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POSTED: Tue May 03, 2016 8:38 pm

Backdated to April 12.

In light of Claudius' recent injury, he is unable to get around AniWaya as easily as he'd like and is currently holed up in his hut as he waits for his foot to recover. In the meantime, he is making Laurentin a sub-leader of AniWaya. Come for the announcement! All characters are assumed to be present, but join in if you'd like!

He had been stuck in his optime form for days now, and while a foot injury would not have been so bad on four legs, when one of his two was out of commission, it made getting around difficult to say the least. Although Claudius enjoyed having time to himself, which wasn't surprising considering he was a bit of an introvert at heart, he had grown accustomed to making his way through the tribe on a daily basis. Sometimes it involved patrolling and other times, it meant just talking to his fellow tribesmembers. Either way, he felt out of the loop and he didn't like feeling as though he might be missing something important in the tribe. He had asked his scouts to keep him apprised of the goings on of the tribe, but it wasn't enough. They weren't humans and being holed up for so long in his hut wasn't an acceptable way to run things. He had tried -- but it wasn't good enough. He needed someone else.

He managed to hobble outside of his hut and call Laurentin to him. He explained the situation and asked him if he was ready to take on a sub-leader position. Laurentin seemed confident that, given a bit more time, he would be ready to move into the skilled ranks. Claudius had always intended to step aside once his son was ready and had never planned to make him a sub-leader at any point; but perhaps this would serve as a useful transitional period for his son, one he might not have gotten otherwise. Claudius had been thrust into a leadership role and it seemed as though the tradition would continue with the Aston men.

Once that was sorted out, he and Laurentin howled together to call the tribe to his hut. When he was confident enough were present, Claudius began to speak.

"A-a-a-as yuh-you a-all huh-have suh-suh-seen, thuh-the... uh-uh-earth... huh-has tuh-t-taken muh-much of our luh-land buh-back fuh-from us. The fuh-fire in the suh-sky has a-a-a-also caused guh-great wuh-waves, which puh-pulled buh-both myself a-a-and Muh-Marsali... u-under its wuh-waves. Huh-huh-however, I duh-did not e-e-e-e... e-muh-muh-merge... unscathed. I huh-have buh-been unable t-t-t-to wuh-walk, a-and thuh-this is... thuh-this puts me -- and e-e-e-every-wuh-one I huh-have vuh-vowed t-t-t-to protect -- in a vuh-vulnerable... suh-state. Suh-so t-t-t-today, I a-a-am announc... ing... I a-a-am... muh-making... luh-Laurentin... muh-my suh-suh-sub.... leader, the duh-Diga... lawigi. A-a-and wuh-once... he i-is ruh-ready, huh-he wuh-wuh-will luh-lead you. I huh-have luh-lead... Ani-ni-Waya... for fuh-five yuh-years... and lived... for eight... so i-it is t-t-t-time t-t-to thuh-think... of thuh-the nuh-next leader... who can... usher a new chapter... in AniWaya's... life." He concluded with a nod and then stepped back to lean on a piece of wood and relieve the pressure off his foot.
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Laurentin could imagine someone telling him he was a bit too big for his britches. No one had ever said such a thing, mostly because -- he suspected -- the phrase was rather dated, but he suspected something along those lines could have described him at one point. Perhaps it had been his hellish run-in with that loner woman or maybe it had been quietly observing the interaction between Casa di Cavalieri and Anathema, but he was a little more quiet than usual. He was certain he would ruin this soon enough, but since his father's incident, he had taken to feeling a little sullen. He was still upset that he hadn't been there to help and that he had only found out about it a bit late, arriving after his father had been rescued, but not before he had been injured.

When Claudius called for him to join him at his hut, he had been unsure what would come of it. If anything, he had thought he would be scolded for failing to do his duty as a scout. But instead, his father told him he was changing their deal and that he wouldn't be taking charge of AniWaya as its sole leader once he broke through to the skilled ranks and instead would be instated as its sub-leader immediately if he was interested. After everything that had happened, he hadn't been sure if he was ready, but if things got really ugly, he knew he wouldn't be doing it alone. Besides, Marsali and Galilani would have to be awfully proud of him and he didn't think his father would do well with another attack from loners if he was stuck hobbling around on two legs (well, one at this point).

His answer had been a 'yes', but not without some apprehension. He had always been so certain of himself and full of youthful bravado that now that he was faced with real responsibility, he worried he wouldn't be able to handle it. Even if he couldn't, he would have to now that his father and the tribe were depending on him. It was a daunting task and he hoped he could live up to his father's and his own expectations.

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Luckily, the mishap with the water hadn't kept Marsali to one form for long, though Fayne had tried to urge her stubborn daughter not to shift. Though the Amarok girl had a strong preference for her four-legged forms, she was only just starting to learn about the wielding of weapons, how they could help a warrior or a defender, and she was determined that her knowledge would grow. That meant using her Optime form where necessary, though she hadn't got hands on with many weapons yet and didn't entirely trust herself to handle them until she had a fair amount of information.

Claudius' call roused her from a doze, or a daydream – Marsali wasn't entirely sure if she had been asleep or just letting her mind wander. Rolling to her paws, she shook out her thick coat and applied sharp teeth to her scruff to relieve an itch before beginning to make her way towards the hut which was inhabited by the tribe's leader.

As ever, curiousity pulled her forward and as ever she tried not to anticipate what was going on before the words were spoken – but Laurentin's presence had her breaking that rule even before she entered the scene.

Head cocked to the side, Sali listened to Claudius' speech, her gaze resting somewhere before her own paws. As it dawned on her what they had been assembled for, the Ayastigi's head lifted until she was looking from Claudius to Laurentin. A smile swept across her thick muzzle.

Marsali was much too young to know all the ins and outs of being a leader or a sub-leader of a pack, but she was happy for her blue eyed friend. Laurentin had only ever shown her kindness, and while that wouldn't have been the immediate quality she would have wanted in a leader, she didn't believe it could hurt.

Her tail thumped once against the ground and she stole another look at the Aston boy, wondering how he seemed to have matured in the minutes which had ticked by.

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In the wake of the meteor's impact and its aftermath, Fayne couldn't help but wonder what else her family could have go wrong. Yuna was thriving in the more humanized pack that suited her personality, but Krys and Brinan were just starting to settle in, and then this happened. At least their hut hadn't been demolished, but she wondered if they would have even cared; if it even felt like home to them, or to Altair.

Fayne was wandering around the garden when she heard the dual call from Claudius and someone else whose howl she didn't recognize. Still, she turned and headed that direction and joined the gathering of pack members. Yuna and Brinan appeared at her side, followed by Krys not too long after as Fayne found Marsali. Fayne looked up as Claudius spoke. She had to concentrate to understand his words, and Brinan shuffled his feet next to her and she knew that he had given up trying to understand. When he was older and more mature, Fayne figured he would do better.

She looked over at Laurentin as Claudius declared him a subleader. She did not know him well, but she knew that Marsali seemed to like him, so she was willing to give him the b befit of the doubt. It was not like another leadership change she had been through where she did not feel the new leader was suited for the position. Besides, Claudius's reasoning was solid and Laurentin would still have him around to learn from. It seemed like it would be an ideal situation.
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The Red Star crashing into the planet with the resulting tidal waves and earthquakes was one for the history books if anyone had actually chronicled the whole disaster onto paper for future generations to read. It was a rather unforgettable experience and Ibycus did not plan on forgetting it for a very long time. Everything from the second sun in the sky to that sun plowing into the planet to the earthquakes and finally the cleanup and repairs. For him, there were the fences and the barn that got damaged from the animals going crazy during the chaos or from trees and branches that came down when the hot winds blew through or from the ground movements that followed.

His muscles were sore from cutting and splitting the trees into replacement rails and fence posts. Whatever could not be used for repairing the fences he either cut into firewood or saved for possible use in repairing buildings. The call to gather came on the breeze and Ibycus made his way to the source.His arrival timed for the beginning of the speeches and he listened from where he usually made sure to end up whenever there was a gathering: at the back of the crowd.

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Claudius was glad to see that there were no angry faces and was glad to hear no contestations among the gathered tribesmembers. His ascension to leadership had been under much more concerning pretenses – he had been made the temporary leader during the war with Cour des Miracles, most likely because he had seemed easily malleable – and lost his position once Ulilohi had joined to right Maska’s wrongs. But he had found himself in the role of a leader once more and had outlasted even Ulilohi. He was glad to see that his son was being promoted in a situation that was less tense than when he had been declared temporary leader, even if it was sped up a little by his own injuries.

Of the faces that stood out to him, he spotted Fayne and Marsali, and had to strain to see Ibycus standing near the back. He was relieved to see that two of their newer members did not seem frustrated by the leadership change coming so soon after they had claimed AniWaya as their new home. He knew turmoil could be difficult, particularly having lived through a war and an assault on the tribe’s borders by the band of loners, so he hoped that this leadership shuffle would offer them some stability. And, ultimately, once Laurentin did take over as the Anasgayv in his place, it would not come as a surprise and would be seen as a natural progression.

Claudius turned to smile at his son, who gave him a shaky, but determined smile in return.
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