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POSTED: Fri Oct 21, 2016 5:39 pm

OOC: Look for ghosts in the Ruins of Tog.

Logan and Bramble had been badgering their Ma for days. Apparently some pack mate or other (or some brother, Eliza suspected) had introduced them to the idea of ghost stories. Not only had they spent the last two nights demanding to hear their parents’ scariest tales, the pair of two month olds were now intent on actually going ghost hunting in the Ruins of Tog.

“Alrigh’ now, go slow ‘n’ be quiet – ghosts don’t ‘ppreciate bein’ startled,” Eliza lied. She didn’t have the faintest belief in ghosts, but even she believed that any ghost worth their salt would be difficult to startle.

“Shhh, Ma! Quiet, Bram!” Logan urged Mother and brother, rather missing the point of the instruction the Cormier woman had given. She pressed a slender finger to her lips as a reminder and the speckled boy fell silent. The trio continued to creep through the wreckages of buildings with Liz performing an exaggerated tiptoe. She was fervently hoping that this jaunt would tire the pair of lads out enough for the whole family to catch a decent night’s sleep. Logan and Bram seemed to be full of a nervous tension which Liz hoped was a favourable sign.

A sickle moon shed little light on the ruined village below. The wind seemed to be on Eliza’s side, too: it was chilly enough to raise the hairs on the back of their necks, and it whined and groaned like an elder Luperci stretching out aching muscles as it pushed through the cracks and gaping holes in the brickwork of the buildings.

Still tiptoeing, Liz was guiding her sons towards the old bunker. Liz knew Krokar like the back of her own hands, yet the peculiar series of rooms built into a hill creeped even her out. The familiar hulking shape loomed, and Liz halted. She pretended to push against the heavy wooden door.

“Sorry boys, it en’t budgin’. Maybe if we ask the ghosts real nicely, they’ll open it for us?”

The boys seemed for a moment as if they would resist the idea of doing anything nicely, and Bram was about to argue, but a look from Logan seemed to change his mind. The elder boy cleared his throat.

“Please, Mister ‘n’ Missus ghosts, c’n ya please open the door?” he attempted.

“Please?” Bramble added.


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POSTED: Mon Nov 07, 2016 4:40 pm

The season for spooks was upon them with the chilling air. Aindrea always felt himself liven up during such times of freight. Back in the emerald isles the family would pounce at any opportunity to scare the others. It always turned into a horrifying mess of screeches intertwined with the flinging of fists.

The old man had a scar on his knuckle from clocking his uncle in the maw after the old fiend got him good. Sure fear could make things dicey but it built character in his eyes. Many phantoms haunted his homeland and it seemed that there were a few lurking in Krokar as well. How could he resist hunting down a few ghouls? Garbed in a hooded cloak and loose trousers, the elder marched out into the night to start his hunt.

When the Donovan arrived not a single living soul was around. He traced his fingers over the cracked brick admiring all that was before him. Given enough time they could rebuild these fallen monuments but that would only dishonor the ones who had built them.The sky darkened and with the crescent moon came voices. Aindrea knew he was a man child but he couldn't resist. The silver furred giant stumbled towards the door. Letting out deep groans before finally pulling the old door open.

There he saw who dare challenge the restless spirits. He couldn't help but to say "Boo." The whole Cormier clan was there and he had hoped that this surprise wouldn't cost him a tooth.

OOC: figured it would be fun if he scared them a little but I can change it if you'd like :)
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POSTED: Thu Nov 17, 2016 5:15 am

OOC: Yay, thanks for joining! ;D

Liz was fully prepared to find the bunker devoid of life – or afterlife, as the case would be. While the Cormier family were good at making mischief and as a whole they believed loosely in the idea of animism, Eliza herself had no entrenched beliefs which made her think that they would find anything residing in the bunker. The most they’d find, she thought, would be bats roosting in pitch black corners, or spiders weaving their fine but strong webs.

“Ah well, boys, sounds like there’s no ghosts -” she began. The corners of the pups’ mouths started to curl downwards.

And then there was a noise from inside – a series of noises – and the alarm which showed on the boys’ faces seemed to encompass their Ma’s expression as well. Eliza’s eyes widened until they were rounder than the sickle moon, and she froze.

In the next instant the mothering instinct took over, and she spread her arms wide and low in an effort to shield her children. All her senses were working frantically for a few seconds, while her mind whirred at a rate usually reserved for her mouth. Could a loner have breached the borders and taken up residence in the bunker? Could it be a bear investigating the place as somewhere to hibernate? She took a step backwards, urging Logan and Bramble to do the same, and from a quick glance at their Ma’s face they knew to cooperate with this silent order.

Eliza’s brain finally caught up with her nose, and she identified the scent as not only Luperci, but Krokar. It wasn’t a bear rummaging around inside the bunker, nor some stranger. Liz had to make a decision quickly, within moments, as the door was flung open and the giant emerged: would she play along, or would annoyance trump mischief?


The Navigator was used to making speedy decisions. She had done it with her raptors many a time, even with the caribou when she had to catch a nimble calf. As soon as she realised who it was, her decision was made.

“Goddess, boys, it’s the ghost o’ the bunker! Heard ‘e likes to eat up little wolfdogs fer ‘is dinner if they misbe’ave!” The quickly crafted story seemed to elicit more fear from Bramble than from Logan. The odd-eyed pup skittered another few paces away, while his brother looked decidedly sceptical.

But ‘e can only see them little boys what make the most noise, so if yer tot’lly silent ‘e might just walk right by ya...” She shot Aindrea a look and hoped he’d play along. “...’n’ then maybe ya c’n pounce on ‘im ‘n’ get yer revenge fer scarin’ the wits outta you ‘n’ yer Ma.”


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