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Dampwoods, Inferni Border, late afternoon. Fordated to Sept 8th~ [ 374 ]

"He's been by a few times. Sniffing around. Dunno what he wants." The raccoon murmured as he absently fiddled with a few acorns, peeling the little caps off the tops of them before popping them in his mouth and crunching down. As he chewed he promptly began wringing his little hands within one another and brushing them off against the fur on his chest, taking a moment to inspect them before doing it one more time for good measure. It was weird, but it was one of the many odd habits of the sly little creature, who looked up at his friend with his beady little black eyes.

"Well why don' we find the fucker and give 'im a reason t' never come back." The desert hybrid grumbled back as he lifted his sharp nose to the breeze and took a few sniffs, picking out the direction the evidently wolfish smell was coming from. It came and went during varying times of the day and had persisted for several days now. Either someone was deliberately testing the borders or some idiot was too stupid to know when to quit.

Regardless, the matter needed to be dealt with, and instead of wasting time hoping they'll just go away, the lanky mutt had it in his head that he – in spite of having every reason not to – was going to be the one to deal with the issue. It had been a while since he had a good tussle anyways and he didn't mind earning a few more scars in the name of his new home. Plus any excuse to kick some wolf ass was good enough for him, though he supposed he could use some backup. "Ya seen 'Koba or Daeva?"

The varmint shook his head and raised his shoulders in something akin to a shrug before turning his attention behind the hefty secui as the sound of someone approaching arose in the distance, faint, but coming up at a steady pace. Quirking a brow the Tirones male turned around to peer into the trees at his back, yapping a greeting at whomever was approaching. He could only hope it was someone useful, as he most definitely wasn't planning on getting his ass kicked today.

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(300+) finally, I come!

It had been a nice day – nice enough to track and kill something – and he wanted to utilize his time for something good. Maybe he’d get a meal out of it, maybe not. Whether it was prey or wolf mattered not to him – he and his brother taught each other how to be cannibals and wolf meat was just as good as any other.

As he neared the border, he smelt a scent that had been lingered along it for a few days now. Izual questioned it. It smelled like wolf, but no wolf that he had ever met. Looking around, his orange eyes narrowed as he scanned the borders looking for the offender. That was odd. What wolf was stupid enough to hang around Inferni’s borders? Weren’t the skulls enough of a warning? The skulls were his type of warning anyway – though an impaled wolf head on a pike might get their message across better.

Just his opinion, though.

Vesper didn’t seem like the type to approve that kind of a message. She was a good leader, but she was too soft. Too soft for the Inferni that Izual had heard about in the past. They had been through wars and wolf-killing sprees. What had Inferni done since he had come here? They had one war that was orchestrated by a treasonous pack member, and instead of slaughtering the other pack, the ended on a neutral note. Weak, in his opinion.

Izual continued through the Dampwoods, stopping every so often to listen or to sniff the air. There was a pack mate nearby – on his path, if he continued forward. He considered changing direction, but before he could make up his mind, he heard a welcoming yap just a few yards in front of him. The voice hadn’t been familiar to him – given that he’d never officially met the Luperci – but he recognized the Inferni scent in the air among the others.

Izual approached the Coyote and his raccoon and studied the both of them for a second. ”Well, hello.” Then he remembered the strange scent at the borders. ”Did you smell that scent at the borders? Have either of you been sneaking wolves in without Vesper’s permission? Hm?” Izual taunted, shaking his finger at Dorado smiling maliciously.

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