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Plot Thread: Search and Rescue

POSTED: Sat Aug 13, 2016 12:52 pm


Words: 000
Date: Aug 13th
Place: Thackary Village
Form: Optime
Time to go save the Bune.

It was time. Lelouch hadn't been seen for some time, and people have been wondering what was going on. Of course, it was rather obvious on what had happened. The trickster that had been running amok decided that small-time pranks wasn't enough, and stepped up the game. And now the Bune was kidnapped, to heavens knows where. Well, Lukos wouldn't just sit there and let everyone else meander along. He was taking it upon himself to organize some sort of party to go out and find their missing Anatheman.

Stepping out in front of the training grounds, Lukos rose his muzzle to the sky and gave a long, piercing howl for anyone who would help. Preferably, everyone would come to look for him. It would definitely help with the search part of the mission he was developing on the spot. Depending on how many showed, they'd have to split up and go in different directions, ideally with one person that had decent tracking skills in each group minimum. As far as locations, the quickest and fastest group should go check all the known caves on the shoreline for Lelouch, seeing as the change in tides could be potentially deadly. It wasn't a guarantee, but the assumption that Lelouch was somehow restrained seemed to be the most probable reason of why he hasn't even made some sort of contact. If he was just tied, he could easily have howled for them, so something must be preventing that as well. No one has come across him by chance yet, so the kidnapper must've stashed him somewhere secluded. With all that in mind, the shoreline was definitely a place to investigate, but there was also...

Lukos continued to think to himself, standing there as a hand covered his muzzle in thought. While in his trance-like state, Gideon and Bear had heard him and answered his call, standing before him. Looking up from his planning, he gave a somber smile and a nod, thanking them for coming. "I'm glad you could spare your time. For right now, we'll wait for others to arrive as well, hopefully build up a bigger party. Then the group will split up and head out." And with that he turned to the side, continuing to strategize. Not one to waste time on formalities, the wolf just kept doing what he did best. This was a grim day for Anathema after all, and he was hoping for a happy ending.

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POSTED: Wed Aug 17, 2016 10:21 am

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Szenne hadn’t been too far away when she heard Lukos’ call. In fact, she had been in their house, which was nearer to the training grounds than she would have liked at this moment. Feeling obligated, Szenne left her house chores behind and walked towards the grounds to see what Lukos wanted.

She had not been ignorant to what had been going on lately, but because Szenne hated Anathema, she could give two shits less who was stirring up trouble in the pack. Recently, the Bune had disappeared and Szenne wondered if it was someone out there who was on her side. She wondered if someone was coming to rescue them from their hell once and for all by picking off all the high-ranking members first. Inside, she was delighted to see the outcome, but she couldn’t ignore the duties that she was bound to.

She had been in earshot when Lukos explained to Bear and Gideon the game plan. She sighed. She really didn’t want to help, but Lukos knew she wasn’t doing anything important. She knew that she couldn’t get out of this even if she tried.

”Yeah, because I have all the time in the world,” Szenne deadpanned. ”Between chores, huntin’, stable work, I definitely have time to look for the piece of shit Bune.” Instantly her eyes shot to Gideon, challenging him, wondering if he was going to “punish” her for disrespecting a high-ranking member. She didn’t care. So far, Anathema had seemed to have a soft backbone. Lukos’ alter ego was the only one who dealt her real punishment.

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