[CdC] It's the end of the world...

as we know it

POSTED: Fri Apr 01, 2016 2:21 pm

Image CdC Times Image

"In like a lion...

out like a lamb?"

The sky is falling! The sky is falling! On April 1st a meteor is said to make landfall in the Western Tangles. So brace yourselves and hang onto those cloaks because when it lands the very earth will quake. The sea will churn and spew onto the shore, destroying the docks of Strega's Bay and Wolfeville will crumble into ruin!

For the exact time of impact as well as the events that follow, please refer to the accompanying newspost found here.

Impact & Aftermath

Casa di Cavalieri, being right against the shore, will receive some of the worst damages in comparison to other packs. With a meteor impact comes several waves of destruction, respectively thermal radiation, earthquakes, air blast, and the mother of all damages, the enormous tsunami. Each element will be broken down below; please pay careful attention to the descriptions and adhere to them in your threads!

Thermal Radiation

Radiation will come first and be instant upon the meteor's impact. To a human, the radiation would cause second-degree burns. Given Luperci's thicker fur, the most likely outcome would be that characters receive minor first degree burns with some singed fur; or no burns at all! The amount of burning and singeing your character receives will be up to you; be realistic, and take coat thickness into mind!


The seismic effect will come next, and the initial quake will arrive approximately 40 seconds after impact. There will be significant damage to Windsor and Wolfeville, as they hold the oldest and most fragile buildings, which will collapse. The Fort is better built and will remain mostly intact, but there will still be minor to moderate damages to roofs, new cracks and holes in the wall, and fallen plaster. Furniture will be overturned and the livestock and horses will be terribly spooked. The possibility of major injury from this quake is unlikely; more than anything, it will just be a fright. Aftershocks will cause little to no damage.

Air Blast

Third, arriving about 10 minutes after impact, will be the air blast. Dust will be blown at extremely high wind speeds of about 115mph, and the small and light will be briefly blown off their feet. All glass will shatter, and the roofs weakened from the quake will be severely damaged. One in three trees will fall, and older buildings may collapse, causing even more damage to Windsor and Wolfeville. Injuries only possible if caught under falling trees/roofs or cut by blown glass.


Last but most certainly not least comes the monstrous tsunami, arriving an hour and a half after impact. At the coast, the initial wave will reach 25-30 feet high, and by the time it reaches the Fort, it will still be a disastrous 20 feet tall. The Fort wall will keep a majority of the water out, but beloved Kingsbury will still end up being submerged in 5-6 feet of water; around waist-high or more to full grown luperci. The second wave will strike 5 minutes later at 15 feet. Strega's Bay will be fully submerged and the Avalon will be battered, picked up, and carried just a few hundred feet from the Fort wall. Waves after the initial tsunami strike will remain 10-15 feet tall. This is where the most damage and tragic injuries will take place.

The Threads

Thread One- That star's too close for comfort

  • Participants - Alistair Callow-Knight (RO)
That mysterious red star? It's getting closer very, very fast. Alistair watches it grow by the hour until it makes impact with a bright burst just after darkness falls. Sound the alarm!

Individual Threads- Earthquake

No group threads are held during the earthquake! If you want to have a thread take place during the earthquake, write it individually!

Thread Two- The air strike

  • Participants - Lyris Stryder (RO)
Amongst the deafening screaming noise of the wind, Cavaliers are blown off their feet and trees crash to the ground. Glass shatters and wood creaks- witness the chaos!

Individual Threads- Tsunami

No group threads are held when the initial tsunami strikes! If you would like to have a thread that takes place during the first tsunami strike, write it individually!

Thread Three- Cease the panic!

  • Participants - Luca Knight (Starting) & ALL
Through the panic, Luca shouts at anyone he sees to join groups and collect what's precious to the pack. SIGN UP FOR YOUR DESIRED GROUP BELOW! Include character name and desired group number, and reply to this newspost! All groups full! Feel free to reply to group threads once they go live!!

Group One- Item Collection - Alistair - FULL

  • Leading: Alistair
  • Isaac Coblentz
  • Nadia Ancientfire
  • Veyra Damaichu
  • Marius Damaichu

Group Two- Livestock Collection - Luca - FULL

  • Leading: Luca
  • Jonas Coblentz
  • Khyren
  • Lorenzo Knight & Ghita
  • Kira Raine

Group Three- Horse Roundup - Lyris - FULL

  • Leading: Lyris
  • Tennyson Knight
  • Grynn Garcia-Knight
  • Callum Knight
  • Veri Secanti & Damon
  • Rurik Ivanov
  • Lycaon Nonakris

Group Four- Puppies - Morty & Clara

  • Leading: Morty & Clara (Thread started by Teagan)
  • Teagan Stryder, Indi Knight, Isobel, Armani, Kyrah, Damon, Owen

Individual Threads- Group tasks

Group One (Item Collection) Thread HERE - Started by Alistair

Group Two (Livestock Collection) Thread HERE - Started by Luca

Group Three (Horse Roundup) Thread HERE - Started by Lyris

Group Four (Puppies) Thread HERE - Started by Teagan (Led by Clara & Morty)

Thread Four- Get out

  • Participants - Alistair Callow-Knight (Starting) & ALL
The Fort is still flooding, and there's no time to waste. After the Cavaliers have saved everything they can, Alistair howls for the pack to evacuate- and after tragedy strikes, they begin their hike out of their beloved Fort and to their temporary home.

Image Can't live with them... Image

There can be no peace...

It's been months since the massacre of New Dawn by Anatheman hands and attitudes have yet to change. Some of us still mourn the loss of our pack brothers and sisters while others boil with rage and thirst for Anatheman blood. In the wake of this tragedy Aeron Ganesa has resumed leadership of Anathema. She sent out a summons to our leaders and the leaders of AniWaya seeking to make amends for their crimes...and we answered, but not as she'd hoped.

You can watch the drama unfold in these three threads. Be aware that no peace has been reached and while Anathema has vowed to give us a wide berth they are still very much considered enemies and any Anathemans found near our borders are open to immediate attack! Keep in mind this is IC law and any such an attack would need to be approved by the leadership of BOTH packs!

Image Oh, Alistair... Image

Bad Blood

Due to a fateful meeting with his half-sister Claire, Alistair never made it to VN to see his son this past February. Determined to find his father the treacherous would-be murderer Aedan de Valence, Alistair questions Claire as to his whereabouts. When she refuses to tell him he threatens her with violence, causing her to flee. As Alistair gives chase he is tricked by Claire into trespassing into Salsola and is caught in one of their border traps.

Not long after he is discovered by one-time lover Jacinta Hyacinth Silevue who calls for the leadership. After being detained and questioned* a messenger is dispatched* to CdC to deliver news of his capture, demanding a ransom from the Cavaliers to ensure Alistair's safe return. After some contemplation* Luca agrees to their terms, surrendering two of the pack's communal horses Prancer and Spirit in exchange for the Sole. Alistair was returned to CdC in late February his foot and pride wounded.

*threads have yet to occur and will be back-dated

Image The CdC OOC Image

New Pack Icon

We're excited to announce our new pack icon: the chess knight Image! Many thanks to Alaine who kindly agreed to make it for us! And a big thank you to the 'SA for granting us this change, we're confident that it will serve us well!

Why a new icon?

The Celtic Knot has been misrepresenting CdC for some time now, even more so since former Sole Jazper Rhiannon-Knight stepped down. CdC's founding leaders originally intended to integrate aspects from Jazper's Scottish background into the pack's culture and ceremonies, unfortunately this never happened. The leadership has been wanting this change for some now and what better time than a leadership change? With Jazper in MS with mate Skye Collins and Alistair and Luca as the new Sole and Lune thing's are beginning to change around here.

Ann and the Wiki

Our pack wiki's looking spiffy thanks to Ann's hard work! But there's more to be done and you can help!

Pack History

For some time now our pack's history page has been one big blank, it's time we fixed that. Ann has been working diligently on her break to fill in some of the gaps but 4 years leaves a lot of ground to cover. So, we're giving you an incentive: For the month of April additions made to the pack's history page will award you 3 pack game points! Be sure to cite your entries with links to the corresponding threads. Additions can be made about your character's time in the pack (ie: joining the BH, mateship, puppies born, mentorship ceremonies, interpack relations etc.) or the pack as a whole.

Points Claims

Be sure to have your points tallied up and submitted to the pack maintenance thread no later than May 7th!

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POSTED: Fri Apr 01, 2016 3:30 pm


As a side note, is an individual thread going chronologically alongside the Air Blast RO alright? I've got plans a brewin.

POSTED: Fri Apr 01, 2016 3:34 pm

Cal will help with Group Three. :3 And yeah, same question as Alex, but for seeing the impact?
Callum Knight

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POSTED: Fri Apr 01, 2016 3:44 pm

You are free to make your own threads throughout the event in addition to pack threads.
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POSTED: Fri Apr 01, 2016 3:47 pm

Awesome <3

POSTED: Fri Apr 01, 2016 3:51 pm

Yessss....! So, soooo, hyped right now, and kind of scared as if this was actually going to happen and we were just planning ahead of time. 0_0

Khyren to join Group 2

I think she will be best of help there with her brute strength and whatnot, and is not afraid to pick up 2 pigs or something and carry them away to safety after the air blast yo, lol
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POSTED: Fri Apr 01, 2016 5:57 pm

Nadia for Group 1! Boy this will be intense to see played out.
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POSTED: Fri Apr 01, 2016 6:58 pm

Lorenzo and Ghita for group 2 !
Lorenzo Knight

POSTED: Fri Apr 01, 2016 9:32 pm

Groups have been updated, and Lyris' air blast RO is now up !
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POSTED: Fri Apr 01, 2016 11:53 pm

Tsunami wave 1 thread is a go!
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