Watch the fires rise, burn through my skin

p. Till

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When the red star fell, so to did her world.

The howls had been the first sign, eerie and foreboding in all their might. It would have been wise for her to have stayed inside, and yet, they called to her. She forgot what’d made them so entrancing, why they’d drawn her own from her home and into the open.

She stood, statuesque, in front of her dusty cabin, with her head held to the sky. Her green eyes were round and transfixed on the glowing red orb—of which she’d come to know as Tak’s eye— among the clouds. It was too small to be the sun, and easily it seemed that the brighter orb would devour the red spark.

But no power on earth could vanquish Tak. He was all seeing, all knowing, and she realized now that there was no hiding from him. "This must be the end," she thought as it began to flare angrily until it was larger than the sun.

This is retribution.

* * *

The wrath of Tak shattered the sky into burning hues of red and orange as it came down upon the land, bringing with it the heat of what felt like a thousand suns. Plague shut her eyes as it hit her, her arms raising as leather shielded her from what would have burned her body. Instead, the dark cloak gifted to her by the Bard took the brunt of it, and for a moment she frowned at the smell of singed fur.

There was no time to linger, however, as in only a matter of seconds did the earth below her start to rumble and quake. She fell to the ground, her legs weak from injuries, only managing to jerk her head around at the sound of a yowl. Tabby?

"Tabby," she mumbled, suddenly scrambling back to her home, expecting to find the bobcat waiting for her. But there was no one to be found.

Plague stumbled back outside, frantically looking for her one true friend. Where was she, she wondered, before she realized what must’ve happened.

She hadn’t noticed it in her daze, but Tabby had been asleep when the howling called to her. Plague was meters away by the time she awoke, by the time what she’d thought was a star began to swell, and even farther away by the time it fell.

The bobcat had lost sight of her in the heat, in the noise, in the rumbling of the ground, and now Plague wandered, aimless and reckless, in search of her friend. She smelt fire, ash, and every so often, blood.

Then there was the noise. The sounds of cracking wood and panicked animals and pack-mates grated on her ears, and soon she collapsed to her hands and knees, her raven hair falling over her face. It was too much—the sounds, the smells, the chaos—it was far more than she could handle.

She tasted iron in her mouth, and it only took a moment for her to realize that the blood from earlier—that’d been hers. With her tongue she found that a gash grazed her lip (presumably from her earlier fall) and she could only smile in an odd moment of what felt like...peace.

This was retribution.

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OOC: This thread takes place shortly after this thread. So like I figure that they can find Mirjam instead of Tabby? Very sorry for the wait on this btw. I was trying to figure out how to work this.

The star sent them all into chaos, as the Red God had wished. If he survived, he would be colored a believer, and worshiper. Till only prayed that the Red Star would not strike them, but it did. Oh, did it burn.
Till's memories of dark nights fueled his vision, whips crackling in his ears and the musk of blood. He needed to see the light, and his eyes scanned the dark forest, the skin blistered on his face burning as did the fire that burned some of the forests around the houses of Salsola. Till would be lucky if his home did not burn, but this did not stop his animals from running off. Jun, left behind by Viktor, had been the first to run, for she had no loyalty towards Till, while Maschine had stayed near the Old Wall until the earth started to tremble. Mirjam had been inside the cabin when the Red Star had hit, but the moment the earth trembled, and the glass blew from the window, she was gone. Till had not seen her leave, but the bloodied tracks outside of one of the windows had caused Till to think as much. He tracked her from this, and though his vision was blistered and pained at best, he needed to locate his steeds. He also would seek out Dullahan, and Elody on this night, but he figured that one of the two would be away from Salsola, and would have to be sought out after he regained his vision a bit better and was able to travel without risking infection to the new burns on his face.

Till blamed the gods for taking his looks from him. He was spiteful as he trembled through the darkness, his body reverting to his lowly lupus form as to be closer to the ground and more one with the earth. He would heed the warning of the garden witches, the women who often found solace in speaking with him of their religion, the snakes that would come from the earth should he not heed their call. Blood that was his would be taken, should he not submit to the will of the gods, and Till knew this all too well by now.

He did not know who he saw with pained eyes, only a dark shape along the earth while brightness of fire consumed the earth several paces away from them. Till looked to the broken woman, the sounds of chaos around them, and the thundering of hooves prevalent. Till stopped to look at the woman and he contemplated within seconds if she was dead, but the crazed smile that would form on her maw upon his approach had him knowing that she was not. Till narrowed his pained eyes before he close them to give them some relief. Hey, are you okay, m'lady? It's probably best to keep moving, or find somewhere to hide until the fires die out. he told her, a flick of a large ear making it turn towards her, as to assess if she was to move on or not. Long secui tail flicked nervously. They needed to keep moving. Are you looking for someone? I am too, maybe we can help each other. The man's tone was nervous, something that was rare on Till, but this whole situation was horrific at best.

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No worries, I understand! They can totally find Mirjam instead.(+311)

The world around her was a haze, and in the lapse of her sanity, she found herself among the wretched Khalif once again. The screams of darkling wolves burning rang in her head, making her want to claw at her ears until she could hear no more. Why was she back here? Had her time in Salsola all been a dream? Why, she questioned, why, why, why, why—

The air shifted and her heart began to race. Those dastards, the white devils, they’d come for her next. Where was Misery? She wouldn’t let them burn her own granddaughter, surely, even if she was a disgusting wretch. Where was her Oma?

“Where,” she rasped aloud. Her instincts kicking in then, her hands grasping in vain for the knife in her bag. She jerked her head and saw it sprawled a few feet ahead of her. Too far to reach now.

Plagued wouldn’t let them take her. They would have to kill her before she let them string her up like the darklings before her. She turned to face her would-be-assailant, her lips curling in a snarl and her hair falling easily out of one of her glassy green eyes.

He spoke, she saw him, and the scene before her crumbled.

There were no screams, no white wolves, no burning pyres. Only a badly burnt, seemingly blind man with concerned questions. He was looking for someone, too.

"Get up," she told herself silently, "Get up, you idiot."

The wraith took to her feet then, her legs unsteady and her raven tresses a mess. Shakily, she reached for her bag and slipped it over her shoulder before she spoke. Her hands wiped the moisture from her eyes. Keep it together.

"My friend," she croaked, "She’s a bobcat...I can’t find her. Who...Who are you looking for?"

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