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Her voice seemed to stay rather muted though she could sing as well as her mother, she was never a lady of vain that would boast and showcase that it was one of her talents. The words were lost as she let the melody slip into a gentle lull before disappearing all together, she still could not get use to the sight of the glittering ivory that was called snow. The only thing she had not liked about the rather beautiful crystals was how they came to be, the cold was not something she was use to nor would she get use to it any time soon.

A shiver seemed to slide down her spine, like a trio of icy fingers pressing against her skin. Her toes seemed to not be very happy with this climate change, but in time she would adjust. It was then a sigh seemed to escaped her lips with a rather unlady-like sound, it was one of frustration that could only be directed at her dearly loved sister. She wished she would do as she pleaded, she wished that she would not be so defiant and try to integrate into the ranks like a good and proper girl. If not, the Belgrave lady wished she would relinquish this dream of freedom and let them return to the wanted warmth of Barbados.

Just then she took another turn, one that she was told would lead to a home that was occupied by a young woman that knew something of magic. When she was home with her mother she never got to visit the fortune tellers and gypsies that liked to sell their charms and curses to the sailors and traders alike. Her mother never liked them, always told her to steer clear of their fancy words and sweet smelling herbs but mother was not here. Slowly her pale fingers moved from the warm mongoose that was keeping her neck and shoulders warm like a self heating scarf and placed them on the wooded door. She counted backwards from ten to gather her nerves, with this action she would be defying her mother but again she thought, mother is not here.

She then knocked on the door three times and waited.
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Maybe all of these things made me who I am

Ondine was used to visitors now and then, especially for the services that her mother often provided. Readings had been her forte, and they had been the thing that led to her rise. Granted, she herself had taken over the role now that her mother was no longer living in the Kingdom, and she had one of the only Tarot decks in the pack. That her mother had left the cards to her was a true miracle, as they had been her own mother's at some point in time. That she was trusted with it said that her mother had believed enough in her own abilities and chose to relinquish her hold on them for the next generation. Ondine treasured them and maintained them with as much enthusiasm as her mother herself had.

She bustled about her fire, the light smoke billowing out of the angled roof corner, the tarp letting the heat escape but keeping the air clear, at least. Hot water bubbled at the fire, nearly boiling as the woman gathered a wide mug and placed a tied up cheese-cloth tea-bag into it. The twine dangled over the edge as she grabbed a thick wad of rags to grab at the handle of the kettle, carrying it over to the table and pouring the hot liquid in just as a noise at her doorway caught her attention and nearly had her dropping the hot metal pot.

Twitching, she finished pouring, calling out, "One moment." She settled the pot on a stone by the fire though not nearly close enough to bring back to a boil. It would stay hot for a while, though. Brushing her hands off, needlessly, she rushed to the door. Ondine swept the curtain aside to reveal an unknown face, her brows furrowing a little. "Hello, can I help you, miss..?" she said, faltering off as she clutched the brocade in her hand.

gosh I'm sorry it took so long to get this reply for you :c (also she does not have a wooden door, but it's made of cloth)

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