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After what seemed like immeasurable time, Fire was part of the Family. Though some strange fumble of fate the monster had broken through the Outer Ring -- perhaps by Hope's gentle word, or the falsetto trill of the jocular Bard's daughter, or something as simple as time, plunging ever onward like the deer track through the pine barrens. Trotting along it, head low, eyes like embers, Fire contemplated his shift: as if from the outer, black edges of the Mountain to the higher slopes of the brown and red and grey.

No doubt Bane had hopes that he would rise higher still, do their family proud -- but the Arbiter had always thought herself of higher station than she was. He didn't miss her demure dance with the godly white giant, the Queen's brother, and wondered if she thought her puppies would be spared the coal-black sin they had all been born with.

Jealousy rankled him, and the wolf broke out into a run. He would find a deer to burn.
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(283) im so excited for this thread :D

It might not have been the best idea to give away part of her stores in exchange for rabbit furs, but there was nothing Plague could do to change the past. Try as hard as she might, it was useless. But she could affect the future, and in fact, she had. It had been especially easy with a bottle of foxglove and an unsuspecting blasphemer's drink. Coupled with her departure from the mountain, it was the perfect crime.

She knew it might catch up with her one day, but the wraith found herself uncaring. It was His fault he was dead, and it was his fault the Khalif would find his body slumped on the cold ground. At least, if anything, Tak reveled in the darkest parts of one's heart, and so she felt no shame.

Plague left home on her own as the sun set, with one thing on her mind; a better sacrifice. The nights had grown longer in winter, and so she, ever pious in life, felt obligated to send her beloved another soul to consume. With her willowy but strong arms, she gathered the wood for a pyre. She spent the better half of an hour doing this; breaking off branches and stacking them methodically. It was dark by the time she finished, and she stood before the structure, admiring her work quietly.

Her ears stood up at the loud rustling of the pines and underbrush. She could hear the footsteps, and her eyes widened at the distant smell of someone familiar. Her supple fingers reached for the dagger in her leather bag, and she pulled it out as she turned, warily watching the forest around her.

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243 words Sorry for the wait on this, I suck.

He heard something ahead—footsteps and breaking branches, a sound he knew well enough. A pyre, he thought even before he knew, and his chase through the woods slowed to a lope, dark shoulders hunched, hackles rising in the sliver of moonlight. His body rustled the underbrush and thorns tugged his fur.

The scent of broken twigs and an aroma of herbs and old smoke drew him to a halt, his orange eyes burning from the shadows before he emerged. He glanced at the dagger then up into his sister's face, as expressionless as she was.

Meine Schwester, Fire rasped. He tread silently on the pine needles in the clearing, stepping toward the kindling with a gleam in his eye. I heard you had come, too.

And he wasn't certain how to feel about that. He'd never cared for most of his siblings, other than Hope, though the kinship he had with Bane and Plague as black wolves forced a bond. With Plague, there were more shared experiences—but his dark cousins fought one another at the base of the Mountain, and there was no love lost between them.

Instead, he thought of the old woman, and the D'Angelo name, and wondered if it was a boon or a curse that another child of Tak walked these lands.

I was going to hunt, he went on, low and harsh and guttural. I see you have been having similar thoughts.

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