Ghosts in the Willow


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It had felt like she had spent most of her time not in the pack she was starting to consider her home. Perhaps it was the simple fact that she had been there so much and had explored so much of her deceased father's home that she could not help but feel as though she were connected to it. Rose had been concieved there, a fateful night between her mother and father, tainted by the forgetfulness caused by alcohol. The man never knew she existed and never thought that he might have sired a daughter, let alone a set of siblings who owed their existance for his strange tendencies while affected by the alcohol he so loved.

Thoughts swirled around her head as she walked through the abandoned city, heading north. She had not had much success in her mother's home - only her home once-upon-a-time when there was no war between clan and pack. A cousin - most likely - she had met at the borders of the skull bordered clan but had not met her grandmother or any of her aunts and uncles. She was not even sure that any of them were there, and she so wanted to meet her grandmother before.. Well, she did not think about what might happen if she dallied. No, she shook her head. There would be no more thoughts of that.

With a heavy sigh she swung her basket, distracted. Her thoughts were of home, suddenly. Her brother, Hendrix, and Mother were still back at the Commune, probably enjoying the winter season, maybe even making maple syrup. Or bonfires and parties and winter herds of beasts. Oh, how she wanted the chance to help in making some sort of meal, some sort of project with people, but she was not a member of the Court, and only really barely felt like she was fit for it. Even then it still resonated with her, perhaps only because of the kindness of the members and the memories of her father's footsteps in places she wandered. Her brother should have come with her; he might have liked it here.

Rose swung the basket some more, eyeing the scenery rather lazily. She walked in a straight line, knowing she was heading too far northeast past the city, but her thoughts did not allow her to simply stop. She just needed a walk, clear her head, and remember why it was she was now here; she could not remember at all, since there was no father to meet and learn from, only his ghosts wandering silently. She missed him, even if she didn't know him. It was one thing not to know him and know he lived, and quite another to not know him and know that he was never going be there, ever.

Touching a willow, long skinny branches dropping dejectedly without a single leaf above her head and touching her shoulders lightly as she passed underneath it, Rose felt the cold wood beneath her fingertips. It felt like a strange moment in time for her as she felt the knots in the wood. Suddenly, she dropped the basket beside the base of the large willow, and pulled herself up into its thicker branches. She settled against the wood, back to the trunk, a foot wedged where branch met body, and then a knee firmly pressed against the branch. Rose stared, almost dejected through the swaying branches, a whistling around her as the wind moved through bare wood.

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Teme Optime is by Alaine!

The eclectic merge of two worlds in Halifax never ceased to amaze the dark Stormbringer. That the forests and grasses could retake the concrete jungle that baffled the male in its building was a miracle indeed. He was appreciative of the usefulness these caches of human civilisation presented- while decay and age continued to wear down the buildings and their contents, there was always something to find. Even if it wasn't usable, it was an idea and ideas could certainly be turned into something at some point in time. It was this that drew the dark male back- the fact that there was always something to find, to discover. He remembered the rough feel of Amhersts streets and it reminded him of the first time he'd seen Lena. Thinking of the girl always caused a yearning in him that he couldn't place. They'd had sex, but he found she was never more untouchable.

He moved with ease through the concrete jungle, his staff held in a loose hand. The familiar weight of his antler-handled knife on his thigh as he walked was reassuring- it had been a gift from his aunt and he cherished it. The staff was occasionally used to sift through some rubble that looked particularly interesting. So far, nothing caught his eye, but a change in the wind changed his focus. A sweet scent on the wind, definitely female and the male couldn't help the half smile on his lips. It was a long shot, but it intrigued him and he began to follow it. It took him out of the city, but he didn't mind, there would be something at the end for him.

At first, the willow tree that the scent led him to confused him, before a foot materialised and his smirk remained. Parting the willow branches, the dejected form of a female in the higher branches caused him to look up. "You look like you could use some cheering up." He commented, a flirty lilt to his voice. It wasn't particularly serious and he certainly wouldn't push anything. But he couldn't help it and he never knew, he might succeed in cheering the female up.

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Rose heard the rustling of the branches, even as she stared dejectedly at the grey sky through the waving wood. She hugged the tree behind her, arms spread back to wrap as best as they could around the trunk. Her balance was a little bit shaky, as she swayed in the wind, though the tree barely moved around her. The long willow branches waved and rustled almost inorganically, devoid of leaves and the green adornments common to plants. The soft sound of birds echoed from far away, clearly meaning that there were few winter birds left and those that remained had kept nests away from the willow tree.

She sighed, rather sadly as she crouched down a tad in the tree, her skirts waving in the breeze and wrapping around the warped wood. She swayed in the wind, squeezing the rough wood with palms that smarted from the harsh surface. Balance restored the woman buried her face in her hands, trying to breathe calmly and enjoy the scenery of mother Earth even if she was sleeping for the winter.

The voice startled her and she waved her arms a little frantically as her balance went off kilter. The ground roiled below her and she felt her stomach heave slightly at the sight. She was not one for heights, so what possessed her to climb the tree was beyond her. Well, heights were no issue, so long as she did not look down. And now she was looking down and her face was distorted to some sort of queasy grimace. There was a dark man below her, and she furrowed her brows despite narrowed eyes at the sight. "Cheering up?" she repeated a little dumbly, hand on her stomach to calm it down somehow. Whoever the stranger was, he was attractive and Rose always had a hard time staying troubled around attractive and kind people. And this one wanted to cheer her up. That made her smile despite herself. "Oh, how are you going to cheer me up, stranger?"

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