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The meteor hits! - Thread prompt

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it's a part of me, apart from me

All through the day, Dion felt like there was something afoot. He couldn't tell why how or where it came from, but something bothered him, making jump at the softest of sounds and whimper at any flashes of movement, his tailbone sore from keeping his bushy tail tucked close between his legs under his robes. It was so stressful, he could barely focus at any given task. It felt like something was glaring down at him, a great beast lurking over his shoulder, shadowing him everywhere, ominous and menacing in its mysteries. Something with foul, angry hot breath that whispered him of death and destruction. Whenever he tried to look further into this feeling, he was sent into a panic and a fit of sobs and choked tears, a hidden terror too great to face on his own.

He remembered a night a couple of days prior, he was coming home when he found Aiyana gazing the sky with worried, confused eyes, her lean curved body coiled tight. "Which is it, Delphinium?", she asked, "Which one is it, please tell me you see it?" And her face was turned to a single, unfamiliar star in the sky, peeking through the sparse clouds, brighter than most of the others. He didn't know. Short as his knowledge of the cosmos was, he knew the night sky, and the stars that adorned its dome. And that one was not one of them.

Later in the early morning today, when the moon had lost its glare and the sun was dimming away the darkness, he would wake desperate for air, gasping and whimpering and whining, afraid, oh so afraid. He remembered, the flashes of his dream like the summer sun reflected over a lake into his eyes, overwhelming. He saw a great monster, a thing of fire and blood and stone, burning so bright, brighter than the sun and all the stars combined. It came from the sky, at first like a star bleeding down from the heavens, but getting closer and closer, writhing and screeching in an agonizing note, like a dying creature squealing against death's embrace. It fell, down, down, down, and its unholy light glowed reflected on a sea of glass and milk, meeting his gaze like a knife to the skull. He didn't hear the sound, like it was so loud it was beyond the ears of mortals to hear it, but he felt it. Deep in his bones, his very soul, he felt it hit, and the shattered sea went up in flames. And through the sea of fire, waves of chaos came crashing down towards him, all shards of glass and rotten death, carrying destruction where they went.

The dream - no, nightmare - became faded and worn as the day progressed, but the awful feeling it brought lingered with him as he went through his day, trying again and again to banish such evil. But nothing could touch this beast, nothing he could do in such short notice at least. What also followed was the red glare of the star that refused to go away, even after the morning star faded away, it somehow burned defiant of the sun's light, only growing stronger and stronger. And so it went, all the way to dusk and into the night. The dark came, but the once bright red star was now a massive thing, still growing, terrifyingly so. Dion watched it with dread in his green eyes, glittering with the red light, standing alone a few ways away from the village upon a hill. All the prayers he could remember were frantically rolling on repeat in his mind and under his breath, along with one question: What are you?

What are you what are you what are you what are you what are you what are you what are you--

It began to change, no longer a dot but a streak, an open wound bleeding crimson light int the night sky, like blood. His hands clenched the beads and amulets hung on his waist, and the question came louder and louder inside his head. The wound grew longer and longer, so bright, too bright. His eyes watered, his blood running cold like ice, a tremor shook him whole, and he could smell the fear coming from him. The now gaping wound came crashing down far into the horizon, and in a flash it was gone so fast that it left his eyes blind to the sudden darkness. On reflex, he covered his head with his arms, feeling rather than seeing the last dying light of the red star. His fur felt like he had stood far too close to the fire, the heat having seeped into his skin and left him sore and stinging. He wasn't sure how long he watched, but it was long enough. This, this was no mere sign. It was a strike, an attack, from what or where he couldn't say. All he knew was that the sudden image of a swooping hawk cutting the blue sky upon her prey came crashing down into his mind. His imagination added one plus one, and he knew. He knew this was serious, a horrible omen.

With all the protective prayers echoing in his mind, along with that one unanswered question, he rushed down to the Great Fire, its glow suddenly so frightening and a bit too bright to his eyes, where the others would be. He thought back on his teachings; his gods are made of many unknown things. They are beings of great kindness as well of great cruelties. Such is Nature; it is cruel, harsh, unforgiving, but also nurturing, beautiful, and giving. But most of all, it is powerful, capable of many things beyond anyone's understanding. Was this one such thing? This raw ember of wrath falling from the sky, come to strike upon the heads of so many like a warhammer, could it be the god's design? How could there be such a mighty and uncaring beast be anything other than the will of the gods? Then if so, what would be the reason? Have they done something so unforgiving, that warranted such retribution? None that he was aware of, at least. Surely something so foul would have reached his ears in gossip and whispers, it couldn't remain hidden so well, right? All these questions his mind, along with that one question.

What are you what are you what are you what are you what are you what are you what are you what are you what are you what are--

He reached the center of the village, and already he could hear the crowd gathering quickly. What would he say, what would they do, what was going to happen, to them, to their neighbors, to the land, what could right this calamity, what what what?

Just as he was about to address the others, he felt the land quake beneath his feet, starting small but growing fast and strong, making him lose his footing and his heart sent adrenaline everywhere. Dion has to duck to the ground to avoid the worst of it, hands on the grass, and he wished he was in his four-legged form. Never had he gone through such an ordeal, and it chills him. The flashes from his dream come flooding back, the screams of the falling beast echoing deaf into his bones. The shaking felt like the land itself was snarling and growling by the attack. This was so beyond his knowledge, too dire for words. The trembling stops after a while, as swiftly as it came, and he struggles to find his voice.

What are you what are you what are you?

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Within the text of the sage's holy book there were procedures for what was expected in the skies above them. There was the moon, the sentinel of the night's sky. The sun with its rays bringing life, the nurturing light of day. Then when the pair meet it was a sign of a connection between realms. A symbol of balance met in tranquility. With the appearance of this red messenger Fenrir grew anxious. Nothing within his text, nor any of the others spoke of what was to come. Rylan, his son, even grew weary of the beast above them.

On that day, on that day of calamity Fenrir adorn his white cloak. His fingers dressed in metal and wrists in shimmering rings. His son wore his own cloak, if today was to be one of great destruction then let it be with them upholding the path of the sage. The Great Fire was where they were to be. If the pack shall perish, then all would gather as a family to face death. Hoods up the pair stared, like prey accepting fate, at the red hawk about to swoop onto their land.

Among the group was the holy medic, he appeared as a man whose mind scattered like shards of a vase dropped onto stone. Fenrir smile towards all. He pressed his head against his son's in case this may be the end. Then as if the gods grew tired of waiting the air seemed to burst with sound, the land shook with great force, and all those gathered were at its mercy. The sages pierced their spears into the earth kneeling, hands gripped onto the weapons for stability. If a fight could salvage their lives then it would be cowardly not to defy this divine tragedy.
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The day had progressed slowly with the feeling of dread, as if something was about to happen. At least that was how it seemed to Ibycus. While he did chores around the stables, he kept looking over his shoulder or scanning the area around him and no matter what project he tried to work on helped to dispel the continued thoughts that something was out to get him. Even the horses and other livestock were not themselves and would keep looking around at the surrounding landscape, almost as if there was a predator was stalking them.

As the ominous red star hung low in the sky as the night wore on, if there was a time that he had felt alone, it was even more so now while he watched it drop to the horizon. Ibycus pondered over his life and what little he had accomplished through the years and at the regrets that now filled his mind. The biggest regret he had just as the ball of fire dipped behind a hill was that he was unable to say goodbye to anyone in this final moment of existence.

He could feel the tension the emanated from the barnyard as the blinding flash filled the night sky and cast long shadows over the landscape for a few seconds. The chaos that followed terrified him, however the thoughts that went through his mind were not of his possible demise but that he hoped that everyone else would be ok and that the horses had kicked their way out of the barn.

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it's a part of me, apart from me

Feeling the adrenaline sharp and strong in his veins, urging his body to do something, he looked frantically around him, seeing the people in the village struggle against the reverie of the ground beneath them, and to grasp what just happened. Taking a deep breath, hoping it would quell the intensity inside his chest, he stood again, a calm voice in his mind telling him to remember, your lessons, your place. His animal side tells him to just run away, to wherever is safe, but the voice tells him to stay, they need you.

He saw Ibyscus, and from the corner of his eyes, he also saw Fenrir and his son, cloaked and their weapons steadying them. The priest gripped his bladed staff more firmly, and finds some solace in the smooth wood. His body still shivered and pulsed with the fear, the panic, his soul lamented and wasn't sure how to cope with what's happened, couldn't understand this grief. But his mind remembers, and it takes the two by the hand and leads. "EVERYONE! PLEASE, IS EVERYONE HERE, IS EVERYONE ALRIGHT?" He yelled against the thick panicked voices surrounding him. He needs to make sure everyone is here and unharmed, make sure everyone is safe. He can't allow them to be harmed, not by this, not like this.

As his eyes scanned the crowd, looking at each face and listing off their names in his head, desperately fighting back the shivers to remember everyone, is he missing anyone? Just as he was thinking, his ears popped at the same moment a massive wall of wind knocked him off his feet, and he had to use his staff so he didn't fall on his face. A new wave of destruction came rolling over them, hot and strong. It blew the breath out of him, and as he closed his eyes against the wind, he felt more than heard the others struggle against it as well. When will this stop? Must this beast keep hurting them so?!

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