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Set late at night on the 20th, nearly midnight, at SP borders. Indi has two deep cuys (one across her ribs, one across her thigh- and several smaller cuts along her arms. She is also absolutely covered in blood. [710]

Terror, adrenaline, and pure, boiling fury was a heady mixture. Indi could practically hear her heartbeat thumping in her ears as she drove the horse she had stolen onwards faster and faster; heedless of the sweat slicking the exhausted animal’s sides, or of the blood trickling down from her to stain the dark animal’s glossy coat. She barely even noticed the wounds that were the source of much of the leakage; the slashes across her leg and chest that would usually bring her to tears barely registering in her mind.

Horses had never really been Indi’s cup of tea. She always found herself inexplicably skittish around the large animals and it seemed that, with the exception of some of the ridiculously docile horses that Casa kept for beginnings, the horses she tried to ride could sense her fear and misbehaved. Tonight she was having no such troubles. Cowed into submission by fear and shock at what it had witnessed that night, the horse was driving itself ragged to do whatever Indi demanded of it; too smart to imagine that throwing her off would lead anywhere except death. Indi’s appearance probably helped things. The usually clean girl was slicked red with blood - both her own and others - almost head to toe, face and chest covered from the flight’s bloody end while the cuts littering her body added her own blood to the mix. There was a wild, almost crazed look to her eye that would have sent an observer running, if there were any to see it. They were alone though, just them and two horses running through the night.

Inside her head, emotions rages against each other. Indi was fighting against a pure, burning rage whose like she had known only once before. Somebody had hurt her sister, somebody had dared to make Teagan bleed. Even with the culprits themselves dead Indi was warring with the desire to go back and burn that damn tent down, to show everyone even slightly involved in this just what happened when you dared to hurt somebody that she cared about.

Thankfully, a more pressing concern had taken priority over Indi’s suicidal demand for revenge; Teagan was hurt, bad. Teagan had never seemed quite so invincible to Indi as her parents did but she had always seemed so strong, so much stronger than her. But now she was quiet, bleeding heavily from a chest wound that Indi could barely make herself look and slumped over in her horse’s saddle so weakly that Indi had needed to tie her down lest she fall. Indi wasn’t quite sure if she was even conscious anymore, and the only thing keeping her horse on track was an easygoing nature and the rein clasped firmly in Indi’s hand. What little bits of medical knowledge Indi had picked up from Morty told her that Teagan was in trouble. She needed help far beyond Indi, or at the very least somewhere safe to rest and heal, away from anyone who might be pursuing them.

And so she had fled into the night, fleeing blindly into the darkness. She had initially meant to make for Krokar, but it quickly became apparent that she had gone completely the wrong way. Panicked and lost, Indi had just driven the horses forwards as fast as she could, determined to put some distance between them and anyone who might be following.

Her headlong flight couldn’t last forever though, and soon enough Indi was forced to pull the horse to a screeching stop as she abruptly realised that a pack border was before her. The scent was bitter and unfamiliar and Indi snarled in frustration. She could feel the adrenaline of the fight draining away, her own wounds beginning to sting and sap at what precious little energy she had left. She needed to find somewhere safe, and to Indi’s mind - still running on adrenaline and instinct even as her body began to flag - an unfamiliar pack hardly constituted safe ground.

With one last snarl, Indi jerked the horse to the side and began to race parallel along the border, searching desperately for a way around the pack.

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NPCs: Agrona, Apollo (currently nameless) (+529)

Teagan’s chest injuries are as shown in the second grouping here. They’re the major concern xD The rest is just a bunch of cuts and bad bruises. She very much looks like she's on the fading end of death xD

Unlike her sister, the adrenaline in Teagan had worn off some time ago. The pain from her injuries in the fight had rebounded tenfold, and it took everything in her to remain on the brink of consciousness. She had faded fast sitting astride the saddle of her stolen horse. The blood that continued to seep from her wounds, combined with the nasty beating she’d received had put her system into overdrive, and it was beginning to run on empty.

She knew she was in bad shape. There was blood. Everywhere. And everything hurt. It hurt to breathe and hurt to move. The longer she remained in the saddle, the more apparent her injuries had become. Cuts from her attackers’ knives were scattered about her torso, and, below the surface of her skin, blood pooled where their blows had hit. She would have won, she’d hazily reassured herself in the siblings’ panicked escape, had she not had to fight off two other Luperci.

Her beloved scarf had been tied around her chest in a crude attempt to staunch the bleeding that gushed from the deep-set claw marks that had been the start of Teagan’s savage beating. In her stupor, she had wordlessly mourned the loss of the article. Her sword had been placed in Indi’s care—secured to her mount’s saddle no doubt—after Teagan had nearly fallen from her horse in her weakened state. The scare had caused Indi to pause their flight and secure the Stryder to her steed. Teagan had been too weak to offer a proper argument, and had simply gone along with it.

And she was glad she had. The longer they rode, the darker the world seemed to get and the harder it became to focus. She’d slumped forward in her saddle and against the thick neck of her horse, simply not having the energy to remain upright any longer. It was, perhaps, Fate feeling sorry for their predicament that Teagan’s horse was as willing as it was to follow Indi and her own mount. With its rider in no condition to lead it, its compliance helped make the escape a little easier for the once koi-colored sister.

A sudden stop had jolted the dazed Teagan from her fading focus on the passing underbrush. She groaned painfully and made an attempt to sit up, to see what the cause for it was. Had they made it back to Casa di Cavalieri? They’d ridden for such a long time…

The sound of a snarl belatedly alerted the Stryder that something wasn’t right. Try as she might, she couldn’t force herself to straighten. Every muscle in her body had become stiff and refused to heed her commands. She felt the frustration began to build in her tired body. They were in movement again before she knew it, and the horses snorted and bellowed at the sudden change in directions.

Teagan blearily tried to find her sister’s shadow. “…In…di…?” The words, though loud in her ears, came out as nothing more than an exhausted whisper.

Above them, Agrona let out a warning cry.

Teagan Stryder

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Kaimu's cries would not stop.

Miwa couldn't understand what was keeping this pup awake for long hours in the night. Was it just more attempts to gain her attention? He was clearly unable to do so during the day, but now he was also doing it in the dead of night. The worst thing about all of this was the longer he carried on, the more his brothers joined in with the crying. It was driving her crazy. She wanted so much to toss this waste of space away, somewhere where no one would have to put up with it; but in the eyes of Sapient, that would only harm her image. She had no choice but to raise it, though only for so long. Once it could take care of itself, Kaimu would be on his own.

The nights couldn't keep going on like this though, and there was no telling what the true cause of this was. The jackal wolf at least needed to get away from the crying brats. Hopefully while she was gone, they would get tired enough to just fall back asleep. She was more than certain the wooden walls around her room wouldn't be enough to muffle their sounds, but Sapient had put up with them for this long, so there was no reason to believe they couldn't do it another night.

The Itō woman shut the door to her room, leaving the three pups under a blanket in her room. They would be fine there for now. All she wanted was a break, and a little something to make her tired enough to go back to sleep. It wasn't wise for her to goo too far from her room, especially with the pups being so young, but where were they going to go? Surely they were all at least smart enough to realize she was missing, and that coming out from under the blanket would only make them cold. They were fine, for now anyways.

Miwa's paws carried her down the stairs and outside the estate. For being in the time of fall, the weather was not too terrible. Once snow started appearing on the ground, then she would have something to worry about. Her short fur was always a curse as much as it was a blessing. Thank goodness for her winter clothing, or living here would be an absolute nightmare.

As she waited outside, her ears caught the sound of something in the distance. It was probably not wise of her to wander away from the building with the pups making all the noise they were, but she could deal with it later. She pressed on through the dark of night, soon coming closer to the borders. When the smell of blood filled her nose, the pace grew quicker. She was by no means one to help anyone that came to Sapient injured, but there was too much for her to ignore. When she came into view, she spotted the two females, the horse along with them. Her amethyst gaze drifted over to the tan one, smelling more blood on her than the other one. Her arms crossed as she addressed the two of them, "It's a bit late don't you think? What are you two doing wandering around in a state like this?"

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No no no no, this wasn’t good. Everywhere Indi seemed to turn that damn scent barrier was there. In the dark, with her senses clouded by panic like this, Indi just couldn’t seem to find the way forwards. The horse beneath her legs bucked and snorted as it picked up on her panic, but Indi fought it back down with a snarl. Off to the side she heard Teagan stir and speak, so faint and weak that Indi couldn’t even begin to make out her words. “J-just hold on Tea, you’re going to be fine,” she gasped out, driving the horses even harder. She had to find somewhere safe, and soon!”

Teagan’s falcon screeched a warning overhead and something moved up ahead, a figure stepping out into the night ahead of them. With a wordless snarl and a jerk of the reins Indi brought the horses to a halt, sending a jolt of pain through her injured ribs. Moving her horse defensively to block Teagan from the stranger’s view Indi raised her spear. It was oh so hard though, the spear that had been perfectly made to fit her figure felt so heavy in her hands now, the tip wavering about in a messy figure of eight as she tried to keep it steady with shaking hands. Everything hurt, and the bits of her that didn’t hurt just felt so tired she could scarcely believe it. Even her eyes felt weak, the stranger blurring in and out of focus. It was a shaky defence, and looked even more pathetic than it felt as Indi used the last shreds of her strength, and even that could barely hold her spear.

“S-stay back,” she stammered at the figure, barely noticing the stranger’s words as she crossed her arms and looked them over. With one last tremor Indi’s spear fell from her hands to clatter onto the ground and she slumped into her saddle, staring dumbly at the stranger as exhaustion finally got the better of her.

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