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COYBRO~ [ 302 ]

"This is fuckin' boring..." The words flowed forth engulfed within a thick plume of smoke as the spent stub of a cigarette was plucked from his maw and snuffed out on the top of a fencepost before being inattentively discarded over one shoulder. Sighing the rest of the smoke from his lungs the lanky hybrid leaned forward on his arms atop the rough wood of the fence and stared vacantly at the flock of sheep housed within the pen, his long oversized ears twitching expectantly to the sound of someone approaching behind him.

"I leave you for a moment and you're already sulking?" Came a feminine voice and a swift hard punch to the shoulder that nearly knocked the desert hybrid off-balance. He staggered a little to the side but quickly righted himself, shooting a stabbing glare and a harsh curse at the femme, but she only flashed a wild and wicked smile back at him and blew him a kiss with a wink of one honey gold eye. His own darker auric eyes softened a bit at the display and he let a smooth smile chase the glower from his face as he stuck his tongue out at the Dragon-lady before he returned his attention to the sheep.

"Did ya get the stuff?" He asked plainly as he reached down and yanked a seed stalk from the tall grass growing around the fencepost nearest to him, slipping the clean end between his teeth and nibbling on it absently. The femme nodded and made an affirmative noise as she moved to settle against the fence at his side, leaning back on her elbows and watching behind him. There was one more coyote missing in action with a few more supplies for the task soon to be at hand. "Koko's got the rest."

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Coybros! Sorry for the wait, Eve >___< I love these three’s relationship xD Big sister Daeva, favored brother Dorado, scared-shitless-of-his-sister-but-still-fights-back Shikoba xD

He’d been excited to do something with his friend after the dry spell that had seemed to have befallen the duo since they had joined the clan. Most days, Dorado was off doing something or hanging out with the dreaded dragon woman. Shikoba just didn’t understand how the fellow Whiplash managed to survive in her presence for so long, though, he had begun to speculate that, perhaps, Dorado was a masochist in secret…or maybe he’d grown immune to her tyrannical and batshit crazy ways after so much exposure to the source…

Needless to say, Shikoba had gone a bit pale when Dorado mentioned a certain, dreadful woman being the spearhead behind their fun for the day. He had already agreed to go along though, so, backing out would have only allowed Daeva more material to tease the Sciens about if he refused to show. Dorado had gone on ahead while Shikoba had had the misfortune of being the Lykoi’s servant of sorts and fetching the materials they’d need.

With the items gathered—and Shikoba triple-checking to make sure he’d gotten the specific items and amounts that Daeva had specified—the scout had steadily made his way towards the sheep pen. His ears flickered when he heard Dorado and Daeva conversing, and his features morphed into a deep scowl when he heard the pet name the Dragon-lady have so kindly bestowed upon him.

“How many times do I gotta tell ya’?! It’s Sheh-koba! Or ‘Koba!” He corrected sourly as he hefted the sack of goods off of his shoulder and onto the ground between the three of them. “Not. Fuckin’. Koko!” He felt like a child throwing a tantrum, but, no matter how many times he tried to fix the horribly embarrassing nickname, Daeva seemed stubborn to change it.

His wasabi gaze flicked to their female cohort, his face twisting into a pout, “Why ya’ always gotta pick on me, Daeva? Why can’t you pick on Dorado? I don’t think you’ve met your bruisin’ quota for the day on ‘im.” His muscles coiled as if ready to dodge some sort of physical abuse from the woman or Dorado himself.

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