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Mandatory meeting

POSTED: Wed Mar 09, 2016 7:59 am

Ooc: welcome back north everyone. Aeron is calling a meeting those who do not show will be demoted she's not dealing with slackers.

Home though it would need expanding the golden she demon knew she could regrow their ranks. She had no choice at this point and time she needed to rebuild what Anathema was. She had stepped aside let the boy lead and now all of her family were paying the consequences. Howling cavern had never been her favorite place but it was home and where they belonged. She knew the young were upset though it seemed only Amorettes children were bothered, Isoldes girls made them selves at home with the witches.

She looked around the caverns and let out a call. She had always been jealous of the wolves and their melody, compared to her yowl. She demanded that those of Anathema join her. She had much to discuss and there was no time like right now to do it. She knew that there were some that naturally would come first they always did. What she wondered was how late Kentaro and his brood would be? The once Angelo was nothing more then a Sut he, Kohaku and Pride had to pay the price. Now was the time no one seemed to stand against him until now.

Toshiro, Gideon, the witches, Isolde and her children seemed to be of the first few to filter into the large cavern room. Aeron stood tall as she look at them all. "Come now hurry" she spoke her voice loud enough to echo through the cavern. She glanced at charm who was seated in a chair. The pair had traveled together and grown stronger together. Aeron was glad that they had made it through. She turned back watching others slowly filter in, Yindi, bear and a few others appeared. At least she could tell many had made it safe with the aid of the Warriors.
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POSTED: Thu Mar 10, 2016 2:22 pm

Bored as she might be, the call of her leader was not something to scoff at. Besides, it sounded as though she really wanted them to be there, and Arcania wasn't in the habit of ignoring a call that was actually important. Not that she really cared as of yet, but this was going to be her first chance to see what the rest of the pack looked like and who her comrades were. Her family she supposed, since they were all bound by blood and whatnot. It didn't mean anything to her, but it probably did to these wolves. Otherwise there wouldn't be any point in being there.

By the time she got there, there was already quite a few wolves there, and she wondered just how quickly she would have had to get there in order to be first. Apparently faster than she had. It pleased her that the others of the pack were so prompt in their gathering. Maybe there was hope for this place yet. Not that she had seen much of anything to make her believe there was or wasn't hope... but she generally fell towards the side that thought there wasn't. She would see just what their esteemed leader had to say to them before making any firm decisions one way or another.
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POSTED: Thu Mar 10, 2016 5:51 pm

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Spirit's head rose at the sound of a summoning howl. She smiled. Finally she had been summoned when she wasn't in the middle of something.

She ran toward the not so melodic noise, not wanting to miss anything that could possibly be important. Last meeting she had missed a few sentences of importance, and she didn't want to repeat that again.

She walked into the room, surprised that so many canines had already filled the room. She went and stood in a corner, her companion Milakai sitting by her feet.

Spirit's gase flicked around curiously, for she had never seen this place before. She waited to hear what the meeting was about, her tailtip flicking slightly.

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POSTED: Fri Mar 11, 2016 2:11 pm

Lelouch had been expecting the call for a while. Too much had changed in the past few weeks. Kentaro had been tossed aside, his thrown retaken by the former and current Angela. Add to that the fact that Aeron had demanded that the pack return to their previous territory almost the second she regained command. To top it all off, she had ordered those in the intelligence ranks work to repair relations with the other packs. It was as if the pack had been flipped on its head once again and no one was really sure where to look.

When the call for a pack meeting finally did come, Lelouch put his book down and went downstairs to go find Bertolt. Bertolt stood in the doorway of their bedroom looking groggy and slightly unsure of what was going on. His normally neat mohawk listed to one side. Lelouch went over to his lover and gently took the sun kissed male by the hand and straightened his bed head a little. "Aeron has called for us. Time to wake up." Bertolt leaned into Lelouch's shoulder and mumbled something incoherent. Lelouch laughed and patted Bertolt on the back "C'mon. We have to go or we are going to be late." Lelouch pulled at Bertolt and eventually managed to drag the male outside. One quick stretch later and they were on their way to the caverns.

Many had already gathered in the caverns when Lelouch and Bertolt arrived, but several were still missing. After a quick glance around, Lelouch took a seat next to Bear and Bertolt next to him. Bertolt was wide awake by that point and the pair sat back and quietly waited for the meeting to start.
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POSTED: Fri Mar 11, 2016 2:32 pm

Kohaku's cinnamon ear flicked as he listened to the broken yowl of the coyote queen. Kohaku glanced over his shoulder towards the entrance of the caves. He was just a few steps away from the bubbling pools of the hot springs. The hot and humid air of the cavern was so inviting. Kohaku had every intention of enjoying a good long soak in the warm water and that was ruined before it even started.

A curse hissed between his lips as he started pacing. He didn't have to go. Sure, Aeron would likely demote him if he didn't attend the meeting, but he didn't particularly care about ranks anyways. They were just arbitrary titles that held no real significance to him. He would change or do anything different if his rank was lower. Besides, what reason did he have to follow Aeron. He still hadn't forgiven her for the way she had treated him during the last meeting. Heck, he could purposefully not show up to this meeting just to stick it to her.

Kohaku nodded as he came to his decision and made his way into the pool. He got as far as his ankles when another thought occurred to him. Amorette and Famine would be there. Kohaku glanced back at the entrance and cursed once more. Climbing out of the water, he jogged towards the meeting room and managed to arrive before Amorette and the pups. Glancing around the room, his ears wilted and his expression soured. He dragged himself to the back of the room with a huff and propped himself against the wall, arms crossed over his chest. He should have just stayed in the springs.
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POSTED: Fri Mar 11, 2016 3:02 pm

Lithia Napier
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Behold: Lithia, Tzila, & Totem!

Lithia and Tzila had both been in their designated dens when they heard the call. Lithia had been situated closer to the gathering hall, and Tzila some ways down the hallway. Tzila poked her head out as her sister and her slave exited their den. The darker sibling waited for her sister to catch up, before they walked to the meeting together.

”This should be fun,” Tzila commented as they walked. Lithia only smirked, but she agreed one hundred percent.

When they graced the threshold and walked into the gathering hall – the place that they only knew as children – Lithia couldn’t help the smirk on her face. She heard what had happened. Aeron assumed her rightful place as Angela, and kicked Kentaro and his family to the side. It delighted her knowing that he got his for playing with her head, giving her hope for all this time.

There had been a lot of members that showed up already. Spirit, a newcomer who she had not yet had the pleasure of meeting, Lelouch, Bertolt, Yindi, Leticia (who she nodded her head to), Bear, and the other working class individuals. She met bright pink eyes with a few of the members, and dipped her head in greeting to those she knew. Those she didn’t know received no greeting from the cold Napier woman. There had been a fair number of members that had arrived in the some five minutes since the call. Lithia didn’t blame their prompt arrival – so much drama had unfurled since Aeron’s return. This meeting was too important to miss.

Lithia took a seat in the front row, so that she could hear what Aeron had to say loud and clear. She sat straight, her hands clasped in her lap, and her scarred, white Secui slave laying at her feet. Tzila’s posture was a little more relaxed.

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POSTED: Fri Mar 11, 2016 10:04 pm

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Why must she always be so far away when these meetings were called? The young warrior had been recently injured quite badly, and she had learned that hard training was an easy way to reopen her newest forming scars, so until the damned things managed to scab over securely, the slender femme had taken up longer runs followed by sessions of yoga. These also helped keep her skin and muscles flexible as they healed over with new scars.

Nyx was out in the tall grass somewhere, doing her stretches in a location of no particular interest as she closed her eyes and breathed deeply through the exercise. She felt ashamed, for some reason, not wanting anyone to see her doing these light stretches instead of the usual grueling workout and training routine she had picked up.

Upon hearing the coy-woman's yowl of a summons, Nyx's ears perked and stiffly she got to her feet, running back a ways to the caverns and the meeting room within as she looked around to all present. She knew all these people to some degree and yet the snow pelted warrior felt somewhat out of place here.

She smiled softly when a russet furred male was spotted leaning against the back wall, her slave, Ronan, and a smaller red figure perched beside him in the form of a large fox. With a somewhat joyous sigh of relief the ice femme made her way into the back of the open room and stood by the pair, leaning her snowy head against Ronan's arm a short moment before returning her attention to the golden coy woman standing before the room. She wondered what it was going to be about this time.

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POSTED: Mon Mar 14, 2016 3:59 pm

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This land was alien to him and his brother, the air here did not hold the same scent nor the same feeling of love that the old home did. Many nights did the two spend speaking of what they missed, Greed mostly focused on the negatives of this new place commonly in a joke format. Wrath usually silenced any disrespectful tongues but he did not silence the truth. He oft dreamed of going back to start a new life.

Many stories spoke of legends leading their people to conquer the land that surrounded them. Some even gave a twist of reclaiming homes, these stories sparked the ambition in his soul. Even an otherwise free floating Greed grew excited by the fables. Still these were just dreams, they were servants to Anathema. Wrath, with his dedication to the path, and Greed, with his loyalty to the family, could not ignore the call. The once training pair would put off their slaughter of timber for another time.

With a sneer Greed nudged his head towards the call. Their weapons were returned to their slumber, the boys had entered the room looking about for a place proper for them. The brothers decided upon a place within the front of the crow, with Wrath's particular condition that they find the shadiest corner of the near the front. After several glances the pari finally settled themselves in prepared for what was to come.

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POSTED: Mon Mar 14, 2016 8:19 pm

Yata growled, kicking a stone through the cavern. <We go from a castle, to living in a hole? Why not just jump into a grave, and live there?> Yata barked, teeth bared under his mask. He wore the bronze one today, heavy on his neck, but it's cool sensation helped calm some of Yata's rage. Totoro sighed, after finding a good spot to sit down and rest his legs, he watched from afar at his smaller brother's tantrum. <It's not that bad. Just a little different. The others say this used to be Anathema's home anyway, so we can't just argue with it. Besides, there's plenty of shade here at least.> Totoro commented. Yata snapped his teeth a little, frustrated that, honestly, Totoro had a point there. But instead of stating it, Yata just huffed, flicking his feathered cloak so it covered his arms, before the boy began pacing around the piece of cave he and Totoro were claiming for now.
Before Yata could whine anymore, a howl shook across the cavern. It made Yata growl a little, that female howl, no doubt belonging to the new Angelo. The Queen, yet another female to trod all over Yata and Totoro, just like their mother. Only this time, the moment Yata thought his past was going to reoccur, was the moment he bit back, whether Totoro wanted it or not. However, this Aeron, other than kicking Kentaro off his throne, and changing the pack location, had nothing else for Yata to despise, yet.

She led pretty well, and if she was Kentaro's mother, Yata could only assume she was stronger than the warrior Yata had already fought. The howl called for a meeting, something Yata never enjoyed much of. Totoro looked to Yata to move first, and with a large huff, feather-covered shoulders dropping, Yata began marching to the meeting room. There were some rooms and buildings around here at least, it wasn't all just barren rock and cave, which was at least one up side. It would help Yata's mood if the meeting was also held above grounds in said places, but that was wishful thinking. Borudo was off exploring yet another new home, Yata hadn't seen the crow in a while, so assumed the avian just needed to settle in. His friend was fine, Yata was more worried about how he himself would fit in to this new home, and new set of rules Aeron had. He followed others into the room, glancing over the seats. Yata didn't really want to sit, but for the sake of his brother's legs, Yata found them both a place to rest, listening in to their new leader's announcement.

POSTED: Mon Mar 14, 2016 9:08 pm

He had fallen and it was in truth only a matter of time. He had always been opposed and he was none to friendly because of it. Though he never imagined the one who would usurp him would be the golden hued she demon. She had left Anathema not super sick or weak but he never remembered her brig this strong. He grumbled to himself mostly and while he was not one to deal with demotion he timried hard.

The Sut walked into the large musty cavern and sighed his ears rested at an odd pose as he glanced at his mother. She stood there so firm how did she do it? He looked at his children and he was almost convinced he could see Evangeline smirk. Witchy child he thought to himself.

Tumbleweed eyes scanned the room for others making note of who was there. The only blessing that came with this harsh demotion was his time with Amorette. She had been angrier then he was about his change in rank, at this point the dark male could careless. He had four young girls and this demotion meant he didn't need to patrol borders. He got to laze about his home chasing his puppies around life was pretty relaxed for the one Angelo.
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