to watch his woods fill up with snow

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In the early hours of dawn she'd slid out from underneath the furs where her mate and children slept, all three making their own questioning remarks, all three as unintelligible as the last. Quieting the green-eyed man first, she fed her daughters before shifting to use the washbasin that Abeni kept full day and night.

For two weeks she'd been here, scarcely seeing a sliver of daylight for want of privacy; there was something else besides, a sort of unwillingness to leave that — to her own surprise — had nothing to do with Lokr or their scions, but everything to do with her perceived opinions on things such as indecency and appearance. That her brother had come to her, looking to clap eyes on his nieces once more... well, that was one thing.

One could only assume that news had spread; from whose mouth, she couldn't quite decide, but it wasn't as if no one had known. Had she not complained, loudly and often, that her back hurt or her head ached or something or other?

Her single escapade, a trip to the Blackwoods under cover of darkness was one she preferred not to think on. Even now, walking to Grimrun, her mind turned toward the tiny body that lay under a swirl of snow and fresh turned earth, a boy who would have had green eyes and a precocious mind. One more death, she felt, that could be laid at the feet of Campion de le Poer. Had he left things well-enough alone, it was possible she'd never have found him.

But she had.

Rubbing her healed hands, freshly scarred, the Equinist shouldered her way into the barn.

Upon exiting, she rode a black horse, urging the mare to jump fallen bits of timber and snowdrifts alike, her silver-gold hair loose save for a ring of braids about her ears. Breathing in the cold winter air, it clouded about her face.

Like an addict, she had gone once more to the place where she found so much release.

Riding hell-for-leather to the border that ran along the Pictou, she made better time than she would have on any other day. Exhilaration made her bones feather-light, her eyes a mordant shade of green.

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The night was cold again. Cold as it was the night before and doubtlessly cold as it would be the night following. Cold until the spring came once again to pull the snowy blanket of winter back from whence it came and unfurl its verdant mantle of lush life renewed. He didn't care much for the cold and preferred the balmy spring and sweltering summer over the biting breeze and stringing snow. Still, he soldiered on as they all did, combating the cold with a borrowed cloak and some rabbit fur wrapped comfortably around his feet.

He was on patrol again. He found the night was a better time for it, with less interference from his packmates and more time to be alone with his thoughts, to ponder the meaning of things and wonder. His mind was always working, cogs meshing with cogs, driving gears. Always turning, always thinking, always questioning why. Why were things one way and not the other, why was this and not that, why was it black and not white. So many questions. So few answers.

As the fishery came into sight he let a faint smile ease to his maw, always happy to see his favorite landmark rise up in his path. The babble of the Pictou was always in his ear when he wandered the eastern border and when its voice hushed a little and slowed, he knew he was drawing near to where the river widened and calmed. Frozen near the banks though still flowing at its center the water surged ever onward, slowed only by the land and what structures they forced in its way.

Piercing blues sought a glimpse of the water from where he walked at a leisurely pace, careful not to stray too close to the river's edge as the snow obscured where land ended and water began. The moonlight flickered whimsically on the rippling surface and shimmered upon the untouched snowbanks, the entire area awash in silvery moonglow which made everything look so ethereal. His smile broadened only for a second before the sound of thundering hoofs broke him from his reverie, his attention drawn over his shoulder to glance toward a faint figure high on horseback and approaching fast.

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