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Tournament: Welcome Thread

POSTED: Wed Nov 02, 2016 6:12 pm

Fort Kingsbury was alive and my my was it ever beautiful! Ever since the announcement that there would be a friendly tournament held between the Court and the Cavaliers a buzz has made its way through their home. Unfortunately, news of Alistair’s department only added to the buzz, but not in the same joyous tone the tournament did. The Lune had been shocked to hear Alistair’s wish to leave but despite his efforts there was no changing the mind of the Sole. Now, the Lune stood as the only leader of Casa di Cavalieri, a task that seemed monstrous. He had only a few days to come to terms with the fact that once the Court arrived it would be up to him to ensure everything went as planned, and so he had stepped up to the plate.

Many of the Cavaliers were familiar with the process of decorating the Fort and preparing rooms for guests from other packs. Although it did not happen very often Casa was no stranger to hosting other packs. Still, as Luca had run around organizing the grounds clean up, decorating crew and room cleaners he had to in tern deal with leaving Lyris with three bouncing two moon old pups. Without Alistair to assist the responsibility fell onto the Lune’s shoulders alone to rally his packmates and make the tournament a beautiful event.

Looking around at the town square, decorated with purple banners and wild flowers, it seemed as though they had accomplished the unthinkable. The members of the Court had been arriving throughout the morning and he had already greeting King Silvano and shown him to a room at the top of the Courthouse where he could prepare for the welcome. The Lune had also managed to steal a few moments to put on his leather chest piece, as well as his bear fur lined purple cloak before making his way to his current location. Pleased with his own appearance and that of his Fort the Cavalier lifted his muzzle into the air calling for all to gather in the square.

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POSTED: Thu Nov 10, 2016 10:31 pm

Years had passed since the last tournament with Casa di Cavalieri, and Skoll was an infinitely changed man.

Some things age and experience had tempered but not wholly beat from him, such as his bold and arrogant nature, but it was plain as day that the tall Seneschal, standing proudly in polished armor and staring people down with a single eye, was not the same rash boy who’d attended the last tourney.

And it was obvious from the moment he set foot within the Fort’s walls that things were different, not in a good way.

Chatting with the men and women he knew from the various celebrations and dances the packs had thrown for one another, he discovered a very distressing turn of events: Alistair had left. This shocked Skoll, and while he stood tall among the crowd of wolves gathered beneath the Lune, he felt his mind run again and again over this strange revelation. A leader had abandoned his pack; a friend had abandoned Skoll.

He felt, for a moment, like his father and brothers were gone again.

But bodies surrounded him now, and he was lifted up by their spirits. Whatever pall the Sole’s departure had settled across the pack, it didn’t suppress the excitement, the goodwill. Glad to represent his pack, Skoll stood with head held high.


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POSTED: Mon Nov 14, 2016 2:09 pm

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Hope you don’t mind being pestered by your old friend pest, Skoll xD

Still recovering from her injuries, Teagan’s help with decorating the Fort had been rather limited. On the plus side though, the various movements and positions she’d had to perform to accomplish the tasks helped work out some of the tightness of the scarring muscles. Beautifying the Fort had been something she’d done on multiple occasions, though, the more creative and decorative tasks she’d left for Cavaliers like her sister, Indi.

The Courtiers were due to arrive any time now for the co-event the two packs were hosting, and so Teagan had taken what little time she could spare to cloth herself and hide away her chest injury. She’d thrown a simple tunic over her lithe figure, and had secured a leather belt over it and around her waist to hold her sword. As well, a dark, olive-green cloak lined in rabbit fur had been hung around her shoulders. It was something new to Teagan’s very small, but growing wardrobe, and had been rewarded to her for joining the Bracciante ranks. Like her mother, she had decided to go against the norm of royal purple, and had settled for a color that was less conspicuous and blended more with the environment.

Her father’s beckoning call had drawn Teagan out from the sisters’ shared room in the Courthouse. She was excited for the various tournaments that were to take place between the two packs, even if she knew she would likely not be able to participate in a few of them. While stubborn, Teagan knew better than to purposely botch her body’s attempts at a full recovery. If she wanted to heal back to one-hundred percent, she’d have to put limits on herself.

She filtered out into the square, eager to see the friendly celebration begin and to see who all would be there. She knew of a few Courtiers, though, one in particular always stood out in her mind. Bodies filled the meeting area where Luca had gathered everyone, and Teagan searched the growing crowd for her sister or mother toting her younger siblings.

When her eyes fell upon a familiar head of golden hair and muscular physique, Teagan was distracted from her search. She wove her way through the crowd, being sure to approach from his blind side for the proper element of surprise and coolness. “Look at you, all shiny and dressed up. I’m surprised someone had enough material to cover you and have it fit your ego,” the Cavalier teased with a smirk, crossing her arms arrogantly beneath her cloak.

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POSTED: Wed Nov 23, 2016 3:02 am

This was all so different. Hartt had honestly ever known her feral lifestyle. Even when she had been stuck in her Optime form years ago she still stuck to walking on all fours. Now she stood tall on two legs and even donned a black and white dress. A dress. It felt so odd to wear. It was tight around her chest and torso, hugging all of her curves, and then fanned out around her legs to at least give her plenty of room to move. It was still so awkward though. The material brushed against her paws with every step, giving her a gentle reminder of the garment she wore. Still, Hartt would suck up her insecurities and try to fit in as well as enjoy herself. This was supposed to be a party after all. Not to mention, not only would her pack mates be present, most of whom she had yet to actually meet, but the entirety of Cour des Miracles would be attending as well.

Hartt left the fort after fussing over the outfit long enough, heading to where the events would be taking place. She really only saw one soul there so far that she actually knew, Luca, the Lune of the pack, and the only reason she really even knew him was because he was the one who accepted her and her family into his pack. All others that were there could have been members of either pack as far as she knew. The white fae lingered off to the side by herself. She felt a little awkward there and didn't want to draw too much attention to herself.
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