A Deeper Wound

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It was rare for the blood and smoke male to become annoyed, but his hunt had managed it. No matter how much training, there was always an element of chance, and that element had clearly been against him this evening. His prey had managed to escape, but not only that, it had also managed to open a gash in his hip, which moved up to his waist. Roman had experienced too many wounds for it to bother him, but he knew that this was more serious than his skills could deal with. Of course he’d been taught field healing, how to dull pain, seal wounds, and stop bleeding, and he’d done all of those things, for the most part. Blood was clotting around the wound, matting his fur, and he’d cleaned as best he could, but sealing the wound was proving difficult and Roman surmised it may require thread and needle, and certainly more bandages than he had.

Perhaps another warrior would have been ashamed by the wound, but the tall Cremini knew that wounds, gained in combat or by accident were a reality of the life he led. Roman knew the healer of the Clan, or at least where that healer lived, but their name? At present that escaped him, and he needed his injury to be dealt with quickly, Gypsy was alone and unprotected and Roman had not bargained for this time.


Roman called as he approached where he remembered being before, hoping that they were around. Evening had not quite fallen, and the world was in twilight which was worse than full night, the eye couldn’t quite adjust to the undecided light.

”Healer, I need your skills.”

His tone was stoic and calm as always, but there was the faintest trace of annoyance, although it was not with the healer, but rather with himself for not being able to get back to Gypsy immediately.

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Oderint dum metuant

The raven was no where to be found, a particular grace in an event such as this one. It had vanished sometime during the day, moving from his perch at the open window of the hut to fly farther in the distance. Though she was partnered with it as Vesper had pointed out, there were still moments when she had to stop and think about it for a few moments. It was not trained to stay in one place forever. It was a wild bird, nothing more.

It was no secret that Fang spent a good portion of her time in the medical hut with Harosheth, learning what she needed to about what it meant to be a medic of both physical injuries and those that posed a sickness factor to the pack's canines.

For weeks, she had kept up the same routine on a daily basis, coming back and forth between the hut and her duties out in the field which included patrolling and, occasionally, accompanying the Aquila when she wanted to leave the borders, If she was given the chance to, since she had chosen the medic route with her rank.

When the sound of a voice called out through the air, she had almost missed it since she was focused on her hands and washing them free of the harsh herbal remedy that was being shown to her by the older healer. It took only a moment longer to walk to the door, to push it open and let her gaze cut toward the injured canine.

Come in then, she said, after only a moment of assessing the situation, I don't have all night. It was typical of others in the warrior pack to get injured. Perhaps that was why there was a need for someone in her particular brand of field. She had focused on the physical injury since the moment she had first started learning what it meant to be a healer. Seeing a gash in the man's hip was nothing new to her for she had seen any number of injuries by now.

She stepped out of the way of the frame of the door, glancing toward Harosheth who moved to the side as well but also gathered a large blanket, pushing a few things on the large cot in the corner to the side. Lay here, Fang ordered. How did this happen?

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When the door to the hut opened, Roman walked forwards, taking in the dour looking healer that stood there. For a moment the blood and smoke male was confused, she smelt of healing herbs, but there was no mistaking, to his eyes at least, the stance of a warrior. What also struck the Cremini male was her height. Roman had always found himself towering over other coyote, but this healer was only a few inches shorter than himself.

At Fang’s gruff instruction to enter, Roman spat out the leaf he’d been chewing to dull the pain of his injury. It was a fighter’s cure, mask the pain and continue fighting, but he didn’t think they’d enjoy him getting rid of it inside. That done he walked in, and was immediately struck by the harsh scents of the herbs. The strong smells in such a small area made him sneeze. He moved to the cot and sat on it, debating on whether to comply any further, but he didn’t have the time to argue, and Roman had a feeling that Fang would be equally as determined to get him to do as she wished.

As he hoisted his legs onto the cot and lay down, the half matted wound opened up and fresh blood began to ooze out. He felt foolish lying there and did his utmost to stop from shifting. A warrior on ones back was often a dead warrior and his hands kept going to the knives at his side.

”Stupidity.” Roman said, his usually stoic tone was tinged with annoyance again. He took a steadying breath and allowed his voice to return to its usual masked tone.

”I miscalculated my prey’s actions, and moved too slowly. I believe it tried to gore me, but I was just fast enough for it to miss my stomach and instead tear open my hip. My clan taught me just enough to field dress a wound and continue a battle, but this injury is beyond my knowledge.”

His speech was accented slightly, hinting at his Hispanic roots. His grey eyes went to Fang’s

”Can you fix it?”

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Oderint dum metuant

She never really liked her two legged form. It was good for some things like healing others but in others, like fighting, it was also very clumsy. She knew her weight and the power to put behind her feet when she waged battle, how to bat at someone with her paws and find purchase against their bodies, how to protect others before herself. However, when it came to healing, the only real skill that she had was in fixing up physical maladies and injuries that looked far much worse than they really were.

The scent of blood on the man who stood outside the door was palpable and she could already tell by the bit caked on his hands and the way it spread when he lay down that it was much deeper than most that came through the hut's doorway.

She shifted as he answered her questions, walking over to sit by the cot, bending down ever so slightly to peer at the wound through the cool blue of her eyes. For once, I can agree with my patient, she answered with a nod of her head to the bellum. Don't move if you can help it. I'm not sure if you've already gotten it dirty or not so it needs to be cleaned, she said with a sense of urgency, moving across the room to grab hold of the water ladle, a cup and a few cloths she knew she would need. She settled beside him once again, looking up to greet his gaze. If you don't move, I should be able to clean it out enough to tell whether or not simply packing it with a bit of cloth and herbs and stitching it up will be enough, she answered.

She took hold of the cup, scooping up some of the water and silently applied it to the Bellum's wound, careful not to pour too much since it was probably pretty cool with it being autumn. It was always fresh, straight out of the closest stream or river that they could find. Even then, it was boiled to make sure it was clean of impurities.

How long did you wait before you came to me? she asked, watching the water that strained away, dyed a rosy red by the blood.

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No warrior enjoyed laying on their back, and the blood and smoke male was no exception, though he did understand the necessity of it, so he did his best. Fang’s gaze was unflinching and her hands deft, but the flesh was sensitive and each touch caused Roman to hitch a breath, though that was the only sign he gave that it hurt him. He had a horrible feeling that the medic would come to the conclusion the wound would require stitching. Roman was no stranger to the needle, but the prick of the needle and the pulling of flesh was never a pleasant or comfortable one, not to mention the inability to train properly, and the endless poltices that came after such procedures.

The shock of the cold water made the Cremini male’s hackles rise involuntarily, but he managed to keep from moving. As the medic went about the business of cleaning the wound, Roman thought about the answer to her question.

”I attempted to examine and treat the wound myself. If I were in my birth land I’d recognise more of the plants and understand their uses, but the ones here are strange to me, except one I know dulls pain. As soon as I realised the injury was beyond my skill I sought you out.”

He knew he didn’t have time to be here, he needed to get back to Gypsy, she may be on clan lands, but she wasn’t safe without him, and she would worry. He did his best to keep his impatience at bay, but it was difficult.

”Will this take long?” He asked, doing his best to be respectful while asking such a question.

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Oderint dum metuant

As she cleaned the dual colored canine's wound, one thing became exceedingly clear. The wound was too deep to simply stitch up. It would have been easier that way, to go ahead and pack it, to stitch it up and not have to worry about it for a few weeks, to hope that he wouldn't catch an infection from the wound itself. However, she knew well enough that just stitching a wound and expecting it to heal when it was much worse than it appeared only made things worse. She shook her head momentarily, shifting as she poured the cooled water over Roman's wound.

I can teach you sometime, if it'll help, to find the right herbs. I know a thing or two about cleaning wounds and Harosheth is teaching me about remedies, Fang said, her attention moving momentarily to the fire as she rose from her spot beside him.

Are you in a rush? she questioned, moving toward the fire. She lifted one of the flat blades normally used to chop and cut herbs. It had other uses too, of course, though she had never really used it before now for this particular reason. Ordinarily, she might have said something before she moved to give warning but she also preferred to answer questions before she announced every little thing she did.

Bedside manners were not her forte. I'm in no mood to rush this, she said, pushing the knife against the flame, just the blade so that it caught the underside of the charcoal so that it could warm up.

It's not good, the wound. It's too deep to fix with just stitches, she said, apologetically. I need to cauterize the wound to keep you from bleeding much more. Do you understand? she asked, moving to sit next to him again. It'll hurt pretty badly, both initially and afterwards for a while but we'll give you something to help with the pain and to fight off the infection. If you are able to do it yourself, you can use poultices to keep it clean. If not, feel free to come by so that I can change it for you at the end of each day.

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He felt it then, the flutter of worry as she moved towards the fire and all of Fang’s words were lost to him, until she returned to his side, explaining what had to be done. The blood and smoke male’s hackles rose and he grabbed the healers wrist.

”No!” He said, feeling his heartbeat quicken. Roman was no stranger to pain and did not fear it, but there was no time for this. He knew what would happen, the heat, the smell of burning flesh. Roman shook his head vigorously.

”No….stitch it shut, and give me something for infection.”

The Cremini male could feel it, his body was preparing to fight, or to flee. He had no doubt that the healer outranked him in clan hierarchy, but to not be able to fight, or protect Gypsy, the quarterisation would mean he’d be ineffectual for weeks, and what if it triggered off….something, he’d been so good for so many months there had been nothing, kept such good control.

”It must be fixed without quarterisation.”

Roman’s breathing was too quick and he did his best to steady it, all the while the blade heating in the fire grew larger in his mind. The small fire that heated the hut seemed to grow louder, and instead of a homely crackle it transformed into a roar that filled his ears, and for a moment, blocked out all other sounds. He hadn’t realised he’d not released the healer.

”Stitch it.” was all he finished with, and let go of her wrist, doing his best to ignore the sounds of screams he knew were only in his memory.

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Oderint dum metuant

She felt the warm touch of fur against fur as the man reached to grab for her wrist, taking it in a tight grip out of fear and some misplaced notion that she would allow such a thing. She didn't like being touched by men, not in the way that Roman did. She knew right away that it was out of fear by the way he spoke but the touch was still the same. Her eyes went cold for a brief flicker of a moment before she lightly tugged her arm back to herself.

She did not outrank him. She didn't outrank anyone but the Tirones and outsiders. Even then, she never used it against others. She wouldn't start now.

What you're saying goes against my training, she said almost irksomely, her free hand lightly rubbing at her wrist before she let her gaze dart to the flickering flame of the fire. I can make sure I do it fast and efficiently. I'll have Harosheth help me so there is no chance of hurting you more than I need to, she added, But if I were you, I would let me do my job of helping you. I'd rather not have an infection bound or stupidity ridden clan mate running around on my watch. She stepped forward, letting her gaze settle over the wound again so she could examine whether she could stitch it or not with any chance of it healing right.

Perhaps it was a bit rude of her to assume that he would listen to her. Maybe her words were a little more cruel than she intended them to be but she shifted in place and crossed her arms over her chest, allowing the piece of metal to heat up in the fire behind her. It's better to do things right the first time. If you insist, I'll stitch you up but I cannot promise that I'll be the one to fix you up when you crawl back in here delirious from infection and with fever.

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Roman was often sensitive to the reactions of others, and at another time, in a different place, he might have been aware of how his grab had affected Fang, but his mind was filled with memories that were, right now, half real to him.

”I do not fear any pain, and another scar means little to me.”

He fell silent, his gaze fixed on the fire that Fang’s body now blocked. His ears twitched and splayed as the blood and smoke male listened to phantoms reaching back from the grave.

”This was a mistake.” he said finally, though whether to Fang or merely thinking aloud, it was impossible to tell. Without another word he swung his legs off the pallet and went to stand.

It might have been comical to an onlooker, the warrior attempting to stand and his injured leg folding beneath him like wet paper. It refused to support him, and the pain was exquisite, but Roman did not yelp, whine or shout, there was only a gasp of shock before he hit the ground.

Sat there, the sound of the fire filling his ears, Roman closed his eyes and spoke, his voice taut and his body doing its best not to radiate shame.

”My home was destroyed by fire I… revealing such a weakness went against everything he’d done to protect Gypsy so far ”Fear fire. My mind returns to that night, and I…sometimes lose control of my actions.”

The blood and smoke male trembled with suppressed frustration at the admission, his jaw was clenched tightly, his fists equally so.

”Can you tie me to the pallet? Bind my wrists, feet and waist so that I do not move?”

He wanted to walk out of there, Roman hated having to say any of this, but his leg was useless and in this condition he was no protector to Gypsy, he had to be cured, and knew that his fear would not allow him to be healed quietly.

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Oderint dum metuant

It was easy for someone to be insensitive to another's mentality when it came to certain things in the medical field that she had spent most of her years perfecting, at least when it came to physical injuries. While she still had a lot to learn in regards to illnesses and matters that required a more intimate knowledge of one's patient, she had no clue about Roman's fear of flames or the fire itself. Even the notion of being burned was probably a fear that played in the back of the Cremini male's mind more than the grabbing touch of a male did for her.

Of course, she had a facial scar to prove to the world what she had been through, why she shunned the company of men and often discouraged herself from making friendly with the locals that often took her presence for granted.

Idle curiosity surely roamed in the back of her blue eyes though she withheld it while the creature rose to his feet only to crumple to the ground, eliciting a growl from Fang that moved close to try and grab him up, to set him back onto the table. She was strong, considering she was a soldier as well as a healer. Hooking her arms under his own, hefting him up would have been easy with his help, though if he preferred to fight the whole way, well, that was another story. I understand your reluctance, she said, definitely in need of some bedside manners when it came to dealing with others whether here or out there, beyond the hut's doors.

Give me your arms, she managed only a moment later as she let her eyes scan through the room. She took hold of a large wooden spoon a short distance away, some long, bundled ropes that were meant for retrieving water from the closest river and lake before moving closer to the canine.

I can bind you but if you fight against me or the cords, you're only going to hurt yourself more than you already are. You'll be useless. You won't be able to do your duties, she urged.

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