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Hi everyone! This mandatory pack thread kicks off Krokar's Celebration of Achievements, and takes place on the shores of Sister Lake. Feel free to mention your character having participated in the preparations and make use of our lovely pNPCs! You can also branch off to have individual threads with other members, or just keep the party going in this thread. Announcements / toasts will be made in this thread, but you need only post once to participate, and there is no posting order! :) Godspeed you crazy merfolk! [000]

The sounds of preparation floated gaily through the sleepy fishing village all afternoon. It was hard to ignore the hum of activity or the robust variety of smells wafting from the cooking pits erected in the cool sands of the lake's shore, and Semini saw many faces drift in and out as the day went on.

She helped Gavin to bring extraneous wood to the ceremony's center, marking the night's main bonfire event, while others dragged an eclectic arrangement of tables from the barn to shoulder their banquet. Meats were added to the feast's spread as they cooked, and a glistening tableau of aquatic prizes caught fresh from their waters were displayed like a great offering to their River Goddess. The bounty and their merriment was her blessing, after all.

Their celebration of survival was no light cause. It had been a more difficult year than the last, and some absences were felt sorely. She saw this in the faces of her packmates determined to make the most of things, for like the rivers, life carried on. They knew what was fleeting, and how to appreciate the time they were given.

The summer's heat slackened with the arrival of dusk, which brought generous relief to those that had labored through the day. Firelight Hollow turned gold in the western sun, and the lake began to carry the ripples of both this and true firelight across its back in a wondrous scintillation of hues. The last to arrive to the tables was the drink, barrels of ale and bartered sweetwine and hard distillations, and for some, concoctions of tea that Laevisa advertised as "very merry" libations. This all was set upon quickly by those who had been preparing and were now ready to ease into a night of cheer.

When everything had come together, she and Gavin lit the bonfire. It reached into the sky, calling upon the rest of the pack to gather.

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OOC: Liz is bossing Elias around because that's what Flotsam are for, right?

Eliza was in her element.

As the sounds of preparation floated through the Village, coupled with excited murmurs from her pack mates and the grunts of heavy lifting as tables were dragged forth, she slaved over a fire pit. The dog was quickly running through her stock of cooking herbs, for an event such as this only came round once a year and she was determined to flaunt the improvement in her cooking.

Her mind reached back with surprising ease to the previous year's celebrations and her eyes glazed as she remembered Storm feigning drunkenness before disappearing into the night. How different things were this year. She had believed that night that she might never see her adoptive brother again, and now they shared a daughter who was growing more spirited and more beautiful with each passing day.

It had been the previous Summer when she and Milos had hunted fireflies together, taking the first tentative steps towards where they stood now: a mated couple who adored each other. There had been hard times and times of unspeakable sorrow, but tonight Eliza would be celebrating all she had and all she had gained over the past year.

“Elias!” she barked at the Flotsam who was lingering nearby, trying to put himself to good use and looking a little lost in the chaos. “This haunch is done – go'n set it up on one o' the tables, would ya?” Her muzzle jerked towards the deer haunch which had been browning over the fire, and she flapped her hands in an effort to speed the Blueridge man along. She waggled a speckled finger scarcely an inch from the man's nose. “No sneakin' a taste, neither!”

It had been difficult, at first, for Liz to interact with the remnants of the Austringer Cartel at all – and still she wasn't exactly kind to Ilse or Elias, but she was comfortable in bossing them around.

“Willow.” She turned to her coffee furred daughter, who was eyeing the meat hungrily even as Elias hauled it away. “More 'erbs, please?”

Liz was glad to be by the shores of Sister Lake once the cooking was done; it was cooler here, and her pads were sweaty from her proximity to the flames which had cooked the various cuts of meat. She thought she had done a good job, and Willow had told her as much, but still the dog rose onto her tiptoes, anxiously scanning the tables.

“Ma,” Willow tutted, though she seemed as eager for the party to commence as Eliza was. “It'll be fine, they'll eat it til they burst.”

Eliza nodded, her curly ponytail bouncing, and settled back onto her pads. “It'll be fine. Ya seen Milos?” She distracted herself with relative ease by seeking Milos' face in the throng. If anything, it felt as if the pair were more loved up than ever – possibly even sickening to their pack mates – and Liz was eager to clasp his hand in hers and see the party in with a kiss, even if she knew Willow would make a face behind them.


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Storm had been flying, the world around him far more noisy than many would probably expect. Small bubbles of air leaked from his muzzle and the winter storm eyed male knew that his time in this world was growing short. He’d donated a bag full of the fresh water crayfish that dwelt on the floor of their river and at the bottom of sister lake. Right now though, he was just enjoying the feeling of diving. He’d tried to describe why the experiences were so magical, but he’d never felt able to do it justice, and he was pretty sure that even if he vocalised his thoughts, he’d not know the right words to help people understand.

At last his body told him it was time to surface, and as reluctant as he was to leave, spending party time with his rapidly growing willow would be wonderful to. Looking up he saw the wavering early evening sky, still not quite dark, but a deep blue and green. With powerful kicks Storm moved to the surface.

Storm hauled himself out of the lake, water puddling about him as he wiped his eyes clear. He could have brought a towel and dried himself off, but the evening was warm and the fires lit, he’d dry off soon enough. He did however slip on his faded shorts, and pick up the glaive he often carried now. It was a prize and reminder of the attack the pack had overcome and something he’d been training with to become a better protector. Although he was clearly still not great at it, because Willow surprised him with a welcoming squeeze. He immediately returned it though, wondering if it was possible to love anyone more than he did his little girl. The mute male had always wanted children, and while he still doubted his parenting skills, he was so pleased that he’d been lucky enough to have Willow enter his life.

Is this water good? Storm grinned, another talent Willow had picked up was how to sign at him. He of course understood people, but Willow had become so adept at the gestures, both in understanding and speaking them, that the two could converse with no issue.

The water was great, as always. We’ll have to go swimming again soon. Where’s your mum?”

Willow laughed and pointed to Eliza, who was looking on imperiously as Elias worked quietly. It had been Elias and his sister who’d tried to kidnap him, and yet the storm eyed male felt sympathy for male. Whoever you are, losing a sibling was never easy. He moved up to Eliza, Willow in toe.

I hope you’re not mistreating the staff. he grinned, showing that he was only teasing. Again he pushed back his wet hair out of his eyes and dripped quietly where he stood. It didn’t take long for him to think mischievous thoughts and he leaned forward, drawing Eliza into a genuine and very wet, hug.

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WC: 405

Although Lucille liked organization, she avoided much of the preparation at the bonfire and feast site because if she was there, she risked being set upon by her bossy sister-in-law. Besides, no one wanted her to help with the cooking. Instead her tasks ended with making sure they had the tables and decorations needed before disappearing to let them have at it. Finlay stayed behind to help, which Lucille thought may be in part to annoy his sister.

It was nice not to be the one in charge of organizing for once. She ewas glad to see that the pack could pitch in and get everything done with little direction from either Captain. Sometimes it was a bit surreal still, even though they were two years old. The pack had been around longer than many members now and they had been born here.

Speaking of members who were born here, as dusk fell, Lucille rounded up her pups, who were hardly pups anymore and headed to the beach of Sister Lake. They were excited for their first Celebration of Achievements and as the bonfire came into view, the boys took off ahead to joining their packmates. Lucille and the girls trailed behind them and she made her way over to Semini while Norah and Nellie split off from her.

"Everything looks great," she told the Navigator with a smile. As the pack continued to gather, Lucille found herself a drink and then stood next to the bonfire to address them. She let out a woof to get their attention and waited for quiet before speaking.

"Thank you to everyone who helped put together our second Celebration of Achievements. Everything looks and smells - and apparently tastes - great." The last part of her sentences was said with a pointed tone at her son, Oscar, who looked up from the plate of food he was wolfing down just long enough to grin at her before going back to eating. Lucille shook her head and continued. "It's been a trying year so far, but there is much to celebrate still. We have persevered through bad times, which itself is an achievement. Through celebration, we can also honor those lost to us. So together, enjoy the food and the company. Thank you for helping to make Krokar the amazing place it is. To all of us!" She raised her cup for the toast and then took a drink.

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Sister Lake was one of her favorite places in all the territories of Krokar, and with the energy and anticipation leading up to the celelbration thick in the air, it was an even happier place to be. She had placed herself on the shore with Iona well before the celebration, relaxing and practicing their fishing skills. Her daughter seemed to be a natural at everything where Ciara continuously struggled. She could see her little girl’s delight each time the line wiggled and it made her proud that she had started this family in Krokar. Her older pups were also flourishing, Grizzer working his way through her own tier, Conan spending his time coming to understand caribou and Athena constantly patrolling, exploring, proving a worthy scout.

Tomas was out on a patrol with Grizzer this morning, learning the ropes while Mairead was at home reading – something she’d taken a keen liking to. With everyone preoccupied and Anny busy in his distillery it felt nice having this private moment with Iona. With so many pups it was often hard to get one-on-one time, and she cherished it. The hours passed on, and before she knew it others were starting to show up around them in time for the celebration. The preparations had all been made and everything looked fantastic – she and Grizzer had gone on the hunt to add to the choice for food, Iona and Athena had worked the previous night on decoration, all hands had been on deck.

“I think it’s time to put up our poles,” she said softly to her daughter, setting hers on the shore after reeling it in and standing. She headed toward the bonfire Semini and Gavin had only just lit, looping an arm around Iona and grinning when the rest of her family and packmates began to show. Though the year had brought significant challenges and a good deal of pain, they had stuck together and persevered, and would continue to do so next year, and the next, and the next. Lucille’s toast jelled very well with her own thoughts and she picked up a glass, thrusting it into the air.

“Long live Krokar!”

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Others were out patrolling today, leaving Sylven to aid the preparations which his significant muscle. He had helped in dragging the tables out to Sister Lake; he had provided some of the meat which would be enjoyed, and a bottle of alcohol which would hopefully go down well. There was no need for his sword tonight, so it lay at home, and in its stead he had his guitar on its handmade strap which was looped around his neck and one broad shoulder.

The Defense Magnate stood towards the rear of the crowd, reluctant to worm his way further in and risk the guitar getting bashed into. He could hear Lucille's words clearly enough and his voice joined with others, praising Krokar's efforts and perseverance, as smoke curled from the bonfire.

When it seemed that the celebrations would be getting underway he skirted round the edges of the gathering to stand next to the tables which heaved with food and drink. One hand remained on the precious guitar's neck whilst the other reached over to take up a cup of wine. Sylven took a gulp before setting it down next to him and waiting for the right moment to begin playing.

As the sound of voices rose around him and pack mates passed by, offering smiles, the Firebringer began to strum. The music lifted over the heads of the gathering and reached across the Lake, making Syl's ears twitch forward and a smile surface on his dark muzzle. As the song drew to a close he spotted Ciara and one of her younger daughters standing near the shore, and moved away from the table to approach them.

“Enjoyin' the party, Navigator Ciara?” His head tilted and a crooked grin cut across his maw. He was pleased that the woman who had taught him some of his own fighting skills had ascended to the Navigator rank.


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584 words → Ooooooo he's in trouble! xD

He was going to be late, and there would probably be hell to pay from his two toned mate, but the brindle mutt had a perfectly good reason for his tardiness…kittens. See Abbott had threatened to bar the snooping permanently from his packmates should the Captain not agree to help the wily tomcat in his latest endeavor, and that was to build a safe playpen of the sorts for the astonishing brood of youngins the King of the cats had recently sired. While Gus had at first scoffed and poked fun at the seemingly negligent mothers in the barn and asked what on earth was keeping them from seeing to their own young and wondering why this of all things was his problem to deal with, Abbott had reminded the dog that it was within the feline kingdom that much of Krokar’s trade wealth was surprisingly held.

The cat was speaking, of course, about the numerous satchels of tobacco that were stored and tucked away beneath the rafters of the decaying barn. He argued that his harem of queens were far too busy in the outside world, hunting like a pride of lions for Ail Po Farm. Abbott’s words, though sweet at first and full of fluff argument, were a disguise from the real threat though. It was clear in a matter of minutes what the tom was getting to. If another arrangement couldn’t be made, or if Gus simply couldn’t “scratch his back”, all those bags for the taking would simply go up in smoke.

So, he’d spent the majority of the morning pushing aside overly curious cats and kittens alike as he slaved away in the belly of the barn and in the thick of the suffocating air. His bandanna was not enough. Nothing could block out the sharp stink of cat pee here, but eventually--after his eyes had weeped rivulets into his long beard--he’d amazingly gone noseblind. It wasn’t until he noticed the height of the sun through the slatted rooftop and Abbott had finally given a satisfied twitch of his tail, that Gus burst free from the wretched barn and took to sprinting back towards Fiskebyn.

Gus managed to grab Ilse on his way to his cabin, recruiting her for a bit of barrel rolling of his salt preserved fish and meats bound for Sister Lake, and somehow missed the way the Dutchwoman practically gagged in his presence. It seemed they’d made it at the conclusion of Lucille’s speech, as his mate was thanking the gathered crowd. He winced slightly before a queer smile fixed itself in place, knowing his late arrival would not have gone unnoticed and instructed the Vehoeven to maneuver the last of his barrels into the sand. However, good deed done, the blacksmith disappeared suspiciously fast when he turned his back to retrieve a tool to pry the barrels open.

He saw that Squeaks had even come to the party before him, trilling and flapping circles around their girls, and Lenny was standing in the shallows hoping someone might toss him a fish if he behaved. It was time to face the music. His offering added to the abundant spread, Gus made his way towards Lucille, guilt etched on his face just as prevalent as the reek coming off his wiry coat. Sorry Ah’m late… he murmured, dipping his head in greeting to Semini.

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There was a noticeable buzz of excitement and glee in the air, something Milos thought he could feel reverberating in the very depths of his own soft heart. He sucked in the gently cooling air and allowed a shimmer of eagerness towards tonight's festivities wash down his spine. They deserved this night, after all they had endured. Krokar had been beaten and bruised, but it had never backed down. Its people, those brave souls who had fought and labored and persevered, they deserved a night dedicated solely to them and all that they'd overcome and achieved. The night was theirs and Milos was keen to revel in it with them together.

He had been tasked with the flags, of which there were always an ample supply. With help from Tybalt, Claude, and Hazel, the four of them hung strips of brightly dyed cloth between trees and off branches and over tables. Some had designs stitched carefully over solid fields of color while others sported geometric shapes of another solid shade against one half or third or quarter of the flag, their patterns eye-catching and flashy. Claude had fashioned many of them throughout the previous year and was quick to warn the others to exercise caution when hanging them. While Hazel chattered way ceaselessly to a silent Ty, Milos worked his way closer and closer to where Liz sat next to Sister Lake.

He looked up on occasion, catching his beautiful mate seasoning the haunch and commanding the Flotsam and stealing curiously glances across tables and seats, every glance dissolving more and more of his resolve to help decorate for the party. At last, when the last of his flags had been hung, he scurried away from Claude as quickly as he could before the Old Salt could give him more to do, and strode toward the lake's shore. Milos paused, catching Storm's sopping figure sneaking silently up to Eliza, and hung back to watch the result of her adopted brother's cold, wet fur against her wiry frame. It would be worth it, he told himself as he bit back a laugh.

But after Storm had done his worst and Milos had taken up his place at Liz's side, the Quartermaster turned his bright eyes to their Captain and howled accord at her words. "T' Krokar!"

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Tansy is in optime form.
(569) — tbd

Tansy had spent his afternoon wild and free of his usual trappings. For a man who felt he had so little to offer at times, he had done his fair share that day. The silver-flecked male had caught, skinned, and carted five large rabbits to the ceremony. His contribution left him tired, but content. Tansy's kills would be put to good use; Eliza's manic—yet meticulous—cooking would ensure that. He watched with a small smile as she darted around the fire pit with her daughter and one of the pack's Flotsam. He only had vague knowledge about the Austringer Cartel that he'd heard through Krokar's grapevine, but he respected all of his pack mates; he was just wary of some of them.

Tansy was significantly more put together than he'd been that afternoon. His belt sat comfortably on his hips and his bag had been thrown over one shoulder. He'd left his jacket at home; it was too warm out to justify wearing it, despite the comfortable, familiar weight it put on Tansy's dark shoulders. He looked presentable, if he did say so himself.

Tansy's hair had begun to grow out over the past couple of weeks and he hadn't felt the need to cut it. Tansy had made do with slicking it back with water, though a few strands fell down over his forehead. It barely reached his brow, but it was still significantly longer than he'd let it grow in years. It made him feel like he belonged, in a weird way; most of the canines in Krokar had longer hair. Tansy felt less foreign.

The early evening sky, ever darkening above him, was like a blanket draped over the festivities. The world seemed to calm, even though Krokar's little pocket of the world was riling up to enjoy its Celebration of Achievements. He wandered between the banquet tables and offered simple greetings to those he passed. Tansy also, as a testament to how far his confidence had come, had sidled up beside Taseko at one point. He'd offered to get his handsome pack mate a drink, if so desired. When Tansy wasn't turned down, he'd gotten Taseko some ale and even accepted the sip the Herdsman had offered as thanks. Still not the Greenhorn's cup of tea, but he'd been comfortable enough to give it another shot. That, in and of itself, was saying something major. He, personally, stuck with a freshly-cooked rabbit haunch—he was pretty sure it came from one of his kills, and he felt pride in his contribution.

When his female Captain called for her pack's attention, Tansy turned to her with a small smile. He gently bumped Taseko's hip with his own without meaning to, and the Herdsman snorted in response. The dark male listened intently, his smile growing at Lucille's words. "To Krokar!" He shouted, his voice carrying over the lake alongside his pack mates'. Tansy turned back to Taseko and grinned as the wolfdog quirked an eyebrow at his dark companion; again, he offered the Greenhorn a sip of his drink. Gently declining, Tansy nevertheless returned the favor by holding his rabbit haunch out to Taseko.

As his—blatantly obvious—crush took the offered bite, Tansy decided that he'd never been happier to be home.
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OOC: okay Tansy is adorbable <3

Parties were not unusual to the curly Greenhorn, who had participated in her fair share of enjoyable activities and cheerful atmosphere. But had there even been one so large or festive? Ailie could not conjure a single memory of any other event that matched the magnitude of laughter, grub, and jubilation that Krokar's Celebration of Achievements beheld. She smiled as she cast her sunflower eyes about, chalice in hand.

Curiosity had gotten the better of her long before Lucille's doggish voice called everyone hither, her inquisitive mind and nosy wonderment drawing her forth with the first wafts of cooking meat and convivial laughter. Ailie had watched them a while, those industrious pack mates set on making this year's celebration a night to remember. After a length of time, she had turned away and trotted off to locate Malcolm, who she found in Aster's Field watching the caribou. "Do I have to?" he asked softly, his olive eyes focused on his toes. "Can't I just stay here and keep an eye on things?"

She smiled gently, her golden eyes softening. "Aye, mo gràdhag" she replied brightly, patting his umber shoulder with a speckled hand. She wasn't convinced that Mal was necessarily anti-social but he certainly had his anxieties around others and she wasn't keen on forcing him out of his comfort zone today. "Tha' should be fine, Mal. Ah'll bring ye grub later." The young man looked up, his eyes timid and appreciative. "Thank you. Fiero and me will keep watch."

Though she hoped that Malcolm would choose to join her, she couldn't help but feel a swelling of pride. Keep watch? Mal was no fighter, though she felt confident Fiero had enough piss and vinegar in his sleek little body to fight for the both of them. And while she recognized the pup was simply avoiding the festivities, she couldn't shake the realization that he could just as easily have stayed inside and secluded himself from the entire world. Instead he opted to put himself to use as a lookout. The child may have his faults but he had more potential than he realized.

She considered all of this while Lucille gave her speech, her smile spreading. "Here, here!" she yapped loudly, raising her drink skyward and thinking there were many more achievements to be had throughout the next year.

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