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POSTED: Fri Sep 30, 2016 7:57 pm

Laurentin is announcing AniWaya's disbandment. Set on October 1, 2016

Moira Wachacha, her second-in-command, Kanagatucko, and their 'muscle', Caroline Wicasa, stood off to the side. They had brought a warning to Laurentin to step down and he would not be taking The Great Tribe's attacks lying down. He knew the history between AniWaya and The Great Tribe and he knew what Maska had done. His father had said little when he brought the news to him, but Laurentin was seething with the injustice of it all. The Great Tribe was blaming him for an upset in the relations between them and Bemidji. This wasn't too surprising; the wolves of Bemidji were always quick to anger and loathe to be soothed. But what really rubbed him the wrong way was that they were holding him personally responsible for the entire mess. If anything, Bemidji were to blame for miscommunicating so effectively after trusting him. Why should they have ever taken his word at face value? He'd been a kid back then and now the members of the tribe would pay for it. It wasn't right.

He called them together to announce his plans. He wouldn't step aside like Wachcha wanted and his father refused to take over as leader again. Aranck would have been the only other one suited to lead them and he had left with Simcha, Tiva, Attila, and Orléans for the Great Tribe only a month prior. As for the rest of the skilled ranks... he just didn't know. It didn't make sense to foist AniWaya off onto whoever was convenient. So he called them out to explain the situation. He addressed them and then outlined the history between The Great Tribe and Bemidji and described how he was being asked to step aside.

"So, I wanted to bring to you an idea. My father won't be taking over as leader again," he said, and then paused. His father, standing amongst those gathered, mentioned that he would be returning to The Great Tribe to be with his mate, "but I don't plan to take this lying down. I want to lead you. I want to be the leader you want -- and need. But AniWaya has for too long lived under the thumb of The Great Tribe. So here is my proposal: you can leave or you can join me and Marsali to journey to the northwest, away from these lands, and away from The Great Tribe's control. We'll set up our own pack. We'll make our own ranks. I think -- I think we may lose our spirit guides, but... it's a risk and I want to take it. You're welcome to come with me, but I don't expect anyone to. I've heard from some -- I've heard that Anahid, Joy, and Behram are joining me, so you won't be alone. But know that we have friends in Vinatta and Krokar if you're looking to remain in these parts. We won't be far off, either, I suspect. We intend to remain close enough to trade and communicate back to these lands. We want to trade with the packs here and with Portland. So no matter what you decide, I think it'll be the right decision. But it's up to you to decide. So if you want to join me, please do so. But once we leave, AniWaya is no more." He turned to see the tripled expressions of shock on the emissaries from the Great Tribe's faces and felt a moment of spiteful glee. They had thought he had been joking when he'd told them what he was planning, but now they knew: Laurentin Aston was a wolf of his word.

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The new Alpha had called the tribal pack together, there were whisperings going on that needed to be put to rest. Marsali had already spoke to her family of their plans, and for once, Altair didn’t fight her. She was an adult now and had done him proud. He trusted his daughter’s judgement and believed she’d someday become a great Alphess in her own right. Still, it was hard to hear the words spoken by Claudius’s son, that his beloved daughter would be leaving him and venturing off into the unknown on a dream conjured by a stubborn heart and mind. The scarred brute didn’t know much about Laurentin, other than the things Sali had told him, but even then he had his doubts. However, the behemoth had to remind himself that this was her choice and he could not rightfully ask her to stay by his side with her mother and Brinan. Marsali needed to make her own way.

The Great Tribe and all the cultural ties that were inherited in AniWaya had never been of interest to the hunter. In truth, he’d felt like an outsider the entire time his family lived here. It had been much easier for Fayne’s older daughters to integrate and of course, Marsali had blossomed, but Altair had been too stuck in the past to move forward. His wounds had healed by now though, and right when he had been considering to let some walls down and integrate into a new lifestyle, the emissaries had arrived.

An inkling of disappointment had registered in his head when the news arrived. His mate had begun to make a name for herself here and he was happy to see her immersed in her healing ways again, she’d even acquired one of the strange ‘spirit guides’ some of the older AniWayans waxed on about. He wondered what would happen to these peculiar beings, more so because he didn’t want Fayne to lose a friend, though a spirit guide’s existence confused and partially troubled him.

In his bear-like secui, he watched the various reactions of surprise and sadness play over the faces of the gathered. AniWaya had been home forever for some of them, a feeling he himself was just getting over. At least this dispersion was not to end in bloodshed, a welcoming difference he was keenly aware of. Where the others would go, he wasn’t sure, but the old familiar lands of the abandoned New Dawn, still called to him.

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So that was it, what he had called home was now going to be no more. Sadness washed over him while he pondered the news. It felt like life was getting back at him for leaving his home in Italy so many years ago only this time it was his home leaving him. A sinking feeling formed in the pit of his stomach. Was this how his parents felt when he left? Feelings of remorse for leaving as he remembered his birth place and birth family.

His thoughts caught up to the present as he pondered what all the possible options for him might be. Should he leave the peninsula and follow to a distant place? That felt to much like when he left Italy and deep down, a small part of him regretted that decision. Should he stay and live a life of solitude or search out a pack that would take him in? He could not decide right now and had to think on it. Whatever he eventually decided to do, there was preparations that needed to be done and work would help focus his mind and help him consider his options. In his mind, Ibycus began a list of tasks to do. The sadness was still prevalent, but having something to do helped his mood.

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It had taken nearly a full year for the Amarok girl to feel as if she belonged, to find her own purpose and direction. For too long she had clung to regret and bitterness, and it was only over the recent Summer which was now fading into a glorious Autumn that Marsali had come to accept things. She had accepted that New Dawn was gone; she had accepted that she would never wreak terrible revenge on Anathema for it; with Inoli’s help, she had even come to accept herself. She had found her place as a warrior and a friend. She had settled.

Now her world was changing again. Flipping upside down and twisting around as if caught in the eye of a storm. From the moment the members of the Great Tribe had arrived, Marsali had been watchful and suspicious. She had stuck closer to Laurentin, perhaps closer than needed or wanted, and when he’d hit upon the idea of breaking away from their overseers Marsali had grinned and agreed. She had always known Laurentin Aston was a rebel at heart.

The decision hadn’t come without heartache, and a fresh wave of it washed over the pale warrior when she spotted her Father taking in the announcement. Nothing would happen immediately, Marsali reminded herself, but eventually she would be leaving her parents and her brother; eventually she would be striking out with her friend, saying goodbye to Nova Scotia altogether. It was daunting, and it was exciting. The latter Marsali had never expected.

Expectations were overrated, and they had rarely served her well. So Marsali chose to face this mammoth change with an optimism that was almost foreign to her. She would be there for those who felt lost amongst the changes, and she would help to protect them. And at the end of it all she would fight, again, to take her place in the world.

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