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DH Conflict: Thread #3.5

POSTED: Fri Mar 04, 2016 6:29 am

Nivosus Moineau
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Non-compulsory pack meeting and free posting order; extra AW+ between threads 3 and 4. Please keep in mind that the reasons for the attack would not be known by anyone! Even after the culprits are caught, there is going to be a whole lot of lying and story telling to make sure the truth is covered ;)

Shoving the door open he barely batted an eye as it collided into the opposing wall. Agitation was apparent in his frame as he moved into the room, tossing his head back, he let loose a sharp howl, commanding those within range to come down to the sitting room where himself, Ardoise and Akantha already awaited. Pushing forward a few more strides, he turned and collapsed into one of the large seats, arms stretching out across the back of the sofa as he sprawled, getting himself comfortable, balancing on leg across his thigh, serpentine eyes fixed upon the door as he watched the pack begin to slowly assemble.

Impatience was quick to grown, his mind and sights wandering around the room, taking inventory and noting the changes that had occurred there since he’d last deigned to pay the space any attention. Like much of the estate, the sitting room was a combination of old objects that had seen their better days, those in some level of repair and the odd new piece here and there. Adorning the walls now were some of Reina’s art work, adding a splash of colour and breaking up the room some. From the large windows framed with heavy drapes, light flooded in, hitting the large chandelier and sending the sunlight cascading around. It was in short, a complete jig saw puzzle of mismatched pieces, which worked just fine for him and served its function.

Returning his focus to those that had gathered, he didn’t bother to stand. Serpentine eyes flicked from one face to another, his mind scrabbling to find the words that needed to be said. Whispers were quick to spread and Sapient needed to know what had occurred and what was to be done in retaliation before anyone went off half-cocked or started making troublesome conclusive jumps.

“Yesterday, Diarmid and Ruari were attacked upon the borders. Diarmid was killed in service to Sapient; his funeral will be held tomorrow for those who wish to mourn and see him off one last time” there was no prelude or easing into the subject, just the simple truth of the matter as it was.

“From what we’ve been able to establish, the attack was launched by a non-luperci female and a luperci male. Their reasons are unknown; for those who are free and confident in their skills, we will be seeking to form search parties to seek out those responsible. They are injured and weak, for Diarmid did not let them go easily.” Dropping the leg that had been crossed over, he placed elbows upon either knee, leaning forward, expression turning deadly serious.

“You do not go after them on your own. I don’t care how good you think you are; we’ve already lost one of our own. Buddy up or stay home. If you find anything at all, report back to any of us” waving a hand in the air, he indicated to himself, Ardoise and Akantha.

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POSTED: Sun Mar 06, 2016 2:15 am

[[WC 643]]

The beast had been in the process of exiting his room when the sharp call rung through the Estate halls. Dark harks swiveled about atop stern crown, one large hand clamping the wooden door shut upon the strike plate, and one foot initiating the turn and gait that moved onward to the sitting room. It was Sagax that had called, and the soldier wasted no time in making his way through the halls and stairs. Broad shoulders twisted, large skull dropped as he made his way into the room where Sapient's leader sat, eyes bolted to the bodies that slowly filtered in. If it hadn't been clear by the call, it was certainly made very transparent by the expression that gripped Nivosus' maw as to what this meeting had been called for.

As small voices hummed amid the sitting room, Nivosus' eyes seemed to search through the souls that came to reside from the call. He was deciding what to say, but the Sagax had never been one to caution his words for such a time. Arms folded as the beast found his place in the far corner of the room. He could see the leader just fine over the heads that mingled in a hush, and though he wasn't too concerned. The beast could hear, just as well, and it seemed that Sapient's Sagax had finally found his voice.

Shaamah had been out of the loop of the happenings at the borders, to which he wasn't surprised in the least. The fact that Diarmid and Ruari had been attacked, however, brought rise to his hackles. It seemed that Sapient wasn't so small anymore, and she was gathering her enemies just as well. The widening of borders and gaudy lifestyles wouldn't go unnoticed for long. The fact that Diarmid, out of everyone, had been killed in action, however, brought more of an edge to Shaamah's usual primal expression. Diarmid's death in service was a gift, in the soldiers opinion. One didn't choose to protect a pack without their life on the line. The idea that one of the more combat oriented souls had been plucked from their numbers, is what Shaamah had come to focus on. Not many Sapien's had his tactic or strength. Sapient would be an open wound without others to fill the hole that Diarmid had left them with.

Nivosus continued on to offer details that they had gathered from the situation. A Quadruped female, Bipedal male. No identified cause, and no details of whereabouts. The soldier was already prepping a list of places that he would be able to spot a trail, especially if their quarry was as wounded as Nivosus had portrayed. That was, until the Sagax ordered soul investigators.

The Summus' heterochromic glare reached across all of the heads that had perched in the sitting room, finding the Sagax with a little more intensity than he'd given him before. Shaamah didn't have many souls in Sapient on his list of suicide mission buddies, if there was anyone for that matter. His tension eased, however, as the concept of sticking closer to the heart of the territory might be a better bet for the beast. He was in no way a capable man when it came to the concept of two-legged stealth, but he could protect those within the pack that would need it if hell came to the Estate's door.

It would be for the best. Shaamah breathed a tense air as his gaze fell over Ardoise and Akantha. The soldier nodded, a slow blink of his eyes as a silent acceptance to his orders. Even if he didn't like what he was told, he wasn't about to go breaking rules.
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WC: 406

Tired. As she had been for the past week, Naenia was feeling tired. She hid it as best she could since she just assumed it was some sort of illness that would soon pass. Feeling tired all the time annoyed her, as did the ache in her lower back that she couldn't explain. Really, though, she thought that the only one likely to notice was Sylvestre, and as far as she could tell, he had not noticed. At least, he had not said anything if he had, so she was going with the assumption that he hadn't. She continued practicing with her sword each morning and had not yet been successful in finding any goggles to add to her Nivosus look-a-like practice dummies.

Naenia was resting in her room, which she disguised with doing some embroidery. She had not done much of it since coming to Nova Scotia and decided that this would be a good cover for needing to rest. Her mother would be so proud that she was taking time for the feminine skill. She clenched her jaw at the thought of the family she would likely not see again and was thankful when Nivosus's call pierced the air, even if the command in the tone grated at her. She would never like being bossed around. Still, she set aside her needle, thread, and cloth and made her way to the room where the pack was gathering.

She found somewhere to sit down and looked up as Nivosus spoke. His foul mood was clear in his posture and her eyes widened at the news he had to share. This was the second Sapient that she knew of who died, with the first being the male who died at their masked ball before she was a member. She perked slightly at the idea of hunting down the canines who had done it. The previous death was not her business, but this time she was a Sapien like the rest of them, and so it was. She was in the Opus tier now, which made it even more her responsibility.

Buddy up. Great, that was just what she wanted. Naenia managed not to scoff and briefly glanced around the room, wondering if Sylvestre would count. He had more skill with a sword than many of the canines in the room. Naenia looked back to Niv to see if there was anything more she needed to know.

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The mood in the room was dark and deep, and the Adcredo could feel it seeping into her bones. Her children had been left in Camellias care with the promise that she would fill in the mottled woman on the discussions that were to be had because of this meeting. Nivosus had summoned Ardoise and the Amaranthe woman before the others – and though they had said little there had been some communication completed between them. Diarmids loss was a heavy one, and even as they waited for the other members of the pack to filter into the large room, Akantha found herself stifling a shuddering breath.

How was it that these strangers could leave such a trail of destruction in their wake? She thought of Tierney with her brand new litter, and Ruari and found herself feeling queasy. One of her hands unconsciously moved to rest itself upon Ardoise’ dark shoulder, and she gave him a reassuring squeeze – though it was more to centre herself than anything else. Akantha wondered still what had begun this conflict -- why the Nomads had decided to focus upon the wealthy Northern pack. She couldn't help but glance at Ardoise again -- perhaps he wondered too.

When the others began to enter – she straightened, the long locks of her tumbling hair gathering about her shoulders as she collected herself. Her eyes were much darker than usual, and the lines about her muzzle were drawn taught with expectancy. Sapient would find the men and women that had done this – and they would pay. In that moment, beneath the flickering sunlight and the gaudy chandelier she was a feral creature – one who had the potential to exact revenge and have her hands stained vermilion.

It was a strange realization – and as Nivosus began to speak she nodded her head – surveying Shaamah, Naenia, and the others that had gathered to hear their leader speak.

When he was finished, Akantha rose from the couch – the long ruffles of her skirts punctuating the movement. She cleared her throat, hands on hips – and addressed the crowd.

Her voice left no room for questions.

”Diarmid meant something to all of us. They will pay for what they have done.” One hand clenching into a tightly bound fist as she regarded Shaamah – the mercenary who had long ago protected her from others just like them – Her gaze moved to rove over the rest of the crowd. ”Ensure that you prepare yourselves for what is to come. I ask that the Opus take some with the other factions to provide weapons or defense -- and ensure that you do not stray along the borders alone.” She clicked her teeth sharply, the vibrancy in her eyes glowing as she stood in a beam of sunlight – ”Above all else, be careful.”

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POSTED: Tue Mar 08, 2016 7:05 am

<3 (+000)

The shock was beginning to fade from Ruari's body, emptying from his limbs and making him unsteady. The events of the day before seemed unreal, unrealistic in fact in their outcome. Any moment now, Ruari expected to glance around towards the back of the room, to find his fathers stern face as he watched from the shadows. That was where he would be, guarding the door in events like these. It struck him, square in the chest, whenever he glanced around to see an empty space — this meeting was to officially announce his fathers death afterall and there would be no appearance from the stoic warrior. Ruari attempted to maintain a look of serious concentration, which was turning out to be harder than he thought. Uncle Nivosus' frank announcement of the most horrifying experience of his life felt akin to having his face ripped off and the dark boy clenched his teeth tight against the pain.

It would be his job to build the pyre for his father and the stubborn boy didn't want anyones help. This was his burden to bear, his responsibility since it had been his fault. Even his mother agreed that the blame was squarely on his shoulders. He wasn't sure what hurt worse — Tierney's accusation or the fact that she was right. Instructions came swiftly after that, from Uncle Nivosus and Akantha but really only the basic information penetrated the numb buzzing in the boys ears. He would have scoured the borderlands by himself for days if they'd let him, but he had no intention of causing anyone elses death. He could still hunt down those responsible, was essential in fact for their identification, but he didn't need to put anyone in danger by going renegade. For once, he would play by their rules.

There was nothing else to say, but to dip his head in a brief nod of acceptance. There was nothing left to do but slip out into the cool hallway, dragging breaths into his constricted lungs at the thought of the patrol without his father, of the rest of his life without Diarmid's steadfast support.

POSTED: Fri Mar 18, 2016 8:40 am

Leos just casually being a cold hearted poop | [wc — 256]

Following the movement of bodies, he slipped into the stream of movement that lead towards the sitting room, Amethyst eyes roaming around the space and taking in those who had already gathered in response to their leaders summons. Already there was a small crowd gathering, the response to the call promptly acknowledge by anyone able to. Pushing further into the room, he settled himself against one of the windows, seating himself partially upon it’s sill and arms folding across his chest, curious as to what this was all about and already dreading the mess the pack was going to be dragged into.

The wait for the meeting begin rolling was thankfully not long. Nivosus began to speak and the resignation of dealing with another of his messes was overpowered with shock. The content was not what he’d expected; another mess to clean up of their leaders, some petty disaster or complaint, he’d been resigned to have orders issued and to gone on his way as was the norm, not for another death to be announce and not for the individual in question to be Diarmid.

Images of the male flickered in his mind, strong and silent, a competent warrior, not someone he himself was particularly close to, yet a presence around the pack frequent enough that the Auditore had noted him. Out of everyone within Sapient the Gaelic male had seemed the most unshakable, the most reliable and competent, yet someone had not only bested him, but killed them upon their own lands.

This was unexpected.

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