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P: Slave

POSTED: Thu Sep 22, 2016 12:37 am

OOC: I assumed that Lucille would know that Slave had tracking skills since she tries to have a general idea of what all the pack members can do. Lemme know if this isn't okay and I'll be happy to change. :) I had them be at Lucille and Gus's cabin. Ilse is here as well. WC: 327

The maps of the pack needed to be changed with their recent addition and adjustment of their borders. The fishing spots had changed due to the disaster in the spring, and she guessed that the changing lands also meant the deer herds were in different places as well. She thought the arrival of more waterfowl in the spring may have been helpful, but Honks the goose was having none of it, so they lived largely in peace through the seasons.

As was her normal course in making maps, Lucille liked to double check her sketches, as well as run the information past several pack members to make sure that it was accurate. She hoped to run any findings past Iroquois at some point to double check, but she also wanted to spend some time with a relatively new pack member, Slave. Her name was interesting, considering relatively recent events with the Austringers, but Lucille had not commented on this.

Lucille had invited Ilse as well, intending to get future farms marked on the map, figuring that she could do both at once rather than tracking her pack members down one at a time.

"Alright, so I'm looking to mark the general locations of deer herds on my map so that it'll make hunting easier," she told Slave, while sitting at a low table in the cabin she and Gus shared. Ilse was on her left. Lucille assumed that the prey would probably not be hanging out near Fiskebyn due to the heavy scent of predators. They might, however, decide that whatever plants Krokar ended up growing seemed tasty so knowing where they ranged might help keep them out.

"Have you noticed any patterns in how they've been moving?" Lucille asked, looking down at her map. She reached out and made a new mark, fixing where the thought the border was now located. There were several marks there because she was trying to decide on its exact location.

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