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POSTED: Mon Jul 25, 2016 12:19 pm

OOC: Non-mandatory thread for Krokar's first caribou race! Come and cheer on your caribou! No posting order! Winners will be announced July 29th :D

They met in Briar Patch that warm summer morning, the nine contenders and their bubbly audience. The excitement in the air was almost palpable to Milos, who stood next to Taseko and Hazel with his bright, winning smile. As he glanced past Hazel at the gathering Krokarans, he wondered if maybe it was just the excitable collie he was sensing. He passed his sunny eyes over her again, a soft laugh escaping his maw. She was so wound up with eagerness and excitement that she was practically humming. "Hazel," he whispered from the corner of his mouth. She swung her head around so quickly it was a wonder he didn't hear a snap. Her amber eyes were bright with ecstasy. His expression softened and he patted her shoulder, the motion gentle but quick, deciding abruptly to alter his words. "Ya done good, you'n 'Seko. Reckon there en't nobody out there can wait t' get th' race started." She beamed and Taseko chuckled. "I think you're right," he replied, glancing at the caribou. "Even the caribou are getting antsy."

Though he wasn't a Herdsman, Milos worked frequently with the caribou and felt comfortable enough helping Taseko and Hazel construct the track wherever he could and prepare the caribou for today's race. He, with others able and willing to help, trimmed back the overgrown weeds and saplings, laid down and smoothed out sand, and pulled lengths of wood around the track to give its shape a shallow barrier. His shoulder protested softly in the start but quieted slowly the stronger it became. He rolled it gently now, his smile growing as he followed Taseko's line of vision despite the painless resistance it gave. "Right," he said with a nod. "Let's get th' race started!"

He stepped forward then while Hazel, Taseko, and Claude helped to line the caribou up on the track, and addressed the audience. "Welcome t' Krokar's first caribou race!" he said loudly, cheer thick in his voice. The caribou snuffled and shifted their weight, tails flicking and ears twitching, while Milos spoke. They had announced the race ahead of time, allowing pack members the chance to choose a caribou and lay down a bet. The wages lay on a table nearby, various goods and crafts spread out in a small pile, while the chosen caribou waited in fluctuating stages of impatience on the track. "Feel free t' cheer your caribou on," the Drover continued. "But stay b'hind th' barrier. First, second'n third place winner'll get a prize'n a choice from th' goods here." Swinging his head from the crowd to the track, Milos caught Taseko's eye and the Herdsman gave an affirmative nod. "In short, feel free t' get good'n loud but no cheatin'!" He grinned. "An' most importantly, have fun!"

And with that, The Herdsman set the caribou free to lope the track, Hazel and Claude stepping carefully out of their way as their long legs and wide hooves thundered past.

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The caribou race, like most of Krokar's celebrations and events, was a hold over from before the flood caused them to move and form the pack. They used to have more races, sometimes just because they wanted to, but now they had a lot more responsibilities to take care of. Once a year or so was good though because the races might not hold the same meaning to their newer pack members.

With her puppies ahead of her, Lucille headed with Gus to Briar's Patch at the appointed time. Morning always seemed to be the best time for the races, especially in the summer. The caribou were well-rested and the heat didn't make them lazy like it would have in the middle of the day.

"Look, Momma, there she is!" Oscar said, pointing his nose at Nanni. Their pups had gotten a lesson in cooperation when she let them chose one caribou for the four of them to bet on together. She provided the bet for them since Gus was betting separately on his Magnolia, and they were very excited, although the boys had wanted a male caribou. Their pickings were slim by the time they decided, but the girls were very pleased with Nanni. The boys had slowly warmed up to the idea more and it was as though they never considered a male caribou when they woke up extra early with excitement now that the day was here.

The pups found a place right at the fence and Lucille eyed them to make sure they followed Milos's instruction to stay outside the fence. Their tails were wagging furiously and Lucille looked up as Milos started the race. The pups cheered for Nanni and Oscar's front paws rested on the fence as his excitement grew. Soon all four were standing on their hind legs, as if doing so would make their cheers more effective and Norah bounced as she yelled.

Lucille's gaze followed the caribou as they rounded the first corner and she found herself getting into the races for once. It was strange, the effect motherhood had on her sometimes, but she quickly found herself cheering for Nanni alongside her puppies.

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The Donovan household was bustling with excitement that morning with young ones running around and making guesses on which caribou would win the race. It had started like Christmas morning, Ciara and Aindrea all happily snuggled in their furs when they were pounced on by the three hellions they called daughters and son. Tomas had taken Ciara's ear in his teeth and pulled to wake her, earning him a warning growl - the matriarch was in no fashion a morning person. Come on come on! We have to get ready! came Iona's voice next, while Mairead pushed at her father's side. It seemed the pair wouldn't escape their children this morning so with a groan Ciara had lifted herself up and swung her feet over the edge of the bed, grabbing Tomas by the head and hauling him into a headlock, gnawing gently on his ears.

"Brat," she muttered at him, giving him a knowing smirk after before she stood and lazily wandered into the kitchen waiting for Aindrea to follow. The kids followed after her and she hastily made them all a simple Scottish breakfast, humming to herself. Her pups could hardly stand it, wanting to get out the door and to the race track as soon as they could. The anticipation was palpable in the air, and Ciara found it catching - she'd never been to a race of any kind and she was interested to see how it went, and if the caribou she'd bid on would win.

Once the family had been fed and made to look somewhat presentable she led them out into the morning air, and off towards Briar's Patch. Her eyes spotted Lucille and her brood so she headed that way, grinning to the Captain as she came up to her. "Morning Lucille, lil ones," she said, smiling as her own pups waved to the Captain's pups from around their mother. Tawny ears turned and she glanced towards Milos as he started to welcome everyone and get things going. A smile broke out on her face and when the start of the race was announced a cheer came up from the Donovan crowd, small fingers pointing towards the strong caribou she'd chosen - Isku.

"YEAH! GO ISKU, YOU GOT THIS!" she cheered, surprising even herself as her kids laughed around her.

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There was a hum of excitement in the air for the first of Krokar's caribou races. Liz had been prevented from feeding them this morning – Taseko had told her in no uncertain terms that since she was betting on the race she wasn't allowed to interfere with the herd whatsoever.

“I'm not having you feeding her performance enhancing grains,” he had declared with a twinkle in his eye.

Liz had grumbled and rolled her eyes and trundled back to Fiskebyn to collect Willow. Taseko was just doing his part to enhance the excitement of the upcoming race, she had decided.

It had been obvious, from the moment that it had been announced, that Eliza's bet would be placed firmly on the most beloved of the caribou: Anyu. It might not have been the smartest bet – other members of the herd certainly had more power in them, and if Noatak didn't run well the chances were Anyu wouldn't either – but Liz would have felt disloyal betting on anyone else. Even if Anyu was unaware of the gambling going on.

She arrived at the makeshift track with Willow in tow. The young wolfdog bounced on her toes the way her Mother so often did in moments of excitement, and tugged on Eliza's arm to pull her through the crowd and towards the sidelines.

“Ma!” Willow cried, throwing out one slender arm to point to the palest of the herd. “She's lookin' good!”

“Course she is,” was Liz's gentle retort as she sidled up to the head of the gathered canines. Spotting Ciara, she grinned, but her attention was soon turned to the start of the race. The anticipation was nearly deafening as Luperci hung from the fence, and it felt as if they were collectively holding a great breath as the moment approached.

And then they were off. Liz and Willow threw up their well used voices in support of Anyu, and soon the names of most of the adult caribou were being called and chanted.

“C'mon girl! No stoppin' to look for Noatak!”


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OOC: Sorry for the delay, guys! But here are our winners: First place goes to Semini with Malina, second place is Walker with Jack, and Tansy takes third place with Noatak! We'll get an addendum up to our July Newspost soon with a claims form. Caribou were numbered and run through a random sequence generator. The remaining results were as follows:
Fourth: Storm with Heidi | Fifth: August with Magnolia | Sixth: Liz with Anyu | Seventh: Ciara with Isku | Eighth: Tandy with Jill | Ninth: Captains' Gups with Nanni | Tenth: Ailie with Pana. Thanks to everyone who participated! <3

They thundered by on wide cloven hooves, their velvet-wrapped antlers tossed high and proud, soft noses skyward. Milos grinned as they cantered, passing his sunny eyes over the gathering of his pack mates. He could see four shaggy tails sweeping violently behind them as all four of Gus and Lucille's puppies — and eventually the Captain herself — cheered Nanni on. Ciara's voice roared for Isku amidst the laughter of her own children and Eliza's gentle encouragement slipped loving above them all. Milos' heart swelled. For all they've been through, it was warming to see them all so filled with excitement and cheer, peace and camaraderie.

The caribou, too, seemed to be enjoying themselves. The energy Malina and Jack always seem to contain appeared to be in their favor as they quickly overtook the other caribou, neck-and-neck throughout the final leg of the race. Jack's concentration faltered at the last moment, however, and he slipped behind Malina as she pulled herself over the finish line. Jack followed quickly after and Noatak's calm and steady stride carried him easily to third place. The others surged and slowed at various paces, creating what almost appeared to be a roiling wave of tawny and umber and cream.

And then there was Pana, bringing up the rear. From the crowd of Krokaran cheering on their caribou, Milos could hear the roar of Ailie's accented voice encouraging the youngest competitor on. A hearty chuckle slipped from his throat. Rather than encourage him to race, the woman's shouts seemed instead to inspire play. Pana tromped about the track in front of Ailie, waggling his stubby tail and tossing his head. The only way she was able to get him to canter on again was to run alongside him, which the curly-coated woman did for the length of the track, flopping down dramatically on the soft, cool grass when he finally crossed the finish line.

While Hazel and Taseko rounded up the traipsing caribou, Milos addressed his pack mates brightly. "C'ngratulations t' Sem, Walker'n Tansy, our first, second'n third place winners!" he announced, gesturing for the three of them to step up and claim their prizes: for Semini, a dagger with a caribou antler hilt designed and carved by Ilse, one of the pack's Flotsam; for Walker, a leather satchel that Milos himself had tanned and crafted, lined with caribou fur; and for Tansy, various types of caribou milk cheeses that Hazel made herself. "Three o' ya get t' choose from th' wagered goods, too," he told them, nodding to the table where the wagered items were laid out.

"Thanks t' ev'ryone who participated in Krokar's first caribou race! Take some time t' show your gratitude t' our competitors. Reckon all o' 'em d'serve a good pat'n a treat."

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