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With the sun high in the sky the small family traveled across Seabreeze Brink at a leisurely pace. They had left Casa in Neela’s care for the time being. With the Labor Head in charge and many of the Corpo hanging around the Fort the Guida were sure there little peace of earth was safe and the newer members in good hands. What was the worst that could happen? During the trip Jazper’s mind had pondered that question, his thoughts going to Tony often in hopes that he would continue on his path to redeeming his honor.

The trip was slow moving, with three two month old pups every minute the parents had to remind them to stop fighting and every now and then they would have to carry the tiered pups in their jaws. But at last the Artisan pack’s scent washed around him in the air. The smell was all to familiar to Jazper who had once spent a rather intimate night with the leader who’s scent served as the base of the pack. Now though the scent simply made him smile with the thought of seeing a friend, and nothing more.

Looking to Alyssum he grinned happily. He was blessed with his youngest litter, and would not change it for the world. "Almost there everyone!" he announced, excited barks from the pups instantly bursting from their little muzzles, though more so for the idea of not walking anymore than for the faces they were about to meet. Winking at his mate the warrior lifted his muzzle into the air and gave a loud and deep howl, his song calling for Skye and his Artisan pups. Lowering his head back down he nuzzled little Annabeth. “Behave now.” He commanded as he licked his daughter's face, sure that out of the three she would be the first the charge at the sight of other pups. Sitting his rear down the Seuci formed alpha waited patiently for the rest of the make shift family to arrive.

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As her pups grew older, it was important for them to learn how to live as pack wolves properly. Ares and Esmeralda followed obediently behind their Lupus form mother; they were rambunctious and adventurous, but they knew better than to disobey Skye. They walked through the territory after a day of attempting to teach them the ways of hunting; now, as they took a more leisurely stroll through d'Arte, she could hear their laughter and playfighting behind her.

She turned towards them, a loving smile on her face - something that was rare to see unless one was her own child. Esmeralda grinned at Skye, quickly withdrawing her paw that had been planted on Ares's nose. Ares twitched his nose and ran to Skye, taking a moment to sniff at her tail. "Mommy, why's your tail all crooky?"

"I sat on it," Skye said sardonically, a deadpan look on her face. She rolled her eyes as Ares and Esmeralda dissolved into giggles at the thought, and the nature of her reply. Her fight earlier with the trespassing brute floated to the front of her mind - the real reason her tail was now crooked in a strange manner. She did not mind, however; it could have been worse, and although it had hurt immensely (and still hurt a bit), at least she still had a tail.

Suddenly, she heard a howl from her borders - more specifically, the part of d'Arte's borders that faced Casa di Cavalieri. She recognized the low, smooth howl immediately - it was Jazper. Her pups recognized it as well, and beamed at the sound, running towards it before their mother's sharp bark brought them to a halt.

"Don't run off on your own, now," she said sternly, purposefully walking slowly and deliberately to the border - at a rate by which they would get there in a few hours. Her pups quietly groaned and began to walk slowly beside her at the ridiculous snail's pace. A mischievous grin then appeared on Skye's face, however, and she sped up her walking until her and her pups were running towards the border to see Jazper.

She slowed as she could scent the Cavalieris, a dull pain in her back left leg from the fight echoing back. She had more scars than she had had before, and she was sure that Jazper would mention something about being reckless or something equally ridiculous. As she saw her pups run towards the scent of their father, however, she knew that she would never regret fighting to protect her pack and her family.

She could also scent Alyssum, and some more - pups. She walked into view of the family, seeing her pups sniff frantically at the other new pups before grinning up at their father. She had not seen the pups before, and although they were smaller and younger than her own, they were beautiful all the same.

She let her attention turn to the adults as the pups played among themselves. "Jazper," she said happily. "And Alyssum. It's great to see you!" Her words were genuine; her recent talks with them have been amiable, and now she considered them her friends. Seeing them there warmed her, and she was glad to see that they were happy together.

by the amazing Alaine!

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That's Our Kind of Love
It was not often that she would travel about in her Secui form, more out of never having the need than for comfort. Two legs proved to be more effective when speaking to other members for most took to that form, while the smaller Lupus was most convenient to watch over the children. Admittedly, she was growing more suited to the latter form, and it was evident that she was spending more time on four legs than otherwise; whether this fact would still be true once the pups were grown and able to walk in Optime form was unknown, and Alyssum never bothered to give it thought, for it mattered little. But, the Secui shape had been unused by her since who knew when, and it felt a little different despite the similarities to Lupus.

But, the children were used to see their parents as large—especially Jazper—and they did not seem to notice the minimal changes their mother had went under. They were far more excited about the trip than anything else, but after a couple of minutes of walking, they soon got bored, and resorted to other means for entertainment along the way to the Artisans, or had stated they were too tired to go on. But, the parents somehow managed to get the pups there without much trouble from any of them, and the mother was patient all the while, carrying them when one was tired or nudging them forward when they had paused to scuffle with each other.

Alyssum was glad they had decided to go on the trip, and knew that their absence would not be terribly missed back home; she trusted Neela to handle any affairs that were to come about, if any. The past few days were peaceful, and she doubted that anything troubling would arise within a mere day's time, though such had occurred before. But, she reserved those kind of thoughts when she would return to Casa. For now, she was going to enjoy this visit with Skye and not worry herself over the pack if but just for a few hours, knowing that it was in good paws.

She smelled the borders they were approaching moments before Jazper announced that they were getting close, and she set down Alexander onto the ground as he became excited, though his expression was more quiet than his sisters'. She grinned as the man winked at her, and she watched the children as their father howled. While they were used to the sound, thier eyes never the less widened in wonderment at the proud and thundering call, as if they would never adjust to hearing such a big noise come from him.

It was not long until the ones his howl beckoned appeared, and she could feel the pups excitement as Ares and Emseralda came running from beyond d'Arte's territory. While Alexander was a bit nervous as usual, soon all three of the younger pups were bouncing around the older two, clearly eager to play despite that they never had met them before. But, play was play, and it did not matter if you did not know the other when it was more important to have fun. It's great to see you too, Skye, she greeted warmly, as well as you guys, Ares and Emseralda. She was certain the pups were too busying playing to know that she had spoke to them, and only widely smiled as she watched all five of them for a moment before turning back to the pale woman.


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