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All welcome! 3rd March. Windsor. Indi is in the ruins of a clothing store, looking at an old mannequin.[597]

Indi’s paw-pads were aching as she padded along the hard, smooth surface beneath her feet; worn out by both the unusually long –for her at least – journey she had taken, and the foreign surface that she was walking along. Despite the pain, her tail was drifting from side to side as she made her way forwards into the town of Windsor.

While out with Nadia Indi had gotten a brief glimpse into the lives of the almost mythical seeming creatures known as humans, and it had stuck in her mind ever since. Despite having spent a good portion of her life living in what she now realised was an old human building, the monolithic structures of the actual human settlements had seemed so far removed that they felt like different things entirely. The little taste of that alien place had stuck in Indi’s mind and stuck there demanding more, as though someone had given her a tiny scrap of rabbit when she was starving. And so one day she had put some of the new sneaking skills that her mother was teaching her to use and snuck out of the fort to go explore the human town of Windsor.

In truth, it was nice to have something to focus her attention on other than her worries. Time dragged on and on and Indi’s body still remained stubbornly on four legs. No matter what crazy schemes she and Tea cooked up to try and force the matter, nothing ever really happened except some fresh bruises and Indi getting somewhat decent at balancing on her back legs. At least while she was wandering through Windsor and gazing around her with awe, the constant fear and frustration about her shifting wasn’t forefront in her mind.

Indi’s wandering eventually brought her to a building that seemed bigger and somewhat more intact than the rest. She immediately set about roaming through the dilapidated hallways. The building she had found was relatively lightly looted considering how close to the pack Windsor was, though Indi didn’t know enough to identify anything of value. She had emerged from a series of dingy hallways into a wide room, lit bright by big windows and was nosing around in a pile of half-rotten fabric when she accidentally snorted some dust and let out a sneeze, the loud sound echoing around the empty building.

Indi’s sneeze was answered almost immediately by a loud crash behind her – unbeknownst to Indi, caused by a rat that she had spooked knocking over some debris. She span around and her heart froze in terror as she found herself face to face with a monster. Some gaunt, pale figure, draped in the remains of some dark cloth and bearing absolutely no scent, stood in a corner staring right at her!

With a squeak of shock, Indi dove behind a nearby counter and tried to make herself as still as she could. She gave it a few seconds before poking her head out only to find the creature’s featureless, white face still aimed her way. What was this creature?! Some old guardian the humans had set to guard their domains? Or maybe the ghost of a human!? Torn between hiding and bolting for the exit, Indi hunkered down behind her cover and prayed for the creature to get bored and wander away.

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-crazed cackle- I will have ALL the Indi threads! ALL of them XD

There hadn’t been much going for her that day. Sylvie had given her the day off, and so Teagan had spent it idly searching for things to do. She had found precious little that kept her interest. Practicing fighting techniques by herself had gotten boring, she had already spent more than enough time with the birds and horses, and any further interaction she might have wanted with either required her mother or father to be there for supervision. The young teen had thought to act out a scene from one of the story books she had read, but the idea had quickly fallen to the wayside when she realized how boring it was without someone to actually talk to for the interactive parts.

It had been this that had spurred the Stryder child into scouring the whole fort for her sibling. Perhaps, if Sylvie had let her off, maybe Lorenzo had also let Indi off the hook too? Taking her makeshift sword with her, she began her search around the fort. Her reconnaissance yielded that the koi-colored sister had wandered outside of Kingsbury though, and, so, Teagan had set off. She was thankful she had paid attention during her hunting lessons, else, the search for her sister’s direction of departure would have been for naught. The trail led her steadily west and towards the coastline, and, before long, Teagan found herself walking the streets of an abandoned human ruin.

It was Windsor, if she recalled. Much like Indi, the scout, Nadia, had taken Teagan through an old human town as well. The pair was more alike in ways than they knew. The town of Windsor had not been one explored by the adventurer though. Teagan quietly padded down the desolate streets, her cranium twisting this way and that as she took in the sights. Occasionally, she strayed from Indi’s path, but it was never long, just enough to satisfy her curiosities.

She wondered what her littermate had in mind for traveling to a human town such as this. Perhaps, she wants to prepare for when she shifts? She thought. Teagan knew her sister had a liking for human stuff, and, even if she hadn’t shifted yet, Teagan didn’t see the harm in Indi collecting stuff for when she did shift. As well, perhaps the human relics would be a comfort for the Lupus-bound sibling.

Indi’s scent trail led the Lotta into a rather large building with varying signs of decay and weathering from nature and time. Teagan had to find alternate routes at times, as the paths Indi took were not conducive of one in their Optime form. Light from the outside sun filtered in here and there where windows had been shattered or pieces of the roof had caved in. It wasn’t dark per say, but, the interior wasn’t especially lit either. As Teagan picked her way through, there were times that she had to use her sword-stick to clear the path of low-hanging cobwebs.

When the loud clamor echoed through the empty building, her face had been screwed up in disgust as she had been in the midst of cleaning her stick of a nasty spider’s web. Her charcoal ears pricked and her body stiffened as she became alert. Was it Indi? Or was it something else? Teagan didn’t wait to find out. Vaulting over some abandoned debris, Teagan hastily raced towards the source of the loud sound.

Her claws clicked on the floor’s hard surface, and she nearly lost traction as she skidded to a stop at the sound of a familiar squeak. She altered course and found herself in a large, dust-filled room. “Indi?” She called out in a pant, her chest heaving and her sticks-sword raised for a beat down. Trying to catch her breath from her panicked sprint, Teagan unwittingly sucked in some of the floating dust though. She sneezed, and, out of the corner of her eye, she saw something move. Her canary gaze narrowed onto it, finding herself staring at a large rat hidden beneath some cloth. It stared boldly at her, and, dare she say, almost evilly.

“Ahhh!” She screamed, startled by its boldness and the fact that it was a huge rodent.

SQUUEEAAK! It answered in return, equally as startled and its beady eyes landing on her poised weapon.

Ahhhhhhh! Teagan cried as she swung her stick down at it.

SQUUUUEEEEAAAAK! It returned as it was struck. It buried deeper under the fabrics.

“What was that thing?!” Teagan asked aloud, swinging a few more times when she saw a bulge in the cloth for good measure. “Some mutated rat?”

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Indi’s heart soared when, as though called to her by magic in her moment of distress, Tea rushed into the room bearing a stout stick in her hands. It promptly plummeted into her gut when her sister rushed right past the shrouded figure lurking in the corner and began setting about an unsettlingly large rodent. The scene might have been humorous if Tea hadn’t seemingly completely missed the white figure, leaving her back open to it at she swung her weapon at the pile of cloth the rodent of unusual size had taken refuge in.

“Tea, behind youuu!” Indi called out. In a moment of courage she dashed out from behind her cover, racing forwards between Tea’s legs and throwing herself bodily at the looming monster. The koi-coloured girl promptly had the breath knocked out of her twice in the course of a few seconds; the first as the unusually solid flesh of the monster knocked her backwards, and the second as it promptly lunged (toppled) forwards and began to attack (fell on top of) her!

“Ack, it’s got me! Run Tea!” Indi shrieked, kicking and squirming to try and shift the weight off of her. This didn’t help much though. In fact it just seemed to make things worse as the rags that had been wrapped around the figure tore from it and began to wrap around Indi’s flailing limbs, tangling her in place. Where kicking and squirming failed Indi even tried biting, but that just got her a sore tooth as her teeth ricocheted off the hard, smooth material that made up the figures skin. What manner of monster was this!?

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