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Midday, Ravenswrest, fordated to Sept 7th~ [ 352 ]


The sound of wood splitting as the head of the ax bit into it was a satisfyingly hard and clunky sound, not unlike the noise it made when it bit into bone, though that sound was often lessened by the softness of meat and flesh. Still, it was a good sound, and it happened again when the second ax went flying toward its wooden target – the massive stump at the heart of Ravenswrest – connecting solidly with the old wood and sending a spray of splinters into the air.

The various ravens observing from above didn't seem to care much for the rowdy coyote making a mess of the place, though a few of the more nervous ones let out a caw as they took to the wing to find a more quiet place to lounge while the more curious creatures lingered in the lower branches near the clearing to watch. He made a point to pick a part of the stump that wasn't heavily marked up or decorated so that he could add his own scars to the ancient looking landmark, though not for any reason other than he simply wanted to.

With both axes embedded in the stump he breathed a lazy sigh and moved from his place a fair distance away to retrieve them and try again, one footpaw firmly planted on the charred and blackened wood as he leveraged his weight against it and pried his axes from their place. Smirking for seemingly no reason in particular he backpedaled to where he had be standing previously and rolled his shoulders in a stretch before extending an arm and closing one golden eye to peer down his ax and line up a new shot.

He was just about to throw when the ravens were up in a tizzy again, not unlike when he first stepped foot into their domain, and with a loud growl into the air to hush the damn rats with wings he turned to peer over his shoulder at the sound of someone approaching, curious to see who it was and why they'd wandered his way.

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[295] :

Days passed, one by one by one, and most were prone to being the same. She woke, she rose, she left the den she shared with her daughter; it was an unfamiliar den, but it was her new home, and she found it satisfying enough. In truth, a den was a den. Lucilla held no particular fondness for any of the ones that she'd slept within during her lifetime, even if familiarity was pleasing.

This day was like all the rest.

She woke. She rose from her furs, she left the den with River still sleeping. Her day started earlier than her red-eyed daughter, patrolling the border from one corner to the other. On four feet she wandered, passing beyond the caverns and mansion, moving through the Forest of Nod. With the presence of the now-dead bobcat some days ago, she felt it was a safe bet to check on the ravens that her clan was fond of using as messengers and scouts. True, they were just birds and they died on whim, but she could try to prevent unnatural ones the best she could.

She wasn't the only one who chose to visit the ravens, however; when she neared, some other coyote was present, throwing axes at the barked trunk of a stump. She must have been loud, her four paws heavy against the earth in her beastling form, for he knew she was coming before she was truly upon him. His head turned to peer over his shoulder.

Golden of fur and eyes and hulking in the halfling Secui form, Lucilla approached without fear of the other, sniffing at the air in an absent manner. Throwing axes, she stated, the obvious coming from her maw in a rough rumble.

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