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Optime | Backdated: September 28th, Mid-morning | Stables | NPC: Apollo (currently nameless) [ 556 ]

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She’d gotten better within the days that had passed since she’d returned to the world of the living. Breathing was easier—though still painful if it she expended too much effort in something, and her muscles weren’t as stiff and sore as they had originally been either. Still, she was nowhere near to her pre-fight health. It frustrated her to be so…weak and vulnerable. After her attack in her youth, she had recovered relatively quickly, though, then again, she had much more minor injuries than she had currently.

Teagan had woken a little after sunrise—which was “late” for her—and had pondered what defiant activity she would entertain herself with that day. The sisters had shared a brief chat before Indi had left, stating something about the bargain she had with Sapient’s leader, Nivosus. It was something or another that went along the lines of basically spying on his own pack.

How tacky.

Miwa had done her usual checkup and had changed her dressings before leaving her be, and Teagan had been left to her own devices. It meant finding freedom from the stuffy room she had been generally confined to.

Teagan had snuck out from the girls’ temporary room and had very slowly navigated her way down to the stables. It had taken a lot of work, particularly, since she had not traveled such a distance on her own since the injuries. She was sure Indi or Miwa would give her hell for it, but, she’d be damned if she remained an invalid for much longer. She wasn’t used to a sedentary lifestyle, wasn’t used to just lying in bed and counting the imperfections in the ceiling or floorboards.

There were things that she needed to do.

A horse waiting for her, and, if the sisters were to leave in a few days, it was best she got to know her mount. Indi had, somehow, managed to convince Sapient into allowing them to keep the horses they had stolen from the party. Teagan could, honestly, recall very little of that fateful night, and, as she managed to edge her way into the stables, she hoped she found the right horse.

The outsider progressed slowly through the stable, using the stalls themselves to help support her weight when her chest began to hurt too much. Eventually, she came to two horses that were segregated from the rest of the group, likely to notate how they were new or weren’t owned by the pack. Of the two, one seemed intent to ignore and avoid the Luperci as she passed by its stall. If Teagan dared to say it, it looked as if the horse was almost irritated, or angered, by her mere presence.

Its neighboring stall held a large, brown-dapple stallion, and her memory was instantly jogged at the sight of him.

It was the horse she had ridden away on.

He nickered as he noticed her, and, to her surprise, he leaned his head out invitingly. Tentatively, she reached out and rested her palm to his nose. He nudged the outstretched limb before moving his head in such a way that her hand touched his ears. “Well, aren’t you a friendly boy,” Teagan rasped softly, her voice still scratchy from lack of use.

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