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His family was safe, but the chaos was far from over. All around the Fort livestock had scattered and debris from buildings layered the ground that was just beginning to green with the hope of spring. Trees were knocked down around the river and the blast had knocked lose some of the rocks from the wall. The invisible blast of heat seemed to be the worst of the evils when it came to those he cared about – his pack. Tennyson was rounding up the last of the horses, whose skin had been seared to the point of blistering in some cases, and many of the pack were suffering from burns of varying degrees. The quakes, which were still annoyingly on going, had done their fair share of damage as well, including to his little Indi who had managed to become injured.

By this point of time the Cavaliers had gathered outside of buildings, deciding it was better to be outside when the quaking returned, instead of risking buildings collapsing down on them. It had been quite some time now since the strange heat wave. Veri and Morty moved as quickly as they could through the pack members, helping those in need of medical attention, while Jonas and Isaac kindly offered food to their shaken up friends. Just as it seemed things could not possibly get any worse the Lune’s ears began to twitch again, golden eyes turning to Lyris unsettled and confused.

A strange sound grew louder and his brows frowned. Suddenly he knew what it was, he had heard the sound hundreds of times on the Avalon but nothing this loud. “INCOMING!” He called out, his call turning into a warning howl as he reached for Indi and Teagan’s hand just in time for a wave of massive proportions to rise up over the Fort wall and come crashing down around the gardens. The courthouse stood strong, blocking some of the blow but the 15 foot wave pushed the family, and the Cavaliers, off their feet.

Seconds dragged on as Luca gripped at his daughters as tightly as he could, kicking his feet in an attempt to pull them up over the water. In what seemed like an eternity his head popped out of the water and the wave began to pull back towards the ocean. The drag of the retreating water gripped their bodies and even when his feet touched the earth the wave continued to pull him backwards with strength far greater than his own.

Gasping for air he pulled Teagan close, his bright eyes searching for Lyris and Indi who had been separated by only a few meters. Water rushed through the Fort, covering the lower half of his body and making it difficult to stand still. Alarm bells rang in his head – waves did not just come in singles. “We have to get out!” He shouted to Lyris, shooting another warning cry into the air. Spotting Morty near by, hugging her bag of medical goods he practically dragged Teagan through the water to the healer.

In a demanding voice he gave his order, “Morty. Find Clara and gather the kids. Get them outside of the Fort now!” There was a growl to his voice that dared anyone to deny him and for once Morty said nothing, nodded and reaching out for Teagan. “Indi! With Morty, now!” He barked across the water before turning to give Teagan a kiss on the forehead. Staring golden eyes down he held her by the shoulder, “You and your sister stay together with Morty. Everything will be okay.” Turning away he dared not add an ‘I promise’.

With the children in good hands he waded back to Lyris. “Round up a group to get the horses outside of the Fort. I’m going to try and save some of the sheep and chickens.” Pausing for a second he added more softly, “I love you.” With another second of silence to let the moment sink in he began to wade towards the barn, where the sheep and chickens had been turned in for the night.

OOC: This thread is a general 'Tsunami wave 1 reaction' thread. Set and 1.5 hours after impact. Catch up on what is happening and sign up for thread groups HERE. TLDR: Luca has sounded the alarm seconds before a 20 foot wave hits the fort. The water has pulled back but remains between 2-3 feet deep. Lyris is in charge of rounding up horses, Luca is heading towards the barn to save the sheep and chickens. Alistair will be forming a group to collect resources from buildings for saving. Second wave will hit in 5-10 mins in the GROUP THREADS followed by one more in our re-group pack thread upcoming. 600+ words


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Note for me: follows this thread.

If this wasn’t what the end of the world felt and looked like, Teagan was sure it was a close second. The home she had grown up in, had mapped and navigated every nook, cranny, turn, and otherwise, was in complete ruin to what it had been just hours ago. When the day had started, it had been like any other, but, it had ended in a whirlwind of chaos and despair. And it was all because of that stupid star—no, ball of fire that had crash-landed into the ocean. Indi was hurt, as were many others of the pack to include some of the animals. Teagan’s heart reached out to the burned horses, and it took everything in her to not think about the falcons—who had gone missing some time after the first sighting of the red star.

Teagan stood near her parents, one hand fisted and the other holding a piece of bread that had been handed out. Her canary gaze moved to check on her sister beside her for the umpteenth time. Morty had quickly seen to the koi-colored girl when they had managed to flag her down. Indi’s shoulder looked painful, and the Lotta was pretty sure Indi wouldn’t be taking to her Lupus form any time soon with the injury. “Crazy, isn’t it?” She joked softly, referring to the whole situation they had found themselves in. She took a forceful bite out of the bread Jonas had given her. “This is like something out of our books.”

She chewed thoughtfully, careful not to let it appear that she was actually effected by the destruction around them. Her attention strayed as she heard an odd, rumbling that sounded a lot like… Water? No sooner had the sound reached her ears, her father had let out a warning shout. Teagan’s head managed to turn towards the sound, only to see a giant wave of water to come rushing over the fort’s broken walls. She didn’t have time to think about what it was or what it meant before she felt a hard grip take hold of her hand.

One minute she was standing, the next, she found herself floating in a torrent of muddy water. Random debris smacked her as it swept by, threatening to rip her from the grip on her hand. Whoever it was, they held firm and dragged her to the air above. When her head breached the water’s surface, she let out a sputtering cough. Her charcoal hair stuck to her face, but, the strands were of little importance when the thought of drowning or being swept away somewhere was on her mind. Her canary gaze shot to whoever gripped her, and, she honestly could not have been happier to see her father on the other end of the hand. “Daddy!” She shouted above the roar of the waters. She gripped his arm like it was a lifeline. “Where’s Indi?!” Her canary eyes were wide with panic. Her sister had a bad arm! She wouldn’t be able to swim properly in this! Her head pivoted about wildly. “Mom! Indi!” She called out over the rushing water.

When the water receded, Luca managed to keep them from being dragged out with it. It was times like these that she was glad he was so strong. She dared not let go of her father even with the lower water level. It was up to her torso—a good splash could have probably submerged her—and, if she really wanted to, she could have probably swam in it. Before she could even think to ask what had happened, the Lune let out another warning bellow. She looked up at him, confused as to why he made it seem so urgent that they do so, and do so quickly.

With his strength, the pair managed to wade their way toward Morty who stood on a bit of some higher ground—though, by no means out of the standing water. The young princess listened as her father instructed the medic. It wasn’t until she reached out for her that Teagan realized that she was going with her. Her head snapped back to Luca, her brows furrowed and a mild look of betrayal in her eyes. “But, Daddy—” She didn’t want to leave him! He could protect her, he, he—he kissed her forehead and looked her in the eye. With his hand, he instilled confidence and trust in her, and Teagan had to fight from letting her lip quiver at the indication of his words. She nodded, her canary eyes glimmering with resolve. “Okay.”

Her eyes found Indi and she offered her shoulder once more. She gave a glance behind them as Morty lead them away, finding her parents speaking to one another. Stubbornly, she turned her gaze away.

She hoped the words weren’t the last she’d ever say to her father.

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Indi was unusually, unnaturally quiet as the pack slowly began to pull itself together. Her loud, exuberant nature was how she usually dealt with the wellspring of energy that always seemed to be bursting up from within her. Now though, in the fact of all this, she found that her voice had been stolen from her, replaced with speechless shock and horror. The young girl had been trembling uncontrollably for some time now The pack that Indi had grown up in, her entire world, was a shambles. The red star had torn Kingsbury up and shattered it across the ground, leaving the Cavaliers to pick up the pieces.

As soon as Morty had declared her ‘good as she’s going to get for now’, Indi had found her way to her mother’s side and glued herself to it like a second shadow, silent as a ghost and desperate for the comfort that only contact with her family could give her. She watched the world around her with wide, vacant eyes and chewed unsteadily on a piece of jerky Jonas had passed out to her. The meat felt flavourless and pointless, but the act of chewing gave her something to focus on other than the pain. Indi was holding her injured arm close to her body, propped up by a makeshift sling. Even after Morty had subjected Indi to the least pleasant experience of her life and returned the joint to its proper place, the shoulder felt swollen and stiff and Indi had only made the painful mistake of trying to move it once. The Medico had done a good job of Indi’s wounds; as much as Indi found the oddly excited look on her face when she saw the gash on her shoulder off-putting, she definitely knew what she was doing. Unfortunately with so many injured there was little more that she could do than apply some basic poultice to the worst wounds on Indi’s head and shoulder and bandage them before she had to move on.

A familiar voice shook her out of her reverie, and she tilted her head to see Tea approaching with a chunk of bread in hand. Indi wished that she could be as brave as Tea, as the rest of their family. Luca was up and directing the pack and even Tea was putting on a brave face. Indi so wanted to grin and joke with Tea, but she felt like she had been shattered, and didn’t have the energy to pull herself together. All she could offer to Tea’s joke was a shaky, “y-yeah,” forced out through chattering teeth. After a moment’s hesitation Indi left her mother’s side for the first time in almost half an hour and moved over to Tea, moving quickly as though she couldn’t stand to be by herself for more than a few seconds.

“Uncle Enzo didn’t show me any books like this.” she mumbled quietly, sticking almost as close to Tea as she had done Lyris. She opened her mouth, trying to dredge up some joke or light-hearted comment of her own, but rather than words, all that her throat offered was a faint sense of nausea and she closed her mouth again with a click. Instead she buried her muzzle in Tea’s shoulder, too tired to even hide the obvious comfort she was taking from her sister’s scent.

Indi noticed the sound of the water around the same time as Tea, her ears shrinking flat against her head a split-second before Luca warning howl split the air. Indi’s shriek of pain as Luca’s hand closed around her injured right was drowned out by the thunderous roar as the ocean invaded the fort, pouring over the walls and scattering the Cavaliers like ragdolls.

Indi tried to hold on to Luca, fought against the force of the raging torrent with all the strength she could muster, but her arm was still weak and she felt herself being torn away. She tumbled and spun uncontrollably at the water tossed her to and fro. The water banged her against the ground and stone walls without a care in the world, as though some angry god had picked her up and begun tossing her about. At one point her sling snagged on something and tightened around Indi’s throat, though thankfully the fabric snapped because it could do more than jolt her neck. Just as Indi’s vision was beginning to flicker and darken she felt a strong hand suddenly grab her by the scruff, lifting her up and out of the water. As Indi spluttered and gasped for air she turned her head to see Uncle Enzo, hauling her towards a calmer section of water where Morty stood clutching her bag.

Her heart soared when she saw Luca and Tea approaching through the water, but it quickly turned to ice when she heard his words. “No!” she shrieked, and only Morty’s hand suddenly closing around her uninjured arm stopped her racing towards him. She couldn’t leave Luca and Lyris, she couldn’t! She felt like a babe that had just woken from a nightmare, as though if she let her parents out of her sight some shadowy force would snatch them from her. With frustrated tears in her eyes she struggled weakly against Morty as Luca spoke quietly with Tea. It was only when she felt Tea as her side, slipping close to support Indi again, that she flopped in defeat and let herself be lead away. “Don’t leave me as well.” she begged quietly, good hand reaching out to clasp her sister’s tightly as they waded away.

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I hope that you remember me

Her freshly burned scars were already beginning to blister unbecomingly, but Lyris forgot the fiery pain quickly once her sight was lay upon her mate and daughters. It was the perfect remedy, that overwhelming rush of relief and also a bit of fear; Indi was hurt. But it was not in any way life-threatening, just painful. Lyris didn't like to see the blue-eyed girl in pain, but there was nothing she could do to stop it, except watch Morty pop the shoulder back into socket and the Guarire cry in even more pain. Lyris squinted her eyes with unpleasant sympathy, reliving the same experience when her own shoulder had lost its place during the war against the Loner Syndicate. She never wanted her children to go through such a thing, but it seemed she was quickly losing control over what she could expose her daughters to. For example, this Hell. This was not something she would have chose for anybody to experience.

Lyris kept her hand rested gently yet somehow protectively over Indi's arm as the girl stuck close, white and orange-kissed fur mingling with that of her mother's. The Cavallo had been disquietingly silent throughout the rest of their reuniting, only bursting into speech to ask after her family's wellbeing. She'd lost any words for what was happening. Indi pulled away, and Lyris let her go to her sister, watching with ever-increasing gratefulness. At least they had made up.

Lyris' ears twitched with the oddest of rumblings, and she lifted her head to look up just as she witnessed the sharp wall of black that was glinting in the light of the moon. Luca cried out, and Lyris took one step towards her Lune and the sisters before she was hit. At least Luca had grabbed them, she thought, cursing herself for not staying closer. Among the panic that threatening to choke her, there was an odd sense of relief as the water washed over her burned skin that could only be short-lived. Something like a thick tree limb slammed her in her cut shoulder and Lyris winced, briefly submerged before pulling herself back up, coughing with the inhalation. The tide pulled back, and the water in the Fort began to recede. The mother found her footing and whipped around, watching as Lorenzo carried Indi back to her father and Teagan. Lyris ran to them as quickly as the water would allow, reaching down to assess both Indi and her sister, when Luca said something she immediately disagreed with. Lyris stood, that characteristic fire sparking in her chest as she got ready to argue with the Lune, but it died quickly when she realized it was the only feasible option. Heartstrings pulled taut and painfully, the Stryder gave each of her children a soft peck between the ears and then crouched, turning her face so that they could only see the whole half of her. They didn't need to see blistering scars. "We will find you. Don't let go of each other. Stay with Morty and Clara, alright?" She waited for a response before stepping slowly and painfully away and turning to Luca. Her eyes hardened as she nodded, already running through who to gather and how to go about saving the steeds. She was surprised at his brief whisper and show of affection, and she couldn't help but return it. Before he waded away Lyris grabbed him by the arm and pulled him back for a kiss. "And I you." Then she let her Lune leave, and with a final glance back at the tattered sisters, she began her determined trek through the mucked water, trying to locate figures in the darkness to help her save what was precious.

((600+)) All the Stryder-Knight fam! Hope some minor pp is okay for you guys <3

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Into the night

Seconds after the ball of flame shot across the sky a massive blast of heat seared his exposed skin making his scars flush with color. The windows of his shop were blown out, scattering shards of glass all along the floor. And then a tremor shook the ground. His furniture scraped across the floor, some toppling over. A saw horse fell on top of him, knocking him so solidly on the head it made his vision swim. Wood beams groaned against nature's might...and then all became quiet. The shaking stopped.

His arms dropped to his sides and he lifted his head, squinting at the shop around him. It was a disaster. His belongings were scattered amid chips of broken glass and debris and the cool night air smelled of ash. Alistair got up carefully and swayed once, disoriented. He managed to lean against a wall until he got his bearings. And finally decided that he stood a better chance outdoors than he did in.

He found his crutch fallen on the doorstep and fit it beneath his arm then walked out into the square suddenly anxious. "Guin! He called out for his daughter, eyes darting this way and that trying to catch a glimpse of her liver and tan fur. "Guinevere?!"

Another quake threatened to knock him off his feet and then a great rumbling. His ears shifted back and his gaze slowly followed. He heard Luca's shout and then he saw it. A massive wave came down from on high. It swept him off his feet, pulling him underwater just after he managed to suck in a great breath of air.

He kicked off the ground with his uninjured foot as best he could but only moved up a few feet. The water swallowed the Fort and pushed him hard into a shop's wall, knocking what breath he held out of his lungs. The world became dark and suddenly arms were pulling him upwards and air rushed back into his lungs. He opened his eyes, coughed and sputtered as Jonas hauled him bodily up and onto his feet.

The water had receded but a few feet of it remained, soaking up his legs.

"Alrigh?" Asked Jonas gruffly. Still coughing Alistair nodded. His hair dripped water into his face and he wicked it away, rubbing at his stinging eyes. Jonas was turning away but Alistair grabbed his arm.

"Guinevere." He managed to say hoarsely. Jonas's brows knit.

"Ain't seen her." He replied but soon added. "I'm sure she's alrigh,' we'll find her." Alistair sorely hoped so. She was all he had left.

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Word Count → 725 :: References this. Minor PP approved beforehand by John when it comes to Lycaon!

Everything was in ruins, to some degree. Rubble was strew from the still persistent quakes and that awful, powerful gust of wind that’d toyed with the weakened roof of her and Lycaon’s house until part of it gave way under the strain. She was fairly certain that, should it ever stop shaking, she would keep to living in a burrow within the ground for now on. Her skin stung with various lacerations, but, thankfully, they’d avoided getting crushed from bits of wood that’d once hung overhead. Golden eyes traced over the wreckage again and again, at her fellow pack mates with burns and singes and other injuries, as if she could stare at it long enough, she could comprehend how, and why all this happened. Before tonight, she’d never considered some flaming ball, star or not, could ever fall down from the sky, let alone leave so much destruction in its wake. How wrong, how naive she’d been.

She hadn’t left his side since they’d emerged from their broken home, her hand in his, as it had been for nearly as long they’d been out of the building. His grip in hers made him real, made him secure, unlike so many other things that’d given way during the night. His presence gave her strength against the gnawing worry and fear in her gut. They’d see this hellish night through.

Then there was a rumbling, as though the earth was growling, softly at first, but the volume rose by the second. Chocolate ears twitched, and she turned her head towards the wall, and her gaze met with the dark wall headed their way and stole the breath from her lungs. Her grip must have tightened, or he must have heard it too, for Lycaon also turned his head. The Lune howled a warning just before it began to fall upon the Fort. She felt, rather than saw herself getting pulled in closer to her mate just before the wave broke over them and swallowed them whole.

Salt water filled her nostrils and stung her eyes as the wave tossed them about, knocking the breath out of her once more, disorienting her as they rolled with the sea. Stones and wood and other debris bounced around them in the wave. The water seemed to wrap itself like fingers or vines around them to pull them down and apart. Her legs kicked wildly underneath her as she tried to swim towards the surface, wherever it was, and she held onto to Lycaon’s hand for dear life, unwilling to be swept away from his side. Finally, they broke the surface and she coughed out the water that’d forced its way inside her mouth and nose to suck in a breath of air, still kicking to stay afloat. Eventually, the water receded to the point where her paws met muddy ground once more, while invisible tendrils of the wave still tugged at her legs to pull them back to its home; Lycaon helped keep her as best rooted to the ground as he could.

If there had been chaos before, the wave had raised hell. Some buildings were already in stages of collapse, silhouettes of rubble and livestock could be seen against the waters. Their home was half-submerged. They were not safe now; they needed to leave, all of them. She felt Lycaon’s arms begin to move off of her body, and she lifted her head to gaze up at him as he mentioned something about horses, trying to ignore the rush of panic inside her. No! They couldn’t separate now, not after that, all that! But their horses, the pack horses, they all needed to be rounded up too. So it was that she turned herself around long enough to give him a quick squeeze, and pushed herself high enough to give him a kiss. ”Come back to me when you’re done, safe and in one piece, okay?” Only with his affirmation did she let go. ”I love you. . .” She whispered, and watched as he turned and headed towards the stables after Lyris. She turned her own back and waded in the opposite direction, searching for a job that she could perform to help all of them get out faster.

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Jace/Melissa, lemme know if anything needs changed. :3 I think I avoided any other PP. -- +778

Callum couldn't remember being as scared at any other time of his life. When things happened, his normal reaction was to get mad. When the pirates had attacked when he was still just a yearling, he hadn't been scared as he responded to the call. Neither had his altercations with Vidar, the encounter with that crazy loner in New Dawn that had attacked Raeka, nor the one who had targeted Veyra scared him. He had just been profoundly pissed at one party or another. Anathema's attack had not even scared him besides the fear that his mate and sons would not survive the attack. He had channeled that into a desire to rip, maim, tear the attackers to bits.

But all of those encounters were against mortal foes, as mortal as he was himself. What could he do against a fallen star? What chance did he stand, did any of them stand, when the very sky was attacking them?

When the star had first fallen, he had been standing just outside the Fort with his uncle. They had watched it as it struck, felt the heat from its impact as it blistered the exposed skin of their collective scars. Lorenzo had attempted to block Cal from the thermal wave, but there was no evading its effects entirely. The white Knight's face had been burnt the worst, with his shoulder scars suffering near to that level. His ribs had somehow escaped most of it, probably because of Lorenzo's turning toward his nephew to block the wave of heat. Part of Cal's fur had singed along his front side

Just as they had begun to think trouble had passed, just as they had nearly made it back to the Courthouse, the very earth beneath them had begun to quake. Both males were knocked over, and they could hear the buildings around them groan. Callum had continued at a crawl; he thought Lorenzo was behind him, but his only mission had been to find Veyra. Find her he had, moving similarly to himself just at the top of the stairs down to the armory. He looked her over with wide, frightened eyes, then nudged into her neck before sending her on toward the exit and then moving on to help his uncle and look for his sons.

Afterward, he had made for the outdoors, to reunite with his family, back on two legs with the shaking ended. He found Veyra, held her closely to him, and waited for orders. Any wolf looking at him could tell that he was trying to keep calm, to keep up appearances. His orange eyes darted nervously, scanning the gaps between the buildings and between heads looking for either of his sons. His ears moved in kind, listening for his name or either of the boys to call for him.

A dull roar from behind him (and then his brother's warning cry) had him looking, ears turning all at once to focus on the sound, before the wave crashed down on him and Veyra, nearly wrenching his mate away from him. The breath was knocked from his lungs and he sucked in a mouthful of saltwater before he could orient himself and kick toward the surface with the chocolate female in tow. He surfaced, coughing, as the water receded, taking them all with it as it went. His eyes and the blistered sections of his scars burned. As his feet touched dirt, he dug in, struggling against the running water till he and she could stand. The water finally went mostly still, around thigh deep for him, and he moved toward the Sole and Lune as Luca began issuing orders to those around him.

Morty was tasked with gathering the children, but that wouldn't include his two because they were adults at going on two years old. Lyris began to move to the stable, and he knew that was where he would be the most help: Milité would be scared, and Milité scared would mean violence for any who tried to handle him, probably including Callum himself. He glanced down at the woman in his arms, and she looked back up at him. He knew that the stable was probably where Vey would be least useful, though he was loathe to let her be separated from him, but she was strong and would be okay. He kissed her once, and then again on the forehead. I'm needed with the horses. I'll see you when we meet back up. I love you, Veyra. He watched her go toward the Courthouse, and then turned himself to the stable.

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The sky... is bleeding. Khyren thought as she looked out the window of her dorm. Her emerald eye's widened even further as she saw the bright red star falling from the sky. Breathing faster with fear, she swiftly wrapped her bear skin kimono about herself and ran out of her room and down the stairs without closing the door behind her. Dashing out of the court house and into the clear space of the fort herself, she could see others doing the same. Following their eyes she looked over the fort walls and she gasped.

As she looked, it seemed the sky was on fire: the air began to rush around her and a bright light, nearly blinding her gaze. Raising on arm over her eye's, she was nearly knocked off her paws by a sudden gush of air and a deafening boom as if a nuke had exploded over her head. She put her hands on her knees to steady herself then gasped as a new horror arose.

Her face and eye's burned, and her scars began to glow a bright red with the heat that hit her like a wave. She shook her hand and rose herself to her feet as the heat wave passed over. Khyren's breath was quick and panicked, her world was falling apart and the earth was shaking benieth her feet.

After the initial panic of the situation died down within the next hour or so of running back and forth between the wood and the fort, the black female turned about, looking for the golden male and her owl companion. "Munroe! Kotori!" She called out, her hands cupped around her muzzle. Fear rose in her and the panic returned, she then ran for the forest.

As a loner, the woods had protected her. She wanted to feel that comfort now. Climbing up the trunk of a large red oak, the female looked out over the woodland. In the distance she spotted a shimmering line, and heard a low rumbling like thunder, or the crashing of a water fall. Narrowing her gaze, she though it must have just been the ocean, then she remembered. We are no where near the ocean... She stumbled from the tree and tried to run back to the fort. The air rushed around her again, but colder this time, and filled with the salty scent of the ocean. It has broken it's banks! Though she had no idea why the ocean would do so, it was coming. Fear and panic filled her mind, and she gave into to instinct.

Striding through the wood on four legs now, Khyren saw the walls of the fort and a wave of relief washed over her. But a new sort of wave would soon crash over her with deadly force, it was to late to get into the fort now. The black female then suddenly heard Luca calling out from inside the fort."INCOMING!"

The water crashed over her like an icy wave of death, pressing her against the ground and sucking the air out of her lungs as she was tossed about in it's salty depths like a rag doll. Salt water got into here eyes, nose, and filled her mouth, as she flailed about and was knocked against the walls of the fort. The back of her head smashed against a stone wall, nearly knocking her unconscious. Pain flared in her mind and her airs rung. Letting the water take her away, she went limp and closed her eyes. Debris from trees lashed at her arms and tore at her kimono. A large tree trunk nearly impaled her, but instead grazed her right side and ripped open her flesh, breaking a few ribs in the process. She screamed under water, but no sound or air left her mouth.

Finally, she broke to the surface and took in great gulps of air before being sucked down again, and suddenly feeling ground benieth her feet. She pushed up with all the force she could muster, and broke surface once-more. Her gaze was clouded with salt and tears, looking around she noticed she was inside the fort again. She then swam for shallower water, coughing up water and shaking water out of her battle scared ears.

Kimono in tatters, and hanging from her frame in raggedy strips; blood gushing from her side and from scratches all over her body; and black fur clinging her her frame, made her look like she had just been in a washing machine and tossed around in their with a bunch of knives and rocks. Her eye's where wide and pupils narrowed with the shock of what she had just been through. Wading in just-bellow-waist-deep water, she wondered how she had lived through the hell that had just befallen upon her pack. The shock and fear clouded her mind for a moment, and she could not even register the pain she was feeling in her body.

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The red star had gotten her attention today over any other day. It was the biggest she'd seen it, and it made all the fur on her hackles rise up like she was faced with some horrid enemy. Everywhere she went, even with Munroe earlier for their hunt together, the skin on her back prickled like she was being watched. The warrior princess attempted to shake it off by skulking around the woods for more prey, only to find the forest oddly devoid of life. Perplexed, the liver-cream wolfess made her way back to the Fort in her Secui form at a lope. As she approached the entrance to the Fort however, her attention was drawn to a red streak across the sky that came closer and closer to the earth. Eyes wide and ears plastered flat against her skull, every instinct inside her screamed to run. Before Guinevere could think of what to do, her paws raced her toward the Courthouse. The steps were difficult, and the heat wave only made it worse as her paw pads became sore. At least she was into the opening of the large building as the ground bucked beneath her and sent her rolling.

She stayed hunched to the ground through the worst of the quakes, but as soon as they quieted a bit the Bracciante started to shift. As she did the skin of her face, hands, and feet made it well known how much the heat wave had hurt, and she forced her whimpers to be quiet as they stretched into her Optime form. For once it took her a few extra minutes to orient herself after a shift, the pain of her burns making her pant through gritted teeth. A glance outside gave her an idea of how bad the Fort was off. Limping from her burns, the Knight made her way downstairs to the Armory. First she went by her room to grab her own belongings, then she grabbed her cloak to use to carry as many as she could. Four swords, three daggers, and a few of the small pieces of armor went into her cloak before she tied it off, and another sword and it's belt went around her frame on the opposite hip as her own weapon. Her head jerked up from the warning issued. What was incoming? Then she heard the roar that she'd only ever heard by the water and her body filled with the ice of dread. She'd taken longer down here than she'd thought, trying to be selective about what she took. She wasn't even sure if salvaging weapons was a good idea, food was more important, but the warrior pack needed the ability to defend themselves, especially if some were too injured to shift.

In a panic the Knight girl raced toward the stairs, her heart pounding in her ears, just as a deafening rush of sound thundered toward her, followed by a tide of water that quickly flooded the hallway and knocked her off her feet into the wall. Her hands wildly grasped for anything to hold onto and caught the rim of a doorframe. The water rushed all around her, nearly sweeping her away, but she gripped the doorframe and her bundle with all her strength and held on. The level rose quickly and she knew she'd be trapped if she didn't move now. Her teeth grit together and she made it to her hands and knees and finally her feet. She had to lean into it, and her pace was excruciatingly slow, but she made it to the stairs. The steps were more treacherous and she nearly slipped a few times. By the time she reached the top she had to hunker down on the steps to the Upper Level to wait for the strength of the water to go down, forced to watch as it got higher and higher until it seemed to peeter off.

Her feet carried her out of the Courthouse and down the steps into the high standing water that remained of the huge wave. Looking around at her home, Guin felt despair grip her from the inside. Everything was in shambles. Her dad was further into the Square, but there was no sign of her mother anywhere. This realization made her throat close up with fear. No matter how distant the silver female had become she was still Guinevere's mother and the liver-cream Knight couldn't bare to lose a parent, not like this. Her dad was safe, she could see him with Jonas at the moment, and that had to be good enough for now. With a painful swallow, she waded toward the houses she knew to be occupied to make sure no one was trapped.
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The red star frightened Veyra. She didn’t know what it was, no one did and for once she found herself wishing that she could read the books in the library to find the answer. Callum had reassured her that it was a passing thing but the huntress knew her white knight too well to believe his tall tales. Each day since it had appeared the light in the sky seemed to draw ever closer.

When evening had fallen the sky remained light, the star seeming as close as the sun at times. Was that what this thing was? A second sun? Although the moon dimly lit the sky it was no competition for the red eye that shone down on them now. Luckily for the mocha wolfess the common bedrooms were partially underground and Callum had hung a roughly treated hide up in the window to block out the light. Still unease pulled at Veyra’s heart and she found herself tucked under the bed in the corner, squeezing her eyes shut in a failed attempt at sleep.

A loud sound filled the air unlike anything she had ever heard before. It was a screeching cry, a siren of what was to come. Her ears pulled tightly against her head and she quickly pushed her head unto her body, tightly curling up to protect herself as the windows cracked and shattered above the bed. A wave of heat pulsed through the room and instantly her tongue rolled out of her mouth as she began to pant uncomfortably, unaware that those above the surface had encountered a burning heat.

There was a brief pause in the chaos and Veyra gathered up the courage to crawl from under the bed, pushing the door open enough to peak up and down the hall for anyone. Then the earth began to shake. Her body sunk closer to the floor, her belly feeling the cold cement under her. With ears folded back and teeth chattering in fear she froze. She could feel her heart pounding out of her chest and she felt as though nothing could save her. Shakily a paw moved forward as the scent of her mate came floating down the stairs like a guiding light. “C-C-Callum.” She uncharacteristically whimpered, her feet finally pushing her through the door and up the stairs to where his scent turned into his body.

Gently he led her out of the Courthouse and into the night. Over the next hour many of the pack gathered in front of the Courthouse. The couple cuddled closely, Veyra still shaking in her bones between the quakes of the earth. Green and orange eyes scanned the crowds taking in the scene as Morty and Veri scurried from canine to canine ensuring everyone was okay but nothing could prepare them for the hell that was to come. At Luca’s warning, Veyra shoved her body tightly against her mates. The wave knocked the couple over, washing them away from the building and sweeping them under the rapid water.

Chocolate hands grasped at white fur, refusing to let the water separate them as they kicked towards the surface. It took all of their might to hold on to each other and grip the ground that was now slippery under their paws but they persisted. Slowly the water began to settle and orders began to be shouted. Confusion over came the wolfess as Callum began to push away from her to help with the horses. What was she suppose to do now?!

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