If they fill the dirt with water make them drink

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Vicira shouted and thrust out the longstaff, and Ares charged unflinchingly under the encouragement of her heels. The tall, grey rider and sturdy buckskin horse galloped toward the target tree then turned at near the last moment, while Vici lashed out at the trunk—clack—and drove Ares on again.

She was pleased with the results. While eager and hot-blooded, the young stallion was not corybantic; it seemed that Snapdragon had given the horse a good foundation before her departure from the clan. Now that most of the equine training fell to her and Cartier, Vicira wanted to make sure that no animal fell behind in their lessons, especially with new foals about to arrive. Inferni needed to be ready, needed to be strong.

She dismounted from the horse, leading him by the reins to a stream at the edge of the clearing where she practiced. She squatted and drank while he did, wiping her muzzle with the back of a hand and staring out at the woods. There was, in all honesty, only so much that Vicira could do with the warhorses; she was no warrior herself and did not know the finer points of battle—with or without animals. Ares had been mostly desensitized to noise and the wooden weapon flailing in his field of vision and hitting his side, but there were some things that only experience could teach.

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