure when he schooled his expression into one of severity. Natina sat upon his dresser, her short tail sweeping back and forth. 'You look great Da'

He left at Luca's call, the snow falling with softness to gather in his hair and shoulders. In his pocket the necklace he had worked so hard to create with his own two hands, he would gift it to her.

As he neared his heart began to pound faster, the eyes of those gathered upon him as he strode towards the head of the aisle, where Luca stood. He had barely taken his place when the hush began to spread forwards. Lorenzo stood, riveted to the spot as he watched her, accompanied by Julien. The rest of them fell away around him, unable to tear his eyes from her. The breath left his chest in one fell whoosh of air.

Others may look at his bride and see only the scars that cut her skin but to he they were just as beautiful as the rest of her, they were a story of her life and of her strength to survive where others would have perished. Lorenzo too was scarred by his life, half blind and missing two fingers he was not whole himself. But together they made one whole person.

She stopped before him, her smile radiant and the Knight man took her gentle hand in his own, bending and dropping a kiss to her palm before too facing Luca.

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POSTED: Thu Dec 31, 2015 8:54 pm

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Lyris remembered standing at the borders nearly a year before and hearing the exact call she lifted her head to now. Then, she could not remember from whose lips it danced from. Now, she could pick it out from hundreds other calls in a heartbeat. Luca was hosting Lorenzo and Sylvie's ceremony; one of his first real duties as Lune. Immediately, Lyris turned to tell her daughters to follow. They did, quickly and obediently, masked and fiery heads held high as they leaped after their mother's footsteps. Lyris didn't need to carry them any more, or hold them to her chest as she walked. She kind of missed it. Already, her children had their own distinctive eyes and had snapped at her before, saying they were old enough to walk on their own. She never understood why her own mother had babied her for so long past her time; now she could wholeheartly say she knew why. But her sadness at the time passing could not be detected; Lyris walked tall and strong, Corpo cape draped over her shoulders, puppies - reminiscent of ducklings following their mother - trailing after her.

The Weeping Lake was as picturesque as it was on her and Luca's ceremony day, though this morning it had a unique pristine white blanket, that seemed to freeze everything beautiful. Lyris chose her seat, Indi and Teagan bouncing up beside her to sit and watch. The Cavallo had only given them a brief warning about being on good behaviorl they'd had the talk before, and they were too interested to bounce around anyway. Their eyes, canary-gold and ocean-teal were locked on the scarred Lorenzo and Sylvie, who stood with an undeniable strength. They were polar opposites in terms of personality and height- but in some striking way, the scars that laced their figures tied them together. They were two Luperci trying to survive in a world of hurt, and found a way to do it together. Lyris found a corner of her mouth lifted, and she dropped the faint smile, instead seeking Luca's form stood behind the soon-to-be mates. After catching a brief contact with his golden gaze, she was steadied, and watched the remainder of the ceremony in quiet reflection along with her daughters.

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There had only been one other time that had begun like the today had. The air was filled with anxious and excited feeling. It flowed liked electricity, and made the young Stryder restless. She remembered the sensation, recalled the motions that her parents had run through that day. The morning had started off like any other—perhaps, with a few differences—but had quickly changed as the day grew older. Her father had left after a bit of meticulous grooming, and that had been her cue that there were other—and important—events scheduled that day. Not long after the Lune’s departure, her mother had descended upon the two sisters.

Despite Teagan’s resistance, Lyris managed to get both girls cleaned up. Past experience told Teagan that there was likely another big ceremony. For her father, again? No, her mother had explained, but it was important that she and her sister behave all the same. It was a very special day for someone else, and they would be soundly cuffed over the ears if they ruined the moment for the individuals involved. It was an ultimatum that clearly set the importance of the ceremony they were about to attend.

She heard her father beckon for everyone, and Lyris quickly led the remaining family to their father’s location. To her surprise, her mother led them not to the Courthouse, but outside of the village entirely. It made the young Stryder more anxious than what she had already been. Where were they going? What new sights and smells would they find? She was itching to explore the world outside the fort. The journey was an arduous one, and Teagan was tempted more than once to frolic off on an adventure of seeking out new sights and smells. Her mother seemed to have a sixth sense—or was a mind reader—because, every time the temptation lured her, the fair-haired woman would halt her—without even having to look back—before she could even set a paw off their taken path.

It took a few warnings, but, eventually, Teagan was able to reel in her curiosities for the time being and simply follow after the Cavallo. She decided to pass the time with trying to catch snowflakes while she scampered after Lyris. It took longer than what she would have expected for getting all cleaned up for, but they arrived all the same. The sight they came upon was so much so that even the child could recognize it as stunningly beautiful. A few others had gathered, but Teagan was able to find her father instantly as he stood front and center. She recognized the faces that joined him, particularly that of her great-uncle.

Lyris led the trio to a particular spot and gave a hushed reminder to be good. The cream-colored Poco nodded in understanding, and let her gaze wander about the pretty scenery before falling on the pretty coyote that held the hands of the burly Lorenzo. What was about to happen? Why were they all dressed up? She was quiet though, patiently waiting for her father or some other adult to speak up and explain why they had been gathered.

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POSTED: Sun Jan 17, 2016 4:23 pm

After his call it took some time for members of the pack to start wandering in. Admittedly it was always faster and easy to host ceremonies in the Fort itself but for special occasions a change of scenery was nice, and added a personal touch for the couple being announced as a mated pair. One of the first to arrive was his nephew, Marius, and Luca nodded his own hello to the boy.

The Lune was not sure how to feel about his brother’s children. In all honesty he hardly knew the four boys but he was thankful that Munroe and Marius were safe in Casa for as long as they wished to call it home and they did not seem to be of the same trouble making spirit as Quin and Eros. Mentally he made a note that he should at least try to get to know the brown and gold boys a little better.

When Lorenzo arrived Luca placed a cream hand on his Uncles arm and gave him a welcoming smile. It was strange to be in a position of power over his taller and much more experienced Uncle, who had at one point nearly killed Luca for disrespect. The Lune knew that with his position he had to simply act in control and sure of himself until it came naturally, so he stood tall beside Lorenzo.

Into the clearing Sylvie arrived with Lorenzo’s daughter, their adopted son and her shipmate who had been through so much with her. It was an unexpected sight but it brought a genuine smile to Luca’s face to see his unofficial mentor surrounded by love. Flickering his golden eyes over to where Lyris sat with their two beautiful daughters he couldn’t help but remember how less than a year ago they had shared their own vows to each other.

“Welcome one and all to this celebration of love.” He began, his voice confident in the smaller gathering. “Today we help Lorenzo and Sylvie celebrate their coming together as mates and witness their vows to each other so that we, as a pack, can support them as they continue forward in their relationship.” Turning his head to look up at his Uncle and then down to Sylvie he spoke softer, “Please share with us your vows.”

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POSTED: Fri Feb 05, 2016 12:54 am

Sylvie was still staring up at Lorenzo when Luca prompted her for her vows and it took her a moment to realize that she needed to speak. Her cheeks warmed and her mind momentarily blanked on the vows she had spent so much time memorizing and practicing while she was doing her chores on the ship. She swallowed hard, and then cleared her throat, trying to remove the lump she had not realized had formed. Then she took a deep breath and looked up at Lorenzo again.

"I love you, Lorenzo, with all my heart. You see all of me, not just my scars and my past, but what that made me into today. I promise to continue loving you, to honor you, and to weather rough seas with you no matter what our future holds." That he could see her for her, not the pirate who attacked his pack, not the female with a string of bad relationships and the scars to show for them, was sometimes still amazing to her.

They were short vows, but Sylvie was not one for flowery public speeches, although she did enjoy the little reference to the sea she got to include since it was such a big part of who she was. If they were longer, she likely would have forgotten half of them and made a fool of herself. Instead, she thought the brief statement was enough, and she hoped that Lorenzo felt the same.

Relieved that her part speaking memorized lines was over, she squeezed Lorenzo's hands and gave him a reassuring smile, not that she thought he needed it. Despite her relief, her heart continued to race as she awaited his turn as the light snow fell around them, catching in her hair.
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