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Scouting Thread #1

POSTED: Tue Apr 26, 2016 12:42 am

He had come for her.

He had come for her.

It took all of Hyacinths power not to tremble with rage at the notion that her betrothed had followed her from the gang territories of Toronto all the way into the Thistle Kingdom – but here she was in the wake of the crashing red star with the knowledge that he was here.

Her lips curled defiantly as she made her way through what was left of the burnt wood, and she hissed as the scent of a broken land met her nostrils. Salsola was strong, but she had been perpetually afraid since the meteor.

And now this.

The sky was a great heaving, unknown thing, and despite Brocades shows of strength and protection she still felt useless and alone. The nameless Five remained a threat, though at least this was a threat that she knew how to deal with.

Now that he was here it had at least given her something to focus her hatred and fear.

They had never met. Her betrothed had long been a figment of her imagination, a man whom had brought to her Father promises of peace and family ties. She remembered her mother clapping elatedly and pinching her golden cheeks, always something about good blood and handsome lines -- all things Hyacinth had not understood at the time. When it had come time for them to marry she had disappeared into the night with Weaver and her things -- though she had never once considered that he had wanted her badly enough that he would fight to have her.

Kill to have her.

Rafael and Hyacinth had convened for a time – their heads hanging together as they spoke lowly of their missions. The Militia man would lead his own group when the time came and she promised that she would return to him as soon as they had more information.

She had decided to gather the group early in the morning as the mist roiled between the broken trees – and at the command of their Queen she had leapt into the Blackwood. Hyacinth had called for them all – the pale Claire, the Bards pretty young daughters, and the rough and tumble Duncan. The once Vedetta pushed aside any thoughts of her usurpment, and instead rolled her shoulders as she ran, silently seekiing out any sign of the wolves who were to join them in their search.

Brocade was there too, a silver flash of secui muscle – who all too keenly watched the woman as she ran, his golden eyes dark with protective instinct. He was afraid for his sister, afraid for the man who had so confidently commanded she be summoned for him and him alone. As they ran he couldn't help the rumble that bubbled from his scarred muzzle, and with a grunt he propelled himself through the foliage only to skid to a stop as they came upon the edge of their territory.

The pictou river gurgled beneath them, and as Hyacinth trotted behind him she paused for a moment to nudge gently at his shoulder in silence -- and then turned to await the rest of the group.

They had spent the night before stowing away their weapons at pick up points along their way -- and even though she knew that her bow was safely stored she still found that she missed the comforting weight of its bow string against her chest. She stamped a heavy secui paw into the earth, and set herself to pacing.

Brocade was silent, and allowed himself to sit, nostrils flared widely into the wind.

This thread is for Hyacinth, Brocade, Hel, Quicksilver, and Duncan! Hyacinth and her brother are both in secui form -- though they will likely shift later on in the thread! Sorry for being so slow with this! I figure they can meet up along the borders and then set off into the woods!

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Boring post is boring~ [ 426 ]

Earthen tones melded with his surroundings as the Vedetto made his way across the marshland, his pendant bouncing off his shoulders as his limber limbs carried him deftly over puddle, pile, and pitch until his paws found purchase in the mossy earth of the Blackwoods, his nostrils filling with the fresh scent of sodden soil, pungent pine, and leaf litter.

He exhaled a heavy breath and slowed his pace to a trot as his lean lupus form made its way through the tightly packed trees, his course meandering through the shadowed woodland until he came upon a dimly lit clearing where he had dropped off some of his belongings on his last round of border patrol the night before.

After taking a moment to shift the young de le Poer rolled his repositioned shoulders and stretched his neck before pulling on his light cloak, shouldering his quiver, setting his bow on his back, and strapping his knife to his thigh. There was no telling what they were going to encounter and he had decided to forgo the use of his trusty spear for the much less conspicuous look of his bow and blade.

Tugging the oversized hood over his head the tall male continued the rest of the way at a reasonable and steady walk, unhurried as the position of the sun in the sky told him he was somewhat early to the clandestine rendezvous he had been summoned to. Why was still the question bobbing at the surface of the steady sea that was his mind, though at the very depths of it he had a pretty certain inkling.

He was the first one to find a body on the border – the image of the lifeless femme still sharp and detailed as he recalled it for a moment – and since then everything wasn't quite the same. It wouldn't be until this whole mess was resolved and even with the world recovering from its almost end it didn't stop the doers of these dastardly deeds from continuing their crusade against Salsola; but at least now the Family truly knew what they wanted.

A gruff sound escaped him as the shapes of Hyacinth and Brocade eventually came into focus just ahead, piercing glacier blues moving to settle on one and then the other as he offered each a soundless salutation with a movement of his maw. There was no need for words just yet, the others still had to join them, and then there was much work that needed to be done before the day was over.

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POSTED: Wed Apr 27, 2016 5:28 pm

Hel Eternity pulled her cloak tight around herself for a moment, hard enough that the outline of her dagger's hilt stood out against the fabric. The night was dark and foreboding; she loved it with every part of her. Her body moved quietly through the land of the Thistle Kingdom, her familiarity with it making her a mere shadow among shadows as she walked to the rendezvous point. She followed her orders and it was to there that she had been bidden go.

The scents on the wind were familiar, nothing strange was happening in the nighttime as she moved. Her paws drew her to the others, the Salsolans who had been summoned together by a threat. Darkness was their constant companion and their greatest ally in taking on their enemy. Though they were a scouting group and not one that would viciously attack. Not tonight. Perhaps there would be a time for that. But now was not that time.

She came to her packmates and paused, entering the area to look at the two in Secui and the one in Optime. No words came. She just waited. There were others that would come.

Then, they would proceed.
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POSTED: Mon May 02, 2016 4:14 pm

Her bare flesh burned beneath the black cropped top. It felt as if her skin had been peeled anew, flushed red from the heat of the falling star Rah'khir's arrow was emblazoned upon her skin and tender to the touch. She winced at the weight of her bow and quiver as they settled over her back and rose her dark-crowned head to Hyacinth's call. The Five threatened them all, but the Silevue female was their true target. Claire had kept her distance from the conflict so far, yet after the reveal of their culprit's identity the attacks became personal, in a way.

Hyacinth was her lover's sister and because of that connection she'd long since been privy to this secret of her betrothal. Because she knew and because she cared for Weaver she stepped silently out of the shadows of the wood to guard the back of his beloved sister. They were all Family here, and while the merchant temptress could hardly bear the thought of being tied down there existed possibilities. Maybe, one day, they might be sisters for real...Maybe.

She acknowledged each of them in turn, her topaz gaze lingering on Brocade's gold and Duncan's blue sights both, though this was hardly the time for her usual advances. Instead, she bent, one leg extended and picked burrs off her tattered black skirt with pale, delicate fingers. While her manner was at ease her body was anything but. There in the archer's body existed a constant, underlying tension. She never stood entirely still and her spotted ears were almost always high and alert. They swiveled, one, then the other and attuned themselves to the nightly stirrings, catching the quiet tiks and soft breathing of her companions. Like this, she waited

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