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[Austringer Hostility] March 19th | Thread One

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Two days pass and while leadership meets again with Marcella and Drachev, a group of Krokarans is sent to take advantage of the situation and see if they can rescue Peony. Skirmishes break out between the Krokarans and the Austringers, who had advanced warning from Gunda the red-tailed hawk of their approach. With the surreptitious help of another captive named Ilse Verhoeven, Peony is successfully rescued but not without bloodshed. Ilse stays behind in the Austringer's camp, hoping her assistance went unnoticed.

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Of all the skills the Arena sisters possessed, diversion was perhaps their most distinguished. For them, it was a way of living.

The idea was to distract the enemy long enough that the other team could go in and rescue the captives. It was not a unique tactic, though Laevisa believed that with just the right touch it could be executed perfectly. After she prepared the nuances of the plan with Tandy, they set off all together through the deep Miramichi. Scarlett held the lance, for she was much more formidable with it, while Laevisa took nothing with her.

They were adorned in their usual patterns, and the leathers they wore across their chest were fortified by more than fabric, but furs and some metals too. Laevisa's eagle headdress was purposefully donned. She knew that it would be unnerving for the birds to see; a reflection of their fate if they continued to aid their enemies.

They went north long enough, following the tracks left by the clumsier cartel members. As they neared, a flutter of wings set upon them. Scarlett's wrens perched into the dog's thick mane and began to chatter nervously. Scarlett made a furious sound and the tiny birds scattered back into the trees.

"A hawk has seen the other group and killed one of the wrens." Laevisa explained to Tandy. Her eyes narrowed as she scanned their mired horizons. "Scarlett, you will go ahead to the camp. Tandy, with me."

They'd discussed, of course, what would happen if the targets were alerted (and it was certain that they would be). Krokar's intel was limited thus far; they knew not how many raptors or members were aiding the cartel. Going off of such unknowns, they had to anticipate a variety of outcomes.

As Laevisa knew, the plan had changed. The others would likely be out looking for conflict. As the other dog disappeared into the thicket, Laevisa lifted her nose to the air and scented for the smoke of campfire, the hair of horse and other pack animals. She led them around another way.

A sudden cry echoed around them. She gestured for the blue lacy to follow when a woman stumbled out across the path before them. Laevisa instantly recognized her as the girl from the previous skirmish who was injured.

"I'm sorry," she sobbed, "I'm so sorry!"

Laevisa whirled around to Tandy, "The other!" she cried not a minute before Adelaide lept from the tree above them. Cackling, the Austringer swung out at the blue lacy with a short dagger.

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And if I die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.

Mason wouldn’t be happy with Tandy’s involvement, especially after the first run in they’d had with the Austringer Cartel first hand, but the McClain girl had volunteered without him knowing, and had spent the majority of the day avoiding him so he wouldn’t catch on. She met up with the Arena sisters and avidly listened to the set out plan, keen to follow Laevisa’s instructions to a tee as she really had no fighting skills to speak of, but the role of distraction was something the blue lacy felt she could easily fit into. This was her way of helping, and she prayed she wasn’t making the wrong choice.

More than once, along the trek out into the Miramichi, did Tandy find herself comparing the garments she wore for modest reasons alone with theirs. They sadly paled in utility and defense when paired up against the exotic materials which made up the armor and clothing both sisters wore. Tandy was simply clad in a soft linen dress, her only “armor” being the thick woolen fabric of her moss colored cape. She did however, bring along a hooked staff, just in case. It was Mason’s shepherd’s crook, and no doubt the catahoula would notice it was missing sometime soon, but it was risk Tandy had been willing to take.

As they neared the camp and the flourishing arrival of Scarlett’s minions, she felt a tremble of fear and anxiety go through her core. The other group had been discovered by one of the raptors the Austringer had command over, and sadly one casualty had already taken place. Wordlessly, for once, Tandy bobbed her head and followed Lae’s instruction, following close behind the other as they skirted around the scene.

Hands sweaty on the shaft of the hook, she about dropped it when the cry rang out, but somehow managed to grasp the weapon to her chest as Antebellum girl came stumbling their way. Her sobs were a thought echoed in Tandy’s mind, but before the McClain girl could shush and reassure the other, Laevisa’s elongated face rounded on her with a warning.

Tandy managed to jump back with a startled bark when Adelaide’s blade caught in the thick edge of her cape. There was no time to shudder over what could’ve happened, but the force of the tawny hybrid’s swipe, jerked the blue lacy forward until the dagger tore through the wool. Tandy’s knee jerk reaction was to swing out the curved end of the shepherd’s hook, putting more distance between herself and the crazed knife wielder and also catching herself before she could tumble face first on the ground.

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For a moment she was caught again, between the wall and the molten fire.

But Tandy emerged unharmed, and the very second her breath fled in relief, Charlotte threw herself at Laevisa's turned back.

Something terrible blazed through her expression as she tried breaking out from the girl, whose sobs had petered off instantly once they'd done their trick. They were matched for size and relative strength, tall and lanky as each of them were, but not for experience. Laevisa's long fingers forced their way beneath Charlotte's grip and hooked around her fingers. When she twisted against their natural arrangement, the girl yelped loud enough to draw Adelaide's attention away from Tandy's shepherd's hook.

She didn't stop twisting, even as the girl kicked and tore at the fabric and leathers at her back. There was a sickening crack.

Adelaide left off from Tandy, as she had hoped, and came charging. "You let her go!" She was saying, but the sound was far away, like Charlotte's pained howling behind her.

Sometimes the desert in her swallowed everything back up.

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And if I die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.

Laevisa! Tandy squeaked out, eyes wide with surprise and delayed reaction when she witnessed the crying girl morph into an attacker, but her bejeweled companion was fast, expertly defending herself against the faker and inflicting what the McClain girl could only fathom was terrible pain as new sounds of real anguish left Charlotte’s mouth. The tawny and red furred girl that Tandy had managed to keep at a distance with her staff lunged away from the blue lacy, dagger still brandished and anger strewn across her face as she sputtered an ordered and changed direction.

Tandy was by no means a fighter, in fact, the only thing she’d properly harmed and killed were the fish and crawdads she pulled out of the swamp and gulf. Violence made her feel sick and a bit faint, but the current circumstances were different. These vagabonds had attacked her home, her friends, her family. She couldn’t just idly stand by and watch another loved one get hurt. So in the name of the Lord--and with his forgiveness she sorely hoped--Tandy would use the two strong hands he’d given her to defend herself and her fellow Krokaran.

She swept out her hook as Adelaide went blurring past and did what every good shepherd had to do if their rams were getting a little too rambunctious around the females, she brought the heavy curved wood down and aimed for the exposed space between the Carolina dog’s shoulder blades.

The meaty thud and the girl’s sharply whined bark had a swoon of dismay traveling through Tandy’s fingers, but she breathed deeply through her nares and held her ground. Not so fast! Her southern lilt warned as she pulled the staff back and made to whack the Adelaide again.

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