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Aw yeah kittens!

POSTED: Sat Sep 10, 2016 2:38 am

OOC: Backdated to August 29th! Interested in a Meerclar kitten? PM me and let me know! :D The calico and the brown tabby & white is claimed - everyone else is available.

Chores and responsibilities had become difficult, what with this two, fresh, baby boys newly born. They were perfect nuggets of fur and flesh and ferocity, their tiny squeaks and gentle nudges nothing but endearing to the new father, who catered to their every whim. He had spent hours observing and caring for them however he could, his warm tongue working to stimulate their senses or his solid presence providing necessary security. In many way, being with Logan and Bramble made him forget about the outside world, if only for a moment. But not once since the boys' birth did he shirk his duties or neglect the livestock. As Krokar's Quartermaster, Milos recognized what was expected of him and he performed his duties appropriately.

But at the end of the day, he was itching to get home to Eliza and the boys. At only four days old, Logan and Bram did little more than wiggle, whine, and whimper, but every movement and sound filled Milos with an inexpressible amount of emotion. "Hard t' b'lieve you'll be's big's your ma'n me someday," he whispered lovingly to them after a hard day's work, their fragile bodies tucked against one another upon fields of fur. He smiled, caressing their cloud-soft noses with his index finger. "Fierce's your ma you'll be, I reckon." He laughed gently as Logan pulled his wrinkly body further atop Bramble's. The younger puppy wiggled but seemed contented by his brother warmth.

A small meow broke the momentary peace and Milos lifted his head from where he was laying on his stomach next to his sons. "Meer?" he said, listening. With the excitement of his sons' births, the Luperci had unintentionally forgotten the queen's own pregnancy. Though it wasn't unusual for the tabby to be gone for days at a time, he felt terrible for having not paid more attention to her absence in the midst of her pregnancy. "That you?"

The queen appeared without another sound, a tiny bundle of white, red, and black stuffed in her mouth. She was purring as she neared him, rubbing her back against his shoulder before laying the tiny kitten down next to Guppies. Milos had never heard her purr so loudly before. He reached out and caressed the length of her spine as Meerclar departed, leaving the kitten behind. He watched as cat and Luperci snuggled up together, as though instantly friends, and smiled as he thought how beautiful life could be.

Meerclar returned four more times, each with a new bundle in her mouth: grey and white; tabby and white; white and black; torbie. She lowered each one next to the boys and then, when the final kitten had been retrieved, found a spot a few feet away from Milos and laid down as though to admire her work. Milos' cheeks ached with cheer and, in companionable silence, the two parents laid comfortably together and reveled in the joy and wonder of their respective progeny.

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