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Till Van Ulrich-Lykoi
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Optime | Jun 22-Jul 3 | Salsola - Portland
This is Tills thread of when he goes to Portland in the end of last month. Super late because i had to wait for a few things and then got busy with other IC threads whoops.

Elody had not been keen on the departure of the male, and while he felt bad for leaving her with the pups for a trading expedition, he knew that he needed to get things that were not easily attainable in Salsola, and this was the only way that he knew how to get the things that he wanted for both himself and his family. He packed things like the blooming marijuana that he and Viktor had planted the winter before, his own pelts from his kills, cured and used for cloaks, some of his own jewels and doubloons that he had left from his last excursion outside of Salsola. The last, and most precious cargo he had was a clutch of eggs wrapped in furs to keep them warm in their mother's absence. He also carried his periscope, a map (with a quill and the ink he had left), his mirror, and his lantern. He left in the dead of night, after his children had long gone to bed so that Elody could have some time to herself, whether she used that time to sleep along with them or do other things, Till did not know, but he left her with a goodbye kiss and a promise that he would return in about two weeks, possibly sooner if time would allow it. Even though he told her that he would hurry back, the male knew very well that he was going to take his time getting there and getting back, not in spite of her, but because of his own selfish whims, for this had been the first true time that he had been able to leave Salsola for a period of time without having someone watching him, with the trust of Salsola's Leadership.

Even with the trust of the pack, and the trust that he would return, Till could still feel the familiar eyes of someone on him.

His scent was not of Salsola, but he had sent Muerte ahead of him to tell them of the Ghost-Faced man's arrival. Some of the abroad Salsolans knew him by looking at his face, but since the burns on his face only just started to spring fur back in it's place, he still had a patchy face with spots of bright pink skin showing through snow white fur. This made him look slightly different than some would have remembered, and this was why he sent a bird ahead of him to send a message to the Salsola Outpost to announce his arrival, and a warning that if he did not make it within the week, it would be of favor if they expend someone to find him. This warning was because Till knew the dangers that he may or may not come across on his way there, and he'd rather be safe than sorry in this case because Till had witnessed first hand that being mostly coyote and looking like so could have major consequences in the mostly dog and wolf pack. Till had given Muerte quite a few days to get from Salsola to the Outpost, and he easily rode his prized stallion out of Salsola that day, heading westward with pride wringing through him, for the male had many things to be proud about these days.


He'd been travelling for three days, only stopping to gnaw on jerky and to give the horse some time to rest. He had not smelt the presence of the Vampires and this made him slightly more relaxed than he had been at the beginning of his journey. The male did not come across them on his trek, and did not really realize that he would not come across him because of where their lairs were because of the fact that the male had not been able to mark the territory on the map that he was making at the time because he had to make a quick escape to avoid execution in one of their sick rituals. He'd only been lucky that the Overlord's brother remembered the bastard from their childhood in the Thistle Pack. This had been the sole thing that had postponed and then had him ultimately released without hounds chasing him down in a hunt. Till had not taken any risks then and immediately vacated the area and did not mark their territory, only the general idea of where he thought they had lived, but had been completely off, hence making the male more nervous about going to Portland than he should have been.

On his fourth day of travel the male had come across an oriental pair of traders who had wares that he had not seen the likes of before. Till had spied the parchment that he needed, along with beautiful cloths that he just could not pass up, and so the man traded some of this marijuana and quite a bit of his pelts for the silk capes of bright, pale pink and deep purple capes that were seemingly made for the youth that he had waiting for him at home. He felt sad and happy all at one time as he felt the fabrics in his hands, for he missed the plush pelts and beautiful children he left at home, but he also was excited to bring these objects home for his kids. They would love the capes and it would also keep them warm for the winter to come. He just knew that they would. Each of the traders left the others with a grin on their maw, for the deals they had gotten were satisfactory, and they even traded names as to so they would be able to meet up once more should they have some more good wares and deals.


It was the sixth day of travel that had the Ulrich finally reaching his destination, and once he had, he immediately found his bird and the woman who had been watching after her for the time that it took for him to get there. He greeted the woman with Salsola's traditional greeting and then proceeded to give her the clutch of eggs that were of his owl's loins. "I trust you can care for these, and I personally bring them to you guys as gifts. Do with them as you please. " he spoke to her with a charming smile as the woman took the clutch and held a pleased look on her face. "I do not seek anything in return. I, however, have news from the homeland..." he spoke to her, a please grin held on his face while he continued on to tell Kynda of the news in Salsola, and she showed him around the new Outpost, and even was nice enough to show him where he could rest for as long as he pleased. Till let his horse be placed in the Corral for now, since he was going to only be staying temporarily, and the slaves went to work on caring for the tattooed stallion. Till was reminded of the marijuana and the pelts that he had brought for the storage, and he placed them with one of the higher up members, before he left them to go about their business and he went back to his lodging.

Till relaxed on his day, mostly inside of his barracks before he organized all of his trading fodder, and set out the next day. Once he did go out on the town, he had come across many traders that had many wares that were of use, but none of them had good prices. It wasn't until he had come across a man who had a herd of goats. He had noticed that he had lacked a gift for Elody, and that it seemed like the woman had been lonely sometimes, because she had children and no pet like he had. Till was not sure what goats ate, or what their purpose was, but once the rust colored dog had noticed that the coyote had been looking at the goats for some time, the rust man approached Till. "Ya' Fancying mah goats, huh?" asked the rust dog with a bright smile upon his maw. Till nodded his head. "I'm looking for a pet for my wife. Do they make good companions?" the male asked, not bothering with formalities. The rust man took a moment to consider the man's question. "They been serving me and my boy well enough as companions. The females make milk too. Can also make cheese from tha' milk." the rust male told the pale-faced ghost man. Till nodded his head and looked among the beautiful array of pelts that they had, and Till's eyes came across a pretty female with shaved down horns. "I'll take that one." was all Till said before the son of the rust man took a rope and went to capture the pretty female and Till and the rust colored man went to the man's tent to discuss prices.

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