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The Lotta’s head swiveled about, her canary eyes searching for a particular figure amongst the Fort. She had finished up the last of her usual morning duties; fed and watered the horses, did some training with the falcons and practicing their High-Speech, and had even squeezed in a patrol. In fact, it had been during her lengthy walk that the idea had come to her. Having used her most primitive of forms for the patrol, Teagan couldn’t help but to wonder when it was that she had last practiced fighting in it. Ever since Indi had learned to shift, the two sisters had been more preoccupied with tasks and skills that required hands than wrestling in her four-legged forms.

The realization had led down a troubling path for the young princess, particularly when she had crossed through Silent Meadow on her way back home. The place, as well as the scars on her foreleg, was a bitter reminder of her stupidity as a child as well as her inability to properly protect herself. She wanted to remedy that.

It had been the reason why, when Teagan had returned to the Fort’s gates, her sharp eyes sought out one of the few adults who specialized in such a field of fighting. Her mother was the first obvious choice, but, the Stryder didn’t want to bother her. Lyris had progressed in rank, and with it, had taken on additional duties. Her cousin, Marius, would have probably helped her if she asked him, but, she wanted someone with…experience, someone who had likely used their skills against many foes, and therefore knew the various techniques and moves one might use to counter certain grips or stances.

And if memory served, she knew just the Luperci who had experience dealing with others beyond their borders.

Teagan paced the Fort, searching for a particular scout. It didn’t take her long before she found who she was looking for. As she came around a corner and spotted the Corpo, the teenager quickened her pace. “Miss Nadia!” Teagan called in greeting to the older she-wolf, trotting over to the woman’s side. “Are you free for a little while?”

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