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POSTED: Wed Jun 01, 2016 10:18 am


Have some free time on your hands? Want to get in some quick posts and get quick replies? Why not ask for a spree with another player?

A posting spree is just a fancy way to refer to a period of fast back-and-forth posting on a thread. Some players see it as a good way to quickly complete a thread, to boost their post counts, or just to get the writing juices flowing.

Need a Spree?

Please use the following form to post spree requests:

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[b]Start Date:[/b] Mandatory
[b]End Date:[/b] Mandatory
[b]Character(s)[/b]: Optional
[b]Location(s):[/b] Optional
[b]Additional Notes/Plots:[/b] Optional

Please post requests only -- do not plot or plan in this thread! If you are interested in spreeing with someone, please contact them via PM, in our chat or over an instant messaging service; this is to keep the thread clear. :)

When you are no longer available to spree, or you've found your partner(s), it's courteous to blank your post so that no one else tries to contact you. ;)


  • Make sure to specify a time zone when you're posting a spree request!
  • Remember to be courteous. Not everyone posts at the same speed, so don't heckle players to post faster -- if it's especially important, specify in your request that you want ~15 minute replies. Be polite if you want to turn down a player who approaches you, too; it's enough to say you've already found a spree partner.
  • Don't skimp out on quality even when you're posting quickly! Your partner might specify that they'd like a "short post" thread, but still give your work a read-through and remember our suggested minimum length. Waiting a few additional minutes to spellcheck your post won't hurt anyone! ;D
  • Use caution if you're spreeing to help with post counts for request brackets. If you are inconsistent and have low counts throughout your brackets but for a few sprees here and there, it won't look great on your auxiliary or puppy request. You can look over our Request Information if you're unsure what the staff looks for, or how to track your numbers.
  • Looking for company while going through quick posts? Want to get through a backlog of old replies and have fun while doing so? Our post racing topic may be of interest to you! ;)
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POSTED: Sun Nov 04, 2018 9:06 am

Start Date: November 4
End Date: November 4
Character(s): Ceridwen
Location(s): Anywhere!
Additional Notes/Plots: I'm particularly interested in scheming fun plots, and I'm eager to have threads involving scavenging and information gathering. I'm also always into the IC dramas.

Now is also a great time to remind me to write any replies I might owe!!
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