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Teagan gave a cursory glance about the new, foreign terrain. She had never been so far north of the village before. Even though it was winter, the air about her had a warm, humid feel to it. And the smell; she was torn between curling a lip at the pungent scent or to take more eager sniffs. Their heading was a place that her father had called the “hot springs,” a name which sounded contradictory to the ignorant. How could a spring, which held cool water, be hot? It was a riddle she had played by Indi, but, the koi-colored sibling was as stumped as she.

The sibling pair had parted earlier that chilly morning. She hated to be separated from Indi, but, questions had weighed heavily on her mind, and she had felt more confident with sorting them out on her own. When she failed to come to a conclusion of her own finding though, she had suggested that they spend some one-on-one time with their parents. And, so, the young Knight had gone with their fair-furred mother, and she, with her look-alike father. Though Teagan greatly trusted her mother’s judgment, she had pondered long and hard before she had come to the decision that, perhaps, her father might be the better of the two to interrogate. He was, after all, a leader now, the Lune of Casa di Cavalieri. The title must have meant something.

She continued to trot along behind her father, trusting him to lead them true. It gave her time to think, to collect her ever wandering thoughts into one general idea. She had two things in mind to seek her father’s council on. One was of her future within the pack. For whatever reason, she was greatly embarrassed by her secret dream, and so spoke little of it save for in treacherous whispers to her sibling. She felt like a child with stars in their eyes. She had heard the stories, had listened well enough to know that it was what she wanted, and, yet, the cream-coated child could not help but to feel nervous at the murmur of it. It was a feeling she hoped to best today…somehow…

“Daddy.” But, item number two was a more pressing matter to deal with than the first. “I…wanted to ask you something,” she admitted rather sheepishly. The forest soon gave way to rather curious scenery. Her train of thought was temporarily derailed at the oddity before them. Pools… Multiple, isolated pools surrounded by rocks. The Poco took an inquisitive sniff, confirming that this was where the weird smell had been originated from. “Are these the hot springs you were talking about?” She gave him a questioning glance, her head cocking slightly to one side.

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