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cNPC Malus Reinhart || Lupus || Mid-morning, Brighton division (near the Province House) [ 744 ]
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The silver and gold pair padded side by side down one of various cobblestone streets of the Brighton division. A cool winter wind danced through the open pathways, causing some of the old homes’ fixtures to wave or play in its wake. Signboards still clinging to their posts flapped and creaked, a few windows softly thumped against their framework. The sun was out, and there was not a cloud to be seen for miles above the island. It was a factor that made the human ruins not feel as lonely as they truly were. In the distance, one could hear a songbird playing a tune for all to enjoy.

Beside her, Malus sulked as he reluctantly matched her stride. The large male had been at it again with Vepar that morning, both arguing and glaring at one another over something that was trivial in Skana’s opinion. In order to save her brother’s sanity and to save Malus’ skin, Skana decided to take the ex-slave on a walk in hopes to simmer his temper. Vepar, she knew, would quickly calm with the golden Pollux removed from the immediate area. She dreaded leaving poor Sully to deal with an irritated Creo, but, she was sure the shepherd would easily steer clear of him…if he knew what was good for him. Skana let out an exasperated sigh. Sometimes, she felt like a mother trying to deal with three unruly boys. Together, the three of them would be a team to be reckoned for…if only they could not get on each other’s nerves so much…

Malus’ ears flickered at her sigh, and the Reinhart gave her an unamused sidelong glance. “What?” He grumped, flicking his tail like an irritated cat.

The Cepheus rolled her eyes at his ignorance. Typical male. “You know he’s never going to like you if you keep pissing him off,” she reprimanded, glaring at him as she brought her path closer to his.

He maneuvered away from her to avoid a potential nip from his berating companion. Malus’ ears folded against his cranium as he looked away, unable to look Skana in the eye as she nagged at him for the fifth time about the incident. “I don’t need him to like me,” he grumbled defensively despite knowing the answer would only fuel the fire.

As expected, Skana made a noise of vexation at his comment. “But I’m sure you want him to at least respect you,” she argued. She returned to her imaginary lane that she had been pacing since they had set foot onto the human streets. “We’ve been over this, Malus,” she reminded him, still scolding his earlier actions, but to a lesser degree than she had previously. The golden male huffed, and Skana took it as his understanding that he would try to do better next time.

They continued on for a ways before the Reinhart stopped in front of an important looking building. “We’re here,” he announced, his seafoam green eyes taking in the vast structure that they stood before. It was the Province House, a place of meeting and political matters for the pack. Malus looked over to Skana, nodding to the large building with his nose. “You really think someone will be inside right now?” He was skeptical of her idea. A hunt, she had explained to him on their journey over. It would do him good to release some of his pent up energy on something other than her brother.

“Only one way to find out,” the Cepheus answered, striding up the steps and shouldering open one of the large doors. She peaked her head in and looked about the interior. She had yet to have actually ventured inside the Province House, so she wasn’t sure where anyone would be even if there was someone inside. Behind her, Malus nudged her with his chest and opened the door wider so he could see inside as well.

Skana glared at him from over her shoulder before padding down the entryway’s corridor and onto the main floor. Her white claws clicked against the marbled flooring, as did Malus’ as he followed behind her. The sound of the door closing resounded loudly in the quiet building. On the main floor, the two Luperci glanced about, listening and searching for signs of life. “Hello?” Skana called out, hoping that there would be another to give an answer.

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