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WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

WOOOOOO Lets get this started! Set on the 20th, late. The guy hassling Indi is some form of Bloodhound mix. [1018]

Indi leaned back in her chair and swished her drink - some roughly brewed concoction, the heavy flavouring of spice not quite covering up the raw alcohol taste - around the tin cup she had been given. Her lips were quirked in an aimless smile and eyes not quite paying attention to those around her, but the others surrounding her didn’t seem to notice her inattention; their own attention either on their stories, or somewhat south of her eyes.

The youth wasn’t quite sure what it was they were in; Garren had already been drinking fairly heavily by the time he had rejoined them outside Krokar. She had been able to make out something about a group of friendly traders meeting up but that was about it. Whatever the occasion, it was an impressive experience for a girl who had never really left her pack before. Parties were a rare occasion for Indi and were a somewhat duller affair, aside from the occasions she managed to secrete her sister away with a bottle of alcohol. On the bank of a slow moving river a couple hours travel away from Krokar almost a dozen horses and carts had been hitched up outside a large rawhide tent, easily big enough to accommodate the twenty odd Luperci inside.

The inside of the tent had an almost-carnival atmosphere. Two luperci had taken centre stage and begun playing a jaunty, fast-paced song on a violin and a drum while several others danced around them. Everybody else was lounging around the edges in a motley collection of chairs, drinking and talking and laughing. It was an almost overwhelming maelstrom of motion and sound, and Indi loved it. She could talk, joke, flirt and laugh all she wanted, and that was it. She didn’t have to worry about anybody here remembering a bawdy joke or some unladylike behaviour and reporting back. Heck, she didn’t have to care about anybody here period. They were all strangers, and most of them she wouldn’t even remember their names the next day.

And so she had. Indi had spent most of the night drinking her way through a steady supply of free drinks and flitting from group to group, flirting and chatting with anyone who would have her. She had plenty of volunteers for company as well. With the exception of the violin player the tent was almost overwhelmingly male, and so Indi and Teagan had received quite a bit of attention; borne somewhat more gracefully by the former than the latter. Annoying Teagan by receiving and responding to male attention was still fresh enough to amuse Indi, so she had taken to the gathering like a fish to water, albeit with her attention occasionally drifting away to make sure that Teagan was alright.

She turned her attention back away from hunting around the room for her sister to the group in-front of her, laughing lightly at a half-heard joke from one of group of five - including her - gathered around one of the fires warming the tent. None of the people she was drinking with were familiar to her; Garren had drifted off to become absorbed by some old friends almost immediately. The fact that Indi didn’t find herself caring one jot about that spoke to just how much her flirting with him revolved around annoying Teagan and learning his leather-working.

One of the older wolves had begun to tell a long-winded story of sailing up the coast from far south. Indi took an absent-minded swig of her drink and leaned forwards, eyes brightening in interest as she listened to his tale. She was vaguely aware of somebody coming up behind her, the heavy stagger to his steps making him immediately obvious even to her addled senses. She didn’t pay him much attention, too smitten with tales of a storm at sea off the coast of Mexico to pay him much notice. What did make her sit up and pay attention was when he moved forwards, leaning heavily against her shoulder.

Flirting was one thing, this was another entirely. The man - a russet furred dog whose droopy face indicated either far too much alcohol, or an interesting ancestry - had a good hundred pounds on her and was an uncomfortably dominating presence. “Get off,” she said to him, squirming and trying to keep her voice in good cheer. Her initial reaction was somewhat more violent, but she managed to suppress it; perhaps there was some slim hope of dealing with this guy without ruining her good mood.

“Whass’at love?” he slurred jovially, leering down at her. Indi yelped loudly - provoking a laugh from the group - as one arm snaked around her, one hand sneaking out out to cup an area that this creep definitely had no right to go near. Indi’s growl was less warning and more punctuation to her attack as she darted around, teeth closing together on thin air with a sharp snap barely half an inch away from the dog’s muzzle, and even that was just because he had flinched backwards away from her just quickly enough.

The laughter slowly faded away to an awkward silence as the dog took one step back and rose to his full height, glowering down at her with rheumy eyes. His good nature was long gone and a faint growl began to rumble in his throat; evidently he wasn’t much amused at being driven back by a girl so much smaller than him. It was easy to see why; below the loose skin that covered his body the man was large and heavy set with muscles; not the appearance of a man who had those smaller than him stand up to him very often. Especially not slight girls like Indi. For her part Indi - driven by a fearless pride half born of alcohol and half because she was a Knight and no random loner was going to intimidate her goddammit - leaned back in her chair and turned to meet his gaze loosely and calmly, one brow raised in a silent challenge.

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YAAAAAAAAS. Gave the bloodhound mix a name so that it’ll be easier to refer to him later on xD

“Hnnn,” the Stryder grunted uninterestedly as the chatty male continued to impress upon her how heroic he was and how good he was as a swordsman. The mutt—as well as a handful of other Luperci—had been trying to catch her eye ever since the two pretty Cavaliers had arrived at the campsite that evening with Garren. Once it had been clear that the handsome male claimed no “dibs” on the two ladies, both sisters had had a crew of pursuers trying to test their luck. Needless to say, they often had a better reception from the koi-colored girl than they had the sword-wielder.

Try as he might, Garren could not convince Teagan to part with her lovely weapon, particularly when there was a large crowd of unfamiliar—not to mention, a few drunk—individuals all around them. The Stryder’s falcon had, unwillingly, been forced to wait outside the tent amongst the branches. There just wasn’t enough room and it wasn’t safe for the bird to be in amongst the mingling Luperci, so, Agrona had been given the night to relax as much as she could with the din of voices, music, and party-going sounds echoing out into the nearby forest.

The bustling, noisy, and alcohol-filled atmosphere wasn’t Teagan’s cup of tea. She’d gone in with her doubts, and they only continued to remain in place the longer she was forced to stay. Garren had practically abandoned them once they’d arrived, and it was hard to keep track of Indi amongst the bodies, particularly, when there were suitors for her attention constantly distracting her from her task.

Going with the flow, the two sisters had been swept into different sides of the tent. Occasionally, Indi and Teagan would catch each other’s eye, and there was a mischievous twinkle to those sapphire gems of Indi’s whenever Teagan would catch her talking—flirting—with someone. The Stryder would give disapproving scowls and glares, all of which were ineffective against her littermate.

At the very least, it seemed her sister had found the environment likeable. She was all smiles, and she fit into the crowd easily with her lighter and more affable personality. Seeing Indi happy had been what had caused Teagan to allow Indi her freedom for the night—a prize of sorts for having come along for the journey with her—and had painfully allowed herself to suffer through the attention her stoic attitude and sword drew.

Chatty-mutt had branched off into some fictional story about a bear he’d taken on when Teagan’s Indi-radar had gone off. Her mismatched ears flickered as they somehow managed to pick out Indi’s distressed voice amongst the crowd. Her cranium shot to where she’d seen Indi last, and found a large male standing too close and the smaller wolfdog trying to remove herself from his touch.

A shot of protective anger spiked through Teagan’s system.

“—and I managed to roll away just in ti—hey! Where are you going?!” Chatty-mutt whined as his audience suddenly stalked off.

The swordswoman’s feet crossed the dirt floor with a determined and threatening gait. Luperci parted quickly when they sensed and saw her approach, their eyes curiously following her to see what drama was about to unfold.

The male grasped at Indi, and it was clear from her reaction that the grope was unwanted. As silence began to overtake the tent from the startling scene between the large male and small koi-colored female, Teagan had stepped well within range to put the mongrel in his place. She’d heard the rumble in his throat, and her own lips curled at the silent threat he was trying to impose upon Indi.

Tail raised, she let a clawed hand reach up and rip the dog back by his muscled shoulder. Having been focused on the defiant bitch before him, the hound was sent stumbling back from the force of Teagan’s yank.

“I’d leave her alone before she gives you a face lift.”

The male had regained his footing and had turned his seething gaze upon the new arrival.

“You’re in sore need of one,” Teagan sneered as she came to stand beside Indi. She didn’t want to cause a scene, but, it was obvious that something needed to be done so that the male would cease his attentions. Indi was a decent fighter, and had become very good with a knife since they’d spent some time with their grandmother. Teagan didn’t doubt that Indi could fillet her assaulter like a fish if push came to shove.

Whad’you say t’me, you lil’ bitch?!” The male bellowed as the indication of Teagan’s words finally computed in his intoxicated mind. He took a threatening step forward. The wrinkles on his face rolled and expressed an image of anger.

Though she had been trying to convey the notion that Indi didn’t need protecting, the male’s aggressive act spurred Teagan into mirroring him. If Indi had said anything, it was drowned out by the warning growl that ripped from Teagan's maw. “What are you, stupid and deaf? She doesn’t want your attention, old man.” Her hand instinctively began to reach for the hilt of her sword.

His large hands curled into fists and the rumble in his throat became audible for everyone to hear. Iss’at’ah threat? He let his eyes drop to where her hand had fallen upon the handle of her sheathed blade.

Teagan stepped closer, effectively putting herself between Indi and the hound. “Does it need to be?” She challenged, her words threatening and low.

Ah’ight! Break it up! There’ll be no blood spillin’ in my tent tonight! If you two wanna ‘ave a go at each other, do it somew’ere else,” came the sudden bark from a large, heavy-set dog. It was one of the leaders of the trading group, if Teagan remembered Garren right.

The brindle male made his way between the Stryder and the hound and pushed them apart. His large head turned to the hound first. “Harlem, if yeh need a tree fer yer pecker, there’s plenty ov’other ladies to put ‘im in.”

He then whipped his attention back to Teagan.

“And, you! Keep yer toothpick covered or I’ll‘ave yah thrown in’tah the sticks!” He paused before he sent a glare at both troublesome parties. “We clear?”

The hound, Harlem, huffed and let his fists fall uselessly at his sides. Teagan offered little more than a grunt.

“Good. Put the music back on! I don’t pay you kids fer lollygaggin’!” And, with that, everyone quickly went back to what they had been doing before, though, perhaps with a new topic of conversation. The tent owner went back to manning his station near the alcohol.

Harlem made a reluctant retreat, though, not before throwing a glower over his shoulder at Teagan. He was even so bold as to fit Indi with another leering look at her womanly features and allowing a tongue to glaze his jowls before returning his gaze to Teagan tauntingly.

I’ll get what I want. This isn’t over.

Teagan’s heated glare could cut through metal. Of course not.

With the hound having finally wandered off, the Stryder turned to Indi. “What an asshole,” she grumbled before taking a seat next to her sister. Her canary eyes soften from their hard edge as they looked the Knight over. “He didn’t hurt you, did he?”

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Adrenaline and alcohol were a powerful mixture, buoying up a confidence that had slowly been rebuilding itself over the course of the past few months. That confidence was both amplified by the alcohol and twisted into something else; a perverse desire to prove to herself that she didn’t need to be afraid anymore, that she could defend herself. An innocent sounding desire at first, but in Indi it had begun to infect her view of the world with an undercurrent of aggression. Teagan was obviously exempt, and Garren had escaped by being both charming and completely harmless next to the sisters, but in this loner the perfect target for her little bundle of aggression had ambled along. Indi lounged in her chair loose and light, hiding the subtle tension in her muscles as her limbs prepared to pounce. While Indi’s body language showed her calm and collected, her eyes told a different tale. The glint in her icy orbs was less that of someone facing down a larger predator, and more of a predator herself sizing up a piece of prey.

The big dog seemed to recognise this and stiffened, a growl rumbling up his throat even as he gently swayed from his intoxication. Indi stayed quite, keeping her intense gaze locked on his eyes while her fingers ghosted ever so slowly towards the dagger at her belt.

And then suddenly Teagan was there, yanking the loner back and planting herself between him and Indi. As soon as her sister became involved, Indi’s casual aggression turned to action. Her anger only grew as the loner insulted Teagan and for the first time since trying to bite him, she let her lips slide upwards to reveal razor sharp teeth. Though Indi’s growl was drowned out by Teagan’s own, her venomous stare promised a painful death to whatever idiot dared to hurt or even just keep insulting her sister. If only looks could actually kill, then what came next might have been avoided.

Gracefully Indi rose from her seat. Even as Teagan loomed protectively in-front of her, Indi lurked protectively behind her sister with her unsheathed dagger held low and unnoticed against her thigh. She kept her position even as the head trader suddenly appeared, pushing the two apart and giving a name to Indi’s new least favourite person; Harlem.

It was only when Harlem stalked away from the pair that Indi finally relaxed, slipping her dagger back into its sheath before anyone noticed. She huffed flippantly at the trader as he ambled away and narrowed her eyes when Harlem had the nerve to leer at her once more. She met his hungry gaze and suddenly snapped her teeth together with an audible clack, grinning at his faint flinch.

With a last dismissive flick of her ear Indi turned away from the creep and back to Teagan. “You said it,” she said, finally relaxing back into her seat. The men she had been chatting with earlier were conspicuously absent, giving them a wide berth and Teagan nervous glances.‘Cowards,’ Indi thought with a snort, putting them out of mind.

“I’m fine,” she reassured Teagan, “Mangy mutt just got a bit too touchy.” Frowning, she half-reflexively crossed her arms. Actually having somebody react to her flirtations and show her some attention was a rather new experience - being the Lune’s young daughter tended to have that effect on a lot of Cavaliers - and she hadn’t quite been ready for something like that. HOping that Teagan hadn’t noticed the defensive gesture she continued to bluster: “Anyway, he couldn’t have hurt me even if he’d tried. I can look after myself-” she patted her dagger “-and I’ve got you watching my back!”

Behind Teagan’s shoulder a flash of red caught Indi’s attention as Harlem came back into view. He was crowded into the edge of the tent at the far end of the room, talking quietly to a sandy, athletic looking coyote. As though on cue the two looked over at her, though they didn’t quite meet Indi’s eyes. In fact, it almost seemed as though they were looking at Teagan…

Scowling, Indi rose and grabbed Teagan’s wrist, pulling her the opposite direction hopefully before she noticed. “Anyways, screw that guy! Have you tried the punch? It’s really good! And there was a boy who was checking you out earlier,” she trilled with a mischievous look in her eye, dragging Teagan off into the crowd.

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Let the fighting start with next round?

The audible clack of teeth hadn’t gone unnoticed by the glaring Teagan.

She was glad—and proud—that Indi was willing to stick up for herself. Months before, she had had to resort to dragging the koi-colored teen by her leg and angrily throwing punches at her to get her to fight. The self-doubting and self-degrading girl of those days was not present tonight. Perhaps it had been their First Blood ceremony, perhaps it was their trip away from the protection of anyone but themselves, or, still yet, perhaps it was the alcohol. Either way, she was happy to see that Indi wasn’t about to take shit from some pushy horndog.

Teagan couldn’t help but to smirk when Indi agreed with her and had settled back in her seat once more. The Stryder chose to pointedly ignore the not-so-secretive glances and stares thrown at the two of them. If she called attention to it, it would only ruin the evening, and she didn’t want to do that to Indi. They were supposed to be enjoying themselves, and, this place, Indi seemed quite content with up until a few moments ago.

Indi shrugged off Teagan’s inquiry of concern.

There was no hiding the initial, impulsive act from the Stryder’s sharp eyes though. The sisters knew each other too well to not notice the small quirks and unconscious twitches or reactions they made. Bold and full of bravado as Indi’s words were, Teagan sensed that Harlem’s groping had affected the sister more than she was trying to let on. It was a matter that was noted but not addressed. There would be a time and place for that, and the public setting they were presently in was no such time or place.

Briefly, her canary gaze drifted to Indi’s carry weapon when the Knight patted it. “I should have let you gut him,” Teagan grumbled in the end, reaching out to play with the Indi’s neglected tin cup. Her words were half serious, half joking. She rather liked the idea of the male reeling in pain for his arrogant advances…

She let out a sharp breath, teetering the tin up onto the edge of its base. “He doesn’t seem the type to learn his lesson unless it’s through physical means,” she continued. When her gaze returned to see what Indi thought of her distasteful words for the bloodhound, she caught her sister’s sapphire eyes focusing on something behind her.

Curious as to what she was looking at, Teagan had started to turn around, only to have her attention quickly distracted by Indi suddenly seizing her wrist. She had just enough time to utter a startled “Hey—!” before being dragged off into the masses.

Teagan regained her footing quickly, visibly scowling as Indi teased her about yet another suitor for the Stryder’s attention. She weakly fought to regain control of her wrist. “No. Nah. Uh-uh! Don’t try to sic one of them on me again!” She hissed lowly through gritted teeth. “It took me forever to get rid of that last bastard you left me with!” She let herself be led to the punch regardless though, as, she rather enjoyed the taste of it when compared to the beer that the barkeep was serving.

Her cold glare sent many of the young and cowardly away from the serving table, allowing the sisters easy access to the open bowl of the fruity drink. With any potential troublemaker having vacated the immediate area, Teagan was able to comfortably dish out a drink for the two of them. As she handed Indi her cup, Teagan turned to observe the crowd. Her gaze fell on a familiar male who seemed to have resurfaced, but look plastered as ever. “Garren sure left us in a hurry.” There was a pause before Teagan leveled her sister with a smug grin. “It’s been nice.”

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[ 710 ]

Losing herself in the crowd and noise definitely had a good effect in Indi’s mood. The youth smiled contently as she pulled Teagan through the party, he sister acquiescing to Indi’s guiding hand. Teagan struggled weakly as Indi dragged her through the crowd, and they both quietly ignored just how easy it would be for the larger sister to stop Indi in her tracks if she actually tried. Mentioning the boy did prompt a reaction, but Teagan’s low protests did little more than make Indi cackle merrily, drawing vaguely concerned attention from those they were shouldering past. “You need to lighten up a bit Tea!” she exclaimed raucously, throwing an arm around Teagan’s shoulders and butting her head affectionately against hers. “Maybe I should go find you that dog guy you liked so much, the one with the weird eyes? Eh, would that be better?” she murmured in a low voice, unable to resist teasing Teagan one step more, before releasing her sister and skipping a pace away before Teagan could retaliate.

Indi rolled her eyes as Teagan sent the gathered youth scattering from the table. It was almost like the scattering of the chickens they had chased as youths, though less adorable and more pathetic. “Mean,” she accused Teagan, bumping her hip and flashing her a mischievous smile before leaning against the table as Teagan poured the drinks. She flicked an ear gratefully at Teagan and then hummed contently as she took a generous gulp of the drink, the sweet, fruity flavour almost drowning out the tang of the strong alcohol. Teagan wasn’t done with debasing all things male though, and Indi rolled her eyes as she started on one of her favourite topics as of late.

“Oh lay off him, he’s harmless,” she said, but there was very little heat in Indi’s defence of the overly-affectionate male, and her lips were quirked in a smirk. “Besides, we need to keep him around at least a little longer; he’s teaching me to make all these cool things!” she finished raising her right hand - newly laden with the leather bangles that she had been making under Garren’s supervision - in emphasis. The bangles were very obviously a creation of Indi’s; there was little order and no symmetry to what seemed like a tangled knot of leather straps, but which always fit together perfectly. They were adorned with a mishmash of coloured splashed in the form of leather beads, shiny non-precious gems and even a bright red feather Indi had won from an exotic sounding trader in a game. Garren’s own, more orderly and therefore more boring, offering had been relegated to a decoration on Indi’s belt.

Indi’s mouth was half open to continue needling Teagan when she felt a gentle tug on her elbow. She turned her head to see an absolutely adorable coyote - seriously! The guy was a few months older than them but almost two heads shorter, and his fur looked so soft! - that she had been talking to not long ago. “Umm, Indi?” he began, “Some o-of us are going swimming. Did you, uh, want to-” he trailed off, casting a nervous glance at Teagan. Indeed, when Indi cocked her ear towards the opening in the tent he indicated she could hear the faint sound of splashes and laughter. Indi gave her sister an amused look and then snapped around to face her.

“Sister! My services are needed elsewhere!” she barked formally, managing to hold the stern look on her face for a whole second before she ruined it by giggling. “You’ll be alright for a bit? Hold back the ravenous hordes?” Indi’s waggling eyebrows certainly implied that she wasn’t talking about hordes of hungry monsters, but before Teagan could respond Indi had refilled her glass, linked her arm roughly through the coyote’s and dragged him off into the crowd. Ahh, a thoroughly teased Teagan behind her, the adorable boy blushing besides her as she crushed his arm against her chest, and fun ahead of her; tonight was a good night.

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tNPCs: Harlem, Match, Bryn (+4,246)

She won’t say it out loud, but, Indi, come save your sister’s ass! Harlem is the most beat up out of the three with Match suffering more hindering injuries. Bryn is still in pretty good health.

WARNING! Giant post novel ahead! Pretty sure I beat my own record with longest post ever xD

Also, sensitive viewers beware! :x This isn’t a nice post. At all. In fact, it’s super dark <____< Mentions of gang rape/attempted rape, strong language, and heavy violence.

Teagan scowled at her sister’s teasing suggestion as if to prove such a feat was undesirable for the Stryder. She was never one to be so upbeat, not like her sister. It was too tiresome. An arm was thrown about her shoulders, and she allowed it in spite of her no-nonsense expression she was trying so hard to pull off.

The mention of a particular boy, however, caused her heart to suddenly beat a little faster, and she felt her face heat up, either from embarrassment or irritation, she wasn’t sure. Either way, her reaction was likely exactly what Indi had been going for. Her head snapped sharply to her koi-colored sister, and her canary eyes narrowed in a glare that was harmless when turned onto Indi. “I don’t like him!” She growled defensively. The Knight was already out of reach and moving away from her before she could cuff her for her tease. “I don’t like anyone!” Teagan declared hastily afterwards, wanting to make sure that there was no doubt in Indi’s mind that Teagan held…feelings towards some dastardly, handsome, roguish boy.

Her moment of brief anxiety was soothed at the parting of the Luperci at the punch table. She quietly relished in the power that a simple, murderous glare could have. It made things easier and so that she wouldn’t have to waste her breath telling someone to move. Her musing over the matter was disturbed by a hip bump from Indi. Teagan offered a feral grin at the accusation, revealing her sharp, pearl-white incisors. “Someone has to be the sour to your sweet.” She chuckled, taking a sip of her punch as nonchalantly as possible.

“Whatever,” she injected with an eye roll as Indi defended Garren, like usual. The sister’s choice of words about why he was good to keep around made Teagan smile into her drink though. While she wasn’t a fan of taking advantage of others, she found herself making an exception when it came to flirtatious boys when it regarded Indi. “Hnn,” she grunted as Indi showed off her latest creation. Teagan was very proud at how far Indi had come with her skills with leather, but, she still had to enforce the fact that she despised the poor boy and anything to do with him.

The Stryder’s gaze shifted to the sea of bodies around them as she took another sip of her punch. “While also trying to—” Her demeaning comment about Garren was cut short as someone approached the pair of them. Unhappy about being disturbed, she shot the short, coyote male a protective glare as he touched Indi. She recognized him as being one of the Luperci Indi had talked to earlier as he stammered and fumbled over a question.

Within seconds, Indi had agreed to his feeble invite before Teagan could send the older boy packing. The Knight was quite the social butterfly and a prize to be had at the party, it seemed. With a sigh, Teagan waved Indi off with a dismissive hand. “I’ll be fine,” she replied as Indi had already started to refill her glass and let the coyote lead her off into the crowd. “There may be a few bodies, but, I’ll be fine,” she grumbled into her drink as she watched her sister go.

Stupid boys.

Teagan had finished her drink and had spent a good portion of her night avoiding the yappy “swordsman” she’d attracted earlier. Dodging him had been harder than she had expected. Every time she managed to escape him, the annoying pest would find her again. In the end, she’d been forced to “accidentally” dump her drink onto him, and that finally did the trick.

With her unexpected nuisance gone, the cream-coated wolfdog had in the midst of trying to track down Indi and Garren—she was done with this stupid social gathering and was ready to put it behind her—when a sandy coyote confronted her with a unsure look on his face. “Uh, Teagan, was it?” He asked hesitantly. He reached a hand out to touch her shoulder, only to have it quickly pulled back to his person as if afraid she might rip it off.

Teagan offered the male an irritated glance. “What?”

He winced at her gruff tone. “Your sister is…well, she had a bit too much to drink. And, well, seeing the…” He struggled to find the right word. Confrontation you had earlier with Harlem, I thought you might…” His words faded, and he gestured uselessly with his hands, hoping that she’d understand that he was trying to be helpful.

Helpful as his intent might have been, his meek execution of it all annoyed her, but, not as much as the information he revealed did. “I knew this would happen,” Teagan grumbled lowly under her breath. Unlike her sister, Indi seemed to rather enjoy her alcohol, so, it was no surprise that she might have had over done it. She let out a sigh and stood up from her stool at the bar. “Where is she?” She asked tiredly.

The sandy male seemed almost surprised by her willingness. “Uh, this way,” he replied, gesturing for her to follow him to an opening that lead out to the back of the crowded tent.

She did so without complaint, dreading what scene she might find. She felt something tingle along her spine though as she wove her way through the drunken bodies. It felt like a warning, like her instincts were trying to tell her something, but, she passed if off as worry for her sister. Who knew what sort of state she’d be in?

The male held open the flap for her to exit, and Teagan offered a distracted nod to him in thanks. She didn’t notice him give a suspicious glance across the crowd before following her out.

Once outside, Teagan couldn’t help but to notice how quiet it was compared to the din that was inside the tent. The area was lit by a few posts with kindling placed at the top of them. The night was filled with a constant, low hum of summer critters and insects and was accompanied by the occasional snort or rumble from the nearby horses that had been tied to posts. There was no sign of Indi though.

Teagan’s ears flickered as she heard the flap of the tent drop behind her. “Where is my sister?” She asked the coyote, a cold edge starting to work its way back into her tone.


She turned on her heel, her hackles starting to raise as alarms started to go off in her head. Well?!”

“Lookin’ for tha’ lil’ jewel’ov’yers?”

A snarl rippled through Teagan as she recognized the voice. She whipped back around and found the familiar figure of Harlem coming out from the nearby tree line. He was in the midst of adjusting his pants. An almost smug look was plastered on his wrinkled face as his eyes found her. His gaze turned to the coyote and he nodded to him.

Teagan sensed the sandy male turn, and she watched as he posted himself next to the tent flap, as if guarding it.

“I jus’ finished up with’er,” Harlem continued, returning Teagan’s attention on him.

His words made her heart beat fast in her ears and she felt her core temperature rising. “What.” Teagan growled out slowly, her brain still trying to comprehend what she’d heard the bloodhound say.

Harlem stroked his crotch suggestively before thumbing over his shoulder to the tree line he’d just left. “Bet it was ‘er first time. Sh’was nice’n tight. Took a bit, but, it’s easier to lube’em up when they drunk. You’can join’n too. Match’s finishin’ ‘er up.”

The words all finally clicked into the dreadful thought that her brain had initially tried to shield her from. There was a dark, satisfied gleam to Harlem’s eyes that made Teagan’s blood run completely cold and made her stomach sick.

In an instant, Teagan’s feet were in motion as she dove past Harlem and into the wood. A mix of panic and sheer rage gripped her as her claws tore up the undergrowth in her wild search for the Cavalier. Her heartbeat pounded loudly in her ears. “Indi!” She called out into the darkness, hoping that it might help her locate her sister.

What replied to her was a weak whimper, heavy pants, and the rank scent of lust. Teagan snarled as she raced towards the sound. Bushes and shrubs whipped at her shins as she arrived on the scene like a pissed off mother bear. Her sword sung as it was drawn.

She found a dark mass of a thickly-furred male thrusting eagerly into a smaller, light-coated figure that was bent over a log. Teagan felt her nerves burn and her vision go red as she charged the two Luperci, her sword poised to strike down the male in his unprotected back. “Get off of her!” She roared as she let her blade fall.

A yelp echoed out into the wood as her sword bit into the male’s flesh. He didn’t move fast enough for Teagan’s liking, and the wolfdog tore the mutt off of the female by the scruff of his neck, making sure that her claws dug into his skin just as her sword had. His shaggy coat protected him from her vicious attack, though, that didn’t stop her from hurting him more. The male continued to yelp as Teagan came after him a third time with her foot into his backside as she tossed his smaller figure away from her. A snarl rippled through her, her fangs hungry to tear at his flesh and finish the job.

There was a more pressing matter to deal with though, and the sight of the male scrambling in the leaf litter to find his feet and make a hasty retreat was good enough. Teagan’s aggression turned to worry as she turned her attention onto the woman that had been in the process of being raped. “Indi,” she whispered softly, brokenly.

A gentle hand reached out to touch the quivering shoulder of the woman, but, as the sniffling girl turned to face her savior, Teagan’s eyes went wide and her breath quieted.

“Not quite’as feisty’r’pretty, but, she’was close enough,” Harlem’s voice rumbled, destroying the revelation that had suddenly dawned on the Stryder.

The woman before Teagan wasn’t Indi, but, someone who had features similar to her. In her rage, Teagan hadn’t noticed until the danger was gone. White fur, wolfish features, patches of brindled colors, pretty. Eyes of ice blue looked up at Teagan through a mass of tears. The woman’s tail curled up to cover herself as her arms folded over her chest as she sobbed.

Teagan’s shock turned to anger as she realized the meaning of what had happened to the poor girl at her feet.

“You couldn’t get what you wanted,” she seethed slowly. The longer she stared at the broken soul before her, the more her anger grew. It was not only for Indi, but for the innocent female too now. “So you…” Her sword hand clenched tightly around her weapon. “You gang raped—” She spat the word, her lips curling as if it were poison sliding off her tongue. “—this woman out of spite?!” Teagan turned on her heel to face Harlem.

The bloodhound stood there with his arms crossed and a knowing smirk on his maw. He’d followed Teagan into the woods, and it was apparent he had wanted to gloat for his misdeeds and in his satisfaction of luring her out to see them first hand.

“I should have struck you down back in the tent,” Teagan spat.

“You di’n’t, an’ now look’it what’s happ’n’d.” He gestured nonchalantly to the sniffling girl behind her. “’Nother two months, ‘n she’ll be ‘avin’ a’least my bastard pups.” The woman suddenly let out a loud, guttural sob. “Seein’ as how you were able to rip Match off’as easily as ya’did, I think it’s safe t’say he didn’t knot ‘er.” He laughed, and Teagan felt her lips raise to reveal her teeth.

“Enough!” Teagan lunged at him with her rage written loudly in her eyes.

Harlem met her sword easily with a hidden blade of his own. Smaller as it was, it was still strong enough to allow the large bloodhound to hold Teagan’s blade at bay. The wolfdog pushed against his defense, her face twisting into a furious snarl. Harlem sneered at her and pushed back. He whispered tauntingly, “Jus’ think if that was your sister.” Teagan snapped her teeth at him, causing his head to pull back.

With his retreat, she pushed back with all of her strength, sending the two of them apart. Harlem stumbled backwards a few feet, but it wasn’t enough to make him lose his footing. He recovered quickly, and it was fortunate for him, as Teagan was already swinging her sword for her next attack. He parried and dodged her anger-fueled assaults, only occasionally slipping up when he misjudged his footing or she managed to get the better of him.

Teagan wasn’t without her own troubles though. Even with Harlem on the defensive, he managed to let his knife sneak beneath her guard, and had made a few good cuts along her torso, arms, and thighs. Blinded by her rage and high off her adrenaline, the Stryder didn’t notice them in her assault.

She wanted to see Harlem dead.

When it became clear that their fight was starting to overwhelm the undisciplined bloodhound, Harlem decided to change tactics. After deflecting an overhead strike, the dog rolled and turned his attention onto the victim of his earlier crimes.

So overcome with grief and still in shock of the unwanted assaults performed on her body, the woman hadn’t moved once the fighting had started. Teagan had saved her, and she’d likely felt a sense of protection by staying there, curled up into a tight ball as she was. Harlem’s lackeys had had their way with her, and there was no guarantee she wouldn’t run into one of them if she fled the scene without the sword-wielding woman.

It made her an easy target.

Even blinded by her anger, Teagan’s instincts kicked in quickly as she saw the bloodhound’s focus change. She chased after him, easily overtaking his lumber strides. She slid down into a crouch as she swung a leg out to trip the wrinkle-faced man. He fell with a heavy thud, and it was by some miracle his own blade didn’t stab him on the way down.

Teagan was on top of him within seconds, casting her sword aside in favor of her own teeth and claws. “Run!” She barked at the frightened woman, who, upon having the fight between the two large Luperci come down before her, had been startled out of her depressing plight.

The larger mass of Harlem twisted beneath her weight, and Teagan barely missed a wildly swung knife aimed at her throat. As she wrestled for dominance over the blade, she bellowed, Run!

The woman scurried to her feet at the urgency of Teagan’s command. Perhaps scared or realizing she had become a liability, she heeded her savior’s words. She took off, sprinting towards the party tent.

With the white wolfdog gone, Teagan was able to continue fighting Harlem without worry of him having a hostage or leverage. It was just the two of them. I can end this, she thought confidently as she managed to twist the bloodhound’s wrist in such a way that the blade pointed towards him instead of her. Just as she had victory in her sights though, she heard a scream.

Teagan’s head snapped to the distressed sound, finding the girl being brought back through the woods. A large male dog of mountain ancestry had a hard grip on her hair as she whimpered and pled that he let her go. He starred coldly at Teagan and Harlem, seemingly unaffected by the squirming and distraught girl captured in his iron grip.


The Cavalier’s world was suddenly sent spinning as Harlem’s fist connected with her temple. She let out startled yelp as she was sent tumbling into the leaf litter from the force and suddenness of the blow. Harlem shoved the remainder of her body off of him, making sure to let his knife sink into the meat of her shoulder as he tiredly rose to his feet.

“Good timin’,” Harlem managed between panted breaths.

Teagan’s ears rung from the head blow, and her arm unexpectedly buckled from beneath her as she tried to get up. Pain shot out through her arm from the stab wound. She wasn’t given time to recover before Harlem kicked her in her gut, sending her rolling and back onto the ground.

“Let’er go, Bryn.” The bloodhound ordered with a nod to the girl in the mountain dog’s grasp. His eyes turned back onto Teagan as she managed to stumble to her feet. “We got what we want here.”

Bryn released his grip and the girl stood there, shaking as if afraid to move. “Go, bitch, unless y’want to ‘ave more than just yer pussy beaten,” the large man growled, shoving the girl. She gave one last look towards Teagan before quickly scrambling off into the night.

Teagan was alone now, and as Bryn moved to join Harlem, she realized she’d been put into an unfair fight. She glared at the pair as she pulled off her scarf and tossed it away from her. Her hands curled into defensive fists as she dropped into a fighting stance. It wasn’t about fighting for Indi’s honor or protecting the innocent girl now.

She was about to be fighting for herself.

In the beginning, she had held up well enough for not having been fresh to the fight. Harlem had essentially just traded out with Bryn so he could regain some of his own strength again. Fighting with the mountain dog had proven challenging. It was light fighting against a boulder, nothing but solid muscle and powerful hits. The man put Howland to shame. He was dumber and slow though, and that wherein had lied her advantage up until Harlem had rejoined his comrade.

She’d been sent stumbling and found herself on the ground more times than she could count, and had bruises forming on just about every inch of her body. Her opponents weren’t without their own injuries, however. Bryn’s face had become bloodied after her teeth had cut into his cheek, and the thinly furred places on his arms suffered from her raking claws. Harlem had a few more cuts and bruises due to his short fur and lighter frame in comparison to his behemoth of a companion.

After what had seemed like a lifetime, Teagan finally managed to get the upper hand over her unfair fight. Teagan had dodged a flying fist just in time so that Bryn punched Harlem hard in the diaphragm. A rock smashed into Bryn’s head had sent the larger man sprawling and out of combat while his head recovered. The opportunity had been just what Teagan needed to finally retrieve her abandoned sword.

Her hand had wrapped around her weapon’s handle when she heard the rustle of someone approaching quickly from behind her. As she came to stand on her feet, she swung her sword in a wide arch, taking her would-be attacker by surprise. Blood splattered both her and the blade of her sword as it cut through fabric, fur, and flesh. Still, her instincts weren’t fast enough.

The momentum of her attacker carried him forward despite her diagonal uppercut. Her attacker’s own hand had been poised to strike, and it fell with deadly accuracy.

In the flurry of that moment, Teagan had turned her sword so that the pommel and struck the Luperci in the head. The individual went out cold from the heavy-handed strike, and fell into Teagan as she stumbled backwards. Seconds after she’d hit the ground, the pain from her attacker’s hand finally made itself known.

Her chest felt like it had been ripped open.

Distressed and overloaded with pain signals, Teagan put down her sword and shoved the warm, deadweight off of her. It was the mutt—Match—that she had chased off earlier, she belatedly recognized through the pain. For whatever reason, he had returned to the scene, and had seen an opportunity to strike when Teagan’s back had been turned.

The Stryder looked down at her chest as a strong wave of pain nearly blinded her vision. Crimson blood gushed from four claw-like marks in her flesh, staining and dribbling down her alabaster torso. Dumbly, she touched a hand to the new injury, as if making sure it was really there. Another shot of pain went through her as her fingers gingerly touched the open wound, and she jerked her hand away.

Her canary eyes narrowed onto Match’s unconscious form. His claws shouldn’t have been able to penetrate her flesh so easily, and as her gaze moved to his hands, she found how he had managed to injure her so. On one of his hands, covered in blood and pieces of her once-white fur, was a metal-like contraption. Four, long prongs came off of the back of his hands and arched like a grizzly bear’s claws. The points were so sharp that they had pieces of dead leaves skewered onto them from Teagan tossing Match’s limp body off of her.

Distracted, she hadn’t seen Harlem and Bryn recover and make their way towards her until she was assaulted by another blow to her head. “Damn bitch killed Match!” Harlem howled furiously as he dragged her by the scruff away from the mutt’s unconscious body. Teagan struggled uselessly against his hand.

The beating began after that.

The bloodhound and the mountain dog took turns punching, kicking, and throwing her around the open area. Teagan was helpless to stop them. Her energy was slowly being sapped from her by her bleeding chest wound and their repeated onslaught of blows.

She gasped and weakly tried to right herself as her back collided into the log she’d found Match raping the woman on. Blearily, she managed to continue her cold glare at Harlem as he advanced upon her once again. A familiar fabric was suddenly placed around her neck, and, before she knew it, she felt a worrisome pressure closing around her windpipe.

It was her own scarf! Teagan clawed at the fabric as it slowly became a noose to choke her with.

Bryn—she had wondered where he had wandered off to—stood above her as Harlem punched her in the jaw. “Got nothin’t’say now do’ya, bitch? Shoulda thought twice b’fore threatin’ me back there.” Harlem sneered as he knelt down before her. He wiped off some of the blood that crept down his wrinkled face, its source being from a cut he’d received earlier during their fight. The action seemed to spur an idea, and he reached out to dig his fingers into the slowly clotting mess on her chest. Teagan winced as she struggled for air.

With his fingers properly coated in her own blood, he began tracing out words across Teagan’s stomach.

Her scarf continued its slow, agonizing tightening around her throat. In spite of her efforts, Teagan couldn’t loosen it or tear the material fast enough.

Harlem hummed as he sat back and examined his work. “WHORE” was crudely written out on Teagan’s torso, obscured in some places where hers and her attackers’ blood had stained her pelt. “It’ll suit y’soon,” he said with a shrug as he begun to undo his pants once again.

Darkness began to blot out parts of Teagan’s vision.

Harlem shimmied his pants down enough to reveal the onset of an erection forming. The bloodhound smiled, and leaned forward so his heated breath caressed her bloodied cheek. “Jus’ think, once I’m done with you, there’ll be no one t’stop me from that pretty lil’ sister’ov’yers,” he whispered.

Protective rage filled her once more as she tried to fight back the darkness that was threatening to overtake her. “Don't...” Teagan wheezed weakly as she felt his hand roughly on her thigh. She didn't have enough air in her lungs to finish what she was going to say.

Don't touch her.

Indi. She had to save Indi from this monster.

It was becoming harder and harder to breath.

She felt panic starting to set in. She couldn’t die. If she died…who would save Indi?

Harlem smiled. “Whose gonna stop me? You? You can'even save yourself.”

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Sorry for the wait on this! Let’s get this thing moving again! Looking forward to these guys getting what’s coming to them!
Like Song’s post, this is fairly dark in nature. Really, those warnings will apply to this whole thread from now.

Something was wrong

Alcohol, a quick dip in the river, a nervous coyote-boy for her to tease, and now a party for her to return to; things didn’t get much better than tonight in Indi’s opinion. When Indi had returned to the party with her damp hair tied back into a rough ponytail and a grin on her face, the youth’s spirits had been high. The night was still young and she was ready to make the most of it, no matter how much Teagan might make jabs and be inhumanely cruel about her hangover the next day!

However, when she had stepped back into the tent and grabbed a fresh drink there had been something off. Some little niggle in the back of her mind that sapped and smile from her face and sharpened her eyes. It didn’t take Indi long to realise that there was something missing from the room; Teagan. Indi’s sister had spent most of the night lurking around in the quietest parts of the tent that she could find, which should have made her easy to find. And yet, no matter how much Indi looked, she was nowhere to be found. Indi’s breathing grew quicker, panicked as she stumbled through the crowd. Nimble dodges and grins when luperci ‘accidentally’ brushed against her while she pushed through the crowd quickly turned to glowers and snaps as Indi’s pace grew ever more frantic, until she eventually found herself making for the entrance once more. The answer was surely simple; Teagan had just finally had enough of the tent and gone out for some air, or just to find somewhere quiet to relax for a while. Right?

After a few swift applications of her bony elbows Indi found herself emerging into the chilly night once more. Fighting her own intoxication and trying to ignore the rowdy crowd nearby she raised her muzzle to the sky and took in a deep breath. After a few false starts she finally found what she was looking for. Teagan had been here, emerging from the tent and… disappearing into the woods with a male that Indi didn’t recognise.

Ordinarily Indi might have cracked a triumphant joke at the sign of her uptight sister disappearing into the forest with a man, but this felt wrong. If she had actually been successful at getting Teagan to drink much more than the weak punch earlier then maybe she might believe it, but this wasn’t like Teagan. As Indi stared into the forest she felt no triumph, just a chill down her spine. She hesitated for a moment, before jogging back to the door and grabbing her spear from where it had been carefully placed near the tent’s entrance. The weapon felt good in her hands like it so rarely did for her, a comforting weight as she quickly ran off into the darkness after her sister’s trail; preparing for the worst, but hoping like hell that she was just overreacting.

Unfortunately it didn’t take long for Indi’s paranoia to prove itself justified. It wasn’t long before Teagan’s scent was joined by a rough, doggish scent that scent a chill down Indi’s spine as she crouched down to get a better scent; the loner from earlier. No sooner had the scent met her nose than Indi heard a faint scream echoing throughout the woods, and she took off at a run towards it.

Spear at the ready and a snarl on her lips Indi burst through the undergrowth into the small clearing where she scream had come from. However; rather than a fight in progress or a murderous dog cackling over her sister’s corpse, Indi just found a small white wolf girl, curled in on herself as she sat and rocked on a log. The white furred figure shrieked and recoiled as Indi brandished her spear, teeth grit and eyes wide with adrenaline. It took Indi a few precious seconds to calm down,a nd when she did her nose crinkled as she got a whiff of the shellshocked female now quivering against a tree. The female - almost a carbon copy of herself, Indi realised with a shiver - stunk of blood, fear, sweat and… things that Indi didn’t want to think about; all of it tainted heavily by that damn creep of a loner from earlier. Oh how Indi wished that she had just stabbed him and been done with it. Indi’s eyes began to soften and she stepped forwards gently - letting the head of her spear drift back over her shoulder as she reached out towards the girl - when yet another layer of the mess of scent reached Indi’s nose and her eyes hardened like a pair of diamonds.

“Where is she?!” Indi barked harshly, sending the girl cowering back against the tree again. There was no time for sympathy though; beneath all the grime and the dirt the woman smelt faintly of Teagan, this woman had been near Indi’s sister. The hand which had been gently reaching out now shot forwards, grabbing a handful of chest-fur and yanking the woman away from the tree with a yelp. “Where. Is. She? NOW!” Indi snarled, teeth barely an inch away from the girl’s hand. The girl looked like she was about to faint, but slowly raised one shaky hand to point into the forest. With a wordless snarl Indi turned on her foot and began to run once more, letting only the faintest wisp of pity for the girl linger in her mind. Teagan was in danger, that was all that mattered right now, the rest of the world could go hang itself.

Trees whipped past Indi as she sprinted full tilt through the forest, heedless of the branches and brambles that whipped and tugged at her fur. Her blood ran cold as she began to catch snatches of sound and movement from up ahead, and she pushed herself faster and faster until she burst through yet another treeline. There was no time for her to take in the scene exept in flashes. Teagan, pinned to the ground by some mountain of a dog. Harlem, his pants around his knees.

Indi’s blood boiled and she surged forth with a wordless shriek of anger. Harlem’s head shot up to face her, eyes widening incredulously as a tidal-wave of white-furred anger bore down upon him. The bloodhound fell backwards and crawled away as Indi swung the spear in a wide cutting arc, his companion making a more dignified escape, releasing Teagan’s scarf and darting sideways as the razor sharp blade whistled inches over Teagan’s head.

“Get the hell away from my sister!” Indi cried out, teeth bared as she loomed protectively over her gasping sister. Harlem sneered at her as he stumbled backwards, tugging his trousers back up into position.

“I thought I was gonna have t’go huntin after ye” he said in a low growl, locking Indi’s eyes and licking his lips slowly, “But you two little bitches’re jus makin it easy fer me ain’t ya? Why don’ you run along, see how far away y’can get that pretty little arse of yers before I’m done with yer sister?” Indi didn’t say anything in return, just met his gaze evenly and stood her ground until he snorted, nodding to Bryn, “Right, let’s av e-”

Before he could finish Indi surged forwards, darting forwards like a bolt of white lightning. Harlem recoiled just enough that the spear’s blade sliced across his temple rather than take her eye out and then Indi was snatching the weapon back, whipping the weighted butt around to glance off Bryn’s ribs as he came up behind her.

The fight was fast-paced and furious. Indi was nowhere near as skilled as Teagan and the alcohol in her veins made things worse; but where she lacked in skill, she made up for it in ferocity, speed and reach. Blows that should have struck the loners down were either dodged or merely skimmed through their fur, but at the same time neither was it an easy task or them to touch Indi With the loners already tired Indi could dance around them, slashing at legs and arms with her blade, battering at Bryn’s body with the cudgel end. Indi was in constant motion, and her spear matched her; a blur of glinting steel and red fabric passed between her hands constantly.

Despite her early advantage, fighting against two was tiring work. Rage and adrenaline kept her moving through blows that would have normally put her on the ground, kept her striking after she numbed her arm when a missed blow struck a tree, but slowly Indi was beginning to tire and weaken, strike by strike. Soon she was sprouting a deep gouge across her ribs, moving gingerly as she tried not to aggravate the wound. Bryn came at her from the left with claws outstretched, but when she spun to send her blade glancing off his ribs she felt a knife cut across her thigh. She yelped and spun towards the pain just in time to miss Harlem as he darted backwards, and then Bryn’s foot was slamming into the back of her knee, knocking her down onto one knee.

“I’m going to enjoy this,” the mountain dog rumbled, taking a step back as Indi swung clumsily and staggered to her feet, panting. The pair of them were circling her now, one always out of her vision. “Should’a run while y’had tha chance girlie,” Harlem taunted her while Bryn moved around to her backside, footsteps slowly crunching in the grass as he moved. Indi breathed slowly and twitched her ears, focusing on the sound. With a sudden movement she jerked forwards towards Harlem and then reversed the movement, swinging behind her without looking. A feral grin split her face as the blade sank into Bryn’s shoulder with a satisfying shudder, tearing through muscle and meat and rebounding off the bone with a clang that only sweetened his sudden pained grunt. Harlem moved forwards to help but Indi reversed direction again, ducking low and grabbing a hand of dirt and leaves that she threw straight into his face. The bloodhound stumbled backwards and turned away reflexively, and Indi followed him. With one neat spin and struck the blade across the back of his left knee, slicing neatly through the flesh and sending him to the ground with a scream of pain.

She could have had them then, but a sound just off to the edge of her perception drew her attention. A third loner, one she had missed somehow. The dark-furred male was staggering over towards Teagan, blood pouring from his head and some metal contraption glinting in his hand. Without even thinking about it Indi pivoted on her foot and spun, her spear rocketing out of her hand like a javelin to strike Match clean in the back. He staggered to a stop and looked down dumbly, raising one hand to paw at the blade piercing out of his chest before he abruptly collapsed at the floor before Teagan.

“Match!” a bellow came from behind her. Indi tried to rise and defend herself, but her energy seemed to have left her body as the spear left her hand and she was powerless to stop the hulking Bryn as he rushed her, one hand grabbing her roughly while the other swung straight for her face, the entire weight of his body behind the blow that thundered straight into her right eye.

Indi’s vision flashed black and stars blossomed before her face. When the world came back into focus she was on the ground, the side of her face on fire. She looked up blearily to see Harlem staggering over, teeth bared in a snarl that looked as livid as her own had not so long ago. “I was jus’ gonna have some fun, make it quick,” he growled looking down at her,“But now? Now you’ve gone and made it personal. Now, it’s gonna be slow

With a sudden movement Bryn lunged forwards, stamping one massive foot down straight onto her chest, straight across the gouge from earlier. It was Indi’s turn to scream in pain, the wound burning as though a hot poker had been thrust into it, her ribs straining and cracking under the force of the blow. She tried to reach for her dagger but a smaller foot knocked her hand to the ground, Harlem using his good leg to pin her as he crouched down.

“Now, it’s gonna be slow,” he repeated, grasping her muzzle with one hand and forcing her face towards him. The other hand rested on her thigh, briefly tightening to painfully prick her fur, before slowly wandering inward. Indi gasped and kicked, trying to free herself, but she was forced back down as Bryn shifted more of his weight down onto her chest. “An when we’re done with you,” Harlem continued gleefully, “Yer gonna watch us take yer sister to pieces. After that, if I’m feelin nice and you beg, I might just kill yer, maybe-” his hand made one more jerk upwards, and despite herself Indi whined, “-or, I might jus’ keep ya ‘round fer a while.”

“Y’you touch Tea-Teagan, and you’re d-dead,” Indi gasped, spitting a glob of blood that fell short of Harlem, splattering harmlessly on the grass as he grinned.

“Big words, little girl,” Harlem gloated, one hand tightening around her throat as he shifted his weight over her body, “Big words.”

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Also, waaaaaaaa! My 200th post, and it's on this awesome thread ;O;

Her vision had started to become more and more obscured by black dots, and a high-pitched ringing sound became more prevalent in her ears, obscuring the words that fell from the bloodhound’s droopy lips.

No, no, no!

She had to fight it, she had to fight back…but it was so hard to breath.

It felt like she was looking down a tunnel the longer she struggled to hold on to consciousness. The vision of Harlem’s ugly features; from his bloodshot, sunken eyes to his yellowed teeth, swam in her fading vision. An odd, tingling sensation spread along the surface of her skin, and she found herself unable to feel the invasive touch of the mongrel.


Everything began to blur together before something sharp broke through her drugged senses.

Blinding white filled her vision as the pressure on her throat was suddenly lifted and her lungs greedily sucked in air. Raucous coughs shook Teagan’s body as it tried to take in too much air in one gulp. She doubled over as the strain on her neck slackened and the body that had been in front of her was suddenly sent away. Her hand instinctually came up to grasp her throat as the pressure was relieved. A stinging wave of pain spread from her chest, and, in her confused state, Teagan wasn’t sure if her lungs had exploded or if it was her chest injury coming back with a vengeance.

As her dulled senses began to clear, she noticed a familiar presence standing over her and an all-too familiar tone of voice yelling something.

Blearily, she let her cold gaze move over the dark landscape. White…white fur, patches of amber and ash… A scent she’d known since birth wove its way into her nostrils. Auburn hair, silver moonlight projecting off of a large weapon—a spear!—decorated with a red piece of fabric.


Her sister! It was Indi! She was there with her—no! She shouldn’t be there! Harlem…Harlem and his lackeys! They wanted to do terrible things to her! She had to get out of there!

Coughs continued to assault her though, and she was forced to abandon the protective drive to warn Indi. With every cough though, her weakened chest sent out a wave of fiery pain. She knew she was in bad shape. Blood stained her alabaster torso in a way that made her look like a murder victim, and she was losing more and more of it as the minutes went by.

Teagan couldn’t die though. Not yet. Not here. Not when there was still danger around them.

Morty…Veri… She tried to think of what the Medicos would do. Her mismatched ears twitched as the fight continued around her. Indi cried out in pain, and Teagan felt herself growl in frustration as she tried to will her body to heed her. She couldn’t be of any help to Indi in the state she was in though. She needed to stop the bleeding…but how?

Wincing through the pain, her canary eyes spotted her abandoned scarf.

It’ll have to do.

She swiped the scarf, and, painfully, she managed to throw the material over her shoulder and tightening it across her bleeding chest. It was difficult and slow, not to mention, painful as the once beloved material was pressed firmly against her open wounds.

The sound of rustling leaflitter close to her drew her attention away as she managed to tie the final knot. The threating figure of Match approached her with a determined, predatory look in his eyes. Had she the time to curse her luck at the sight of his blood-stained claw-weapon again, she would have. Her lips curled to reveal her fangs, unwilling to cower at the sight of danger.

Match’s hand was raised, poised to come down upon her as it had before, but as his weaponized hand began to fall, a glint of silver suddenly protruded itself from his torso.

Both Match and Teagan stared at the pointed edge in the dog’s chest cavity, bewildered as to how it had gotten there.

The male made a choking sound, crimson liquid bubbling out of his lips. His hand fell limply to his side and his body quickly crumbled with it. Teagan continued to stare wide-eyed at what had just transgressed, but as Match collapsed at her feet, she found the source of his quick end.

A spear…

Teagan’s attention snapped to the sound of a sudden, deep bark. At the sight of danger rushing towards her sister, the Stryder opened her mouth in warning, only to find her voice caught in her throat. The mountainous brute’s fist slammed into Indi, and the koi-colored sister was sent sprawling.

Adrenaline shot through Teagan’s veins once more, transforming into a protective rage that put power back into her weak body.

Please…hold on…Indi! She silently begged as she managed to stagger to her feet.

The sounds of the Knight being abused by Bryn and Harlem only poured more borrowed energy into her. Teagan gritted her teeth as she planted a foot firmly into the dead Match’s back. With a couple hard tugs, she managed to pull the spear that had been wedged into his warm carcass.

She took a moment to take a breath, her cold eyes searching for the target of her building anger. Bryn and Harlem hovered over Indi, distracted with exacting their revenge on the focus of the bloodhound’s broken pride. A quick sweep of the area allowed her to find where her sword had fallen, and an escape plan began to form.

Her feet were set into motion, and her muscles tensed from the energy that eagerly awaited to be released.

Harlem and Indi traded words and Teagan readied her shot. “Not as…” She planted her foot. “Big as your...” Bryn belatedly realized that they had let their guard down. Ego!”

Teagan swung the spear, and the weapon sung as it cut through the tense air.

Bryn jumped backwards.

Harlem turned just in time to see the karma that had his name written all over it.


The length of the spear collided with the bloodhound’s wrinkled head with a sound that echoed out into the dark wilderness. The large man was sent tumbling from his newest victim, his extra folds of skin unable to protect him from the blunt force of Teagan’s protective anger. He yelped, screamed, and wailed from the agony that split from his head.

The mountain dog made to advance, but Teagan had calculated for that. Pivoting the spear, she thrust the blunt end into the man’s chest, doubling him over as his sternum cracked from the centralized attack.

Both men immobilized, Teagan planted the spear heavily into the dirt as a wave of pain suddenly threatened to overtake her once more. Her head pulsed, and she could hear her heart beginning to pound in her ears. Using the spear for support, she winced and slid down to her sister’s side.

Her strength was waning, and it was doing so rapidly.

She held out the weapon with obvious intent for its master to wield it again. “Run, Indi!” The Stryder commanded through gritted teeth.

Teagan was running on borrowed time.

She stumbled backwards and up onto her feet, heading for her abandoned sword. Her feet were unsteady, but, Teagan begged her body to heed her for just a little longer.

The sword was returned to its sheath, and Teagan staggered to her sister’s side again. They needed to leave. And they needed to do it now!

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