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watch the flames climb high

His nostrils were burning with salt and his throat was parched. They had collected all they could tossed around by the angry surf. They had to get out. Now.

Alistair with Isaac's help stumbled towards the fountain, clutching leather bags full of all the meat they could carry. It was slow going. They were knocked about by the waves and had to dodge bits of debris pushed their way. Some of the Fort's wall had crumbled and some of the older buildings had collapsed. Wooden planks and siding floated past them. Alistair brushed them aside as he let go of Isaac to climb on top of the fountain in the square's center. Clutching at the stone for support he called out for his pack, his hoarse voice booming over the chaos and carrying as far as it could go.

His waterlogged pack-mates arrived one by one, some carrying heavy bags of supplies, others guiding livestock, while Morty and Clara shepherded the youth towards their Sole. Worry lined the faces of their veteran members while anxiety and fear was written on those of the youth. They took to the sides of their family members or friends, some embracing while others exchanged looks. Alistair's hazel gaze swept over the crowd, his heart beating wildly until he spotted a pair of ghostly green eyes and a liver pelt. He sighed his relief, "thank God," and reached out to her.

His worried gaze inspected her for wounds before he pulled her close into a tight, one-armed hug. "Are you alright, pup?" He held his daughter close for some time before letting go, but clung to her hand as he addressed the pack.

"The Fort is no longer safe. We must find higher ground." The Fort could no longer shelter them. They'd had two waves already but the Sole feared for more. "We'll head towards the mine. Follow me and stick together- we'll make it through this, yet." He turned to kiss Guin tenderly on the head and climbed down from the fountain where Isaac was waiting. The butcher helped him through the crowd and together they headed towards the Fort gate.

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Backdated: April 1st (+652)
Note for me and the parents of the rounded up kiddos: follows this thread.

All of these characters have arrived:
pNPCs: Morty, Clara
yNPCs: Damon, Isobel, Armani, Owen, Kyrah

Melissa, Ann, Alex, let me know if anything needs changing~<33

With the last of the children gathered, the Medico, Morty, navigated their solemn party through the chilly waters. They held on to each other, one hand holding the next, so as to stay together should another wave come through. Their line made it easy to follow Morty’s chosen path, and helped those that were less strong to stay with the group. The pack’s seamstress, Clara, brought up the rear, ensuring that Casa di Cavalieri’s youth did not stray.

The siblings, Damon and Isobel, had been found together after the first wave. Teagan’s cousin, Armani, had managed to find some high ground to cling to before the second wave hit. Clara had found Owen, and the pair had been in the midst of finding his sister, Kyrah, when the search party had arrived. Lucky for everyone, the daughter of Sophia had an affinity for water, and, even young, it had been the natural gift that had possibly saved her from drowning after the two waves that had swept the fort.

At the Sole’s beckoning, Morty altered their course, leading the children to the fountain in the middle of the fort. The two adults herded the children close and helped some of the ones with fading energy up onto the fountain to sit while they waited for their parents to arrive. As more of their pack gathered around them, the children’s shepherds did not stop them from leaving if they saw their parents or a loved one.

Teagan stood close to her sister, their hands still clutched together as she looked to and fro for any signs of their parents. “Do you see them, Indi?” She asked in a hushed tone. If all of the children had made it out alive, surely…surely their parents had too? From what she could understand, the adults knew of another wave to follow after the first. So, it was unlikely that they would have been as caught by surprise as they had originally been. Though, that did not account for where they might have been at the time of it though.

Her canary gaze swept about, scrutinizing every face that quickly appeared after the Sole’s rallying call. Her chest began to feel tight as none of them were their parents. Luca and Lyris were strong though, the strongest Luperci she knew. They were brave and smart…how could they not have—! There! There they were! Her heart beat wildly in her chest, overjoyed that nothing bad had become of them.

“Mom! Dad!” She barked over the small din as loved ones were reunited again. She lightly tugged on the sister’s joined hands. She wove them through the gathered crowd as fast as she could wade through the chest-high waters. Her ears were pinned, and, had her tail not been submerged, it would have been wagging. Once at their parents’ sides, she relinquished her hold on Indi so that they could properly greet their parents again.

In a decidedly Indi-like fashion, Teagan moved to give their mother a hug around her torso, head burying to nuzzle her once-pristine, white fur while her arms made to loop around her mother’s waist. “I’m so glad you’re alright,” she said softly to the two of them, backing off a bit from her mother.

Alistar spoke loudly once more, finally condemning their home to be unsafe and suggesting a new home for the knightly pack. It was devastating news, but the child was old enough to understand his decision. The place she had been born in to, had grown up in, it was three feet underwater and in shambles. Everything she knew…was gone. The pack had little choice but to abandon it. As everyone turned to follow the Sole towards the gates, the Lotta looked to her sibling and offered her hand with a small, reassuring smile.

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The unstable debris was dangerous to scramble over, and the pull of the water was strong, but thanks mostly to Xavier, the trio - Sylvie, Julien, and Xavier himself - made it the hundred feet or so from the Avalon's new resting place to the fort. They were all banged up from the ordeal, and possibly survived the ship being tossed because they were inside it when it was picked up and taken onto land. It ended up tipped sideways thanks to the shape of the hull, and they had to manage to get out of the tipped ship.

Sylvie's scars were burned from the heat wave, with a large blister formed on the one across her nose, but adrenaline made her numb to the pain now. She was fairly certain that both of her wrists were sprained from being tossed around as the ship was picked up and deposited. Her surrogate and adopted children had bumps and bruises, with Julien's scars burned as well. At least none of them had any broken bones that she was aware of, but this was only half her family. She had no idea where Lorenzo and Ghita were, or if they were okay, and the longer she went without seeing them, the more panicked she was becoming.

They heard Alistair's call for evacuation, but Sylvie was still looking for Lorenzo and Ghita. It was easier to see over their gathering packmates from her place on Xavier's back. He had picked her up partway back to the fort because his much greater weight meant he could more easily fight the current of the water that was being drawn back out, and she wouldn't be pushed aside by the debris that tugged at his legs.

"There!" Sylvie pointed and then flinched from the pain that shot up from her wrist to her elbow. She wiggled and pushed on Xavier's back, wanting him to put her down but he refused until they were next to Lorenzo, and even then he held her arm until she was holding onto Lorenzo.

"You're okay?" Sylvie threw her arms around her mate and Xavier turned away to make sure that Julien was still with them.
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Fire and Ice
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The black female was slowly wadding up the slope holding two ewes, one in each arm. Blood soaked one side of her body, and her wounds stung from the salt water and last heat wave. The scars on Khyren burned and angry red and were starting to blister slightly. Her emerald eye's narrowed and watering from the heat and water. With her kimono in tatters, she didn't just look like a wreck, she was a wreck.

Pain wreathed through her body, but she held on to the sheep tightly, determined to at least save these sheep from the deathly grasp of the salty waves. Looking up from the water at her battered knees, she focused her gaze on the canines gathering ahead of her. She spotted the pups, and Sylvie, out of the throng and moved a little faster towards her pack. Dropping the sheep in slightly shallower water, she rested and hugged her ripped up side. Panting, the black woman kept one hand on the swimming sheep to keep them from floating away.

Khyren barely registered what was going on other then the fact that they had to leave, and somewhere, Alistair was telling the pack what to do. Blood pounded in her ears and she picked up the ewes again as they started to swim off. Limping she stepped into the group of wolves. The only thing she could think of was. Is everyone alive? Or are we the only ones left? She felt the bile rise in her throat at the thought.

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Her arms clutched to the soaked bag that hopefully protected the dampened blankets and food from the worst of the second wave as though it were a lifeline as she slogged through the murky waters. She was a bit worse for the wear, lightly speaking; the wave had swept her off her feet and slammed her against the stony walls inside the Courthouse, and her tail throbbed behind her mercilessly, she didn’t need to see it to guess that part of it was broken. The only relief the water could offer her was the slight support it gave the damaged appendage, though passing debris quickly brought sharp twinges back up her spine. There were worse things that could’ve happened to her, though, all said and done.

She had just cleared the steps of the Courthouse when the Sole’s call reached the air, and picked up pace as best she could to reach the fountain. Worried eyes scanned for her mate the closer she got to the fountain and to her gathering pack mates, her heart pounding nervously with each passing second where she couldn’t pick out his dusty earthen coat from the crowd. He couldn’t have been swept out, not him; he was better able to anchor himself, to swim against the current. She’d told him to come back to her safely, he couldn’t just. . . And then she saw him, and again she was hurrying, trying to run against the water to him. She didn’t stop until she reached his side, and soon found herself holding on tightly to his hand once more. No words left her, she couldn’t find any to say. He was alive still, and with her, and those were among the most important things to her at that moment.

The Sole’s statement clearly pointed out the obvious to the pack. They weren’t safe here; they hadn’t been safe since the ground started shaking beneath them, and with the Fort half-flooded, there was no security nor dryness to be found. They had to leave, and she was more than willing to head out now rather than stick around to see what other threats nature decided to throw their way. Without any hesitation, she turned with the crowd, more than ready to follow Alistair out to higher ground, to shelter.

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collecting pictures from a flood that wrecked our home

Lyris had never been more grateful for her best friend. The stallion's withers had received singeing, but for the most part, Kenyon was perfectly alright, and he was even searching for her in the chaos. His feathered feet were heavy with water, and his eyes were wide, his gait an attempted trot that was difficult to execute with the flooding. But nevertheless, he nearly barreled into her when she had stepped out of the table with rings of rope. Then the second wave had hit, and she was pulled under the tide again, but the horse helped her back to her feet, and she had to move as quick as her body would allow. Throwing blanket and saddle and halter on in a matter of seconds, Lyris had begun her search and rescue, first seeking out Shasta. She'd then tied Bonnie, Lyra, and Nevada along with the colt to the horn of Kenyon's saddle. The horses were in varying degrees of panic, as some pulled against the restraints and others made the most awful crying noises. The Cavallo noted a small cut along Nevada' shoulder and the slightest irregularity in Shasta's gait, but she had no time to stop and help. Her concern was ever-increasing for the pregnant mare and her child, but again, she was helpless. Her first priority was to get them away from the water. Kenyon used every bit of his size and might to push through the water and lead the bedraggled few towards the fountain after Alistair's call. Lyris' eyes never stopped searching for Tennyson and Grynn, who she'd tasked with gathering Lola's horses as well as any of the remaining communal steeds. When she saw Tennyson on Buckeye's back and leading along Ears and Lola's horses, the tightness in her shoulders lightened a hair. None of them seemed in grave danger.

Eventually, she reached the fountain where the Sole had called for them to gather, and Lyris dismounted from Kenyon to allow him a break from her weight. She wished she had fresh water to offer, but despite the irony of being surrounded by water, it was from the salty ocean. "Teagan." Hearing her daughter's voice, Lyris whipped around in the water, nearly ready to retch with the relief of seeing them safe, if a bit waterlogged, after the second wave. "Indi. Oh, you haven't any idea." Lyris squeezed Teagan back at her hug, and despite not wanting to ever let go, she did, turning to pull Indi towards her, avoiding her hurt shoulder, and give her an embrace. "Stay with Morty and Clara. Keep holding onto each other." She commanded, and Lyris lifted her head to look for her mate. Locating the golden eyes of the Lune, she saw he had his hands full with livestock, but she gave him a look of hundreds of unspoken words before she slipped back to check on the few horses in tow. Nevada seemed alright, and she gave the mare's nose a pet, as well as Shasta, before she returned to Kenyon's saddle, stroking his neck in a gesture of praise. "A bit longer, kid." Meeting Tennyson's eyes and giving him a brief nod, Lyris looked for the bright fur of their king before following him on, sticking to the edge of the pack's crowd to avoid any nervous kicks by the several horses in tow. They began their trudge, and the mother had to struggle to avoid looking back at their tattered Fort.

((500+)) Lyris is riding Kenyon and leading Shasta, Nevada, Bonnie and Lyra. Tennyson is riding Buckeye and leading Ears and Lola's horses, Mourning Dove and Sugarplum. Anyone else in Lyris' group can be assumed to have located any other stray horses and be leading them, or assisting others with leading.

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All the houses had been empty, as well as the shops she'd checked, so she imagined they had already been empty or occupants had already been rescued. During her attempts to find any trapped pack members a seconds wave had driven her into the ground and knocked her into the edge of a house. Her grip on the bundle in her cloak became tenacious as she scrambled for purchase under her feet, gasping and sputtering for air. Her hands and feet burned, she was sure they had some blisters, since the salt in the water made them feel as if they were aflame. A swell of water crested over her head and she gasped from the shock of cold that engulfed her, filling her lungs with liquid. The Knight lunged upward with a powerful kick of her legs, fighting against the weight that wanted to force her back down again. Guin coughed and choked for air as she broke the surface, blinded for the moment before she shook her head viciously. Her ghost greens squinted and blinked rapidly to clear her vision further, looking around wildly for any packmates in need.

Hearing and seeing none, the soaked liver-cream Knight found her feet and trudged forward. Her dad, where was her dad? And mom? Her throat closed again with fear and she looked around more, desperate to see one or the other, and she wished her brother was here. Not because she wanted him to suffer through this with her, but just to have his solid strength at her side...and maybe a pun or two so her nerves didn't feel like they'd shatter at the next punch that nature threw her way. The call of her father caused her head to jerk up and she immediately picked up the pace in his direction. It was obvious that he searched for her through the crown that gathered, and the relief on his face was mutual as she reached out for him just as he did to her.

Her body trembled from the shock of the situation under his touch, and she felt her bottom lip wobble like she wanted to cry. Guin hadn't cried since...she couldn't remember. Her reciprocated single arm hug tightened around her dad, her muzzle burrowed against his chest to hide that she was so shaken. "I'm fine Dad. I saw you early after the first wave, I'm sorry I didn't try to reach you, I was worried someone might've been trapped in the houses or shops." she explained to him quietly. She felt bad now for staving off reaching him.

Her hand clutched at his as he made his announcement, glad he kept it in his grip. The touch of her dad grounded her a little and she could breath easier, but where was her mom? Once he finished Alistair pressed a kiss to her head and headed out toward the Fort gate with Isaac's help. She stayed close to his side, her eyes sweeping back and forth anxiously, and her arms tightened around the bundle of weapons. Her gaze lifted to the Sole's and she chewed her lip. "Daddy, I haven't seem Mom yet." her throat closed and she was forced to swallow. She hadn't called him 'Daddy' since she was very young, which spoke volumes of how shaken she actually was, otherwise she wouldn't have called him by such a childlike parental name in front of the pack where anyone could hear.
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The last wave had occurred in the middle of the packs evacuation efforts, raising the water levels in the Fort yet again and causing more debris to loosen. It took much of the Lune’s strength to balance a noisy lamb under each arm, leading a small group of canines and sheep behind him. Lorenzo had been sent with a cloak full of chickens into the Courthouse to release them into a room on the top floor in hopes that they would still be there safe upon the pack’s return. Hearing the call of the Sole he turned around, checking on those behind him. “Lets get going folks. You heard him.”

Passing by the shops a flood of relief filled his body as he took in the sight of a small gathering of members surrounding the fountain. Everyone was going to be okay. Golden eyes spotted Lyris entering the town square atop Kenyon. Making his way through the crowd he heard his daughter’s voice call out his feet moved a little faster under his body. “Girls!” He called out happily, wagging his tail behind him. Although he couldn’t really hug his daughters thanks to the two squirming lambs under his arms he leaned in to rub his muzzle against each girl’s head as Lyris moved to continue her work with the horses.

With orders from the Sole the crowd began to shuffle in the direction of the gates. “Stick together. I’m going to bring up the rear so I’ll be watching you.” It tore at his heart to turn away from his girls and before he went to far he turned to give Morty and Clara a stern look. “Keep ‘em safe ladies.” He spoke quietly before making his way to the back of the crowd.

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I have Merlin, who's being transferred to Alistair; Ulrich, Vito, and Tupelo. -- +380

Both horse and rider wore similar expressions as they trotted awkwardly toward the group in the water. Both were soaked, as were the horses that trailed behind on lead ropes tied to the bay's saddle. All were less than pleased with the whole affair. Only Mil was saddled; there were not enough saddles to tack every horse they owned, though he had slipped a bridle onto Merlin for ease of guidance by their injured Sole. The water, as deep as the bay's legs, made it difficult to progress through the Fort to the fountain where, from his vantage, Cal could spot Alistair standing above the crowd. The water conducted the already raised tones of the Sole's words, making them echo throughout the Fort easily.

The white male's throat closed at Alistair's words. The Fort, the bastion of safety, was not safe. Logically he knew this to be true, but the words spoken aloud made it no easier. He swallowed, said nothing, merely climbed off Mil's back and untied Merlin from the horn. Dropping the Shire's reins, he fixed the stallion with a glare that promised blood if he moved, and led the Sole's horse to him, touching shoulders gently to part the crowd to ease their passage. He left Isaac to help the Sole onto the steed's slick back, afraid to leave his own horse for too long with his current mood. Besides shuffling a bit, the stallion had obeyed his owner.

Cal grabbed the reins as the order was given to leave. He did not swing into the saddle yet, only held the reins as the rest of the pack, with varying loads, made their way past his group of equines toward the gate. He looked for his family with varying degrees of success. As the last few passed, he finally pulled into the saddle and turned Mil, allowing room for the three horses behind to turn, too. His brother was at the rear of the group with a lamb under each arm, squirming for all they were worth. He woofed lightly to get Luca's attention, extended his arms. I can put one of them ahead of me on Mil. Can hold the other, too, if you want Ulrich.

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The mocha wolfess wadded through the water, avoiding the debris that floated along the surface. The scent of Casa was muffled by the waves, water soaking in years of scents. All that remained was the individual scents of members on the breeze. Veyra was shaken up, there was no doubt about it, but she eagerly walked towards the gathering Cavaliers, green eyes searching again for her boys. By now the huntress was feeling a very real panic as she hadn’t seen either Munroe or Marius since the first wave.

Veyra was not a religious wolf but if her mate’s Fenris was real then she would have prayed endlessly until she found their faces again. Such a concern for her offspring was a new sensation for the wolfess who had frankly never been concerned for anything but her family name and herself. However, after so many tragedies she was starting to realize that Callum, Munroe and Marius was all she had left of her family around her. Her boys were all that remained near and dear that even remotely resembled New Dawn.

Seeing Callum ride in upon his horse caused he heart to flutter with joy and for a moment the tragedy didn’t exist. Quickly she moved on, the books in the hide bag weighing her down and pulling awkwardly on her shoulders. “Cal!” She called out over the crowd as the pack began to move into formation to leave the Fort. By the time she reached him Luca had passed one of the squirming lambs over and moved to the back of the line. Although she was walking on two legs she dare not get to close to the horse so she moved at a distance close enough they could talk, but far enough as to never accidentally touch the beast. “Have you seen the boys?”

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