[MS] The Sky is Falling!

POSTED: Fri Apr 01, 2016 1:26 am

The Sky is Falling!

What's This?

Looks like the sky is falling - meteor has fallen down on the southwestern coast of 'Souls! Midnight Shores is about 380km away from the point of impact, but that doesn't mean that we'll escape completely unscathed - we'll have some work to do!

What Will it Be Like?

  • As it Falls
    • The meteor will appear to be about the size of the sun in the sky.
    • Thermal radiation will occur almost immediately - Midnighters will experience a "burst of heat".
  • The Ground
    • Major seismic shaking will occur about 1.25 minutes after impact.
    • It will be felt by nearly everyone, both indoors and outdoors. Walls make cracking sound; sensations like a heavy truck striking buildings.
    • Some dishes and windows broken. Unstable objects overturned. Large objects not rooted to the ground will rock noticeably.
  • The Air
    • Debris will begin to fall about 4.8 minutes after impact. It will appear as a fine dust with occasional larger fragments.
    • The air blast will occur about 19.2 minutes after impact.
    • It will be as loud as heavy traffic at 80 dB.
    • It will reach up to 48.5mph, and cause some glass windows to shatter.
  • The Sea
    • A tsunami wave will occur about 2.8 hours after impact. It will be about 13 feet tall.
    • Flooding will occur, raising sea levels to cover the shores for a few days.
  • Over Time
    • Tremors will still occur several days after the impact, shaking the town and the rest of the land alike at random intervals.
    • Flooding will last several days, stretching over The Shores and The Frigid Sands.

The Damage

Take a look at the Midnight Shores and Charlottetown maps to see where this damage is occurring!

  • Victoria Rangelight will collapse in on itself, resulting in nothing but its very base remaining, along with a pile of rubble.
  • The Shores will experience flooding, causing any who reside in those areas to be forced inland.
  • Various residences in Charlottetown will suffer some damage, from fractures in the walls to shattered windows - feel free to roleplay this as you wish!
  • The Harbors, although largely protected by the land surrounding it, will flood, leading to runaway ships - uh oh!

Our Friends in the South!

Unfortunately, Casa di Cavalieri will be hit much harder than Midnight Shores, and they'll need our help! Skye will be organizing parties of Midnighters to head down when it's deemed safe and help them by giving supplies and aiding in rebuilding.


  1. 01 Apr: The meteor hits, and the aforementioned effects are felt.
  2. 02 Apr: Shakes and tremors are still felt throughout the island at random intervals, and members are encouraged to stay away from tall, heavy, or unsteady structures.
  3. 04 Apr: The shakes and tremors, although still occurring, are receding and happen less frequently. The flooding begins to recede. The Midnighters can search for any livestock or pets that got lost in the chaos!
  4. 08 Apr: All tremors have ceased, and flooding has receded completely. The Midnighters survey the damage and save the rogue ships.
  5. 15 Apr: Groups of Midnighters travel down to Casa di Cavalieri with supplies (such as food, tools, and livestock) to survey the damage and help in any way they can!

Thread Prompts

There are going to be a lot of opportunities to get some good threads going! Fulfilling these thread prompts will yield 10 game points each.

  1. Save a friend! As the meteor hits, there will be small earthquakes and confusion - find someone that's having trouble and help them out, or be in trouble and get saved by someone else!
  2. Where's the livestock? During the chaos, it's likely that a few of the livestock escaped from the stables; grab a buddy or two and see if you can find some sheep, cows, or chickens roaming around.
  3. Runaway ships! Due to the flooding and tremors, some of the smaller boats might have floated away from the harbor! Hop on a boat or scan the coast for those that ran away, and bring them back to the harbor.
  4. A friend in need. Casa di Cavalieri is going to have a bad time after the meteor - have a thread in their pack helping them out!
by the amazing Alaine!

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POSTED: Fri Apr 15, 2016 12:09 am

A Friend in Need!

The Time Has Come

The time has come to help out our friends in the south, the knights! :) You can find the pack thread announcing this right here; don't be afraid to have your character participate! If you want to sail south to help Casa di Cavalieri, please sign up by posting a reply to this thread.


  1. Skye Collins
  2. Jazper Rhiannon-Knight
  3. Skana Creo
  4. Vepar Creo
  5. OPEN
  6. OPEN
  7. OPEN
by the amazing Alaine!

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POSTED: Fri Apr 15, 2016 9:32 am

Vepar will go~ :>

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