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Silenced filled the air with each step she took. The soft breeze pulled back her hood, spilling free her brunette hair that remained tied together. Dorthy’s maroon orbs quickly glanced around as she moved forward, wondering what she could find in an area like this. How far she has traveled on two feet, only to be sore within two days. Dorthy slowly glanced down to her paw, seeing a dark brown trouser she made for herself, along with a fitting blouse that is tucked away under the cloak donned on her body. The weather still felt cold, making her push forward as she searches for a place to call home.

”If only Ma didn’t pass away, I would have stayed with her!” She thought to herself. It was tragic watching that old woman grow lifeless from an illness that struck her. It was that old lady's fault anyways. Time after time, Dorthy pestered of the wounds that were inflicted on the old white wolf's body, reminding her to rest and allow her to treat it. That old dog had it coming. After her death, Dorthy was forced to leave the area, unable to linger in the forest any longer and went out to have an adventure she had always longed for.

Now she regrets her decision. The food was not limited where she lived; there was plenty to eat and a safe shelter to keep out the cold. Those lushes fur that kept her warm through the night.

Her hand slowly moved toward her scarf that is tied around her neck, adjusting it to make it more comfortable. The dog would have to keep moving, walking would suffice for now before she decided to go on all four. She had no problems shifting from each form but found it more pleasant and graceful to remain the way she is. Releasing a soft sigh, she found herself unable to do anything else but keep walking.

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Nivosus Moineau
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Stress had plagued his every step of late and before he knew what he was doing, he found himself out along trail that paved the way between Sapient and Krokar, Silex's easy stride taking both horse and rider further and further away from the pack lands. It was a temporary escape, just a small breather to allow him a reprieve before he returned back into the confusion and chaos that haunted Sapient of late. Conflict was not something he'd foreseen, more so had it never crossed his mind that his and Miwa's actions would result in the death of one of their finest warriors.

Unwilling to go too far from his own lands, the Sagax drew lightly upon Silex's reigns, the appaloosa dropping down into a leisurely walk without any fuss. Serpentine eyes flicked up, shrouded behind darkened glass as they stared blindly up at the sky for a moment before he breathed out a shallow sigh; he needed to return eventually, to put things back in order. Already members were out hunting those responsible for the attack and he'd need to be there when the guilty parties were brought in. Because they would be found and justice would be sought for Diarmid.

There was no other option, unless someone was willing to try and stop Tierney and her children, a task he was not going to be volunteering for anytime soon.

Shifting his weight within the saddle, he began to circle Silex back round, intending to head back home. If anyone asked where he'd been and what he'd been doing, he'd simply lie and imply that he'd been seeking the loner group like everyone else.

It was upon his way back that he scented her first, the female coming into sight in the distance not too long after. Fighting against the wind, she looked bedraggled from her travels. Allowing Silex to persist forward, it was only when he drew near enough for polite conversation did he called out.

“Everything okay, pumpkin?”

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