I'll make a (wo)man out of you


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The Knight household was silent and still, nothing disturbing the tranquillity. The only sign of life in the house came in the form of a single white-furred hand, flopping out of an almost ludicrous pile of blankets that almost completely swallowed the bed they were piled atop.

If it weren’t for the rise and fall of Indi’s chest beneath her blankets, one might be fooled into thinking the room was empty. The quiet wasn’t because it was late at night; far from it. The sun was rising in the sky and the other occupants of the Knight household had long since vacated the building to go about their tasks for the day. Indi, however, had spent the previous day roaming about the territory nonstop until the sky was orange and her parents had been howling for her to return, still too excited about her new body to sit still. Even home she had been too excited to sleep, and by the time the moon was high and she had fallen asleep her body had been truly drained of energy.

As such, when her family had tried to wake her as the sun rose, Indi’s response had been to let loose a string of muffled curses – thankfully muffled enough that Lyris didn’t translate them and bat her ears – and snuggle deeper into her blankets. After things had progressed to growling Indi had been left to her own devices, her groan of victory just as muffled and quiet as her initial protests. And there she had stayed, gently dozing her way towards being truly awake.

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He waited for her until the sun rose above the horizon and his tempter was boiling over. He had specifically said for her to be waiting for him, to be up early so they would not waste the day and interfere with his other duties. He was vaguely irritated at Lyris and Luca, surely they would have made sure their daughter was awake and ready for her first meeting with her mentor when he realised that likely the two of them were up very early to attend their own duties.

Using his cane the male limped beyond the stables and past several houses before reaching the one he sought. All was quiet and a short knock produced no answers. He pushed open the door, and ducked into the house. He knew that Luca would likely have no reservations about him coming to collect his charge. He remembered Luca's own training well.

She was sleeping?! The pale head just poked out of the covers as well as a single foot. Well, situational awareness was a skill necessary to have, he had been standing in her room for about a minute now and the female had not woken. If he had been intending to harm her, she would be dead.

He grabbed hold of her foot and hoisted her clean out of bed, letting her dangle several feet in the air by her ankles, his deep booming voice an angry snarl, "Did ah not tell yah to be READY by SUNRISE. Or do ah talk fer tha pleasure of mah own voice." His voice echoed around the small room, bouncing off the walls again and again.
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