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POSTED: Thu Mar 31, 2016 5:50 pm

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The grin spread across Indi’s face was such a permanent fixture these days, it almost seemed as though it were painted on. All of the stress and fear that had plagued her over the past few weeks had evaporated in an instant, Indi’s fickleness working to her advantage. There was still some lingering guilt at how she and Tea had argued, embarrassment at how stressed and angry and scared she had gotten at something that had, in the end, resolved itself without her doing a thing. Fortunately, this leftover negativity was far overwhelmed with the sheer euphoria that Indi felt at finally joining the ranks of the two-legged. All of the doors – both metaphorical and literal – that had been closed to her were now open, and she had spent almost an entire afternoon amusing herself just poking around all the nooks and crannies and shelves in the house that had been out of her reach before.

Today she had decided to take advantage of the calm weather that treated her as she stepped out of the door. The day was cold, but crisp, and the sky was clear as far as the eye could see in any direction. Indi had been delighted to find that while when she was really going for it she could move much faster on four legs than on two, the thick layer of snow covering the ground was much easier to push through at a relaxed pace when it only came halfway up her shine, rather than up to her stomach.

Considering the time of her birth, Indi had spent more of her lie with the ground covered in snow than without at this point in her life. Having to fight through the stuff had been something she had been dealing with her entire life, and the territory somehow felt so much more open now that it was easier to get about.

And so Indi found herself trotting eagerly towards the gate, a small bag slung over her shoulder bearing a small meal of bread, cheese and dried meat for later. Yet another point for Optime form: being able to carry a lunch with her rather than having to return to the fort or hunt something down when she got hungry. The only thing she was missing, Indi thought as she hesitated by the gate leading out into the forest, was someone to explore with.

Indi and Tea had made up after their argument, but they still seemed to be spending less time around each other these days. A small, sensible part of Indi constantly pointed out that it was natural they not spend every waking moment glued to each other as they grew up and got more responsibilities, different hobbies. But no matter how loudly that sensible part of her shouted, it couldn’t quite smother faint sense of guilt she still felt, or sooth the hollow feeling in her stomach every time she set out to do something alone. For all her little idiocrasies and contradictions, Indi was a social creature at heart and would always be happier with someone roaming alongside her.

Still pausing before the gates, Indi began to sniff the air. She would always prefer to have Tea by her side, but if she could rope any member of the pack into her frivolity it could easily turn an average day into a good one.

POSTED: Wed Apr 06, 2016 1:45 pm

Any depression and stress that had come over him in recent times as a result of all that had happened due to the unfortunate and untimely demise of his dear friend Khyren young daughter had finally eased just enough for him to avoid remaining constantly worried for her general health. But even despite this there was still something that seemed to be affecting him and in truth he could not be entirely sure just what, though deep down Munroe simply put it down to his near constant concern for others simply getting the better of him and affecting his moods.

Naturally this had gotten him becoming restless and no amount of wandering around the fort had been able to cure that, so a day - or part of it at least - spent outside the walls surrounding them was the next best option! He had even considered seeking out Marius and seeing whether his brother would care to join him but if there had been one thing Munroe had recently noticed was how focused the Damaichu male had been busy with other activities this had been forced from his mind.

So instead he would have to accept it was going to be a solitary and quiet trek for one, well, that was what he had first imagined it to be like. As Munroe drew nearer to the gate that led out to the forest beyond did his wandering attention return to the present along with a mild sense of curiosity passing across his features at the sight of the other lingering before the gate that was before them both. It almost looked as if she were debating upon whether to remain inside or go out, it wasn't really that much of a hard choice was it.
"It does open you know, you don't have to stay stuck in here." It had meant to come out as a joke, just a shame that in reality it didn't work out so well. As rather than a good natured jest it came out as rather more of a monotone and bored statement.

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